"Do You Recognize This Well-Dressed
Con Man?"

If not, you could LOSE over 50% of your savings starting this year during
what is being called
"The BIGGEST Con Job In Wall Street History."

*Click on the 2-minute video below to discover who this man is...
How he ties into the  biggest con job in Wall Street history...
And how you can position yourself to DOUBLE or TRIPLE
your wealth while millions lose the shirts off their backs...

Hey... Nick Hodge here.

If you ever read stories or watched movies about con men, you'd know there are two general types of cons.

First, there's the short con — one in which you could lose $20-$100 in just a few moments, like in a game of Three Card Monte... a con game many hustlers play on street corners in cities throughout the world.

And then there's the long con — one that could play out over the course of months or even years.

Many times, people fooled in these long cons can lose tens of thousands of dollars... and in some cases, their entire life savings.

One of the best-known long cons is the "Ponzi scheme," named after Charles Ponzi, shown in the picture above.

In this scheme, investors are promised a higher-than-normal return on their investments.

However, the return doesn't come from profits from running the organization... it comes from new investors investing money into the moneymaking scheme.

In other words, it's a matter of taking the investment money from Peter, Paul, and Mary to pay returns to Mark, Mike, and Susie who invested in the scheme earlier.

So as long as you have new money coming in consistently from newer investors to pay returns to investors who got started earlier, all is well.shale-ponzi-2

But the problem is the whole house of cards falls down if there's no new money coming into the system. And as you can guess... there are only so many suckers that will pay into the system. Once you run out of new "investors," the jig is up.

Remember Bernie Madoff? That was nothing compared with what I'm about to share with you.

Right now, tens of millions of Americans and others around the globe are actually voluntarily paying into the largest Ponzi scheme of the past 100 years... and they don't even realize it.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with Social Security or Medicare... even though both are very similar to a Ponzi scheme.

And because of what my research shows will happen starting this year...

You, along with tens of millions of others, could lose over 50% of your retirement savings — with little or no notice.

Imagine the value of your bank accounts... your brokerage accounts... your 401k... your IRA... all cut in half — practically overnight.

Do You Think Losing Up to 50%
of Your Wealth Can't Happen to You?

If so, you'd be wrong... as it has happened many times before to people who thought it couldn't happen to them.

In fact, in a moment, I'll also show you how this could begin to happen over the next few months.

Nobody in the mainstream media is talking about it. The financial bobbleheads on TV are afraid to mention it. Financial publications won't write about it.


Because if they told you and the tens of millions of other people who are being played as suckers in this con game...

... Not only would the "game" be over, but the executives at the too-big-to-fail banks and financial institutions on Wall Street who are running it would fear for their lives once word got out about this cleverly-disguised scheme.

And we don't have to look as far back as the Great Depression to understand what happens when a country's currency collapses. We can look to more recent times...

In fact, since 1990, there have been several major currency crashes throughout the world.

shale-ponzi-3Consider the Mexican peso crash of 1994, when — in just 42 days — the value of the currency plummeted 39%.

Or in 1997 during the Asian Currency Crisis, when Thailand's currency — the Thai baht — lost 23% of its value in just 25 days... and then lost another 41% of its value in the following six months.

But these weren't isolated events...

The same thing happened in Brazil in 1996... in Russia in 1998... in Argentina in 2001... in South Korea in 2007... and in Iceland in 2008.

Each time, tens of millions of people were affected.

Quite frankly, I'm sure I'll be upsetting a whole lot of financial "big-wigs" and political figureheads by bringing this story to light.

And truth be told, I don't know how long I'll even be able to keep this research available online once certain "powers that be" get wind of it.

But let me assure you, it's certainly NOT all doom and gloom...

In fact, while it is inevitable that many people will have their savings and investments literally wiped out later this year, a handful of people who position themselves correctly for this financial upheaval stand to profit immensely.

You see, there are a few simple steps you can take right now that can not only protect your existing wealth when this house of cards comes crashing down... but can also give you the opportunity to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your financial net worth.

I'll reveal them in a moment... but before I do, let me show you some disturbing facts that nobody is willing to share with you...

The BIGGEST Con Job in Wall Street History

Right now, you are witnessing the BIGGEST con job in Wall Street history. You may even be contributing to it without giving it a second thought.

You see, the entire stock market as we know it is one giant Ponzi scheme. I'll show you why...

Recently, as you may recall, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached historic highs of 16,400 in January 2014 — while in 2009, the DOW was at just 6,626.

That's a miraculous climb of almost 10,000 points in less than five years.

Never before did the market rise so much in so little time. (I'll show you why it has risen and why it's a "sucker's rally" that will wipe out people's retirement accounts.)

And despite President Obama and the financial bobbleheads on TV claiming we're out of the recession and into a recovery...

... The true unemployment and underemployment rate is at 25%.

... Half of all U.S. households receive some form of government "benefits."

... And over 60% of American workers have less than $25,000 in total savings.

With that said, I'm sure you'd agree that doesn't sound like much of a recovery.

In fact, it's a countrywide train wreck just waiting to happen...

And as scary as that may all sound... for many Americans who may be doing alright financially at this moment, it's about to get worse... much worse.

Because while the Ponzi scheme is scary in and of itself, it is what's feeding this Ponzi scheme that will really take many people by surprise.

Allow me to explain...

This Hidden Research Will Change EVERYTHING
About How You Spend, Save, and Invest This Year...

While traveling for business late last year, I met a very interesting financial researcher named Steve. He's spent years studying the markets, and I'm humbled enough to say what he uncovered left me a bit dumbfounded.

After asking him question after question about his research, I came to the realization that what he pieced together is probably known only to 100 people in the world.

shale-ponzi-4And though I like to think of myself as a highly educated and experienced investor, what he showed me completely changed how I look at the entire financial system and investing. His work was so groundbreaking, scary, and enlightening — all at the same time — I asked him if I could share his research with my readers.

He warned me about the impact his data could have once it got out in the public and the potential consequences. But after seeing it, I came to the conclusion that it's far too important to keep to myself...

So for right now — because of the broad-reaching effects of his research — Steve prefers to keep the rest of his identity hidden from the public. And in exchange for exclusive access to his financial data... I agreed.

You see, everything we've been told about the markets by the mainstream media has been a lie to get us to keep pumping money into paper assets.

In fact, in addition to institutional and individual investors — even the U.S. government is pumping $85 billion a month with "Quantitative Easing" to keep the economic house of cards standing.

That's over $1 trillion a year!

(*** Now, remember that amount of money... because in a moment I'll show you how it will collapse the entire global economy.)

Even many of the alternative media outlets have gotten the story wrong — focusing exclusively on the rapidly declining value of the U.S. dollar or why you must own precious metals to survive the coming collapse.

But there's much more to it than that.

As a matter of fact, there is one key economic factor that — once you see how it works — will completely change everything: the way you spend, save, and invest your money.

And I mean EVERYTHING. Starting this year.shale-ponzi-5

Here's what you must know...

It all comes down to energy.

More specifically, "Energy IOUs."

If you've never heard of them before, you're not alone.

As you probably know, the entire global economy is run on energy... particularly oil.

You see, each day, millions of barrels of oil are drilled, transported, and refined for fuel.

And according to the research and data I recently received from Steve, oil production abilities have plateaued since 2005 — despite the increased demand throughout the world.

Obviously, this has led to gas prices DOUBLING from $1.75 a gallon then to over $3.50 a gallon today.

And the only reason gas prices are still only $3.50 a gallon is because the U.S. government is pumping over $1 trillion of "funny money" into the markets.

But this charade can't last forever.

Here's why...

Have You Bought into THE BIG LIE About Shale
Oil and Gas That's Fueled This Ponzi Scheme?

Before I reveal this BIG LIE about shale oil and gas, I want to show you something nobody may have pointed out to you before...

Take any dollar bill out of your wallet... it doesn't matter if it is a $1, $5, $10, or $20. (Go ahead, I'll wait.)

Look at the top on the front of the bill. You'll see it says, "Federal Reserve Note."

Now, the word "note," when used in relation to financial matters, means an instrument of debt. So, for example, when you pay off the "note" on your mortgage or car, you no longer have debt, and you take ownership of the title or deed.

Each dollar bill (of any denomination) is actually a debt and therefore not considered to be money.

Yes, U.S. dollars are a currency — but they're NOT money.

You see (and you may already know this), money by definition is BOTH a store of value and exchangeable. That is why gold and silver are considered money.

However, while the U.S. dollar is exchangeable, it is NOT a store of value.

The U.S. dollar can be printed at will — and with over $17 trillion in debt, there is only one reason the U.S. dollar hasn't collapsed yet. And that is...

The ILLUSION of cheap energy.

As I mentioned earlier, oil production has plateaued the past several years. So as the U.S. and emerging market countries continue to expand their consumption of oil and natural gas, it makes you wonder...

If production has plateaued, where is all of it coming from?

The answer is from shale.

For the past few years, oil and natural gas from shale have been touted as saviors for the U.S. to break its dependence on foreign oil. Here, take a look at all the shale oil and gas basins in the U.S...


The media... talking heads on TV... and even well-respected financial publications have been bragging about the United States becoming "energy independent" in the coming years.

But there's just one problem...

It's all ONE BIG LIE!

You see, what most people don't know (and what Steve alerted me to) is that the U.S. shale gas industry has actually been a commercial failure and is doomed.

Energy from shale is nothing but a pipe dream.

See for yourself in this chart where the four biggest shale players (Chesapeake, Southwestern, Devon, and EOG) are actually losing money...


You'll note that while their total combined cash flow between 2008-2012 was over $80 billion, their total combined expenditures were over $132 billion. That's over $52 billion in losses!

As you and any other intelligent person could guess... they can't continue to operate at a loss.

In fact, our research shows that this whole Ponzi scheme of the U.S. dollar being propped up by the illusion of cheap energy is ALL about to come crashing down starting this year.

And when it does, it won't be pretty.

But if you take the precautions I mention below, you can position yourself to weather the storm, as gas prices could quickly double... even triple... over the course of a few months.

Imagine paying $10/gallon at the gas pumps. Depending on the size of your vehicle, it could cost you anywhere between $125-$320 to fill up your gas tank.

This alone will completely cripple the middle class.

And that's just the impact on individuals driving their vehicles.shale-ponzi-8

As a result of increased fuel prices, the cost of everything will spike.

FOOD... MEDICINE... HEATING FUEL... CLOTHING... All costing 3-5x their current amounts.

And you can bet this will cause never-before-seen protests, riots, and absolute chaos. What's worse is this will happen over a very short period of time.

And I'm not going to sugarcoat this... but if this research and data proves true, it will completely change not only the U.S. economy, but the global economy.

But as I mentioned earlier, those who take action now and prepare for this inevitability can not only survive this chaos... they can actually position themselves to come out ahead when the smoke finally clears and order is restored.

And even once order is restored... again, the entire global economy will be changed. The way you spend, save, and invest your money will be changed forever.

So to help you prepare yourself and your family for this, I created a special report that contains all of Steve's data (just so you can see for yourself how this will play out), along with specific steps to take today — before things get really bad starting later this year once the Ponzi scheme falls apart.

This report is called, "The Omega Report: How to Protect Your Family and Your Wealth from the BIGGEST Ponzi Scheme Ever Created."

It is by far the most important information I've ever shared with my readers.

I'll show you how you can download this free report in a moment. But before I do, I think you'd be interested in this opportunity (especially if you already own some gold).

The Gold Play That Could
Multiply Your Money Ten-Fold
Turning Every $10,000 into $100,000

Not only can you use hidden information from "The Omega Report" mentioned above to protect and grow your wealth during the coming market crash... but you can also get into a unique gold play I've been investigating for the past several months.

You see, I've found there are two trains of thought when it comes to gold...

First, you have those who have never invested in any physical gold or other precious metals. Instead, most (if not all) of their savings and wealth is in cash or other cash-based equities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.

Many of the people in this group will end up losing a great deal of their wealth starting this year once the BIGGEST Ponzi scheme starts to unravel.

But it doesn't have to be that way, as I'll show you in a moment.

The second group of people is comprised of the "gold-bugs."

These individuals already know how our current monetary system is built upon fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

In other words, it's a house of cards that is propped up with a bunch of digitally-created "monopoly money."

And because of this, gold-bugs invest in gold, along with silver and other precious metals, on the premise that the government will continue to print more money — and essentially collapse the U.S. dollar.

Maybe you've already bought some gold... and if you did, I believe that was a smart move on your part.

No matter whether you currently own gold or not, this opportunity will give you the chance to multiply your wealth by a factor of 10.

I understand that may be difficult to believe, so let me explain...

While I was working with Steve and investigating how the biggest Ponzi scheme is about to start playing out in 2014, we came to the conclusion based on our research that stocks of mining companies will be among the best ones to hold during a financial collapse.

But I wasn't about to tell my readers to invest in every single mining company they could. That would be foolish.

In fact, I set out to find the one with the MOST profit potential and the LEAST amount of risk.

I'm calling it: The "King" Play.

shale-ponzi-9Because quite frankly, if you invested a sizeable portion of your wealth in this single play, you could very well live like a king for the rest of your days.

Let me share with you some facts about this remarkable mining company...

First, it owns 6-7 million ounces of gold grading 1.6 grams per ton — which is very good for a mining company.

Plus, the mining property is sitting on a huge deposit in a friendly mining location in the western U.S. — which is good for investors because the company won't be hamstrung with bureaucratic red tape and restrictions as it mines.

And most importantly, its current market cap is $115 million — and it's significantly undervalued... even at today's depressed gold prices.

In fact, if you're among the large (and growing) number of people who believe current gold prices have been manipulated to these low levels (which they have), then you'll be very interested in what could happen to the price of this mining stock when the value of gold begins climbing back to its highs of $1,800-$1,900 an ounce and beyond.

And the fact that you can get in on this play right now for less than $1 a share is incredible.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to share the name of this company here for the masses to see.

That's why I've put my research on this company (including the company's name and stock symbol) in a new special report called, "The 'King' Play: How to Turn Every $10,000 You Invest into $100,000."

It's only recently been made available to paying members of my online community — but if you're interested, I'll show you how you can get a copy of this report for free.

Why give away this valuable research report for free?

Well, the answer is quite simple, really...

The Founding of Like Minded People

Over the past few years, I've noticed a growing number of people looking for ways to protect their wealth... shield their personal and financial privacy... and safeguard their civil liberties.

These people don't trust the government... banks... or big corporate institutions...

And quite frankly, neither do I.

These people were looking for ways to buck the broken and corrupt financial system...

People of all ages, from all walks of life, who were looking for ways to increase their income... increase their personal and financial privacy... and increase their personal freedoms.

All while decreasing their taxes... decreasing their debt... and decreasing their dependence on the broken system in America.

So that's why, in the summer of 2013, I decided to form a special one-of-a-kind online community of individuals who hold these similar beliefs.

Today — less than a year from when we started this community — there are thousands of members in the U.S. and around the world.

And while corrupt politicians, bankers, and corporate executives want to limit our financial and personal freedoms... we believe it's time for us to expand them.

It's an idea whose time has come... and it may be something you'd like to be a part of.

Membership in this community is by invite-only.

And you can find out if it's right for you in a moment. But first...

There Are Some Important Things
You Should Know About Me...

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Nick Hodge.

I've co-written two best-selling books about investing and have helped thousands of individuals make a lot of money with my financial research over the past few years. My readers have seen gains like: nick hodge

Xethanol, Inc. — 159% gains... Akeena Solar — 316% gains... Organovo Holdings — 245% gains... Natcore Technology — 128.81% gains... BYD Company — 391% gains... DNI Metals — 113% gains... Cree — 119% gains... Alternate Energy Holdings — 426% gains... JA Solar — 101.97% gains 

And these are just a handful of the dozens of winning recommendations I've made to others over the past few years.

Had you invested in any of those plays, you could have easily doubled your money...

Many of my readers have done just that, and they have contacted me to share their experiences...


So why is all this important?

You see, I'm a firm believer in practicing what you preach.

It's also important to know that I don't mention all this stuff about me to impress you... as I'm certainly not the bragging type.

I merely mention all this to show you I know what I'm talking about...

And if you're interested, I can share with you the secrets I've discovered about massively growing your wealth and expanding your personal freedoms.

In fact...

Right Now, You Can Have Complete Access to My
Personal Freedom Library and Online Forum


As I mentioned, I've created a new online community called Like Minded People.

And for new members, I'm providing access to several special research reports I've created.

I detailed two of these reports earlier...

They are:

  • "The Omega Report: How to Protect Your Family and Your Wealth from the BIGGEST Ponzi Scheme Ever Created" — In this newly-released financial research report, you'll discover precisely how the energy sector is set to crash the entire financial market. This is the best-kept secret going on now in order to "protect" the U.S. economy — but it is actually just delaying the inevitable crash. Once people get this report and share it with others, all hell will break loose for politicians and Wall Street. Most importantly, you'll learn exactly what "triggers" to look for and how to position yourself to protect and grow your wealth... while millions of others lose the shirts off their backs.

  • "The 'King' Play: How to Turn Every $10,000 You Invest into $100,000" — Here, I'll share with you an undervalued gold mining company that will allow you to leverage gold prices with practically no risk. Right now, you can invest in this company for less than $1/share. And with gold down 30% off its high — once it climbs back up again (it's only a matter of time) — this company could be revalued, and every dollar you invest today could approach $10 per share and significantly grow your wealth... practically risk-free!

Now, you could easily make or save tens of thousands of dollars this year alone from what you discover in those special reports...

Still, I created many more somewhat controversial but incredibly useful reports for new members, including:

  • "On Our Own Together: The Foundation of Like Minded People" — Here, I'll reveal why I've created this community and the numerous ways you'll benefit as a new member.

  • "Bucking the System: Your Three Simple Steps to Get Started" — Here, you'll discover a financial tool that is rarely ever used by individuals but is used by every multi-billion dollar corporation — a proven strategy to maximize your wealth that could mean the difference between retiring with $500,000 in savings and $5 million in savings, and the most sure-fire (and legal) method I know of... and personally use... to lower my income taxes each year. (Just doing this alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars that you'd have to pay to the government.)

  • "My Secret to Real Wealth: The Three Investments You Must Own Today That Have Nothing to Do With the Stock Market" — In this report, I share the single greatest asset class billionaires are piling their money into right now. Plus, you'll discover a special commodity that has nothing to do with gold, silver, or precious metals — and has proven to consistently go up in value — that you should invest in today and that will be beneficial to you no matter what happens in the financial markets.

  • "How to Break the Bank: The Best Way to Protect Your Wealth" — Here, I'll show you how to preserve your savings even if banks continue to tack on more and more service fees and surcharges. Plus, I'll share why traditional 'brick and mortar' banks are becoming obsolete because of the emergence of safe and secure online banks. And you'll discover 'alternative' accounts where you can put your savings that offer the highest interests without any monthly or annual fees.

  • "Freedom from Centralized Power: What You REALLY Need to Know about Guns and Precious Metals" — In this report, you'll discover the five simple steps you can take over the next few weeks to significantly make yourself (and your family) 10 times more self-reliant and less dependent on "the system."

  • "Energy Independence: A Guide to Turning the Table on the Utility and Gas Companies" — While most people are burdened with higher fuel and utility bills, a growing number of people are discovering the exceptional energy investment opportunities that allow them to make substantial profits by investing in select energy sectors. In this report, I'll show you where to get in on these plays over the next several years — where your gains could easily pay for your gas, heat, and electricity... but possibly even your mortgage payments, too!

  • "The Next Level: Capitalizing on Market Shifts" — As you may know, each time the markets shift, people stand to make a substantial fortune. However, most people don't recognize when these shifts are going to happen. In this special report, you'll discover where I see the upcoming shifts occurring and how to profit from them.

Every quarter, I'll be adding new special reports to this Personal Freedom Library that could make a substantial difference in the ways you save, invest, and maintain your personal freedoms.

Plus, as a new member of the Like Minded People community, you'll also get immediate access to:

  • Complete 24/7 online access to a special forum where you can interact with other members of this community, asking and answering each other's questions and exchanging ideas on investing, wealth preservation, self-reliance, privacy protection, and much more...

  • 12 monthly issues of the Like Minded People newsletter, mailed to you each month, where you'll discover unique investment opportunities that could consistently grow your wealth — no matter how much or how little you currently have — as well as strategies on how to (legally) live outside the "system." Plus, you'll be able to access these monthly issues from your computer or even your cell phone.

  • Investment alerts and updates that you'll receive by email letting you know about special investments I'm researching. I also address our portfolio and any actions I recommend you take with our positions. And while we cannot offer personalized advice, we also publish answers to questions or comments we get from our members during these updates.

Now, you may be wondering what it costs to try out a Like Minded People membership.

I'll get to that in a moment... and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how affordable I've made it for you to try out.

But before I talk price, I do need to make one more thing clear...

Please Take the Warnings Above Seriously...
or Risk Putting Yourself in Serious Financial Danger

Look, I'm not trying to scare you just so I can sell memberships or subscriptions. It's simply not in my nature to do that.

I write financial books and occasionally talk on financial news networks so I can inform the everyday Joe about what's really happening in the markets.shale-ponzi-12-edit

And while the facts and research I've presented above are not meant to scare you — they ARE meant to warn you... and perhaps even save your financial future.

You see, some people just have a hard time going out of their "comfort zone," and that's exactly why they'll be caught completely off guard when the shale Ponzi scheme crashes the value of ALL paper assets, and the value of precious metals begins to skyrocket.

That's why, if nothing else, you should read through "The Omega Report" and "The 'King' Play" report today... so at the very least, you can position yourself to protect your existing savings and wealth.

It will take less than just 30 minutes of your time to do — but it can mean the difference between being able to retire in comfort and with dignity... and needing to work until you die and enduring the shame of relying on government handouts.

While others watch their retirements or pensions get obliterated and are left wondering what happened... you can be in the driver's seat, having already prepared for what others were too naive to see or too scared to acknowledge.

I can all but guarantee that a membership in Like Minded People is very different from anything you've ever been part of before.

You're going to discover ideas and opportunities you likely won't see or hear about anywhere else.

But if you're interested ONLY in ordinary stocks, bonds, and mutual funds — and other outdated investment ideas and strategies that those financial bobbleheads on TV talk about — then Like Minded People will not be right for you... so please don't waste your time.

However, if you're ready to get your retirement planning and investments back on track and join a growing group of others who are doing the same, then you owe it to yourself to at least check out Like Minded People.

If you're unsure about what to do, here's what I recommend:

Take a look at everything I've described here over the next year, and then make up your mind for yourself.

That's right... a whole year.

In other words, let me know you'd like to give Like Minded People a no–risk look today, and we'll make sure you receive everything I mentioned in this video.

Unlike all those other financial publishers out there who only give you 30... 60... or even 90 days to try out their research... we're taking it to a whole new level.

When you try out a membership to Like Minded People today, you can take the whole next 12 months to make up your mind.

If you decide the ideas are too "out there" for you, or that you are better off sticking with mainstream conventions, simply let us know, and I'll make sure you get back the money you paid.

Believe me, there's no shame in asking for a refund.

The ideas I'll share in the newsletters and the updates, along with the ideas you'll hear about in the online forum, are certainly not for everyone.

In fact, they're probably not right for most ordinary people.

I realized long ago in my teenage years that life is so much better when you take the road less travelled... but for some people (for whatever reason), that just doesn't make sense.

As I mentioned before, some people just have a hard time going out of their "comfort zone."

But the funny thing is, that's exactly why our strategies work so well — and why they can work to your advantage!

You see, if everyone were using these techniques and secrets... and everyone felt comfortable with them... well, they'd become mainstream, and their effectiveness would basically disappear.

The nice thing is, by accepting this invitation today, you are agreeing only to try out a membership to see if you like it.

Trying out a membership in this "club" puts all the risk on our shoulders. Either we live up to our claims I mentioned today, or you get ALL your money back.

Not some of it... not a pro-rated amount... we will refund every single penny you paid.

It's as simple as that.

The membership fee for Like Minded People, by the way, is only $199 for one full year.

That comes to just $0.54 a day.

At that price, I am sure there's no better bargain for access to this kind of financial research and proven wealth-building strategies.

I promise you the ideas I introduce you to will be different and could easily be worth an absolute fortune in your life over the next few years.

As I said earlier, it's highly unlikely that you'll hear about these ideas anywhere else... and the fact that you can get all of this information for less than $1,000 is simply amazing to me.

Believe me, it is worth many, many times that price.

And actually, the deal gets even better...

For a limited time while we run this special offer, you can pay HALF of what we'll ask others to pay.

So instead of paying $199 like other readers will in the future, you'll get a full year's membership, including everything I mentioned here, for just $99.

That comes to just $0.27 a day, and it could possibly be the best investment you ever make.

There is, however, just one catch in order to qualify for this deal...

You see, this is the first time we've ever set up a membership community like this.

And as a result, we're building out our infrastructure for it slowly... and can only enroll 5,000 new members this month...

And while that may sound like a lot, when you consider this presentation will be seen by millions of people, those spots are sure to fill up rather quickly.

So if you click on the link below to enroll and all the spots are full, you'll be placed on a VIP priority notification list, and you can get started when we open up more spots next month.

I sincerely hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to join our growing community of Like Minded People.

Simply click the link below to get started before this HALF–OFF Membership offer ends.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member...



Nick Hodge Signature

Nick Hodge
Founder and Publisher, Like Minded People

P.S. When you try out your 12-month, risk-free membership today, you'll receive immediate access to all the financial research reports I mentioned today... along with personal access to the online member forum, where you can interact with other 'Like Minded People' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And when you try out your membership today, I'll also send you our newest report...

  • "Your Personal Fort Knox: How to Buy and Safely Store Your Precious Metals" — Here, you'll discover how smart investors buy gold and silver coins and bullion. Plus, you'll learn why a safety deposit box at a bank may be one of the worst places to store your precious metals. I'll also share the top three places to store your gold in your home (a heavy-duty safe is actually NOT one of them!) and the best place to store your precious metals overseas (just in case things get really bad with the U.S. economy).

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