The government forbids companies from telling you about...

Retirement Plans

They're 100% legal and can generate up to $1 million more cash
than Social Security, IRAs, 401(k)s, and even Obama's new "MyRAs"

They're open to anyone, with no income or age restrictions...

Here's how to start yours today...

Dear Fellow Investor,

Most Americans don't know this...

But the U.S. government, through the SEC, has kept the most secure and cash-rich retirement plan out of the mainstream media.

And it's been doing it for YEARS!

I'm referring to a censored program that allows you to collect anywhere from $500,000 up to $1 million from a one-time investment through what I call the IRM(72) plan.

And even though IRM(72) retirement plans can generate up to 10 times more cash than IRAs, your typical 401(k), or even Obama's newly proposed MyRA (a short way of saying "My IRA")...

Most people haven't heard about IRM(72) plans for one simple reason.

Companies that offer these plans are forbidden to advertise them to the public.


Put simply, SEC rules won't let them.

Yet despite this censorship, you are legally entitled to open an IRM(72) plan if you wish. And there are no age or income restrictions whatsoever.

It's something that could forever change the way people in America retire. The problem is, the average citizen just doesn't know about it.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with regular dividends offered by blue chip companies... bonds... CDs... or anything remotely close to those things.

Instead, it's a way for you to pocket consistent income in a far more profitable way.

According to the Federal Reserve, the value of a typical 401(k) is about $120,000. That's almost nothing if you're looking at retiring anytime soon.

And it's 10 times less than the $1.1 million you could collect through a basic IRM(72) plan.

If more Americans knew about IRM(72) plans, we wouldn't be looking at a time when ordinary people are forced to work into their 70s (or even 80s).

The best part is, most plans allow you to start with as little as $10.

And you can access the money you've saved anytime you want without any penalty whatsoever.

Now, normally, as a financial analyst with a journalism background, and one who's been writing about breakthrough investments most people have never heard of...

I'd be the first to be skeptical about something as secretive and financially rewarding as IRM(72) accounts.

After all, there are enough get-rich schemes out there already.

But according to financial guru Peter Schiff, IRM(72) accounts make it so "you don't have to work anymore. You quit your job and retire."

And you can hold multiple accounts if you're so inclined. I know Warren Buffett holds several.

Of course, these are influential investors with a lot of capital at their disposal.

So I wanted to see if everyday Americans who don't have billions of dollars were secretly tapping into these accounts as well.

Turns out they are... and they are making a TON of money.

Check it out:

  • A $10 million fortune
    Kathleen Magowan, a first grade teacher, built a $10 million fortune through her IRM(72) plan. The funny thing is, her neighbors and family members never had any idea she was a millionaire.
  • $180 turned into $7 million
    Then there's Grace Gray, who turned a small $180 investment into a whopping $7 million from her IRM(72) plan. She keeps quiet about her success, but she'll gladly tell you how thankful she is for her IRM(72) account.
  • A millionaire in the making
    Another gentleman, Mike Rogalski, is a millionaire in the making.
    He holds several IRM(72) accounts and plans to retire MUCH earlier than he ever thought possible.

But here's what's really mind-blowing...

99% of the investing public have no idea these things even exist...

Even though they're not allowed to be advertised, why do so few people know about them?

The Secret Investment Plan That's
None of Your Business"

Well, don't expect to hear GE, Coca-Cola, or any of those rich American companies advertise their IRM(72) plans. It's against the law to do so.

You won't even see any mention of those plans in their financial statements sent to their other regular shareholders.

Now can you see why practically no one knows this program even exists?

Another unusual thing about those IRM(72) plans is that they have nothing to do with the stock market, and Wall Street hates them because they bypass their greed.

In fact, brokers have secretly lobbied Congress to ban IRM(72) retirement plans completely.

We even spoke to one financial insider who admitted as much...

Tax and pension attorney Chris Egoville sat down with us to break down why brokers are so scared of IRM(72).

Financial brokers make their money by selling you a product... One of the unfortunate pieces of financial services is that it is really a sales-driven business.

A broker by definition is a salesperson. They're not going to be compensated the way that they want to be compensated if you invest in an IRM(72).

Brokers are self-interested... it probably isn't appropriate for someone giving retirement or long term savings advice to be compensated the way brokers are. It's just not impartial.

And it's not just brokers that hate IRM(72) plans.

Congress hates them enough to consider wiping them off the grid entirely.

President Obama's recent MyRA idea is just another red herring to push for full shutdown of IRM(72) plans.

Chris told us that not only was the MyRA a "terrible idea," but it was also the "surest way to lose your money."

But until MyRA becomes a reality, the good thing is anyone with the right information can open an IRM(72) plan and blissfully make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, that can be used for a comfortable retirement.

I've created this video to show exactly how these plans work, who exactly is offering them, how much money you can make, when you can expect to collect your payouts...

And, most importantly, why they're the safest investments on earth.

How I Discovered America's Safest and
Most Secretive Investment

My name is Jimmy Mengel.jimmy cnbc

You may have seen me hobnobbing with the financial elite on CNBC's Closing Bell...

Or you may have heard of me as the architect behind the wildly popular finance and investing website Wealth Wire, where I brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news every single day.

I've spent my entire professional career researching and writing about little-known opportunities in the financial arena.

Today, because of my experience, I'm managing editor of one of the country's largest independent financial boutiques filtering obscure moneymaking ideas to our followers.

I head the Outsider Club and our financial planning advisory, The Crow's Nest.

As a trained journalist, I've gained a reputation among my peers for digging like a sleuth to uncover under-the-radar moneymaking loopholes in financial back doors that most people never hear of...

In other words, I don't follow the crowd. The real money is always in the investments you've never heard of. That's how the rich play the game.

For instance, last year I discovered a greedy way to play silver that doubles your return compared to buying silver the regular way.

It's a very simple tool to maximize silver's inevitable returns over the coming years...

In short, this investment phenomenon allows you to earn 2% every time silver spikes 1%.

Another unconventional investment I discovered is a way to get into the collectables market.

Through hard research, we tapped the resources of a collectables company that has authenticated and graded more than 27 million coins — worth a total of $27 billion.

The company's card experts have certified more than 20 million trading cards, autographs, and other valuable memorabilia, exceeding $1 billion in worth.

It's already up 45% in just a few months, and to top it all, my followers are enjoying a juicy 7.4% dividend, a return that's almost unheard of in the regular market.

I've been furnishing my readers with these unorthodox — but incredibly safe — investment ideas that could have a huge impact on their financial goals.

I am not one who follows the mainstream when it comes to money. That's the route to the poor house.

Folks who want to stick to conventional investment ideas can buy a CD and be happy with a 2% return forever or follow the herd in the stock market.

But if you want to beat the market at its own game and stay ahead of everyone else — instead of playing "catch up" — then this video is your gateway to financial freedom.

When I heard about the IRM(72) investment plan that has the potential to make Social Security, IRAs, and 401(k)s a thing of the past...

I went to work right away to uncover how you could open an IRM(72) plan and possibly build a million-dollar fortune like the folks I told you about.

So what exactly are IRM(72) plans, and how can a small $180 multiply into as much as $7 million like it did for Grace Gray?

You see, an IRM(72) plan is a corporate perk that was once reserved only for executives of rich companies...

And even though companies are forbidden to publicize this safe and lucrative retirement plan, nowadays, anyone can start a plan with a company of their choice.

This plan is specifically designed for people who want to start out small but want to accumulate thousands — even hundreds of thousands — without risking ANY money.

$2,000 Multiplies into More than $1 Million

There is no investment under the sun that is safer and more consistent than these plans. Not options, regular dividends, blue chip stocks, penny stocks, or anything else...

Yet they're the "best-kept secret on Wall Street," says financial analyst Vita Nelson, who is a devote follower of IRM(72) plans.

In short, an IRM(72) plan is what we in the financial world call an Individual Retirement Multiplier.

And it uses the "Rule of 72," a mathematical phenomenon used in elite financial circles to determine, with amazing accuracy, your profit's doubling effect or compounding periods...

Or how many years it will take for a currency's buying power to be cut in half.

Or the impact of additional fees on financial policies, mutual fund fees, or insurance policies.

Words alone cannot do justice to the compounding force behind this rule...

But famed scientist Albert Einstein tried when he said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't, pays it."

Well, the Rule of 72 is the secret booster behind IRM(72) plans. It's the compounding effect on your money that makes this plan trump IRAs, 401(k)s, or Obama's ready-to-fail MyRA.

In fact, this force is so powerful that I think the government is deliberately keeping it from you.

I say that because if the masses actually knew of the income this multiplying effect could deliver, they would immediately demand an end to Ponzi schemes like Social Security.

That's exactly what a woman name Shelly Eifrig knew, and she used that knowledge to pad her retirement.

She learned the power of allowing her money to multiply. She started at age 20 with only $2,000 invested into her IRM(72) plan. By age 54, she was a millionaire.

But she isn't the only one. While the rest of the investing public fights for the same pool of risky stocks and low-return 2% CDs, I discovered people from all walks of life who secretly own those safe IRM(72) plans.

  • Curt Degerman, a man who collected bottles and cans to be recycled, built a net worth of $1.5 million. You can imagine how shocked people were to discover he was a millionaire.
  • Pete Green was barely 30 years old when he got married, and he didn't want his kid to start with nothing. He set aside $325 and dumped it into Pepsi's IRM(72) plan. That tiny $300 has grown into $5,604.63.
  • A man who wished to remain anonymous watched his account grow from $13,950 into $178,994.52 by opening an IRM(72) plan with Colgate Palmolive.

And as I said before — unlike 401(k)s, IRAs, or even Social Security — there's no age limit to owning a plan.

No Age or Income Limits

Consider the story of Alisha Brown.

She was a first grader when she was enrolled in the IRM(72) program of Coca-Cola as a present for her sixth birthday. 

For Alisha's family, it was giant first step towards securing her financial future.

When Coca-Cola sent her certificate of ownership for her IRM(72) account... so monumental was this moment that it was framed with an engraving of the first part of Deuteronomy 8:18 placed under it: "You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth."


It didn't take long before Coca-Cola mailed her documents to welcome her as a proud member of their IRM(72) program.


Her IRM(72) account was opened with less than $50. Today, it's worth nearly $8,000.

If the account continues undisturbed until she graduates college, Alisha will have roughly $15,400, which will be a great gift along with her college degree.

Just imagine if your child or grandchild had that privilege...

In a moment, I'll show you how you can open an IRM(72) plan that will generate $25,000... $50,000... $270,000... even up to $1.1 million more than what you're getting today in your traditional IRA or even your 401(k).

You'll know which company to contact, and applying is as easy as tying your shoe.

You simply fill out a form. There's a line at the top for your name and address. You sign at the bottom... enclose a check for an initial payment, which could be as low as $10 or $100... then drop it in the mail.

From there on, you can expect your $10 — or whichever amount you decide to start with — to multiply as if on autopilot.

But here's the real question: How did a retirement plan so rewarding and so secretive get started in the first place... and how can you take advantage of it starting today?

A Look into the Most Secretive and
Safest Investment on Earth

More than 50 years ago, some of America's biggest companies started offering their executives and other employees a special perk.

In short, they were allowed to buy shares of the company DIRECTLY from the company, usually at a steep discount.

Hundreds of companies like General Electric, Kellogg's, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble began offering these perks.

As you may have guessed, these shares became part of the company's IRM(72) program.

Over time, that perk was extended to the wider public, allowing them to get in on the program.

It was a way for a company to grow a stable of loyal shareholders and raise money away from greedy brokers and the stock market.

By now, you can see why brokers are furious about it and have dogged the government to shut down the IRM(72) program... and leave Americans to rot with the likes of IRAs and 401(k)s.

I'm not even surprised.

You see, every time your broker buys or sells a stock on your behalf, that broker makes a commission — whether or not you make money on that stock.

Mutual fund advisors, financial advisors, and planners all take their cut to get you into the market. No matter what you do, if you are investing, it has to go through one of these guys.

Do you think they'll ever tell you about IRM(72) plans? Don't hold your breath.

But guess what? It's time to stop paying needless broker fees.

That's exactly what Anne Scheiber did.

Novice Investor Turned $5,000 Into
$22 Million without a Broker

Sheiber was an IRS auditor, yet she didn't have much to rely on to retire worry-free.

She was badly burnt by brokers, so she resolved to never rely on anyone for her own financial future.

What happened next is shocking, for lack of a better word...

Using a measly $5,000 she had saved and a pension of roughly $3,150, she plowed it into an IRM(72) plan and built a $22 million fortune from her tiny New York apartment.

Never before has any investment in this nation's history given so much investing freedom to average Americans like IRM(72) plans have.

But there's one thing you must be mindful of. You can't wait one minute more to start a plan.

Obama is already on track to shut down every retirement plan that keeps your money from the government.

In fact, the government could wake up one morning and shut down the IRM(72) program for good.

So you must hurry to grab this ticket to a safe and worry-free retirement.

Here's how it works...

How to Use One Share of Stock to Make $1 Million

To open an IRM(72) plan (and I'll show you exactly which companies offer the best plans), you must buy ONE share of stock. That's it.

Your ONE share of stock generates dividends. But here's where it gets really good.

"These plans permit shareholders to automatically plow their dividends into the buying of additional company shares. In some cases, there's a discount on the price of those shares," as the Chicago Tribune puts it.

The more shares you get, the greater your dividends multiply over time. Keep in mind, these preferred dividends are not like the ordinary dividends regular investors get when they buy a stock.

These preferred dividends go straight into your IRM(72) account, and they are like dividends on steroids. They multiply quickly without you doing any work whatsoever.

That's a great way to start preparing for retirement even if you don't have a lot of cash on hand.

But if you can afford it, you can begin your plan by buying more than one share.

For example...

Let's say you saved $3,000 and started an IRM(72) plan with one of my favorite dividend payers, Duke Energy Corp. (DUK).

That initial investment of $3,000 would have bought you 176 shares of DUK at the time, each one earning a dividend yield of 5.4%. That dividend would eventually multiply five times.

Your IRM(72) plan would earn you a tidy $1 million payday as long as you simply let your dividend multiply in the plan and add a monthly contribution of just $80.

You could have earned a yearly dividend stream of $50,845 without lifting a finger.

This is way better than the returns you'd get from the S&P 500's measly 10.4% over the last three decades.

Remember, this is something you cannot do with regular dividends if you buy the stock via the stock market.

You can only get that "dividend multiplier" when you open an IRM(72) retirement plan.

How Your Money Can Multiply on its Own

Let me show you an example.

Some folks are happy with the 3% dividend advertised by Johnson & Johnson.

If you were to invest $5,000 into Johnson & Johnson the regular way — through your broker via the stock market — your profits would have been a measly $150 in annual dividends.

To some folks, that's a big deal.

But that's probably because they don't know about the company's IRM(72) plan that that allows you to collect 36%... from the exact same shares over the long haul.


This effectively translates into a whopping $1,950 in annual dividends that gets reinvested in your IRM(72) account to buy more shares directly from the company and build your retirement portfolio on solid ground.

And that's regardless of what happens to Social Security, IRAs, 401(k)s, the stock market, or the wider economy.

Your IRM(72) account must get paid by law.

Same thing could have happened had you tapped into the IRM(72) plan of Pepsi Co.

Most Americans take home the company's 2.9% dividend and stash it away hoping to build something for rainy days.

Too bad many of those individuals don't know Pepsi — according to American law — is forbidden from advertising its IRM(72) plan that could yield a sizzling dividend of 39% in a few years.


Another good example is AT&T's IRM(72) plan, where your dividend would have been seven times more than the regular dividends.

While the company currently yields a 6.7% dividend, its IRM(72) plan holders are bagging a whopping 43% instead.


Throughout my career as a financial analyst, I have seen my fair share of investment fads, and I can tell you there aren't many investments out there that are safe.

But IRM(72) accounts are just about the safest and most consistent way to multiply your money regardless of what happens in the market.

These Plans are Immune to Stock Market Crashes,
Falling Stock Prices, or Recessions

These plans are so solid that even if the company's stock price stumbles... your IRM(72) plans remain untouched.

Remember the earlier story of 6-year-old Alisha Brown, who owns an IRM(72) plan with Coca-Cola?

Well, her plan was opened with one share of Coca-Cola's stock, which cost less than $50 bucks at the time. Today, the account is worth nearly $8,000.

Thing is, Coca Cola still trades today at around the same price it did when the plan was started almost a decade ago. Nothing fantastic has happened to the stock price.

Not only that...

We've experienced the September 11th terrorist attacks... the rise and fall of the housing bubble... the stock market collapse of 2008... two wars waged halfway around the world... expanding federal deficits... and near double-digit unemployment.

Despite all of these woes, Alisha's plan grew at roughly 6% compounded. 

But this is not just a stroke of good luck.

A man named John Kayson bought 105 shares of U.S. Bancorp in one of his IRM(72) retirement trusts simply as an experiment.

He paid $27.29 per share and had a total cost of $2,865. The stock crashed (along with everything else) to $23.62 as of the close of the markets on November 19th, 2008.

Folks who owned just stock via the stock market and through a broker saw a 13% drop in price and lost a huge chunk of their savings.

Yet John Kayson's IRM(72) plan showed a 45.348% gain while everyone else got waxed in the market.

Could These Plans Make the Stock Market Obsolete?

Which brings me to another point that highlights how these IRM(72) accounts are better than IRAs, 401(k)s, or any other retirement plans...

When you open an IRM(72) plan, remember you buy shares directly from the company.

If the stock price of the company falls, the multiplying dividends simply buy more shares on the cheap... accelerating higher percentage dividends for the future.

John Kayson originally bought 105 shares. When U.S. Bancorp shares fell, he automatically owned 124.36474 shares. That's nearly 20 shares more than he originally purchased.

Did he get more dividends on those extra shares? You bet. He might be a millionaire in the making as a result.

His interest begins to earn interest on itself: the Rule of 72 in full action.

Bottom line: Falling stock prices don't affect IRM(72) plans in any negative way at all.

In fact, they allow you to add shares at the cheapest possible price.

From the looks of it, if too many Americans know about IRM(72) plans, it could make the stock market obsolete. And that's true in a sense.

Maybe that's why the government is working overtime to keep this a secret.

How You Can Get Paid to Invest

Here's the thing: I've only begun to scratch the surface of how great these plans are at helping you accumulate wealth.

If at this point you want to fold in your IRA or your 401(k), I won't blame you, considering that IRM(72) plans outperform them by 10-fold in some cases.

And with retirement on the horizon, the earlier you start, the better you can let your dividends accumulate to hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars.

I don't know about your personal financial situation. But here's some shocking news when you think of it...

72% of Americans say they will have to work until they are at least 80 because they have not saved enough to retire, according to USA Today.

Bottom line: Now's the best time to open an IRM(72) plan. And holding back a day longer is like throwing money away.

Plus, you never know when the government will shut down this program.

Nothing this good can last forever.

Right now, you may even want to start one for your kids or grandkid.

It will give them a jumpstarted financial advantage most kids never have. And you can do this with as little as $10, $50, or $100. Heck, you could start with $500.

In fact, you can start an IRM(72) account today at a discount.

What I mean is some companies secretly offer a 5% discount to begin a plan with them.

It's like these companies are paying you to invest in them.

And even if brokers hate it... and the government is keeping it a secret from you...

I'll show you exactly how to open an IRM(72) plan. It's as easy as paddling downstream, and it's 100% legal.

I'll even reveal a full list of companies that allow this technique and a full list of companies that will "pay you to invest in them."

I've just written a special report with all the details, starting with three of those companies that offer the best IRM(72) plans today.

IRM(72) Dividend Booster #1

This rock-solid company allows you to take full advantage of an IRM(72) program. Not only does it offer free dividend reinvestment on its 2.4% yield, but it also gives you a 5% discount on stock purchased directly this way.

That is a smooth 7.4% dividend that will multiply into over 20% over time. Not to mention the trading fees you'll save.

This company has raised its dividend every year for the past decade and in 22 of the last 23 years. And it plans to keep doing so.

When looking to buy any IRM(72) company, the key isn't to look at how large the dividend yield is, but to examine how many years the company has raised the dividend and the future chances of it continuing to do so.

That's why my second IRM(72) company is a gem.

IRM(72) Dividend Booster #2

This is a company that invests primarily in health care real estate, including senior housing and related facilities.

It could sound "boring" at first. But don't let it fool you.

The company has increased its preferred annual dividend for IRM(72) plans for the last 28 years. In fact, the last dividend increase was scheduled at the end of January 2014.

You can enjoy a nice 5.5% that will multiply more than five times once your IRM(72) plan kicks in.

But you'll have to hurry. Forget Wall Street and buy your share directly from the company to get plugged in.

IRM(72) Dividend Booster #3

A master at delivering IRM(72) plans, with dividends raised every year for the last 25 years... this is one plan you must add to your name.

I am talking about an average 6.6% dividend that will quadruple over time once you hold on to your IRM(72) plan.

I'll show you how to get started, who to contact, and what to expect over the long term.

You can get the full details on how to proceed to start an IRM(72) plan with each of these companies in my new research report: "The Forbidden Secret to Retire a Millionaire."

Once you get this groundbreaking report, browse it. Take action. Get invested in an IRM(72) plan, and watch your retirement plan sizzle five, even 10 times your traditional IRA or 401(k).

You won't have to worry about Social Security or the lagging retirement plans that send millions of Americans back to work well into their 60s.

Best of all, I'll be sending you this report FREE of charge. No strings attached.

You can claim your free report the minute you take a look at my research newsletter, The Crow's Nest.

What exactly is The Crow's Nest about... and where did it get its unusual name?

In the days of naval conquest, explorers were only as good as their lookout...

The best lookouts were built atop the highest point of a ship's mast, an area aptly named after the birds that would often perch there: the crow's nest.

While these were dangerous to climb, it was there that the lookout could see for miles out and identify any hazards, traps, or storms — well before they threatened the ship.

Not only did they spot potential threats and dangers, but a good lookout could also spy treasure, land, and opportunity to safely guide the captain to riches and prosperity.

It is for this reason that the success of most ships depended on the crow's nest.

As you can imagine, today's financial landscape has much in common with the high seas of pirate lore. The world of personal finance is filled with tricks, traps, fees, and scalawags...

But instead of Blackbeard coming for your booty, you have bankers, money managers, and government officials with their beady eyes fixed on emptying your pockets.

It's time to wake up and take matters into your own hands — not just with investments, but in every financial aspect of your life.

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If you're ready to chart the course of your retirement, then IRM(72) accounts are just the beginning.

Earn an Unheard-of 7.8% Dividend
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Over the last few months, I introduced my followers to another investment strategy that's hidden from the public.

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If you know what I'm about to share with you... you can turn the valuable collections of other people into a steady income stream for yourself or supplement your fixed income and build a nest egg that will support you for a long time.

These paychecks aren't collected just on coins — they come from every kind of collector's piece, like the first Elvis single released in America... a signed letter from Albert Einstein explaining Pi to a curious 8-year-old working on her math homework... and, get this, the most valuable American stamp ever created: the famous Inverted Jenny, currently valued around a million bucks.

In fact, I saw these valuables with my own two eyes when I visited the office of the company who's the leading authority on those rare collections...

And you can claim these paychecks on just about anything worth anywhere from a few bucks up to millions.

Guys like Bond King Bill Gross are tapping into these kinds of investment, reserved for the rich elites.

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I can't tell you much about this rare investment here, except that you can earn a juicy 7.8% dividend year on year as your reward.

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How to Get Started and Earn Sizzling
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