How to Live Like a
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Dear Reader,

The afternoon of October 10 was a nervous one for investors...

The S&P 500 kept falling as the day went on. The Nasdaq dropped 2% by close.

The slump was part of a week when the market lost 5% of its value. Lots of people were panicking.

But John Miller didn’t even notice...

Earlier that morning, he verified a $17,544 deposit in his account while sipping an espresso.

Then he turned off his computer and went out to explore the streets of Venice with his wife.

They lost themselves in the renaissance architecture and the romantic canals. After a candlelit dinner and a bottle of wine, they returned to their apartment in the Veneto.

John didn’t even think about the stock market. He read about the drop in the paper a few days later.

It simply didn’t matter to him.

He was having the time of his life, enjoying his golden years with his wife by traveling the world.

The Millers pulled in over $110,000 in dividend payments over the last two years, according to government records.

And every check gets bigger than the last... John’s next payment comes in later this month, and he expects it to be a couple thousand more than October’s.

We’re not talking about one-percenters here — John had a modestly successful career as a pharmaceutical salesman.

While he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, John is part of a select group of people who use a special investment program to collect large monthly payments no matter what the market is doing.

They aren’t just dividend investors — these people are what I call "Dividend Aristocrats."

John and his wife are using the money to live in Venice for a year, something they’d always dreamed about.

Hank Arfield’s most recent payment came on October 10 as well — for $17,746.

That’s over $4,000 more than the one he got last October.

After a lifetime in medicine, Hank and his wife are relaxing on a sunny beach in Florida.

This past Valentine’s Day, Tony Sims got a check for $14,143 — and then took his wife to the finest restaurant in town, where he presented her with a brand-new diamond necklace.

How are normal people like this collecting such huge dividend payments?

By using a special, rarely advertised investment program...

The same program I’m inviting you to join today.

Not one in 10 investors knows about this. Even fewer are aware of the huge payouts.

But you could become one of the lucky few who live like Dividend Aristocrats.

Here’s how...

Sign Up Today — Get Paid Just Weeks Later

Here’s a look at a typical Dividend Aristocrat’s payment schedule for the last few months. You'd have received payments on each on these dates... 

  • May 7th
  • May 11th
  • May 19th
  • May 22nd
  • June 5th
  • June 9th (3 payments on this date)
  • June 19th
  • June 26th
  • July 1st
  • July 11th (two payments on this date)
  • July 27th

And a look at some payments coming up soon...

  • August 11th
  • August 15th (3 payments on this date)
  • August 25th
  • September 1st
  • September 4th
  • September 8th
  • September 30th (2 payments on this date)

Now here’s the most exciting news:

You can start collecting these payments too — right away.

You could get paid on every single one of these dates...

If you accept an exclusive invitation to join the Dividend Aristocrat program.

It will cost you very little to sign up, and you’re under no further obligation or time requirement.

And of course, you can opt out at any time you like — there are no penalty fees or anything like that.

I doubt you’ll want to quit getting these payments, though, once you see how much money you can collect.

Potentially four or five figures — every month. You could retire and live off this income — even while everyone else is anxiously watching the stock market.

The Dividend Aristocrat program is designed for all types of markets — bull or bear — to help serious investors reach their goals quickly.

Bottom line: When you join the Dividend Aristocrat program, you’ll learn how to start collecting regular dividend payments at far better yields than those pulled in by average investors.

It won’t cost you anything extra to join this program, and you can pull your money out at any time if you get in a pinch.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

Before you decide, let me give you a few more details about how the Dividend Aristocrat program works...

The Top 1% of All Dividends

The key to becoming a Dividend Aristocrat is selectivity.

You see, Dividend Aristocrats don’t bother with 99% of the dividend stocks out there — they demand and get the best of the best.

First off, the stock must have a healthy yield.

It must also be a profitable company with low debt and high levels of recurring income — the very definition of a blue chip.

But that’s still not enough...

To be worthy of a Dividend Aristocrat, a stock has to show its ability to generate income over the long term.

Not just a few years, but decades...

As I went through the portfolios of Dividend Aristocrats like John Miller, I noticed one major thing in common...

They all focused primarily on stocks that had raised dividend payments every year for the past 25 years or more.

These are the most valuable stocks in the world. And they’ve shown their worth over and over.

In the last decade, these stocks have returned an outrageous 183% — that’s almost double the return of the S&P 500.

The reason goes far beyond the ever-increasing dividend income...

A growing payout, says Judy Saryan, manager of the Eaton Vance Dividend Builder fund, is the "best, most tangible signal a company’s board of directors and management have confidence in future cash flows."

Management becomes a lot more disciplined as well because they feel the responsibility to continue raising their dividends.

Kiplinger says, "The trick [to generating income] is to identify companies that have the stamina to keep increasing dividends for many years."

Remember, we’re not just talking about companies that have paid a dividend for the last 25 years — we want companies that have raised that dividend every year for the last quarter of a century or more.

(I include on that list a few special cases that have only skipped an increase once in the last 30+ years.)

There are about 54 of these companies in all — or just a tiny 11% of the S&P 500.

But I’ve whittled it down even further to the very top 1% of all dividend payers...

Eight total companies.

These are the main moneymakers for Dividend Aristocrats.

While there are a couple familiar blue chip names on the list, there are some others you might not recognize.

Building your portfolio around these stocks will help you start collecting far more income for your buck.

From 1972 to April 2009, dividend growers gained 8.7% annualized, according to Ned Davis Research, compared with 6.2% for the S&P 500.

That 2.5% a year is a huge difference — over 25 years, it would mean losing out on more than five to six figures of income.

Remember the story I told you earlier, about John Miller's trip to Venice with his wife?

John and a few other savvy Americans like him know this secret — and they’re paying for their retirement thanks to it.

Now you can start doing the same thing...

I’d like to invite you to become a "Dividend Aristocrat" — the rare breed of American investor who collects thousands of dollars of income every month — no matter what the overall market is doing.

Because of these investments’ remarkable history of increasing their dividends — the best 1% of all dividend stocks — you’ll be confident your payments will keep growing.

One of these companies has matched or raised its dividend for 53 consecutive years — since 1962.

Another has raised its dividend every year since 1970 — 44 in a row.

I’ll show you how to get paid by these elite companies 32 times in the next 12 months — adding up to thousands of dollars in extra income.

Your payments could even get as high as the one John Miller got on January 11 for $17,544.

So how do you start living like a Dividend Aristocrat?

I’ll help you on your way with my introductory report, "Guide to Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat."

Inside this simple how-to guide, you’ll learn how to structure your portfolio to drastically increase your yearly income.

I’ll give you the names of the eight best companies out there (I guarantee there are at least three you’ve never heard of)...

And I’ll tell you the best time to invest in these companies to collect maximum income.

I’ll even give you a simple calendar so you can keep up with all of your income payments.

Best of all, the "Guide to Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat" can be yours — completely free.

That’s right — even though the information inside could be worth $50,000, $100,000, or more over the duration of your investment, I’m going to give you this guide at no charge.

I’ll explain the unique reason why I’m doing that in a moment...

But this guide isn’t all there is to becoming a Dividend Aristocrat. Picking the absolute best investments is just the start.

There’s a specific trick Dividend Aristocrats use to supercharge their income far beyond other investors...

And you can do it too — I’ll show you how.

Make 145% More — On the Same Exact Stocks

Dividend Aristocrats aren’t necessarily smarter than other Americans. They just know the rare market secrets that can multiply their income.

One of these secrets allows them to make 145% more than other investors — on the exact same stocks.

You see, there’s a special type of investment account that allows you to buy shares without using a broker or any middleman.

That means no fees, no performance charges, and none of that costly red tape.

Your account is held directly with the company you’re buying shares from...

There are no extra fees...

And anyone can open one.

All you need to do is own at least one share of that company.

This program was originally created to reward employees — but all investors are eligible.

You’ve probably never heard of these accounts. After all, the government forbids companies from advertising them.

And of course, your broker’s not going to tell you about them. He’s forbidden from profiting.

But here’s what you’re missing out on...

Exponentially larger income payments over the long term.

As an example, I’ll pull one company from the "Guide to Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat" — one of the eight best dividend companies out there.

If you bought $25,000 worth of shares with this company and its shares and yield never changed, you’d make $12,148 in income over 10 years.

Not bad...

But if you invested in this company through the special program I’m talking about, you’d make $29,778.

That’s $17,000 more — over $1,700 a year in extra income.

Just by investing in the stock through a different method.

That’s not the only perk you get, either...

Some companies will actually send you free gifts for enrolling in their program.

You could get free product samples, T-shirts, or discounts on products.

Like I said before, it was created for the employees of these companies to give them a special benefit when they bought company stock.

The extra freebies were just icing on the top — something to keep the workers happy.

Many of the companies have kept the tradition.

Imagine that... people give you stuff for investing instead of taking your money like your broker.

You only need to own one share to get treated like a big shot.

Just another benefit of living like a Dividend Aristocrat.

So how can you start making 145% more on the same income stocks?

Like I said before, it’s against the law for companies to advertise this program.

So it remains a mystery to normal retail investors.

But I’m going to let you in on the secret...

I’ll show you exactly what steps to follow to take advantage.

I’ll also show you how to do it for every stock you own (as long as they have this program).

Most importantly, I’ll give you specific instructions on how to use this trick for all of the Dividend Aristocrat companies I told you about earlier.

Everything you need to know is in my instructional report, "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire."

This report, along with your introductory "Guide to Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat," should help you immediately generate $10,000+ more income next year.

You’ll make 145% more on your dividends than you would through a broker.

I’ll tell you why I’m giving away this information for free in a moment.

I’ll also show you how to get a copy of these valuable reports in your inbox right away.

But first, let me quickly introduce myself and tell you about another incredible income opportunity — one that has nothing to do with the stock market...

Hi, My Name is Jimmy Mengel.

I created the Wealth Wire website, where every day I showed people how to profit off the day’s headlines.

I cut through the BS and got straight to the heart of things.

Apparently my approach got some attention. I gained quite a following, with over 300,000 people reading my research every day.

That number still amazes and humbles me.

The popularity allowed me to rub elbows with the financial elite on CNBC’s "Closing Bell" — bringing my analysis to a much wider audience.

Today, I’m the managing editor of the country’s largest independent financial research company located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, with experts working around the world.

A journalist by trade, I’ve earned a reputation from my colleagues for unearthing rare opportunities — the type hidden from regular investors.

Some of the guys I work with have been in the business for four decades — and they’ve never heard of the moneymakers I dig up.

It’s not rocket science — it just takes a lot of work.

For instance, I recently tapped a collectibles company for immediate investment.

Despite being unheard of to everyday investors, I figured out this company had graded nearly $27 billion worth of gold and silver coins. Its grading system had become essential to the whole market.

Sure enough, the stock skyrocketed in a matter of months — and those who took up my recommendation have doubled their money AND still receive a 10% dividend right now.

I sniffed out a unique way to play silver’s coming move by using an investment that makes double the gains of silver. For instance, if silver goes up 110%, this investment will make 220%.

These are the tools Dividend Aristocrats use to far outperform other investors.

Step one for a Dividend Aristocrat is earning income...

Step two is finding a way to keep that income.

One way is to use the special account I told you about to avoid paying a broker...

Another is to use every legal means necessary to reduce your tax bill.

That’s why I think you’ll be very interested to learn about this tax-free income tool used by Dividend Aristocrats.

In fact, these income hounds have a secret that allows them to collect 9.5% a year tax-free.

And without touching the stock market.

The idea was cooked up by a French genius who found a perfectly legal loophole in the American system...

French Genius Unlocks the Secret to Earning
a Tax-Free 9.5% Every Year

It’s no secret the French have some of the most punishing tax laws in the world...

Just recently, their government tried to force every millionaire to pay 75% of their income to the state.

Investors pay out nearly 35% of their gains to the French government.

So it should come as no surprise that wealthy French people have a few creative tools to lower their tax bills...

CNN says, "Tax evasion is the national pastime."

Border countries Switzerland and Luxembourg have long made a killing selling tax shelters.

French actor Gerard Depardieu even moved to a tiny Belgian town right on the border to avoid the millionaire tax.

Get this... the guy in charge of collecting French taxes is a massive tax evader himself.

Jerome Cahuzac, the former finance minister, was forced to resign after he admitted to funneling money into a secret Swiss account.

Constantly rising taxes here in the U.S. are starting to make some Americans consider extraordinary measures, just like their French counterparts.

Luckily, there is a way you can drastically reduce your tax bill...

And I assure you, it’s completely legal.

The program is even sanctioned by the IRS and the SEC.

You won’t have to move to another country or get a secret bank account or anything crazy like that.

You won’t even have to leave your house.

You see, one French millionaire found a loophole in the American system...

He’s unlocked the secret to earning a 9.5% yield — or higher — without paying a cent in tax on gains.

His secret has nothing to do with stock market. It’s not a bond or mutual fund.

I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of it...

But this French genius and his income secret have been profiled in the pages of Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal and on television shows like Fox Business and CNN’s Squawk Box.

Barron’s said, "Wealthy, yield-starved investors have been feasting on" his invention.

Bloomberg added:

"This new debt category’s high returns have brought Wall Street money managers running, along with pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices desperate for higher yields at a time when 10-year U.S. Treasuries generate less than 3 percent."

Right now, some of the most successful names in the financial world are putting a lot of money behind this French genius’ unique creation.

John Mack, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, is a big backer.

"I saw a first-class product that consumers should have access to," Mack said. "Given where short-term interest rates are, there’s a real opportunity here."

Larry Summers, the former Treasury Secretary and, until recently, a potential nominee to head the Federal Reserve, is an advisor.

Google has enthusiastically put $125 million behind this unique investment.

Andrew Hallowell of Massachusetts investment firm Arcadia LLC says:

"This is without a doubt, an emerging asset class."

Now, let me assure you, this is not just a tool for wealthy people. A budding Dividend Aristocrat like yourself can start with what you have in your wallet right now...

Get Started With as Little as $25

What the Frenchman created is a practically brand-new investment, called an LC-25 Contract.

And while that sounds like something only a rich investor could take advantage of, practically anyone can invest in LC-25 Contracts.

In fact, you can buy an LC-25 Contract for as little as $25...

For that, you’ll collect monthly interest payments that add up to 9.5% every year. You won’t pay a cent in taxes.

You’ll even have a company representative assigned to your account to help you buy or sell your LC-25 Contracts.

How many stock or bond investments give you that? It’s hard enough to get your broker on the phone!

Another remarkable thing about LC-25 Contracts is the extremely low risk.

In fact, if you follow the simple instructions I’ll share with you in this letter, you’ll essentially have a 100% chance of success.

So far, to my knowledge, everyone who’s used this little trick to buy LC-25 Contracts has made money.

Regular folks looking for more income — and a lower tax bill — are increasingly turning to LC-25 Contracts.

Paul McElwaney is a 28-year-old Army tank commander from Illinois. He now has a nearly $25,000 portfolio of LC-25 Contracts and is well on his way to earning $2,000 a month in interest.

Website designer Lonnie Lee of New York City has happily invested $10,000 — nearly 10% of her overall investments — in LC-25 Contracts.

Wisconsin biodiesel engineer Mary Neubauer made nearly 40% in her first 18 months investing in LC-25 Contracts. Now she’s putting in even more money — and earning more income than she ever thought possible.

I’ll show you how to join these investors and use the French genius’ secret to earn 9.5% every year.

I’ll also share a couple of simple tips you can use to earn interest on LC-25 Contracts without paying any tax...

And if you follow a couple of basic instructions I’ll share with you, you'll have a nearly 100% chance of making money — meaning virtually no risk.

All of this information is in my thorough report, "Profiting From LC-25 Contracts: The Easiest Passive Income You’ll Ever Make."

This report can be yours FREE today — along with the other two reports I mentioned: "Guide To Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat" and "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire."


So why am I giving away these crucial income reports for nothing?

I’d like to ask you a favor — one I think is going to benefit you, too.

You’ll be taking zero risk, and you’ll be under no obligation.

I’d like you to try my new income-focused research letter, The Crow’s Nest.

Why do I call it The Crow’s Nest?

How to See What’s Coming Before Everyone Else

Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel. I’m a bit of a ship fanatic.

Not the new steel hulks, but the romantic ships of the sea’s heyday: the 18th and 19th centuries.

Giant wooden ships with sails and guns, manned by some of the greatest sailors that ever lived.

I love to visit replica ships from this era. They’re fascinating pieces of machinery.

One of the greatest innovations of that time was the invention of the crow’s nest.

At first, it was just a bucket lashed high on one of the masts. Later, it became more of an enclosed platform.

The crow’s nest was a human radar...

A sailor was hoisted up to the crow’s nest (sometimes as punishment). From that high vantage point, he could see over the waves for miles on end.

He could see land first, as well as potential dangers like rocks and other ships...

It was an extremely dangerous job on choppy seas, and even the best of sailors dealt with severe seasickness.

But the advantage of having someone in the crow’s nest was priceless.

And that’s the job I’ll do for you.

I’ll keep an eye on the horizon, looking for ports to plunder and dangers to avoid in the markets.

With the advantage of The Crow’s Nest newsletter, you’ll collect far more income than ever before. And you’ll do it while taking less risk.

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  • "Guide to Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat": I’ll outline exactly how to collect more dividend income than you ever imagined. You’ll learn the names of the top eight dividend-paying companies in the world. They’ve all raised their dividends for the last 25 years or more — the top 1% of all stocks. They can help you live a comfortable retirement, just like John Miller and his wife.
  • "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire": Inside, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to boost the income on nearly every stock you own using a special account. That includes the eight stocks in my Dividend Aristocrat report. You’ll know how to improve your income by thousands of dollars every year as soon as you open this report.
  • "Profiting From LC-25 Contracts: The Easiest Passive Income You’ll Ever Make": I’ll show you how to make 9.5% a year in tax-free and virtually risk-free income. This has nothing to do with the stock market, bonds, or anything like that.

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I’m not worried about making this offer because I feel confident that even from the first page of your "Guide To Living Like a Dividend Aristocrat," you’ll know my advice is far different — and far more effective — than what you'll get from the talking heads you see on TV.

So how do you take me up on this special offer?

I’ll show you in a moment, but I nearly forgot... there’s one more free income report I’d like to send you today.

The Gold and Silver Dividend Machine

There’s a little-known investment class that's traded almost exclusively by the wealthy elite — the top 1% of all Americans.

I'm talking about extremely rare gold and silver coins.

These rare investments throw off an extraordinary amount of income every year.

I found a hidden gem of a company that is responsible for over $29 billion in highly collectible coins. Right now, it is paying a hefty dividend of 6.3% a year — with virtually zero risk.

Like I said, this investment is normally reserved for the extremely wealthy only...

But I went undercover to expose this secret — I even have video from inside the headquarters.

Not only does this 6.3% dividend machine actually exist, but there’s a way you can collect these fat income payments, too.

You don’t have to be rich at all. Anyone with at least $100 is eligible...

I don’t have much time left, so I’ll tell you the rest in my special exposé: "The Gold and Silver Dividend Machine."

I’ll reveal the backdoor way you can make these rich investors pay you a fair share... 6.3% a year and growing.

This multimedia report is also free as part of your trial subscription to The Crow’s Nest.

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Pocket change...

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