Massive blackouts will leave millions in the dark as...

Putin's Nuclear Curtain Comes Down

A new Cold War has kicked off a uranium boom
that will deliver 833% to early investors 

Dear Reader,

He's given his deadline...

December 30, 2013, is when the curtains will come down.

With the snap of his finger, Russian President Vladimir Putin could leave millions of Americans in the dark as Russia stops lighting their homes.

And it's all part of a new Cold War manifesting between America and Russia...

If Putin's plans unfold as expected, the victims of this "new Cold War" will be American men, women and children who will be subjected to massive blackouts.

It could sweep across major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago... and a host of others.

If it happens, hospitals, police, and fire departments would be forced to run on backup generators. Trains would stop working. Restaurants and schools would shut down. Businesses won't be able to function.

Daily life would be disrupted for days, weeks, even months.

The good news is one little company could offset Putin's plans... prevent this nightmare on a huge scale... and keep life normal for millions of Americans who have no idea what's going on...

At the same time, its share price will inevitably jump from a few cents to a few dollars in no time.

I am predicting at least an 800% windfall from its current price.

There is no guesswork here. The writing's on the wall.

So, what exactly is going on between America and Russia?

Well, it's so powerful... it forced Obama to complain, "There have been times where they slip back into Cold War thinking and mentality. What I say to President Putin is that's the past, and we've got to think about the future."

Tension between the two countries will be long and nasty.

Unlike the Cold War of the 1970s-80s, this one will affect everyday U.S. citizens directly.

And there is almost nothing America can do to stop Putin and his renegades.

This whole saga is a well-connected story with roots in the highest halls of political power. And, as usual, we the citizens are the ones left in the dark.

I'm Nick Hodge, executive editor at Angel Publishing.

What you're about to read is disturbing news for Americans — yet it's already igniting the fuse on the most lucrative moneymaking development to take shape in this country in recent years.

Everyday investors who pay attention to this development will not only get rich... but they'll also experience financial righteousness against Putin's ill intentions.

Even if I'm only half right about the events to come, you will still walk away with a fair chunk of profits.

In fact, because of this major development, my readers are already positioned — and up 33% waiting for the full throttle.

In this presentation, I'll get down to the bottom of it and show you how it will all play out.

As the saying goes, "With crisis comes opportunity." Here's the crisis...

The New Cold War that Could Leave U.S. Cities in Darkness

It's no secret Vladimir Putin despises America for many reasons — including its self-appointed role as "world police."

America and Russia were at loggerheads over the conflict in Libya... then Snowden... and most recently, Syria.

Putin has banned U.S. adoptions of Russian children.

He's penned an op-ed in the New York Times denouncing American exceptionalism.

But what's next is worse than anything you'll hear in the news...

The Kremlin now accuses the U.S. of installing a missile shield in Eastern Europe as a deterrent against Russia, despite America's assurances that the shield is not aimed at it.

This only reflects the "underlying challenges the U.S. faces in dealing with Moscow," whines Obama.

Sen. Chuck Schumer even told CNN: "I know what he's doing. He's trying to make Russia a big power again."

But this is Putin's version of the Cold War — and he intends to win it... fighting not with firepower or missiles, but an unusual arsenal you don't hear about often, but that will soon be all over the news...

It's more like a subtle war. Colder than the Cold War of the 70s. More effective and dark.

And his latest plan will not only put the United States to shame as a superpower, but is intended to make Mother Russia righteous again.

"What Russia is doing today, all these ambitious plans, is its desire to make other countries dependent on Russia, which is something Putin is always reaching for," said Alexander Nikitin, a former Soviet submarine captain.

Putin's Plans to Exalt Russia

No doubt Russians see Putin as a man of remarkable intelligence, determination, and ruthlessness.

And in the eyes of many, that last attribute is far from a fault. They see it as the "charm" of a leader on the verge of restoring their country's pride, economy, and position of influence after a humiliating period they'd rather forget.

If that requires trampling the rights of some citizens... well, everything has its price.

And the Russians are willing to pay for their new global identity and class.

But many Americans, including president Obama, find Putin's actions to be revolting.

And his latest move to cripple U.S. electricity grids will come across as the worst development since the tension days of the first Cold War.

Since 2011, there's been a fervent effort by the U.S. to hold talks with Russia to avoid this nightmare.

Bottom line: December 30 is the deadline. 

Now, I'm not saying the lights will go off on this precise day in December...

But it's the day when Putin's plan kicks in gear.


But here's what to keep in mind: America already runs a fragile electricity network.

Sadly, this is a huge plus for Russia's plan.

"The U.S. is operating the most advanced economy in the world with 60s and 70s technology. Failing to modernize the grid will threaten the U.S. position as an economic superpower," according to electricity expert Professor Massoud Amin.

No surprise the number of U.S. blackouts over the past two decades increased 124% — up from 41 blackouts in the early 1990s to 92 in 2000 and beyond.

We've had blackouts in Florida, California, New York, and the major one that swept the East Coast on August 15, 2003, affecting 45 million people and leaving thousands to sleep on office steps and in government buildings and parks.

But that's not all...

The average American experiences 214 minutes of power outage each year, compared to 70 minutes in Great Britain and just 6 minutes in Japan.

And it costs America $33 billion per year, says the White House.

But it will only get worse.

Now, I'm not being pessimistic here... I am just going based on the events happening behind closed doors and not being reported in the news... and the foreseeable outcome.

America's Deadline: December 30, 2013

The truth is America's electricity system is fragile — much more fragile than you think.

Putin, of all people, knows this. And he should!

After all, Russia is the reason millions of Americans can switch on the lights in their homes... cook dinner in their microwave... watch a movie... go to a nice restaurant... and read their children bedtime stories by lamplight at night.

The scary part is this will be taken away from us at the snap of Putin's finger — after December 30.

Does Uncle Sam have a backup plan?

Not really.

Now, bear in mind this is not about natural gas or oil...

As you know, America has enough of that (for now).

It's not about solar or wind energy, either.

Our problem lies deep within something most Americas have no idea about...

You see, a staggering 31 U.S. states run on nuclear energy.

Love it or hate it, nuclear energy is the reason millions of Americans can live a normal life, day or night.

Nuclear powers one in every five homes.

In short, 20% of U.S. electricity comes from nuclear.


And no one's more excited about nuclear than Obama, who said he's: "Looking forward to working with congress on implementing policies that ensure that our nation can continue to rely on carbon-free nuclear power."

No surprise there... After all, nuclear energy, according to most world governments, is the safest and most reliable source of power.

But here's where this story gets interesting...

America's fleet of 104 nuclear plants swallows over 43 million pounds of uranium annually.

After the Cold War of the 1970s, Russia had a huge stockpile of uranium and — get this — it was uranium from nuclear warheads that were just lying around. America knew this. And we needed uranium to keep the lights on for American families.

At the same time, Russia was broke, while Boris Yeltsin was a miserable man!

An ingenious solution was then hatched...

Russian Bombs Lighting American Homes

In 1992, the White House and Yeltsin signed a 20-year contract worth $12 billion to supply America with uranium extracted from those bombs.

They whipped up a fancy name for this program: Megatons to Megawatts (M2M).

Uranium from Russia's bombs was down-blended, a process that takes high-grade nuclear bomb uranium and reprocesses it for electricity use in nuclear plants, in Russia's own facilities.

The truth is Russia and the U.S. NEVER trusted each other throughout the 20-year contract, so they monitored each other...

Both countries were sleeping with one eye open.

U.S. inspectors made 359 monitoring trips to four of Russia's uranium processing facilities to ensure the Russians were extracting the uranium from the warheads as agreed.

Russia conducted reciprocal monitoring at U.S. facilities at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, Ohio and the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant near Paducah, Kentucky — just to make sure the U.S was using the uranium for electricity only.

I know this sounds like something out of a Robert Ludlum novel, but it couldn't be more real.

To this day, 20,000 Russian nuclear warheads have been dismantled to extract 21 million pounds of uranium for American electricity each year, says the World Nuclear Association.

It's this uranium that kept the lights on in cities like Austin, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Philly, and Miami for the last two decades.

The electricity in your home for everyday use is powered by uranium from Russian bombs.

And most Americans have no clue.

U.S Electricity Under Threat

But the most disturbing part is what's coming next...

The program expires in December. And the last shipment of uranium has left TVEL (a Russian nuclear fuel cycle company) by rail. It is en route to St. Petersburg, where it will be shipped to the U.S.A.


There's no way Putin will extend the contract, regardless of how much America begs.

Putin Thinks Boris Yeltsin was a Madman

President Putin and the current Russian powers view former President Yeltsin's agreement to this uranium contract as a betrayal of Russian sensibilities — and of her national security.

What will happen?

Starting in the next few weeks, with Russian supplies completely removed from the equation, 21 million pounds of uranium annually will be taken away from American electric grids.

With M2M no longer active, it means America must find a new supplier.

What about our own U.S. uranium production?

It doesn't even cut it.

Based on Energy Administration figures, the U.S. produces four million pounds of uranium from all its mines.

Demand from its nuclear power plants is over 43 million pounds — most of it imported, obviously from Russian bombs.

In short, we only produce 9% of the uranium we need to keep the lights on.

And this is a phenomenon that could leave millions in the dark... at the same time sending the price of uranium soaring 400%, making early investors extremely wealthy...

If you're an investor on the right side of this imminent boom, you could easily turn a small $5,000 stake into $25,000 with no sweat.

Insiders are already bracing for this new uranium bull market that's coming. It's as sure as the sun will rise.

As I said, we're already up 33% on one uranium play... and enjoying the ride up.

Whether you're pro- or anti-nuclear really doesn't matter. The truth is America needs uranium right now more than ever, because millions of homes are connected to nuclear grids.

And here's the thing: You can't just shut down a nuclear power plant overnight and connect the grid to another source of energy.

Solar really isn't viable to power cities, let alone states. You need several panels to power even a tiny home. And the sun hardly shines every day.

What about wind? Well, those 300-foot wind turbines can barely generate enough electricity to run a small neighborhood. You be the judge.

What about fossil fuel plants like coal, gas, and oil? They're the culprits for 2,166 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere last year...

Source Million Metric Tons of Carbon Emission Share of Total
Coal 1,718 79%
Natural Gas 411 19%
Petroleum 25 1%
Other 11 1%
Total 2,166  

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Plus you can't build new plants fast enough to keep up with demand.

So it's no surprise Obama hired Earnest Moniz, a pro-nuclear energy secretary, to carry out the government's ambitious nuclear energy goals.

Despite a huge uranium deficit and Putin's plan, America's nuclear fleet will be expanding from 104 — with three new nuclear reactors under construction and nine more to come online, according to the World Nuclear Association.

For now, Putin holds the uranium market by the throat — and he's headlocking it for Russia's own mischievous agenda.

And there's nothing that Obama or any straightforward, harsh-talking U.S. Senator can do about it.

You might wonder, "Can't America just get its uranium from somewhere else?"

Well that's the problem...

There's hardly any uranium elsewhere. And Putin knows this.

This uranium shortage isn't just for America, but the world...

Every developing country is eyeballing the very same limited supplies in Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia, and of course, Mother Russia.

At current pace, the world is adding one nuclear plant every five days.

There are 432 nuclear reactors operating in the world... 68 under construction... 167 on order to be constructed... and 316 new ones proposed, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Add China to the mix, and everything goes to hell in a handbasket, as it leads the way in nuclear growth — building 28 plants with an additional 171 proposed.

Just imagine... the United Arab Emirates has already started construction on two plants... and has ten more in the pipeline. Saudi Arabia, of all places, is proposing 16 nuclear power plants. Others like Brazil, Turkey, and Vietnam have hopped on the bandwagon.

But what's the real cause of the uranium shortage, the coattails of which Putin is riding?

Currently, uranium is sitting at around $40 a pound. It really isn't profitable for mining companies to go digging up the stuff in the ground at that price...

So they just close shop, or go bankrupt.

"Uranium Shortage Can't Be Ignored" — Forbes

For instance, big-time miners like BHP Billiton, Paladin Energy, Kazatomprom, Cameco, and Uranium One are closing mines or producing less uranium than expected.

And the renowned Cigar Lake Mine in Canada was supposed to come online four years ago, but is facing a mountain of problems with constant underground flooding... Up to this point, not an ounce of uranium has been mined.

Only 135 million pounds of uranium was produced last year.

Global consumption of the stuff is at 176.7 million pounds.

That's a deficit of 41 million pounds on a global scale.


And that's not even the scariest part...

Demand is expected to grow 33% over the next ten years.

Because, as I just showed you, nuclear is the safest source of clean energy that can power large cities like New York, London, or Beijing.

Sounds crazy to say that, but it is what it is.

The only time people have died from a reactor problem was at Chernobyl, and it was due to Russia's poor workmanship, miscommunication, and low oversight.

And the disaster at Fukushima was a unique result of an earthquake-induced tsunami coupled with ancient technology — but was brought under control. There have been no deaths directly attributable to the nuclear power plant. 

Compare this to the number of people that die every day in the world's coal mines, or who suffer from asthma or other health problems because of coal-related smog, or pollution from fossil fuels. On a per kilowatt-hour generated basis... nuclear is the safest energy there is.

"The Coming Nuclear Energy Crunch" — The Guardian

World leaders know nuclear energy is the safest option.

And they're paying top dollar for it... which means uranium is already in high demand.

Listen, there is no way the trend of uranium sitting at 40 bucks a pound can continue...

Keep in mind the last time uranium spiked in 2007 — to over $130 a pound! — some investors were able to bank life-altering gains like:

  • 1,046%
  • 427%
  • 1,238%

All in just about 12 months, on average.

Will it happen again?

Time will tell. But I'm expecting huge profits, based on the extent of the coming deficit and the expected impact that will shake the United States and the world.

In fact, the uranium grab has already begun...

France-based EDF Group is the world's largest electricity provider. They've secured multi-million-dollar contracts with miner Paladin Energy and AREVA to supply 13.7 million pounds of uranium between 2014 and 2024... They paid $200 million up front to secure supplies that will be delivered six years from now.

The United Arab Emirates signed a $3 billion nuclear fuel supply contract with Uranium Energy Corp, even if they've not yet built a single plant. And that's just one of six deals.

China is snapping up huge chunks of uranium supply by buying mines in Africa.

Just imagine Russia pulling the rug out from under Uncle Sam, just at a time when uranium is so hard to get and when all other countries are quickly claiming their share of what's left...

Can you see the lights already diming?

If not, here are some headlines from around the world...

"Germany facing power blackouts"


"[Britain faces] power shortage risks by 2015"


"India power cut hits millions, among world's worst outages"


It means the U.S. will have to struggle to get uranium and compete with other cash-rich nations like China, India, and the Arabs who want to keep their lights on.

This is all part of Putin's plan to send the world into a uranium catfight... and exalt Russia, as it holds 40% of world uranium reserves.

Putin already has tremendous clout in Kazakhstan, the largest uranium producer in the world. It's only a matter of time before Putin get his hands on this uranium as well.

After all, he's done it with oil...

On top of Russia's huge reserves, state-owned Rosneft bought TNK-BP, an integrated oil company co-owned by British oil firm BP. Rosneft will now be in charge of more than 4.5 million barrels of oil a day — enough to put it neck and neck with Exxon.

Gazprom, the Russian state gas company, already has Europe wrapped around its little finger, with 34% of its gas needs. Recently, Gazprom bought a stake in the massive Leviathan gas field off Israel's coast.

With a snap of his fingers, Putin is creating Russian influence in the world by controlling other countries' energy needs.

And while Putin can't control American oil and gas needs because we're flushed with shale... he can definitely control our uranium needs, since we barely produce it. And since one out of every five American homes are connected to nuclear grids that can't be switched off or replaced overnight (not in the next 10 or 15 years, at least), Putin has us in the palm of his hand.

The good news is the price of uranium tanked over the last six years, and has nowhere to go but shoot for historical highs.

It's currently sitting around $40 a pound, and insiders are anxious for the inevitable spike.

There will be loads of money to be made. And one little company has the edge with a bold new uranium discovery on its hands.

I'll give you more details in a minute...

If you get in now, chances are you'll make a lot of money. I am predicting you could quadruple your stake.

It's has happened before.

Here's what I mean...

If You Missed the Last Uranium Bull Run, Don't Miss This One

In 2005, uranium was sitting at $20 a pound when a uranium bull market was triggered.

By 2007, uranium climbed 700%, touching $135 a pound...


Investors made a killing in a matter of months — enough money to help folks quit work for good and retire on an island paradise, buy a new house, or pay off their mortgage.

Paladin Energy (PDN) climbed 427% in just 12 months.


Readers of my firm's research made some nice gains on PDN.

They made even more on Uranium One, which soared 1,238% in less than two years...


Had you taken a small position of just $5,000 on this stock, you'd have seen your money multiply to $61,900.

$10,000 would have swollen into a $123,800 bankroll.

And this was no fluke...

Another small miner, Pinetree Capital, bolted for a life-changing 1,046% windfall.


You could have easily retired from those three investments, had you invested at the right time.

But don't worry. The opportunity has come full circle.

Keep in mind that uranium bull run was triggered when the highly anticipated Cigar Lake uranium mine in Canada got flooded, and enough uranium didn't come into the market...

Well, the shortage we face today dwarfs the one in 2005 on many levels: It's more global and touches every continent, because governments are building more nuclear plants than schools or hospitals.

Above all, Putin has left America's uranium flow high and dry.

That's why what I'm about to share right now could be the most profitable investment opportunity to come your way for the next two years...

Our Firm Discovered a Major Moneymaking Idea

As you may know, our firm, Angel Publishing, has built quite a reputation for investigating "big ideas" that trigger massive financial gains for our readers.

Quite often, we investigate and discover opportunities that other mainstream experts can't cover, simply because of our "foot print" approach to investing. We're known for visiting companies, mines, and oilfields on any continent to investigate new developments...

And when we learned that America's sweet Megaton to Megawatt deal with Russia was expiring — and that Putin would cut American supply — we knew there would be a major shake-up in the uranium industry.

At the same time, a newly discovered uranium deposit sitting in Canada's Athabasca Basin surfaced on our radar...

This basin is a traditionally rich uranium zone that hosts the world's highest grades in a well-established and politically stable exploration environment. Other deposits like the infamous Cigar Lake and McArthur mines are in the same region.

But what we discovered about this new uranium mother lode is just epic...

Will it be the answer to America's uranium needs?

Only if another country doesn't snatch it all up first.

The thing is, this high-grade deposit is the only major one discovered in the last five years on the planet, and there isn't much uranium to go around...

The Resource Discovery That Will Make You Rich in the Coming Months

No surprise it's creating a massive landgrab unlike anything we've seen in the industry.

I can point out four big institutional firms with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in what's happening in the Athabasca Basin.

I won't name names here... but small companies like Forum Uranium and NexGen Energy are buying property close to this deposit, hoping to tap into the ore and boulders surrounding it.

The deposit is divided into a northern and southern portion — both of which are already taken.

One little company has already drilled the southern portion of it, and what they found so far is world-class...

They could be sitting on over 100 million pounds of high-grade uranium worth billions on the open market.

"The grades are good and there is potential for better. The depth is shallow compared to most other deposits in the basin. And it's thick. That's the force behind the staking rush," David Talbot, a senior mining analyst, told Uranium Investing News.

What does this mean?

This is about the richest-grade uranium you can find on earth.

To put this into perspective, Uranium from the Olympic Dam in Australia, which is a huge deposit, only has a grade of 0.08%... and it's lying 1,000 meters below the surface.

In Kazakhstan, the world's largest producer, the uranium grade is 0.5%.

But in this newly discovered deposit, the uranium is less than 400 meters below ground, making it one of the shallowest... and based on the first phase of drill testing, much of the uranium mineralizationis 21% to 52% rich. That's an unheard of concentration!

That's more than 50 times the grade of what's found in Australia and Kazakhstan.

No surprise big capital investors are sounding their "buy and hold" rating on the company that owns this mother lode.

Again, I can't name names here, but there's a general feeling among insiders that this company will be bought out by a large miner like Cameco or Rio Tinto, based on the stellar results on this first phase of testing.

The stock's moving fast. My readers are already positioned in this play. And we're sitting nicely at 33%.

Of course, I can't tell you the name here — for the sake of my readers.

But if you missed this one, don't worry... because the best is yet to come. You must hurry.

Get In on This Investment Today if You Want to Be in the Game

Here's what I mean...

The northern part of the property is owned by another little miner. They just did a complete survey of the property, while early investors wait on the sidelines with bated breath for drill results.

I want you to get in early — before the crowd rushes in on this one.

It could even turn out to be bigger than its sister project in the south. And I say this because I've seen the property myself...

I flew from Baltimore to Canada's Athabasca to investigate... met the CEO of the company... and toured the deposit.









(This is the routine I undertake before making any recommendation. It's the work I do on your behalf).

By now, you may have guessed that I know more about this new uranium deposit than anyone else, save the CEO of this little company.

So far, the guys who run this little gem have wasted no time in pushing the work of this company forward. They raised $1.5 million in late June to meet its 2013 work requirements... and it's been on the upswing ever since.

The company's shares have jumped over 100% en route to 30 cents.

According to its CEO, another uranium acquisition is a priority moving forward, as there are opportunities to pick up properties from other companies struggling with financing.

If everything pans out, this company could offset Putin's plan and send enough uranium America's way to keep the lights on for a while.

How Much Money Can You Make on This Sub-$1 Stock?

Here's where this opportunity gets really interesting...

Keep in mind this little junior miner currently trades for less than 50 cents a share. And this stock has the inevitable potential to run wild, quadrupling your stake in little or no time at all.

Any slight movement in the stock price is a profit opportunity...

If the share price moves to just 90 cents, that's a 200% gain right there.

If it creeps to $1.85... that's a 500% gain.

To realize a 1,000% profit, the stock price just has to move to $3.30.

At that rate of return, a $500 stake could potentially grow into $50,000.

With a high-grade uranium deposit potentially 50x the normal grade found in several other mines around the world right next door... and especially at a time when supply is scarce... the sky's the limit.

There is no way this little player will sit idly at under a dollar a share for long.

Heck, it could go up 2,000%. It just has to climb to an easy $6.50.

If that doesn't send chills up your spine, I don't know what will.

Another Possible Scenario...

Something else could also happen... and it's not the most favorable scenario I'd like to see, but it's certainly possible, based on the attention this new deposit is getting from the mining industry.

Remember, this is a small junior miner with a potential world-class uranium deposit.

Big miners like Cameco and Areva are always on the lookout to acquire a small player once it owns a world-class deposit.

It happened recently with small miner Hathor Exploration...

Hathor's new discovery was located in Cameco's backyard, the Athabasca Basin, and Cameco watched Hathor grow their deposit bigger and bigger.

One day, Cameco simply walked into Hathor's office and made a takeover offer. However, Hathor didn't think it was a fair offer, and asked Cameco to politely leave their office and to call back with a better offer, while Hathor looked for another company to compete against Cameco.

They succeeded, and three weeks later Rio Tinto (the second largest mining company in the world) came in and made a higher offer — and won.

Hathor's shareholders walked away at least with a 200% windfall after the dust settled.

Will this scenario happen with our little uranium miner?

Well, there's no way to tell for sure... but if this little gem gets bought out, it could still triple our stake.

Again, it's not the most favorable scenario I'd like to see pan out.

Instead, I'd like to see this stock shoot up based on its own merit (and it will) and make us four to ten times our money.

I just want to lay all the facts and possibilities out on the table, so you can see the profit potential no matter what happens, buyout or not.

If you're interested in this opportunity, I'd strongly suggest you pick up shares right away while it's still early... before the first phase of drilling begins.

Could This New Idea Make You Rich?

Which brings me to my next point...

As America, China, India, Britain, Russia, and others fight to secure their electricity flow and avoid major blackouts that could affect billions of citizens, there will be a major rush by these countries to stake a claim in this uranium cache.

And this little miner will no doubt sell to the highest bidder.

In short, this company could derail Putin's blackout plan for now.

I'd suggest you move in now to lock in your shares before it's too late. At below 50 cents, it's a no-brainer.

How can you take advantage of the situation?

If this sounds good to you, then you should be itching to get your hands on my new report, "Profit from the Coming Uranium Rush," which I've just written.

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This miner may well be the most off-the-radar stock with a major discovery on hand. And that's good.

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P.S. Putin's about to pull the plug on America's electricity supply, and he's given his deadline for December 30. This new "war" will open the floodgates to a new wave of commodity profits for early investors. So not much time remains...

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