Apple's Secret Operation "Red Light"

This is going to be more lucrative than the iPhone,
iPad, and iPod COMBINED!

The rollout could send ONE Apple partner skyrocketing up by 9,000%...

And it could all start on July 25, 2022.

Flip over any Apple Watch, and here’s what you’ll see:

There’s a green light.

But coming soon on every new smartwatch, that green light is going to be replaced with a red light like this.

And when it does...

We will witness the birth of a new dawn in technology...

One that will completely revolutionize an $8.4 trillion market.

And the small company ushering in this new technology has the potential to return up to 9,000% to investors.

It’s all thanks to this tiny chip you see right here.

This is what makes Apple’s Operation "Red Light" a reality. 

Most people will just see a red light. 

But what most people don’t realize is that this represents the BIGGEST investment opportunity of the decade. 

This seemingly small change on millions of new Apple Watches is only made possible by a revolutionary new piece of tech.

Apple could announce this rollout as early as July 25, 2022.

And when it happens, the company that produces this chip could blast off for up to 9,000% gains.

That’s when everything changes — not just for Apple but for tens of millions of folks around the world.

And for savvy investors who get in now, it could be life-altering.

So what exactly is Apple’s Operation "Red Light"?

It’s Apple’s new upgrade of its smartwatches.

But this isn’t some run-of-the-mill software update you typically get from Apple.

This is a massive hardware upgrade involving a special new kind of chip technology.

Yes, it will replace the green light on the back of the smartwatch with a red one.

But it’s much, much bigger than that.

Because the technology that produces this red light is going to upend entire industries.

It will usher in a new way of life for millions upon millions of people.

And when this rollout occurs, it’s going to forever revolutionize an $8.4 trillion market.

But the best part?

Operation "Red Light" can ONLY happen because of one partner — a small company with a revolutionary new piece of tech...

A tiny new chip that will be in millions of new watches.

And right now, shares of the company trade for under $10.

But when this hardware change happens, I expect that shares are going to go ballistic.

Apple has a tendency to make its business partners very wealthy.

Just take Anobit Technologies for example.

Anobit’s chips were installed in iPhones in 2012.

And thanks to this partnership with Apple, shares of Anobit soared 594% that year.

Then there’s a company called Skyworks Solutions.

Just like Anobit, you’ve probably never heard of this company before.

But Skyworks’ technology is what allows your iPhone to connect to any network.

Because of this partnership, Skyworks Solutions shareholders won BIG-TIME.

The stock soared 3,186%.

That would have turned a quick $2,000 investment into $65,720.

Or take Apple’s AirPod partner, Goertek.

Without Goertek, Apple’s AirPods wouldn’t be the massive success they are today.

And just look at what happened to Goertek’s shares...

By working with Apple, Goertek investors walked away with 5,859% gains.

That would have turned that same $2,000 investment into $119,180!

But here’s the thing...

I think Apple’s Operation "Red Light" is going to make those profits look like child’s play.

Here’s why...

Operation "Red Light" Will Disrupt Billion- and Trillion-Dollar Industries — in One Fell Swoop!

Most investors don’t realize this...

But the market for wearable devices like the Apple Watch is growing at a ridiculously fast pace.

In 2016, the wearable tech industry was only worth $28 billion.

But by 2026, it’s going to be worth a whopping $265 billion.

That’s 846% growth in just 10 years — and it's only getting bigger.

This industry is blossoming quickly...

And Apple is looking to dominate it — just like it did with smartphones.

That’s the mission behind Apple’s Operation "Red Light."

But like I said, it’s only possible with this one company’s key piece of tech.

Let me explain...

When that red light goes live, it's going to change how people use the Apple Watch forever. Heck, it will change how people use all wearables forever!

In short, the Apple Watch is about to become more than just some piece of consumer electronics.

Because of this key piece of tech, the Apple Watch is about to trigger an enormous change in the $8.4 trillion healthcare market as we know it.

Here’s why...

The green-light sensor on the back of Apple Watches is EXTREMELY limited in what it can do for folks like you and me.

It’s only capable of performing one task... and that’s monitoring a person’s heart rate.

But the revolutionary technology behind Apple’s new red-light sensor can do so much more.

This is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen before.

It’s Going to Turn the Entire $8 Trillion
Healthcare Industry on Its Head!

And make smart investors incredibly rich in the process.

Let me explain what this company’s incredible technology does.

In short, it takes all of those clinical machines you find at the doctor’s office or hospital...

And it essentially "condenses" them all into just ONE little sensor...

A sensor that will be in EVERY single new Apple Watch.

It takes ALL those invasive medical machines that doctors and health clinics use to monitor important health metrics, including:

  • Glucose levels
  • Hydration levels
  • Oxygen levels
  • And much, much more

And it puts them ALL on a single TINY chip in your Apple Watch.

This sensor allows you and your doctor to track and monitor these metrics in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week... from anywhere in the world.

No more having to go to the doctor’s office or hospital for routine checkups...

No more having to be hooked up to a bunch of ugly wires and bulky machines...

And no more wasted time.

In short, every Apple Watch user will have an entire medical clinic on their wrist.

As Dr. Andrew Rickman, Great Britain’s first tech billionaire, says:

[This technology] has tremendous potential to transform multiple industries through a broad range of applications, particularly in the health and wellness space by bringing laboratory-grade measurement on the wrist much closer to reality.

And it’s only possible thanks to this one tiny company’s sensor technology. 

Apple could announce their partnership on July 25...

And if that happens, this tech company could soar 9,000% or even more.

As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says:

I really believe that if you zoom out to the future and then look back and ask "What has Apple’s greatest contribution been?" it will be in the health and wellness area.

And I’m convinced Operation "Red Light" could be it — and make investors an absolute fortune.


It all has to do with the trillion-dollar revolution happening right now in the healthcare world.

Look, it’s no secret that physical doctor visits are quickly becoming extinct.

You can now get instant health care at the touch of a button.

Doctors can interact with patients through their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

They can monitor patients' metrics through wearable devices like the Apple Watch.

For patients, it means: 

  • No driving to a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.
  • No dealing with receptionists.
  • No sitting in waiting rooms with other germ-infested patients.

Just simple, effective and convenient care in the comfort of your home... anytime you need it.

Heck, it’s even cheaper than going to the doctor in person!

This is the revolution known as telehealth, and it’s being adopted worldwide.

Demand for it is absolutely EXPLODING:

  • "Telehealth: A Quarter-Trillion-Dollar Post-COVID-19 Reality?"
    — McKinsey & Co.
  • "How Telehealth Has Exploded During the Pandemic and Why It Is Here to Stay"
    — Stanford Medicine
  • "Telemedicine, Once a Hard Sell, Can’t Keep up With Demand"
    The Wall Street Journal

Telemedicine is currently a $73 billion market...

And it’s projected to be a $475 billion market by 2026.

That’s a stunning 550% growth in just the next five years.

And it’s already making smart investors RICH.

Take Teladoc Health Inc. (NYSE: TDOC).

It was one of the first telehealth providers in the country.

In fact, my team and I alerted our readers to Teladoc back in 2018.

Its software lets you meet with your doctor through your laptop, smartphone, or mobile device.

Since going public, Teladoc's stock has rocketed as high as 3,292%...

Good enough to turn a $5,000 investment into $169,600...

Or every $10,000 into $339,200!

And then there’s LifeMD Inc...

Its platform gives patients access to online evaluation and medical treatment anytime, anywhere.

Its stock delivered a 1,362% windfall to early investors in just eight months!

Or how about WELL Health Technologies Corp.

It's one of Canada’s leading telehealth providers...

And its stock has erupted thanks to the global telehealth boom.

Early investors could’ve pocketed gains as high as 788% in just 15 months.

But here’s the thing...

The stock I’m telling you about today will make those gains look like chump change.

Because very soon, Apple will be deploying this company’s red-light sensor into all its watches.

A sensor that will allow you and your doctor to monitor and track all your important health metrics 24/7... from anywhere.

No more having to drive to the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.

No more having to be hooked up to invasive medical machines.

No more stress or wasted time.

And it's all thanks to this ONE company’s groundbreaking chip.

This innovative tech is poised to completely change the healthcare industry as we know it...

Potentially delivering early investors like yourself 9,000% gains or even higher. 

But in order to position yourself to collect the largest gains...

You need to get in right now BEFORE Apple rolls it out to the world.

And it could happen with Apple’s announcement on July 25.

I’ve been uncovering profit opportunities for over a decade, and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

My name is Keith Kohl.

And I've been a professional investor for my entire adult life.

You may know me from Energy Investor or Technology and Opportunity, two of the most popular investment advisory newsletters around.

And if you do, you know my team and I are not just good at uncovering breakout stock stories...

We’re really good at getting these profit opportunities to you before anyone else on the planet even hears about them.

I'm talking about a constant stream of winners for over a decade, such as:

  • 65,400% on Bitcoin
  • 4,991% on Universal Display Corporation
  • 2,319% on Ethereum
  • 1,696% on iRobot
  • 212% on Prana Biotechnology
  • 162% on OmniVision
  • And many, many more

I could go on for hours showing you more winning stock picks...

But I hate tooting my own horn — and today’s profit opportunity is time-sensitive.

Getting ahead of Apple’s Operation "Red Light" could spell 9,000% gains and beyond for in-the-know investors like yourself.

And you’re probably wondering why I even bother writing investment research for Main Street investors with a track record this impressive.

I mean, with returns like these, I could easily drop the 9-to-5...

Keep all the profits and intel to myself...

And retire early and comfortably.

But the truth is that I would lose my touch.

I’d become a whole lot worse at what I do...

And I’d probably go a little crazy.

Because there are perks to publishing research like this.

For starters, it helps me get my name out there...

And name recognition is beyond critical for building an intricate network like mine. I’ve lost count of how many great stock ideas landed on my desk without me lifting a finger...

Or how often tech firms track me down to show off their latest tech.

But most importantly, writing for my readers forces me to develop my ideas and do my due diligence.

Because not only am I held accountable by over 60,000 subscribers who regularly look to me for wisdom...

But the simple act of writing out my thoughts on the market every day forces me to be a better investor.

It helps me filter out the bad ideas so I can throw them out, no problem.

But most importantly...

Writing about the market every day shines a light on the great ideas...

The ones I can’t wait to share with investors like you...

Like the profit opportunity I'm talking to you about today...

The company behind Apple’s Operation "Red Light"...

The company whose red-light sensor technology will soon be in every Apple Watch.

We’re talking about a full-blown medical clinic rolled into ONE little sensor.

There’s nothing else like it.

And that’s why Apple needs this tech to fulfill its grand vision...

To dominate the trillion-dollar global healthcare market...

Setting investors up for massive gains of 9,000% and beyond.

But here’s the kicker...

It’s not just Apple that wants to get its hands on this company’s sensor technology.

Some of the biggest tech companies on the planet are cozying up to this firm, including:

Amazon... the e-commerce juggernaut worth $1.8 trillion.

Samsung... the electronics titan worth $406 billion.

Philips... the healthcare tech giant worth $38 billion.

Fitbit... the wearable tech manufacturer who’s owned by Alphabet — the parent company to Google worth $1.9 trillion.

Siemens... the healthcare technology company worth $139 billion.

And many more.

Because it’s not just Apple that wants to transform the healthcare market...

Giant companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and many more are already planning their moves too:

"Amazon Is Building a 'Health & Wellness' Team Within Alexa as It Aims to Upend Health Care"


"We’re developing technology solutions to enable care teams to deliver better, faster and more connected care. We’re working on products and features to empower people to be healthier with the information, assistance, and connections they need to act on their health."

— Google

"Microsoft recently announced a new healthcare initiative known as "AI for Health,"... The new initiative will primarily focus on health-related problems and the integration of AI and tech solutions."

— Forbes

This company’s sensor could soon find itself in every single piece of wearable technology on the planet, including:

  • Watches

  • Fitness bands

  • Earbuds

  • Wearable medical devices

  • And more

But it's not just wearable devices.

This sensor could also easily make its way into portable devices like your smartphone...


Video game controllers...

And smart TV remotes.

It could make its way into almost every consumer electronic you can think of.

Health care is a huge, growing market for this company’s sensor technology...

But its applications extend far beyond just health care.

This explosive technology can also be used in a host of growing market sectors like:

  • Artificial intelligence... an industry poised to be worth over $15.7 trillion by 2030.
  • Robotics... a market set to hit $500 billion by 2025.
  • Logistics communications... an industry that could swell to $143 billion by 2027.

Can you see why I’m so excited about this?

Wearables are just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s going to transform not just health care but several billion-dollar industries.

It's going to be huge. And it could also make you rich.

And it’s all starting right now...

With Apple’s Operation "Red Light."

It could announce the rollout of this tech on July 25.

And it’s going to send shares of this tiny $10 company soaring.

Earlier I showed you how Apple can make its business partners rich. For instance...

Anobit’s chips were installed in iPhones in 2012 and shares of Anobit soared 594% that year:

Skyworks’ network technology landed in iPhones and the stock skyrocketed 3,186%:

And Apple’s AirPod partner Goertek gave its investors the chance to collect 5,859% windfalls:

Folks who had the vision to take action on those companies ended up multimillionaires.

Now you have the opportunity to do the same with this partner behind Apple’s Operation "Red Light."

And not only that, but these gains are child's play compared with the profit potential this company’s tech holds.

Thanks to this crucial piece of tech, the Apple Watch is about to flip the $8.4 trillion healthcare market on its head.

This special technology takes all of those clinical machines you find at the hospital or doctor’s office...

And rolls them all into just ONE little sensor.

This sensor allows you and your doctor to track and monitor critical health metrics in real time, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing else like it. And there’s only one company that makes it.

You won’t need to go to the doctor’s office or hospital.

You won’t be hooked up to a bunch of invasive diagnostic machines.

And you won’t waste time traveling.

This innovation will allow every Apple Watch user to have an entire medical clinic on their wrist.

But it only starts with the Apple Watch...

Before we know it, this revolutionary technology will be in nearly every wearable device, portable medical device, and consumer electronic you can imagine.

And none of this is possible without this one tiny company’s sensor.

A company that could soar 9,000% or more from being at the center of Apple’s Operation "Red Light."

So here’s how to get the name, ticker symbol,
and trade details on this one-of-a-kind
tech company IN MINUTES!

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As you can see, I’ve been showering my readers with success for many years, but I have to admit:

Apple’s Operation "Red Light" will be the start of a complete tech overhaul. We could see this technology in every consumer electronic before we know it.

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Apple could announce this new rollout on July 25, so you’ll want to grab up shares before then.

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