Tesla's Secret "Test-Drive"

Spotted near Tesla’s headquarters,
a strange new device is being tested...

Some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies
in America are already using it...

And they are relying on one small firm’s patented device...

Which could make you up to 16,795% profits (possibly more)

Look at this weird picture:

It’s a Tesla Model S driving near Tesla’s headquarters.

It must be on some test run, gathering data.

But there’s something different about this Tesla... 

Do you see the device on top of the car?

It’s a strange new type of technology...

In fact, it’s now being secretly tested on some of Tesla’s newest cars.

Here’s a Tesla Model Y outfitted with the same tech.

This device was recently showcased at the World Safety Summit.

This conference gathers executives from major automakers, tech firms, and professors from Ivy League schools like Princeton University.

And everyone was blown away by this technology.

It’s no wonder why...

  • Forbes says this technology “will significantly disrupt many industries and change where and how we live.”
  • The New York Times reports: “The most notable benefit [from this tech] is the promise of a striking reduction in accidents.”
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says this tech is “going to be something very interesting to watch and participate in” and he’s also “very excited about that whole industry.”
  • Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk says, “It's amazing. It's clearly going to work."

Elon Musk is the second-richest man on the planet and maybe the smartest when it comes to mass-producing revolutionary technology.

Now he sees its potential not just to transform the world but also to make his fortune bigger!

This technology is here to stay... and it could make smart, fast-moving investors wealthy. 

So what is it?

Take a look:

Today may be your first time seeing this device.
But soon, it will be everywhere!

Every single car manufacturer from Tesla to Honda is using this technology, including:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volvo
  • General Motors

And it's not just car manufacturers.

Companies that rely on transportation want it too!

  • Domino’s Pizza is looking for ways to deliver pizza autonomously.
  • FedEx wants to streamline its package deliveries.
  • Microsoft uses this technology for its navigation service.

And the device I’m talking about today achieves these goals... and a whole lot more!

That’s why everyone is using it.

That’s why the profit potential for this technology is so big — and getting bigger.

But what market am I talking about?

I’m talking about driverless cars.

The self-driving industry is poised to be worth over $809 billion by the end of 2021...

And $1.3 trillion by 2025.

That’s almost doubling in size in less than four years. That’s HUGE!

But the thing is...

Driverless cars will NOT be a reality without the technology I’m telling you about today. 

And that’s why the company behind it is a guaranteed blockbuster for investors.

The investment potential is MASSIVE.

How big?

Well, just take a look at Tesla...

Early investors could have collected gains over 16,795% since Tesla has hit the stock market.

But this opportunity is on an entirely different level.

I think this company will perform even better than that.

See, many Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Caterpillar, and NVIDIA are already using this company’s tech.

And very soon, every company in the world will be utilizing it.

In fact, this company has almost 200 projects in the pipeline with big automakers and major tech firms!

It's about to become one of the hottest names on Wall Street.

But right now, it’s under the radar because it just recently went public.

That gives you the chance to pick up shares right now while it still trades for just a few dollars.

Early investors stand to see massive windfalls.

Windfalls that could grow your money 16,795% or more.

That would turn every $3,000 invested into $506,850.

Or every $10,000 into $1.6 million.

That’s why I’m recommending this tiny stock for immediate purchase.

You see, $809 billion is up for grabs.

That’s how much the driverless car market is worth right now... and it will only get bigger.

The company I’m sharing with you today will dominate it.

Right now, there are 39 million self-driving cars on the road.

And it won’t be long until that number explodes.

By 2030, 71 million vehicles on the road will be driverless.

Absolutely incredible, right?

What’s even more incredible is all the money that’s up for grabs.

Right now couldn’t be a better time to earn huge returns from driverless cars.

The industry is still in its infancy.

And the company I’m talking about today is in THE perfect position to profit from its tremendous growth.

Self-driving cars absolutely NEED this tech. The market can’t be a reality without it.

In the words of the billionaire founder of this company...

“Does anyone know how to mass-produce [this tech] other than me? It turns out I'm the critical link in this whole thing.”

He’s absolutely spot-on. And this company’s investors are about to make an absolute fortune.

Huge companies — from the automobile industry to Silicon Valley and beyond — have poured billions into the driverless car industry.

We’re talking about household brands.

For example:

Google is investing $2.5 billion.

Amazon is putting down $1.2 billion.

BMW has invested over $1.1 billion.

LG Electronics has spent $1.3 billion.

Hyundai has put down $4 billion.

And Audi is investing $16 billion.

It’s no wonder why...

Because this tech is already saving these companies LOTS of money.

You see, self-driving cars use 23% less fuel.

And they slash insurance costs by up to 12.5%.

That lower cost alone will take $25 BILLION from the greedy insurance companies and slip it right back into drivers’ pockets.

And it’s all thanks to this technology I’ve been telling you about.

Remember that device I showed you earlier?

It's super tiny and sits on cars without even being noticed.

But it’s the key to the $809 billion driverless car revolution.

And it could make investors like you RICH.

We’re talking gains of 16,795% and beyond.

Meet the Most Disruptive Tech on Earth

The way this technology works is extraordinary, and it can be applied in almost endless ways.

Here’s just a small list of what this technology is capable of:

  • It creates maps of Mars.
  • It creates elevation maps so farmers can predict where to plant crops. This saves them money and maximizes crop yield.
  • It assesses damages after earthquakes. This allows first responders to get to the most devastated areas ASAP, saving lives.
  • It locates cancerous tumors in the body.

It’s all pretty compelling stuff. And a slew of titan-level companies already see what this tech can do for them.

In fact, this firm’s device is being used by:

  • Ford, the $54 billion automaker.

  • Honeywell, the $160 billion engineering and technology powerhouse.

  • Caterpillar, the $113 billion construction equipment supplier.

And so many more.

So what is this technology?

It’s Called LIDAR

It stands for “light detection and ranging,” and it’s quite simple.

Think of it as the “brain” of the driverless car.

LIDAR creates a three-dimensional map, allowing machines to see and interact with the world around them.

This tech will register your surroundings and then suggest less-congested routes for the self-driving car. Traffic injuries and fatalities will be reduced.

And for all those billion-dollar companies I just told you about, their LIDAR sensors were made by the SAME manufacturer...

A company I think is going to send shock waves throughout the tech world.

A company that could easily grow your money by 16,000% or more.

Here’s Why This Company Crushes Tesla

When it comes to self-driving cars, this company’s LIDAR tech leaves Tesla in the dust.

See, Tesla’s driverless system relies on eight different cameras to capture the car’s surroundings.

But Tesla’s system could be compromised when the weather gets bad.

And what happens if a camera or two gets damaged?

The results could be FATAL.

Well, this company’s devices solve that problem by using ZERO cameras.

They only use lasers to capture the car’s surroundings.

And their impeccable accuracy makes driverless cars safer.

The lasers allow this firm’s devices to process surroundings faster than Tesla’s camera system.

Its LIDAR devices are able to process all this information instantly.

That’s something Tesla’s camera system can’t do. Tesla just doesn’t have the processing speed of this firm’s tech.

This lapse in processing time could cost lives in an accident.

If self-driving cars are to reach their full potential, Tesla’s camera system alone just won’t cut it.

That’s why this company’s LIDAR tech is going to dominate the market... and bring in a tsunami of profits to early investors.

In fact, it already is.

This firm has almost 200 projects in the pipeline with major automakers and leading tech companies. 

That’s why it’s on track to bring in billions in revenue.

Best of all, its lucrative technology is patent-protected.

And while its LIDAR sensors get most of their fame from driverless vehicles, the company actually serves customers in a diverse range of billion- and trillion-dollar industries including:

  • Logistics — It keeps distribution centers running efficiently... and it's a $12 trillion market.
  • Robotics — It gives robots a brain and set of eyes, letting the robot know what it is looking at... and it’s a $49 billion market.
  • Resource Exploration — It pinpoints exactly where to drill with impeccable accuracy... and it’s a $327 billion industry.

And countless more.

This tech will not only revolutionize production, energy, and technology — but most importantly:

This technology will make investors like you RICH.

This technology and the company behind it all could dominate the self-driving car market and leave Tesla in the dirt.

Ground-floor investors have collected 16,795% gains or more from Tesla’s stock.

That would have turned every $5,000 invested into $844,750.

Or every $15,000 into $2.5 million!

And I’m predicting this company will generate even bigger profits than that.

Because you see, this tech is not just going to be the crux of the $809 billion driverless car market...

But also the key to multiple billion- and trillion-dollar industries!

Nobody realizes it yet, but this small company is about to become a household name.

That’s why you want to get in on this as soon as possible.

You stand the chance to make 16,795% gains or more... 

Turning thousands into millions with this opportunity.

With returns like that, you could retire anytime you want. You could buy whatever car you want. You could go on a forever vacation. 

All thanks to this one little-known breakthrough tech company.

But before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi. My Name Is Keith Kohl.

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