CNBC: “The Next Economic Battle”

A “Climate War” Is About to Erupt — Here's How to Tap Into This $2.5 Trillion Opportunity for Life-Changing Gains

One Major Event on November 1, 2022, Could Make this Opportunity Soar...

Find Out How Regular Investors Can Get in for Less Than $5

Dear Reader,

Few people are aware that this United Nations document is about to trigger a massive economic disruption... 

I’m talking about the kind of event that mints millionaires.

According to Princeton University, $2.5 trillion could change hands in the U.S. during the next few years because of it.

And there’s a unique way for regular investors to tap into this flood of cash making its way into the market...

Giving you the chance to multiply your money many times over within a few months if you act today on this time-sensitive opportunity.

This document lies at the heart of it all. It’s called the Paris Agreement — you might’ve heard about it.

But recent events have opened up a brand-new opportunity most investors haven’t heard about.

And as far as I know, no one else has made public how regular investors can play the Paris Agreement in this unexpected way...

Which means this could be the most important presentation you read this year.

So give me a few minutes to explain what this is all about.

A Global Race That’s Just Getting Started...

As you may know, the Paris Agreement is an international treaty on climate change.

However, the effects of this treaty will go way beyond just carbon reduction and clean air.

Because countries across the globe are about to utilize the Paris Agreement to unleash a cutthroat economic battle.

One that not a single nation on Earth will be able to escape from.

Bank of America managing director Haim Israel says it’s a fight for “global supremacy”...

Boston Consulting Group expects it to “jolt world trade”...

And Bloomberg predicts the consequences to be “brutal.”

At the same time, this battle presents extraordinary investment opportunities. 

Most will recognize them when it’s too late... and the major profits have been made.

But I’ve discovered one off-the-radar investment that’s expected to skyrocket because of this battle.

This investment already soared 1,172% in less than six months.

Enough to turn every $2,000 into $25,440...

And every $10,000 into $127,200.

With such huge gains already made, you might think you’ve missed this opportunity... 

But a single event scheduled for November 1, 2022, could make this investment rise much further...

The best thing about it?

You can get started with less than $5.

In this presentation I’m going to tell you what is going to happen on that date... 

And how exactly you can get in on this little-known opportunity for potentially life-changing gains.

But first you need to understand the economic havoc the Paris Agreement is about to unleash.

This $2.5 Trillion Battle Could Be the Biggest Opportunity in our Lifetimes

It all started in 2015.

That’s when the Paris Agreement was signed by 191 countries, representing 97% of global carbon emissions.

The agreement’s goal is to limit global warming to “well below 1.5 degrees Celsius” — which amounts to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

And to reach that goal, countries committed to increasingly cut their carbon emission over time.

But here’s the thing...

The global temperature has already risen by 1 degree Celsius... and emissions have barely fallen since 2016.

Take a look at the black section in the chart below... 

That’s the total CO2 emission since the Paris Agreement was signed.

As you can see, the Paris Agreement is not working at all.

There are scientists who even claim it’s now “virtually impossible” to limit global warming below the 1.5-degree goal.

Others warn that “untold human suffering” is about to unfold as global warming could cause extreme weather events — hurting human health, livelihoods, food, and water.

And the U.N. climate chief predicts the world is headed to a “global catastrophe” if the Paris Agreement’s goals are not met.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether these predictions are correct or not.

Because one thing is certain...

The Paris Agreement is at a historical inflection point.

Climate diplomacy and self-commitments have proven to be useless for reducing emissions.

That’s why some members of the Paris Agreement plan to take radical measures.

You see, even though the Paris Agreement is a legally binding treaty, it cannot be enforced against the will of the parties.

But that’s about to change... 

Leaders from Canada, Australia, and the European Union are currently discussing how to force other countries into compliance...

Regardless of whether they like it or not.

The way to do it is simple: carbon tariffs

This new kind of tariff would target any country that doesn’t meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement.

Europe is already threatening to push carbon tariffs on U.S. products.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry warns, “It’s not whether it’s going to happen — it’s going to happen.”

And the U.S., in turn, is considering levying carbon tariffs against imports as well.

It’s easy to understand how this is going to play out...

Countries that don’t find a way to cut emissions will fall behind...

High tariffs will make their products worthless on the global market.

And the fewer products countries are able to sell, the further they’ll fall behind... 

Because they won’t be able to make investments in other areas contributing to emission cuts.

That’s why carbon reduction isn’t some tree-huggers’ lofty goal anymore... 

It’s becoming a relentless economic survival requirement — one that will completely reshape the global economy.

Every country will do whatever it takes to be the first to reduce emissions.

And companies across the globe will desperately seek solutions to reduce their carbon footprint as well... 

Otherwise they’ll risk bankruptcy.

Boston Consulting Group estimates carbon tariffs could slash profits by as much as two-thirds.

CNBC calls it the “next economic battle”...

And Bank of America managing director Haim Israel says it’s a “climate war.”

The amount of money that’s expected to be thrown toward the solution to this problem is mind-boggling...

According to Princeton University, the U.S. needs to spend $2.5 trillion up to 2030...

The European Union is expected to spend more than $23 trillion up to 2050... 

And Morgan Stanley predicts stopping global warming will cost $50 trillion during the next three decades.

With this tsunami of cash about to be unleashed, it’s easy to understand why zero-carbon tech companies are already some of the best investments.

Pure-play stocks could’ve made you as much as 26X your money recently.

Tesla jumped 2,276% since 2019...

Solar company Vivint soared as high as 1,206%... 

And hydrogen fuel cell maker Plug Power skyrocketed 2,551%.

But these gains could pale in comparison to the little-known investment I want to show you today.

You see, companies like Tesla, Vivint, and Plug Power are obvious investments in the global battle for zero-carbon...

The mainstream already knows about these kinds of technologies... that’s why it’s unlikely shares like these jump another 26 times.

For the chance to make such life-changing gains today, you must look beyond electric vehicles, hydrogen, and solar.

And there’s one huge contributor to carbon emissions most investors don’t have on their radar.

It warms the planet twice as much as aviation and is the fifth-highest emitter in the world.

According to the Center for International Environmental Law, this polluter is expected to account for 56 billion tons of carbon between now and 2050.

That’s about 50 times the annual emissions of all of the coal power plants in the U.S.

Solving this problem will be crucial for every country that wants to economically survive the zero-carbon battle.

And I’ve found a little-known company that has developed a solution against the disastrous effects of this polluter in cooperation with the University of British Columbia.

Like I said, early investors already raked in 1,172% gains...

And there’s still plenty of room for shares to soar much further.

Even the Canadian government has poured a ton of money into this firm.


Because it wants to ensure “high-speed manufacturing“ of this company’s products.

The Canadian minister of innovation went on record to say this firm is helping to secure “Canadian technological leadership.”

Getting in on this off-the-radar play today could be like investing in Tesla back in 2012... long before most people had even heard the name.

Shares have soared by an incredible 19,198% since then.

Had you invested $2,500, you’d be sitting on almost half a million dollars today.

$482,467, to be exact.

This company offers similar upside potential.

In a moment, you’re going to find out why this firm could soon become a major player in the zero-carbon game and which polluter it’s going to help eradicate.

Right now its shares trade for less than $5. 

But very soon price could see a four- or even five-digit increase as demand for this company’s products could skyrocket in the wake of a singular event scheduled for November 1, 2022.

It Will All Start on November 1, 2022

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this tiny company and what will happen on November 1, 2022...

But first, please let me introduce myself.

I’m Alex Koyfman.

I'm not your typical investment "guru." I've never worked for a Wall Street bank or hedge fund. 

That being said, my investment strategies and the results they generate routinely put most top hedge funds to shame. 

I've been in the investment research business for almost two decades. I started out as a self-taught trader in my late teens. 

In my 20s, I turned a hobby into a career. 

I've traveled the world, from Vancouver to Vladivostok, Russia, to search for investment opportunities few ever hear about. 

I've traded on American, Canadian, European, and even Mongolian exchanges. 

I count numerous members of the rarefied 0.1% among my friends and colleagues, which isn't something I often boast about. 

But it's something you should expect from the person you go to for cutting-edge, informed investment strategies. 

Back in 2014, I was urged by the owners of Angel Publishing to launch a service based on my proven investment methods. 

I told them straight out that I wouldn't cater to hedge-seeking breeds just looking for a safety net to protect their assets. 

I wanted real people who were interested in turning modest stakes into fortunes by targeting little-known, under-bought stocks. 

In the summer of that year, I came on board to publish a new advisory service geared specifically to the profit-minded investor. 

Microcap Insider, as it came to be known, is where I reveal all my profit opportunities, special updates, timely alerts, and anything else you'll need to know to exploit incredible profit opportunities by investing in small, development-stage companies. 

And you can be sure that my research is 100% independent. I answer to you — that's it.

Few in my industry can say the same. 

My goal is to deliver my readers results because that's the way I stay in business. So only the best stock picks get by me and into my readers' inboxes... 

Picks I know could put you on the fast track to ultimate freedom and happiness. It's because that's what they've done for me. 

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Like I said before, I crush the big hedge funds on a regular basis with my return rates. 

In the six years since I started running Microcap Insider, my recommendations have gained untold billions of dollars in market capitalization. 

But despite all these wins, I expect this discovery to be my biggest and most important achievement... 

Bigger Than Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen,
and Solar Combined

This company will single-handedly deliver a bigger profit opportunity than any electric vehicle, hydrogen, or solar company out there.

You see, this firm is tiny. The stock is trading at a $100 million market cap as of this publication.

To put that in the context of its competition...

Some of the biggest players in this industry have market caps well above $200 billion.

Which makes this company less than two-thousandths of their size.

If it captures just a fraction of the market dominated by this polluter, it could easily grow by another 1,000% or even 10,000%.

Like I said, this polluter warms the planet twice as much as aviation. It’s the fifth-highest emitter in the world.

That’s why it seriously jeopardizes the achievement of the 1.5-degree goal.

If countries don’t get this polluter under control, they’ll risk falling behind in the global battle for zero carbon.

And with carbon tariffs around the corner, they’ll have no other choice than to turn to this tiny company for help.

The polluter I’m talking about is plastic.

Most investors don’t grasp the link between plastic and the Paris Agreement yet.

But it’s easy to understand how plastic contributes to emissions and global warming... 

Making this a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the company delivering the solution.

You see, plastic production starts off with fossil fuel extraction...

Drilling wells to release fossil fuel requires an awful lot of energy and generates emissions via methane leaks.

And that’s just the beginning...

Enormous amounts of emissions are generated during the production process itself.

Because the key component in plastic production is ethane, an odorless and colorless substance. 

Ethane is made by separating it from natural gas, using intense heat and pressure in large industrial plants.

That’s why plastic is one of the most energy-intensive materials to produce... contributing to over 200 MILLION tons of carbon dioxide annually.

And a huge amount of carbon is set free for a second time, after plastics are thrown away. 

Because plastic takes centuries to degrade, a lot of it is burned in open skies, dramatically speeding up the release of locked-up carbon.

In fact, six times more plastic waste is burned in the U.S. than is recycled.

As a result, plastic is expected to account for 56 GIGATONS of carbon between today and 2050.

Like I said, that’s about 50 times the annual emissions of all of the coal power plants in the U.S.

As Carroll Muffett, CEO of the Center for International Environmental Law, puts it, “the plastics crisis is a climate crisis hiding in plain sight.“

Can you see why a company offering a solution to this huge problem could make a killing? 

With carbon tariffs around the corner, every country on Earth will do whatever it takes to slash down their emissions. 

They simply can’t ignore plastic’s carbon footprint.

And the tiny company I’ve discovered is perfectly positioned to make a killing from this once-in-a-lifetime situation. 

Early investors could already turn every $2,000 into as much as $25,450.

But there’s still huge room for this company to grow.

Four- or even five-digit gains could be on the table.

The Solution to This Problem
Could Be Worth Billions...

This company’s extraordinary upside potential is the result of its unique competitive advantage...

Because it figured out how to replace plastic.

You see, quitting plastic is very hard.

As a recent Wall Street Journal headline says, “Big Brands Struggle to Quit Plastic.”

Wired asks, “Why is it so damn hard to make a climate crisis-friendly plastic?”

And Richard Slater, head of research and development at Unilever, explains, “[replacing plastic is] the area that’s going to require the most innovation.”

Because any alternative to plastic in the consumer sector has to do the exact same job that conventional plastics do.

It needs to be strong, cheap and easy to make, and suited to a variety of applications.

And there’s one surprising application that perfectly demonstrates whether a plastic alternative fulfils these criteria.

I’m talking about coffee pods. 

If you’ve ever seen a K-cup or Nespresso machine, you’ll easily understand why coffee pods have to meet the highest standards.

Just think about it...

These pods have to withstand as much as 19 bars of pressure.

That amounts to a force of 275 pounds per square inch. It’s as much pressure as there is at 635 feet underwater.

But it’s not just pressure. Any material used for coffee pods has to be resistant to boiling-hot temperatures.

And what’s especially important if you like to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning: The taste must not be compromised.

Now add to these requirements that any alternative to plastic must be nontoxic... 

It must be mass-manufacturable... 

And it must have an extremely low carbon footprint...

And you’re looking at an incredibly complicated problem to solve.

However, this tiny company I’ve discovered has achieved exactly that. 

Which is why investors who get in today could ride this stock to life-changing four-digit gains.

Only Available to Private Investors...
Not Anymore

This company figured out how to make a plastic alternative that doesn’t use any energy-intensive ethane at all...

That can stand the amount of pressure and heat coffee pods have to endure... 

That doesn’t impede taste...

And that essentially vanishes from the face of the Earth in as little as 35 days, leaving no waste and emitting practically no carbon.

To achieve this remarkable feat, this company designed its own plant-based resins in cooperation with the University of British Columbia.

I’m talking about a 100% biological plastic alternative that uses no fossil fuels at all and that’s fully compostable within a few weeks.

These resins are used to create so-called polymers.

Polymers are large molecules composed of many repeating subunits — the basis of all plastic like substances.

Developing this bioplastic took this company five years and cost an astonishing $35 million.

Wealthy venture capitalists and the Canadian government pumped all that cash into this firm while it was still private. 

Because they saw its huge potential early on.

As the Canadian minister of innovation puts it, this firm is helping to secure “Canadian technological leadership.”

With 10 patent applications filed, the company will soon have an insurmountable moat around its proprietary technology... 

Giving it a huge competitive advantage.

But make no mistake...

This company is not simply about coffee pods.

Even though this is an extremely profitable $29 billion market, coffee pods are just a showcase of this company's ability to produce a high-performance plastic alternative.

It's aiming at the much bigger global plastic market, which is valued at as much as $579 billion. 

With a market cap as small as this company’s, it has to capture only a tiny fraction of all this cash to go parabolic.

And a lot of much bigger companies have already asked this firm for help. Grabbing a significant stake of this sector should be a piece of cake...

In fact, the company's president recently revealed that it has receiving a lot of calls from big brands to use its product.

It has been approached to make products like eyeglass frames, a wide variety of food packaging, and face masks...

Because the brilliant team of chemists and engineers working at this company understands bioplastic better than most people around the planet.

Of course, all of this is still confidential. That's why big commercial partnerships haven’t yet been announced officially.

But that’s exactly what makes this opportunity so exciting... because this is your chance to get in on the ground floor BEFORE a ton of investors crowd into the stock.

Imagine what would happen if the news broke that a giant like Nestlé or Keurig was partnering up with this small company.

Shares could easily soar by 1,000%... 5,000%... or even 10,000% overnight.

If This Company Grabs 1% of the Plastic Market, It Could Generate 4-Digit Gains

With the company being so small, you might be wondering if it'll be able to keep up with all this demand.

You see, even though it has its in-house manufacturing facilities and already sells its own coffee pods...

The REAL money will be made when it licenses its proprietary knowledge and engineering secrets to the BIG players.

Remember, with carbon tariffs around the corner, huge companies will be forced to operate at a zero-carbon level. Otherwise they’ll risk losing huge amounts of profits.

And they won’t be able to spend five years developing their own bioplastic like this off-the-radar company did.

So what’s the only logical thing for them to do?

Pay this company a TON of money for the permission to use its unique intellectual property.

That’s how it can earn a fortune without having to invest a single cent into bigger production plants.

This could make this stock soar to heights I have trouble calculating.

Like I said, the global plastic market is valued at $579 billion.

If this company captures just 1% of this entire industry, it could grow by an astonishing 6,896%, according to my calculations.

That’s enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $349,800...

And a $15,000 investment could be enough to make you a millionaire...

Handing you up to $1,049,400 in cold, hard cash.

It’s important you understand that this is a highly speculative bet. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose.

But with the potential we’re facing here, even a small stake could easily grow into a sizable position.

And I expect this all to start on November 1, 2022. I’ll explain what exactly will happen on that date in a moment.

But first, you need to understand that carbon tariffs are not the only reason that this company could become HUGE...

Because as impressive as a potential 6,896% gain is... this is just the beginning.

As a lifelong technology investor, I can tell you that this firm is perfectly positioned to absolutely crush it in the wake of a new investing megatrend.

A TRILLION-Dollar Cash Wave
Is About to Be Unleashed

I expect this megatrend to ensure MASSIVE growth for this company in the years to come. 

Nasdaq says this megatrend is “one of the biggest... opportunities of the next decade.”

According to Morgan Stanley, it's “likely to dominate financial markets during the 2020s.”

And Yahoo Finance calls it the “megatrend taking Wall Street by storm.”

Some estimate this megatrend to be as huge as $30 TRILLION.

Now, regardless of whether this number is accurate, one thing is certain...

There’s so much money fueling this trend that this could be exactly like getting into life-changing megatrends we’ve seen in recent years.

Take the smartphone revolution.

Early Apple investors saw 5,822% long-term gains.

Or consider another megatrend that changed the world — the internet. 

Had you invested in Comcast back in the early 1990s you would’ve made a 3,433% return.

And then there’s online shopping. A megatrend that completely changed retail. Amazon investors saw 54,757% gains.

Had you invested $1,000, you’d be sitting on more than half a million dollars...

$548,570, to be exact.

This megatrend I’m talking about could easily generate wins like these. 

As Morgan Stanley told its clients, per CNBC, “Move over, ‘FAANG,’ the next decade of investing will be defined by [this megatrend].”

This megatrend is called ESG investing. You might’ve heard about it...

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. 

And it’s all about putting money into companies that tackle issues such as climate change and pollution.

More than 4,000 money managers signed an internationally recognized document saying they’re planning to invest in ESG.

BlackRock, UBS, Bridgewater, and Vanguard are just some of the names you can find in that document.

Collectively, they manage more than $100 trillion in assets.

That’s why the interest in ESG companies is soaring.

CNBC reports the money invested in ESG funds more than doubled in 2020.

The Harvard Business Review explains, “The demand for ESG investment options is so high that many asset management firms are rushing to pull together new offerings.”

And according to MarketWatch, “The ESG boom is just getting started.”

Right now we’re standing at the foot of a huge cash mountain.

There are trillions of investment dollars in the market looking for the best ESG opportunities...

And with this tiny company tackling the plastic crisis, it’s as pure an ESG play as it gets.

Just consider the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

It’s half a million square miles of floating plastic waste in the middle of the ocean.

This company could help reduce plastic waste by a massive amount... and become an ESG darling as a result.

As soon as a big fund’s green 401(k) or ETF includes this firm into its portfolio, shares could soar to life-changing heights.

All thanks to the the ESG megatrend.

Just like the megatrend in e-commerce delivered 54,757% returns for Amazon investors.

Rare and exceptional? 

You better believe it. But the power of getting in early on the market disrupting long-term megatrends is undeniable.

Make no mistake: The tiny company I’m tracking today offers similar upside potential thanks to its patented bioplastic.

Could this company deliver 54,757% like Amazon?

I’m conservative with my assumptions... 

So I’m not promising the 54,757% return Amazon delivered. No one can make that kind of projection.

But even a fraction of that could change your life...

Look, you may NEVER have another shot like you have today — RIGHT NOW — with this tiny company.

It’s because of a big event taking place on November 1, 2022...

The Day Everything Changes

That’s the date when shares of this little-known company could go through the roof.

I already told you that the Paris Agreement is not working in its current form.

Carbon emissions are not falling. 

That’s why some countries plan to use carbon tariffs to force other states into compliance.

As soon as this happens, the bioplastic sector could skyrocket...

Because countries and businesses will have no other choice than finding alternatives to polluters like plastic. Otherwise their economic survival is at risk

And I expect this all to be kicked off on November 1, 2022.

That’s when a conference called COP 27 is taking place...

It’s the U.N. Climate Change Conference of the Parties, a gathering of the parties to the Paris Agreement.

As soon as one major industrialized country announces the enforcement of carbon tariffs, other countries will jump on the bandwagon.

And it could happen as early as November 1 at the next Conference of the Parties.

That’s the day carbon tariffs could start springing up around the world... 

Setting off a vicious economic cycle that will cause the prices of carbon-intensive goods to soar.

This will completely change the world of trading and manufacturing...

And kill the profits of any company that’s not lowering its emissions.

That’s why hundreds, if not thousands of companies relying on plastics could run to the company I've discovered to ask for its patent-protected bioplastic... causing the stock to skyrocket.

But make no mistake...

This profit opportunity could be gone well before the next Conference of the Parties takes place. Because the market always prices in the future.

As you can see, this small company’s stock may be one of the most explosive on Wall Street, even though most investors have never heard about it...

That’s because stocks like this remain a mystery to most investors.

But they aren't a mystery to me.

Again, my name is Alex Koyfman.

Like many successful people, I got to where I am doing something I really enjoy.

To me, investing isn’t a job, a casual hobby, or another form of gambling.

It’s a passion — something I obsess over day in and day out. The fact that I take it seriously has paid off.

For example, check out these gains:

  • 560% Gains on Assure Holdings
  • 418% on Future Farm Technologies
  • 347% on SharpSpring Inc.
  • 245% on Exro Technologies
  • 223% on Aragon

See what I mean?

My approach is entirely different from anything you’ve ever heard of.

Because I exclusively take advantage of the tiniest stocks with hands down the greatest growth potential...

I’m talking about an untapped treasure trove reserved for Main Street investors...

That’s right, Wall Street can’t touch these incredible investment opportunities. I’ll explain why in a moment.

But first it’s important you understand why only tiny companies like this bioplastic firm are potential millionaire-makers...

Stocks Like This Have a Habit
of Making People Wealthy

You've probably heard of BJ's Restaurants.

The company has 197 locations all over the U.S.

But what you might not realize is that back in 1997, BJ's was much like the company we're discussing today...

It was a relatively unknown powerhouse of a company, and it traded for around $1 on the open market.

Of course, back then most investors had no idea how big BJ's would get, but those who had a little bit of foresight made an absolute killing:

In 1997, you could have bought 10,000 shares of BJ's for $10,000.

Today, that same stake is worth $757,000 — a gain of 7,470%.

That's certainly an amazing payday, but you could have done even better with shares of BlackBerry.

In 2002, the stock was trading for $1.47, but that didn't last for long:

Once people caught on to the tech that BlackBerry had pioneered, shares screamed all the way up to $138.87.

That's a gain of almost 9,347%, turning every $10,000 invested into nearly $944,700.

Of course, that's not quite a million bucks...

Which you could have earned if you'd been in early on Monster Beverage Corporation:

For $10,000, you could have claimed a massive stake of 125,000 shares.

And after the price shot to $8.49 per share, you'd have been sitting on over $1.06 million.

You'd have become a millionaire within two years...

You see, these kinds of gains don't come from "go-nowhere" blue chip stocks like Microsoft, Walmart, or Exxon Mobil.

That’s why I recommend only little-known plays that have the potential to completely change your financial future.

Just like the tiny bioplastic company I’ll reveal in a moment...

But first, let me explain the one reason why you won’t get to hear about such opportunities anywhere else...

Here's Why No One Else Is Talking
About These Opportunities

You see, Wall Street doesn’t benefit from you buying these kinds of stocks, because they don’t get one tiny bit of the money you put into them.

This is because most hedge funds, especially the big ones, are extremely limited in the types of stocks they can buy.

It all comes down to a company’s market cap... I’m talking about the total market value of all outstanding shares.

If you’re a Wall Street firm working with hundreds of billions of dollars in capital, it isn’t worth it to buy a 5% stake in a company with a tiny market cap of, let’s say, $50 million. 

Because even if the company surged by 10,000%, it would represent such a minuscule portion of the firm’s assets... it would hardly move the needle for them.

That's why Wall Street doesn’t care about these companies while they’re still this tiny. And if Wall Street ignores them, the media will usually do the same.

But everyday Americans can navigate in and out of the market’s tiniest stocks... the microcaps that Wall Street can’t touch, closing returns that institutional investors can only dream of.

That’s exactly how I've delivered my readers one winner after another...

For gains of 146% in less than three months on Energy Fuels, 110% in one month on CO2 Gro, and 130% in six months on betterU Education Corp.

Of course, we’ve had our share of losers. That’s part of the game. But with my winning picks absolutely crushing it, my readers couldn’t be happier.

And it’s exactly the same with the small company I told you about today.

As you’ve seen, we have every reason to assume that this tiny company will completely disrupt the $579 billion plastic market... 

AND become a darling with ESG investors in the long run... a new megatrend some analysts expect to be as huge as $30 trillion.

Gains of 6,896% are on the table.

In the long run, this company could generate returns similar to megatrend stocks like Amazon. Early investors in that company raked in an astonishing 54,757%.

Think about it... a replay of Amazon’s incredible surge could turn every $2,000 into more than a million dollars.

Make no mistake: This isn’t one of those situations where you can take your time. The window to get in front of the largest gains is closing.

Soon big brands across the world will have to replace their plastics with a zero-carbon alternative. 

The situation will be way too urgent to spend five long years on research and development like this bioplastic pioneer did.

That’s why I expect them to have no other choice than to swarm to this tiny company for help.

And it’s why venture capitalists who identified this company’s potential early on poured millions into it... long before regular investors could grab a stake.

Right now, for a brief window, you have a chance to get in on the ground floor. And I do mean brief...

As soon as the mainstream learns that this tiny company has an unbeatable edge in the world of bioplastics, investors will scramble to buy every share they can get their hand on.

As a result, this profit opportunity could be gone for good long before the November 1 conference takes place.

Now that you've heard the story and have seen the true potential here with your own eyes, it's time to act.

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