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Nobel Prize Winner's "Electric Glass" Is About to Reshape the World

And One Tiny Company at the Center of It Could Hand Early Investors a HUGE windfall

“This is really a revolutionary step in terms of technology.”
— CNBC source


Dear Reader,

Take a look at this vial.

It may look ordinary...

But inside this tiny vial fits 100 pieces of what one CNBC source called "a revolutionary step in terms of technology"...

Of what Forbes reports "could change the world"...

And what PWC says will kickstart the "4th industrial revolution."

This revolutionary new energy source is slightly larger than a pinhead, but don’t let its small size fool you.

Each of these tiny pieces is 10 times more powerful than Tesla’s famed lithium-ion battery...

Can be fully charged in less than five minutes...

And can help power football stadiums, aircraft carriers, and even your entire city... for up to 150 years without being replaced!

You can describe it as a highly conductive glass formed from lithium hydroxide and lithium chloride and infused with barium...

But for conversation’s sake, we call this groundbreaking new tech “Electric Glass.”

Even though it may sound like science fiction, "Electric Glass" is set to kick off a tidal wave of wealth, unlike anything that has come before.

And the smart money agrees.

Institutional heavyweights Vanguard, Fidelity, and Morgan Stanley have funneled over $1 billion into bringing "Electric Glass" to market.

And they’re not the only ones.

According to Inc.com, "Electric Glass" is bringing together "the richest group of individual investors ever created."

Men like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio — together with a coalition of some of the other wealthiest people in the world — have poured $1 billion into this coming energy revolution.

And it’s easy to see why.

According to CNET, "Electric Glass" represents the "Holy Grail" of energy technology.

Because as "Electric Glass" is rolled out to every country, state, town, and home across the world...

It will transform the entire $3.3 trillion energy industry.

But despite this interest from the world’s richest and most powerful people...

Very few members of the general public have any idea what’s going on.

So retail investors who get in now could be part of an entirely new generation of millionaires.

What’s about to unfold has only occurred a few times in human history.

The invention of the steam engine...

The discovery of oil...

The splitting of the atom...

Each of these events marked a major leap forward in human technological progress that reshaped the world as we knew it.

And we’re living through another of those watershed moments as we speak.

But most remarkable of all is at the center of this $3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth is just one tiny company that — get this — controls virtually all the patents for "Electric Glass."

Which means it may soon be the most valuable energy company in existence.

And if you get lucky and place your stake into this small firm before "Electric Glass" begins to be rolled out en masse...

You could be looking at a massive windfall.

But there isn’t much time.

This tiny company has already inked deals to supply its "Electric Glass" to some of the largest corporations in the world.

Which means its share price could skyrocket at any moment.

And I don’t want you to miss out...

Especially since:

Governments Around the World Have Already Begun to Upgrade Their National Power
Grids With "Electric Glass"

  • The U.S. Department of Energy gave this company its initial seed funding back in 2010. It's gearing up to deploy "Electric Glass" to 8,000 charging stations across America in one of the largest infrastructure overhauls in history. It believes it "can lead the next industrial revolution" because of this effort.

  • Japan plans to power a large portion of this year’s Tokyo Olympics with "Electric Glass."
  • Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Finland, and Sweden have pledged €3.2 billion to bring "Electric Glass" to every country in the European Union.
  • China is constructing five massive power plants across the country that will be powered by "Electric Glass."
  • And in a recent client presentation, the investment bank Cowen reported that the global power grid will "see more changes in the next 10 years than it has in the past 100."

And as "Electric Glass" is rolled out to every corner of the globe, the amount of wealth that could be up for grabs is near limitless.

Imagine if you had invested in any of the oil titans of today back when they were just getting started.

Like ExxonMobil, which would have handed you up to a 1,959% gain as its share price climbed from $5 to $103.

Or what about ConocoPhillips?

If you had been an early investor in it, you would have scored up to a 1,400% windfall.

Or what about a more recent example?

What if you had gotten into Continental Resources before it became the dominant player in the Bakken oil shale?

Well, you could have turned every $2,500 into as much as $27,500 as Continental climbed 1,000%.

But make no mistake, "Electric Glass" is not an oil play.

It’s much, much bigger than that.

In fact, according to the man who invented it, "Electric Glass" could very soon make oil obsolete...

Which means we are standing on the precipice of a fundamental reorganization of the world’s energy landscape.

A reorganization that will not only have social, environmental, and geopolitical consequences...

But one that could also mint a new class of millionaires — even billionaires.

If this sounds hard to believe, consider this:

The Inventor of "Electric Glass" Has Already Revolutionized the World Not Once —
But TWICE Before

The first time was all the way back in 1952, as a young Ph.D. researcher at MIT.

His groundbreaking work with magnetism led to the development of random access memory — or RAM.

It’s a fundamental building block of the modern computer, and without RAM, I couldn’t be talking to you today.

But this man’s genius didn’t stop there.

In 1976, he was recruited by Oxford to lead its inorganic chemistry laboratory.

And it was there that he made his second world-changing discovery.

By combining three elements — lithium, cobalt, and oxygen — he invented a powerful form of energy storage that allowed our electronic devices to be unplugged, put into our pockets, and carried out into the world. 

You probably have a pack of these inventions in your house right now.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about the lithium-ion battery.

And if you have a phone, tablet, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, or even a portable leaf blower...

It’s all thanks to this one man’s incredible discovery.

Without the small, energy-dense, lightweight, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, we would still have to keep our devices plugged into the wall to use them.

There would be no smartphones, or iPads, or even electric cars, for that matter.

Simply put, the lithium-ion battery enabled one of the greatest technological leaps forward in human history...

Which is why he was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2019.

Now, two world-changing discoveries would be enough for most people...

But not for him.


At the Ripe Old Age of 97 Years Old,
"Electric Glass" May Be This Scientist’s
Greatest Discovery Yet!


Just think for a moment how much wealth was created by the lithium-ion battery.

It’s mind-boggling.

Since it was first released to consumers in 1991, the lithium-ion battery has become the centerpiece of the:

  • $714 billion smartphone industry
  • $162 billion electric vehicle market
  • $18 billion electronic wearables market
  • $32 billion industrial tools market
  • And the $456 billion medical device industry

In short, the lithium-ion battery has made 21st-century life possible.

But not only will "Electric Glass" be able to do everything the lithium-ion battery can do but better... 

"Electric Glass" will pull humanity into the next century...

And could make possible even the wildest of your "science-fiction" dreams.

Wanna take your flying car for a spin one beautiful Sunday morning?

Because of "Electric Glass," you soon could!

Want a personal assistant robot that will clean your house, take out the trash, and even walk your dogs?

"Electric Glass" could soon make all that possible!

Or want to wear the most stylish pair of smart glasses that can project an incredible world of augmented reality onto any surface around you?

We’ve been waiting for that technology for decades.

But because of "Electric Glass," augmented reality glasses could be just around the corner — for real this time!

Take your pick of your favorite technology from any sci-fi movie or novel, and get ready:

Because it won’t be "science fiction" for much longer...

It will be science fact!

This is why we’re on the verge of a $3.3 trillion revolution.

A revolution that could change the lives of early investors.

Now, at this point, I’m sure you’re wondering:

What exactly is "Electric Glass?"

How is it made?

And how do I know about it?


My Name Is Jason Williams.

And For the Past Two Decades, I’ve Lived With One Hand Pointing Toward the Future.

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder at Morgan Stanley.

During my tenure, I helped the private banking group grow to over $2 trillion in assets, with cutting-edge tech investments.

I had front-row seats as Morgan Stanley held IPOs for tech giants like Facebook, Groupon, GM, and countless other billion-dollar companies.

My bank had clients ranging from Texas oil magnates to newly minted Chinese billionaires to Elon Musk himself.

It was a master class in the secrets of wealth...

Taught by the world’s richest people.

And it was my job to find the new technologies that could make them even richer.

I saw firsthand just how much of an advantage the super-wealthy and the super-connected had over regular people.

Let me ask you this:

Has a private banker ever called you and offered to help you take place in an IPO?

Have you ever had lunch with a fund manager worth $100 million?

If you’re like most people, the answer to both of those questions is "no."

But those are the sorts of advantages insiders get each and every day.

And if you’re a regular person, it’s impossible to compete.

I decided that had to change.

So, I left Wall Street to bring my research and expertise to the people who need it most:

You and other Main Street Americans.

Now, I leverage my decades of experience and network of insider contacts to pinpoint the investments that can help regular people grow their net worth many times over.

And I have to say:

So far, it’s been working out great.

I’ve helped alert my readers to some truly massive gains.

Like Maxar Technologies, a leading player in the near-Earth satellite race.

If you’d entered when I recommended and sold at the top, you could have pocketed a 429% winner.

I also recommended genetic testing company Invitae, and again, following my buy alerts and selling at the top, you could have scored a 217% gain.

And even before coronavirus hit, I foresaw the massive growth potential of virtual health care and recommended my readers get into Teladoc in late 2019.

The result?

You could have raked in as much as 235%

Time and time again, I’ve helped my readers get positioned ahead of the future...

And make a hefty return off the days of tomorrow. 

But nothing I’ve ever recommended can hold a candle to "Electric Glass."

Like Its Name Suggests, "Electric Glass"
Is a Special Type of Glass...

Infused With a Pinch of — Get This —
Plain Old Table Salt.

Well, not table salt exactly, but one of its key components:


As I mentioned earlier, "Electric Glass" is created using a special blend of lithium hydroxide and lithium chloride, which are then combined with barium to form a glass-like material.

After that, sodium is infused into the glass structure...

Turning it into a highly conductive super-material.

It may seem hard to believe, but take a look at this piece of "Electric Glass."

Even though it’s only 5.7 millimeters by 8.1 millimeters by .002 millimeters — smaller than a drop of water — it represents a quantum leap forward in battery technology.

You see, even the most well-designed lithium-ion batteries all have ONE big problem:

A liquid core.

It’s how the batteries in your phone, laptop, or electric car store energy.

But a liquid core limits how small a battery can get.

After all, you need space to store the liquid.

Not only that, but a liquid core is inefficient — a certain amount of energy is lost every time a current passes through it.

Plus, there is a hard limit to how much energy a liquid core can store, which means it will never approach the energy density of things like gasoline...

And can’t power things like airplanes, cruise ships, and city power grids.

But "Electric Glass" Replaces the Liquid Core With a SOLID, Glass-Like Material...

Making It a Quantum Leap Forward in Efficiency, Power, and Reliability.

Take a look at this:

This is a molecule of lithium chloride, one of the key components of "Electric Glass."

Lithium chloride is a highly effective superconductor. 

In fact, you can think of each molecule as a kind of molecular "mini-battery" in and of itself. 

And there are millions of these "mini-batteries" in every square millimeter of "Electric Glass."

So you can think of each piece of "Electric Glass" not just as one battery, but as millions of batteries...

Stacked one on top of each other in a fractal, latticework pattern... 

Which means "Electric Glass" can be scaled down to just a fraction of the size of a regular battery, but still pack far more energy and power.

Ten times more power to be precise.

Think about that.

The biggest lithium-ion battery in the world is this one right here:

It’s just outside of Jamestown, a small city in southern Australia.

It was built by Elon Musk in 2017, as a way to prove that Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries could not only power cars but entire cities as well. 

The battery measures about 300 feet by 160 feet — roughly the size of a football field.

And at 150 megawatts, it can power 30,000 homes.

That’s an impressive feat by any measure.

But what could this massive battery look like if it was powered by "Electric Glass"?

Well, remember, "Electric Glass" is 10 times more energy-dense than Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries...  

Which means it can be 10 times smaller and still pack the same punch.

So instead of a battery the size of a football field...

You could power an entire city with a battery that’s roughly the size of a school bus.

Nothing Else Can Store So Much
Energy in Such a Small Space.

And For the First Time Ever, We Really Could Be About to Witness the End of Fossil Fuels!

That’s according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Of course, we’ve been hearing about the death of oil for what seems like forever.  

Almost every week some news outlet publishes a piece arguing that the king of energy is about to be dethroned...

Either by wind, solar, or some other type of "green" fuel.

But the bottom line is none of these renewables have been able to provide the same consistent, on-demand energy coal or oil can.

You see, solar and wind produce an enormous amount of energy when it’s sunny or windy outside.

But there’s a big problem:

All that energy has to be used the moment it’s created.

Because until today, there’s never been a battery that could store enough of that energy, for long enough, to consistently power the electric grid.

So when the clouds roll in or the wind dies down, good ol’ fossil fuels have to come in and save the day.  

This is why — despite decades of research and billions of dollars — renewable energy has yet to become anything more than an intermittent fuel source, incapable of challenging fossil fuels. 

But that’s all about to change.


"Electric Glass" Could Unlock the $3.3 Trillion
Renewable Energy Revolution That
We’ve All Been Waiting For!


You may have heard of "electrical conductivity" before.

It’s a measure of how easily electrons flow through a battery.

A low conductivity means electrons have a hard time passing through...

While a high conductivity means electrons can easily pass through the battery.

With a higher conductivity, a battery can charge faster, hold more charges, and last longer.

To put it plainly, "Electric Glass" is the most conductive battery ever created.

Its unique chemical composition is virtually resistance-free and allows electricity to flow through it like water.

Which means it can conduct 27 times more energy than the best lithium-ion batteries...

And hold more than 100,000 charges — 25 times more than Tesla’s batteries.

To top it all off, "Electric Glass" can be fully charged up in just five minutes!

Which means just a few minutes of wind or sunshine could potentially provide enough energy to power a city for weeks — or maybe even months!

All without having to fall back on fossil fuels to cover the gaps.

Are you starting to see why "Electric Glass" is so revolutionary?

In just a few short months, "Electric Glass" could begin to transform the entire energy landscape...

And finally dethrone fossil fuels forever.

But what’s most important for you today is that:

Lucky Investors Who Get in on the Ground Floor of This Revolution Could Be Handed a Shot at Unprecedented Wealth!

To show you how much money is up for grabs, let’s just look at a small section of the renewable energy market:


Solar is the third most-used renewable energy source, behind hydropower and wind.

In the United States alone, there are over two million solar installations.

The industry employs 250,000 people and generates $17 billion in economic activity every year.

By 2025, that’s expected to double.

And when that happens, you know what else will double?

The demand for batteries capable of storing all that solar energy.

Enter "Electric Glass."

As home after home and business after business convert to solar, they’ll need "Electric Glass" to help them store their excess energy for later.

Right now, solar batteries for homes and buildings can run anywhere between $9,000 and $16,000.

That’s a hefty price tag, and it’s one of the reasons solar hasn’t achieved mass adoption yet.

But why are these batteries so expensive?

Well, like most batteries on the market today, their primary material is lithium.

And lithium doesn’t come cheap.

A kilogram of lithium will run you about $9...

And upwards of $67,000 for a metric ton.

But "Electric Glass"?

Remember that one of its primary ingredients is plain old sodium.

You know how much that costs?

Only $3 a kilo.

So not only is "Electric Glass" 10 times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries...

It could eventually be three times cheaper to produce!

So instead of paying $9,000 or even $15,000 for a solar battery...

Once "Electric Glass" is deployed at scale...

It may only cost a third of that to install a powerful solar battery on your home.

So let’s do the math:

Four million solar installations at $3,000 a battery give you an instant market demand worth a whopping $12 billion!

And that’s just the beginning.

Because remember, "Electric Glass" stands to provide the energy storage backbone for the entire renewable energy sector, including...

Wind — a rising $184 billion industry.

Hydropower — a roughly $500 billion industry.

And even the $5 billion geothermal market.

Which means if "Electric Glass" was solely a renewable energy play, smart investors who get in on the ground floor could be looking at an opportunity worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in the years to come.

Now, that’s a best-case scenario, of course. 

And I’m not guaranteeing anything. 

But even if "Electric Glass" doesn’t take over the entire $3.3 trillion renewable energy sector...

It could still be one of the best investments of our lifetimes.

Because "Electric Glass" is much, much more than just a renewable energy play.

Investing in "Electric Glass" Now Could Be Like Investing in Tesla 10 Years Ago...

But Bigger.

Since its IPO in 2010, Tesla has defied the odds and become everyone’s favorite electric car company.

And a $2,500 stake placed into Tesla immediately after its IPO would have turned into $250,000 as the stock has soared 9,900% over the past decade.

But I expect the return on "Electric Glass" to make Tesla look like chump change.

Because here’s the thing:

Tesla is just one company.

But "Electric Glass" could soon be the main batteries for not just Tesla itself, but Toyota, Ford, Nissan...

The entire $802 billion electric vehicle industry!

It’s just simple economics.

The most expensive part of an electric car is the battery.

Now, Tesla might have the best and cheapest lithium-ion car battery in the world right now...

But guess what?

The Tesla Model 3 — the most affordable electric vehicle on the market — still starts at over $37,000.

On the other hand, "Electric Glass" packs 10 times as much energy as a Tesla battery and can be up to three times cheaper to produce!

Which means — conservatively — "Electric Glass" could lower the cost of electric vehicles to just $14,000!

That’s cheaper than most gas-powered cars.

Do you see where I’m going?

Soon, I expect every single auto company — Tesla included — will be lining up to get its hands on "Electric Glass."

Volkswagen Has Already Inked a $300 Million Deal to Use "Electric Glass" for Its Fleet of Electric Vehicles!

Over the next few years, it plans to put 22 million electric cars on the road...

Twenty times the amount of Teslas that are out there today.

And each of those cars will be powered by — you guessed it — "Electric Glass."

At $14,000 per car, that means we’re looking at a potential $300 billion in sales.

But Volkswagen is just the beginning.

General Motors has pledged that 40% of its cars will be battery-powered by 2025...

And all of its gasoline and diesel cars will be eliminated by 2035.

Ford recently announced that — by the end of the decade — it will transition its entire fleet of European passenger cars to battery power as well.

And Jaguar, Toyota, and Daimler are all pursuing similar initiatives.

Not to mention the pure-play electric car companies like NIO and Kandi Technologies that are already 100% battery-powered.

So what does all this insane demand mean?


According to Trucks.com, by 2028, "Electric Glass" could soon power as many as 100 million electric cars.

So forget about $300 billion.

Once "Electric Glass" begins to power your car, your spouse's car, your friends' cars, their friends' cars, and every single car on the planet...

It could unleash a $14 trillion tidal wave of wealth.

And if you play your cards right, you can ride that wave to life-changing returns.

The Last Time This Big of an Opportunity Was Available to Regular Investors...

Fortunes Were Made.

You see, "Electric Glass" is what’s called a "pick-and-shovel" play.

It’s a term that was born during the California Gold Rush, when thousands of prospectors poured into the state, trying to find gold and get rich.

And though it was never guaranteed that the gold miners would find their fortune, one thing was certain: 

That they would have to buy a pick and shovel to even try.

In other words, a pick-and-shovel play is an investment in the fundamental technology behind a product rather than the product itself.

Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s Ford or GM, or SolarCity, or whatever other company you can think of.

If they want to make a car or build a solar panel or a wind turbine, they’re going to have to pony up for "Electric Glass."

Which means it’s the one single choke point for potentially trillions of dollars' worth of economic activity. 

When’s the last time regular investors had the chance to invest in technology that would power a multitrillion-dollar industry?

Well, it actually wasn’t that long ago.

You see, all of our computers, phones, smart devices, televisions, cars...

Even our refrigerators and microwaves...

Pretty much every single piece of technology we use every day relies on semiconductors to function.

And the companies that produce those semiconductors have made lucky investors wealthier beyond their wildest dreams.

Like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which has returned 13,173% to people who got in on the ground floor.

Or Advanced Micro Devices, which has handed out a gain of as much as 4,851% since 2015.

And Nvidia, which has delivered as much as a 26,221% windfall to well-timed investors.

$500 in NVIDIA Would Have
Turned Into $131,600!

And I Expect "Electric Glass" Could
Play Out the Exact Same Way!

Here’s why:

It’s not just cars and energy companies that will be using "Electric Glass."

With its higher energy capacity and shorter charge times, it will charge our phones in minutes... and allow them to last for weeks.

Which means "Electric Glass" could soon be an irreplaceable part of the $714 billion smartphone industry.

And the massive web of interconnected devices that we call the Internet of Things?

As a whole, it’s an industry worth $1 trillion as we speak.

But over the next five years, the Internet of Things is expected to grow to $15 trillion as everything from children’s toys and microwaves to driverless trucks and even entire city power grids hook up to the network.

And as Forbes reports, only "Electric Glass" technology can efficiently power this new hyperconnected future.

Do you see why I’m comparing the money-making potential of "Electric Glass" to what we saw with semiconductors?

Just like semiconductors...

"Electric Glass" will soon be a vital component of almost every single piece of technology in the world... part of the fabric of the future.

And in the process, drive trillions of dollars in new wealth.

And unlike the semiconductor revolution, I expect the lion’s share of all that money to flow to one place and one place only.  


One Tiny Company Owns More Than 200 Critical Patents for This Groundbreaking Technology...

And Has a Virtual Lock on the Entire Global Supply of "Electric Glass!"

The story behind this company is the pure embodiment of the American Dream.

The founder was a boy genius and immigrated to America at just 15 years old to study computer science at the University of Maryland.

In 1987, still only 20 years old, he was recruited by Hewlett-Packard to modernize its telecommunications division.

He parlayed his experience there to start his own company that developed software for wireless telecommunication networks in 1992. 

Just four years later, he sold it for $65 million.

Immediately after that, he founded a second company...

And developed a way to vastly improve the efficiency of fiber-optic cables by splitting data into different spectrums of light.

This discovery was so revolutionary that he was able to sell this second company for $500 million.

But this visionary genius still wasn’t done.

He then started a third telecommunications company in 2001 that he eventually scaled to a $1.2 billion market cap.

To put it plainly, this man knows how to position himself — and his companies — ahead of world-changing technology.


"Electric Glass" Is This Entrepreneur’s Most Ambitious Project to Date...

And He’s Attracted Some of the Brightest Minds in the World to Join Him!

The co-founder and chief scientific adviser holds a Ph.D. in solid-state physics.

And he’s one of the world’s leading experts on energy conversion and storage at the nanoscale level.

His work has been published in over 800 scientific publications and he’s taught at some of America’s most prestigious universities, like Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

And remember when I told you that this company could be bigger than Tesla?

Well, I’m not the only one who thinks that — even Tesla insiders think that.

On the board is not one, but two former Tesla execs who left Elon’s company to throw their chips in with this one.

They were instrumental in growing Tesla from a tiny tech startup to the most valuable car company in the world.

And one of them actually led the design of both the Tesla engine and the Tesla Gigafactory.

So these guys know what they’re talking about.

Together, they could help "Electric Glass" become a wealth-building innovation, unlike anything the world has ever seen before...

An innovation that will carry this tiny company into the stratosphere.

And some of the richest men in the world agree.

For the first time in history, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos...

Salesforce founder Marc Benioff...

Alibaba founder Jack Ma...

Microsoft founder Bill Gates...

And even Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic...

Have joined together and poured hundreds of millions into this company to help them make "Electric Glass" a reality.

As an investor, my philosophy has always been to follow the smart money.

And we’re seeing the smartest money in the world get behind "Electric Glass."

Individually, these men have helped create trillions of dollars' worth of new wealth in their lifetimes.

And when they’re all working together, that’s when you should really pay attention.

But it’s not just high-powered individuals who are flocking to this company.

Institutional Heavyweights Like Vanguard, Fidelity, and Morgan Stanley Are Snapping Up Shares as Fast as They Can!

Vanguard has bought a $35 million stake in this tiny company.

Morgan Stanley has secured more than 120,000 shares.

And Fidelity has made a massive $800 million bet that "Electric Glass" will be the future.

The future like it was promised to us.

Not a new social media platform or a video-streaming service.

But the real future, the one that science fiction books and movies have been promising us for decades.

A future of virtually limitless energy that’s powering any type of technology your imagination can come up with.

A future that you can get in on the ground floor of — today.

And as "Electric Glass" disrupts the $3.3 trillion renewable energy market...

As it takes over the $14 trillion auto industry...

And as it allows an unprecedented amount of new technology to be created that will make even our wildest science fiction dreams come true...

For a lucky few people, who can see what’s coming, it could generate life-changing wealth.

And you could be one of those people.

As we speak, this tiny company is preparing to break ground on the first-ever "Electric Glass" factory.

And once commercial production of "Electric Glass" kicks into overdrive, I expect the stock price of this company to skyrocket.

So it’s critical you get in before this company starts pumping out "Electric Glass" by the ton.

That’s why I’ve prepared a special investment dossier called:

"How To Get in on the Ground Floor of the
Multitrillion-Dollar Electric Glass Revolution"


Inside this report, I’ll reveal the company’s name and ticker symbol.

You’ll meet the incredible scientists and entrepreneurs who are leading it. 

I’ll also explain the science behind "Electric Glass" in an easy-to-understand format, so you’ll be able to learn exactly how it works.

I’m going to give you my recommended buy price, and I'll lay out what I think is going to happen to this stock over the next couple of months.

This is one of the biggest investment opportunities of the last 20 years.

Of course, nothing is certain — in life or investing.

But I suspect "Electric Glass" will make a lot of people very rich.

With this special report, you’ll have everything you need to know to get in today.

And I want to send it to you, right now.

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And I have the personal phone numbers of executives in some of the world’s largest companies.

I take everything I learn from my network of insiders...

And I distill all of that information into the most hard-hitting investment ideas that my readers can turn into cold, hard cash.

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I’ve alerted my readers to huge winners like:

  • 234% on Teladoc
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  • Up to 145% on Qualcomm
  • Up to 328% on CoreSite
  • Up to 411% on Maxar Technologies
  • Up to 1,012% on Innovative Industrial Properties
  • And Up to 1,239% on Twilio Inc.

And that’s just to name a few.

The Wealth Advisory Has Been Beating the Markets For 14 Years and Counting!

I don’t have to brag — the numbers speak for themselves.

If you had been a member of The Wealth Advisory since 2008, you could have turned an initial investment of $40,000 into nearly half a million dollars! And you'd have beaten the Dow Jones by 639%, the S&P by 502%, and nearly doubled the performance of the high-flying Nasdaq!

Just in the chaos of 2020 alone, we beat the S&P 500 by 187%. 

Simply put, The Wealth Advisory is the most powerful tool there is for intelligent investors who aren’t satisfied with putting their money in a 401(k) and waiting on it for 40 years.

The Wealth Advisory is for people who want to aggressively pursue wealth that they can enjoy while they still have the life to enjoy it.

I designed it to give my members the research they need to start achieving their financial goals.

Ask yourself what matters most to you.

Is it buying a vacation home at the beach?

Or would you rather help your kids or grandkids out with college?

Or maybe you just want to have a little extra financial security when you retire.

Whatever your goals are, The Wealth Advisory can give you the education and tools to build the life of your dreams. 

Just look at what some of our current members are saying:

"I have made $22,000 profit off of your recommendations in The Wealth Advisory. Thank you for the direction you have given me so far."

— William J.

"Jason, this is some of the best advice I have seen in a while... Thanks for the great practical advice. It’s rare."

— Mitch W.

"Bought and sold my original stake on your recommendation, now sitting on $11000 pure profit. Keep up the great work!"

— Bob

Here’s everything you’re going to get as a member:

12 Monthly Issues of The Wealth Advisory Newsletter

Every month, you’ll receive an exciting new investment opportunity delivered straight to your email.

I’ll break down everything you need to know about the play, including the ticker symbol, buy price, and recommended exit price.

And don’t think we’ll always be talking about technology, either. This isn’t a tech investing research service.

In the past, we’ve recommended everything from farming supply companies in the cannabis industry to real estate holding companies. 

But no matter what we recommend, each edition will be straight and to the point, with nothing but the information you need to start investing.

VIP Access to Our Private Archives

The Wealth Advisory has been around since 2008, and we’ve published hundreds of research dossiers on pretty much every type of investment under the sun.

You’ll get instant access to all of these past editions through our password-protected website. Some of these past recommendations are still open, which means it’s not too late to get in and hopefully set yourself up for some profit.

Weekly Market Updates

I think it’s safe to say that this last year and a half has been crazy. We’ve all seen firsthand that the markets can be risky and change faster than ever before.

But don’t worry — we’re not going to leave you out in the dark. Every week, we’ll publish a market update that explains everything that went on for the past seven days. These are real-time updates designed to help you respond to shifting market conditions as they unfold.

We’ll explain what investments could be good ideas based on the situation. You’ll even be able to send us questions, and we’ll answer them during the weekly updates.

The bottom line is we go the extra mile for our members, especially when it comes to customer service. That’s why you’ll have access to our:

VIP Member Services Team

If you ever have any questions, simply call our customer success team Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, or contact them 24/7 by email.

But that’s not all.

When you join The Wealth Advisory today, I’m also going to send you TWO exclusive FREE bonuses:

BONUS #1: "Make Massive Gains From the 5G Tollbooth"

By this point, you’ve probably heard of 5G.

It’s the next generation of wireless technology.

Just like "Electric Glass" will power the billions of devices that make up the Internet of Things...

5G will be the wireless network that allows all those devices to transfer data and communicate with each other.

Not only does 5G mean faster cellphone speeds, but it also means some truly futuristic technology.

Like a surgeon being able to perform remote surgery from halfway around the world.

Or a smart-city grid that connects to self-driving cars to virtually eliminate traffic congestion.

In the U.S. alone, 5G is expected to add $3.5 trillion to our GDP over the next few years.

But how will all that 5G data get from point A from point B?

Fiber-optic cables.

And this tiny "tollbooth" company just so happens to own the most extensive fiber-optic cable network in the entire country — about 5.6 million miles' worth!

That’s more than AT&T, Verizon, and all its other competitors combined!

Which means if anyone wants to use 5G, they’re going to have to pay up.

Right now, this tiny company is only trading for a around $10 a share.

But Verizon, Comcast, and the other big telecom companies have already signed deals to use this company’s fiber-optic network.

And as 5G rolls closer to mass adoption, I expect its share price to soar.

Right now, it’s only trading for about $10 a share.

Nothing is guaranteed, but as you’ll see in this report, this company has the potential to multiply its market cap by six times.

Which means it could be trading at $70 very soon.

And this report will show you how to get in before that happens.

BONUS #2: "The Ultimate Retirement Cheat Sheet"   

Like I mentioned earlier, The Wealth Advisory is the ultimate wealth-building learning tool.

We exhaust every single angle to show you how to grow and protect your net worth.

And investing in stocks is just one of the ways to get rich.

In "The Ultimate Retirement Cheat Sheet," we’ll show you a ton of "off-the-beaten-path" tips and tricks you can use to pad your retirement.

Things like:

  • How to earn $4,898 in internet royalties every month.
  • The little-known 12% savings account.
  • How to get paid to golf on some of the finest courses in the world.
  • The quick-start blueprint to becoming a fine art or antique dealer.
  • How to earn $7,000 a month with this simple internet side hustle.
  • And much, much more!

Totaled up, "The Ultimate Retirement Cheat Sheet" contains 21 of the most powerful tricks to help you learn how to live a happy retirement.

So to sum it up:

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Become a Member of The Wealth Advisory Today!

First off, I’m going to immediately send you a copy of "How To Get in on the Ground Floor of the Multitrillion-Dollar Electric Glass Revolution"

I recommend you open it immediately.

Because remember, you don’t have much time.

The first "Electric Glass" factory will soon go live, and you’re going to want to place your stake in this small company before that happens.

I’m also going to send you your two free bonus reports:

  • BONUS #1: "Make Massive Gains From the 5G Tollbooth"
  • BONUS #2: "The Ultimate Retirement Cheat Sheet"

These reports alone could give you all the information you need to achieve your financial goals.

But they’re just the beginning.

As a member of The Wealth Advisory, you’re also going to get:  

  • 12 monthly editions of The Wealth Advisory newsletter — Every month, we’ll send you a brand-new investment opportunity with big money-making potential
  • VIP Access to Our Private Archives — You get to see every issue we’ve ever published. We encourage you to go through these because there’s still time to get in on a couple of our past recommendations
  • Weekly Market Updates — These will help you navigate the markets in real time and capitalize on time-sensitive market opportunities
  • VIP Member Services Team — If you ever have any questions, all you have to do is reach out to us. We’re here to serve you.

How Much Will Your Membership Cost?

It’s far more affordable than you would think.

Because I want everyone to have a shot at rewriting their financial destiny.

And I don’t think money should be an obstacle.

I already helped the rich get richer when I worked in high finance.

The Wealth Advisory is all about bringing that same level of insight to the Main Street investor.

I love hearing how my research has helped my members find success...

Like Jeff W., who wrote in to say:

"Since subscribing to your Wealth Advisory letter and following your advice, my 401k has done very well."

Or Norman, who told us:

"I have been your keen reader for more than seven years... Thanks for all your good work, timely advice and spot-on analysis, much appreciated. Keep up the good work, we will keep following you forever."

And Whitney F., who’s achieved the financial security most people are looking for. In his words:

"I have been a member of The Wealth Advisory for some years now... thank you very much as whilst not filthy rich my portfolio should look after my wife and I in retirement and hopefully with some spare time to leave to our children."

What would that level of financial security be worth to you?

Most people would be willing to pay thousands, even tens of thousands, to know their family would be taken care of.

But don’t worry.

The Wealth Advisory doesn’t even come close to costing that much.

In fact, when you join today, you’re going to be able to lock in a full year of membership for less than a dollar a day.

But it gets even better.

Not only is The Wealth Advisory incredibly affordable, but when you join today:

You’re Protected by Our 180-Day
Full Money-Back Guarantee!

You have a full six months to take The Wealth Advisory for a test drive.

If at any point during your trial you decide that it just isn’t for you, then all you have to do is give our member services team a call or email, and they’ll immediately refund every single penny of your subscription cost.

No questions asked.

I want to make this one of the easiest decisions of your life.

There’s so much to gain by joining The Wealth Advisory today.

And so much to lose if you let this opportunity pass you by.

"Electric Glass" could very well be a generational-wealth-building event.

And once you join The Wealth Advisory, you’ll have all the information you need to take part in it.

You owe it to yourself to at least try it out.

There’s nothing to lose.

At the very least, you’ll learn about the company that’s about to bring "Electric Glass" to mass commercialization.

And you won’t have to risk a penny to do it.

So what’s your decision going to be?

Are you ready to get in on the ground floor of the future?

I hope your answer is yes.

All you have to do is click the button below to be taken to our 256-bit encrypted, SSL-secured order page where you can enter your payment details.

You’ll have a final chance to review your order and see all the exclusive benefits you’ll receive as a Wealth Advisory member.

I can’t wait for you to join us.

To your wealth,

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Jason Williams
Investment Director, The Wealth Advisory