WARNING: Shocking November 3 Announcement Could Spell the


And create a new chance for quadruple-digit gains that could
turn every $1,000 into as much as $67,600...

(Without ever owning a single cryptocurrency).


Dear Reader,

Joe Biden is planning to reshape our entire financial system.

His first salvo?

Declaring war on Bitcoin.

And this 110-page document from his camp proves it.

It lays out why Biden could dismantle Bitcoin piece by piece in the coming months.

If you’re thinking about jumping on the Bitcoin craze — please, do not make a move until you discover what’s about to unfold.

But even if you don’t intend to buy Bitcoin or own a single cryptocurrency, I urge you to pay attention to what I’m about to share.

Because this story is about much more than just cryptocurrencies. This is about a huge disruption underway in our monetary system.

I’m talking about a drastic decision made behind closed doors... approved by Deep State cronies more than 74 million Americans didn’t vote for.

And for this plan to pan out, Bitcoin needs to fall.

And for investors who understand what’s really going on, this disruption could trigger a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This massive transformation could make millions of Americans vastly wealthier.

You probably aren’t hearing the truth about what’s going on here because the mainstream media are too shortsighted to connect the dots. 

But make no mistake, members of Biden’s camp have already made it crystal clear that they’re opposed to Bitcoin.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, "I will just say outright I am not a fan [of Bitcoin]" and that lawmakers need to "curtail [its] use."

Biden’s handpicked SEC chairman, Gary Gensler, insisted, "There should be no confidence in this market. I repeat, no confidence in this market."

And Fed Gov. Lael Brainard pointed out, "Cryptocurrencies... pose a number of risks to the financial system."

Now, let me be clear... Bitcoin won’t be banned outright. This would create too much of a backlash for the new administration. 

Instead, it will be strangled by regulation.

I’m not the only one predicting something big is coming...

Crypto expert and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently warned that firms converting cash to Bitcoin are mistaken.

Forbes says, "There are significant actions a Biden administration can take [against Bitcoin]."

And Nasdaq predicts Democrats are plotting an "Anti-Crypto Offensive."

In fact, Biden and his team have already taken their first steps to derail Bitcoin.

It went unnoticed by most people...

Because it’s buried in the 110-page document I’ve just shown you.

This unstoppable attack is already underway. And it will usher in a new age of governmental control over our money.

But for investors who position themselves ahead of it, it adds up to an opportunity to generate immeasurable wealth in almost no time.

According to my research, 6,660% gains are possible...

Enough to turn every $500 stake into $33,800...

And a $2,000 stake, could turn into $135,200... 

More on that in a moment.

First, I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and why you should listen to what I’m telling you today...

Those Who Followed My Recommendations Made 36X Their Money

My name is Chris DeHaemer. (My readers call me "Hammer.") 

I’ve been closely following Bitcoin since before most people knew what a cryptocurrency was. 

I told my readers that it was time to get in back in June 2016 when it traded for $465.

This shocked a lot of people because investing in Bitcoin was highly controversial at that time...

And few people were investing in it. 

The Financial Times thought it was a Ponzi scheme.

And when it dropped 10% in early 2016, The Washington Post titled an article, "R.I.P., Bitcoin. It’s Time to Move On."

Others called Bitcoin a "failed experiment" and predicted it would "crash and burn."

Only a few analysts understood that Bitcoin was poised to skyrocket at that time. I was one of them. That’s why I told my readers:

"Bitcoin has all of the ingredients to be a massive winner."

My prediction was spot-on, and my readers cashed in big-time as Bitcoin entered a bull run shortly after my signal. 

As Bitcoin soared, we scored a total gain of 3,593%...

In other words, savvy investors could’ve made more than 36X their money had they followed my recommendation.

A small stake of just $500 would’ve turned into $18,465... 

A $10,000 investment would’ve generated more than a quarter of a million dollars... $369,300 to be exact.

My correct call on Bitcoin made a lot of regular folks like you a ton of money.

But I have to tell you...

I wouldn’t put my money in Bitcoin today given what I’ve uncovered.

Instead, I’m focused on a new opportunity hidden behind the crypto-craze. One that’s much bigger.

So I urge you not to listen to those peddling the Bitcoin hype today.

I know some big Wall Street firms are just now jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, but it’s VERY late in the game...

And they’ve got it all wrong AGAIN. 

Radical Democratic policies will mark the end of the Bitcoin rush and dramatically change the way the dollar operates.

This will have a direct impact on 300 million Americans...

From how we use money, save it, and spend it... to how we enter into deals and contracts to earn it, lend it, and invest it. It’s all changing right now, although few people realize the extent of the groundbreaking transition underway.

Investors who understand how to play this event stand to make a fortune.

Because this could be a much bigger millionaire-maker than Bitcoin ever was... 

The Economist calls it "the next big thing."

Fortune reported it will "change the world."

And the CEO of $2.5 trillion investment giant Fidelity said, "[This] will fundamentally change market structures."

Like I said, those who position themselves correctly now could have the opportunity to make 6,660% gains.

I’ll show you how in a moment. But first you need to understand that this is an urgent situation.

You see, this war is not only about Bitcoin, or any one cryptocurrency.

This war is about preserving the dollar’s dominance throughout our economy.

That’s why the authorities are cracking down on any new form of money that isn’t issued by the government.

And this war has already started...

The Government’s Crackdown Is in Full Swing


Take Facebook...

On December 9, 2020, Fox reported that a group of 48 state attorney generals filed an antitrust lawsuit against the social media platform.

And it had NOTHING to do with it censoring Trump or conservatives across America.

It was because Facebook had the audacity to threaten doing the unthinkable: mint its own money.

You see, just one week before the attorney generals filed the lawsuit, Facebook announced its new currency, Diem. 

It was a rebrand of Facebook’s original attempt at starting its own currency called Libra. Regulators thrashed Libra when it was first announced in 2019.

The authorities fear the threat such a powerful company could pose to the dollar.

And it’s not just Facebook that the feds are going after.

Consider Ripple... 

This cryptocurrency, also known as XRP, and the company behind it were on a tear.

Banks, online payment providers, and global financial institutions adopted Ripple into their systems. That’s why one analyst said, "We can expect Ripple replacing the U.S. dollar."

Even the Trump administration originally showed support for this new technology.

But the same pattern I’ve just shown you played out again... and the authorities cracked down on a new kind of money before it had the chance to get off the ground... 

The SEC sued Ripple for illegally marketing its cryptocurrency.

As a result, Ripple got delisted from major crypto platforms and plunged 60% within a few days.

As you can see, federal authorities shred any serious contender to government-issued money into pieces.

And they do it well before most Americans get a chance to use this new kind of money.

Because they’re terrified of what an alternative currency could do to the dollar.

It’s not the first time something like this happened... 

In fact, this current turn of events bears an uncanny resemblance to the last time Americans were banned from owning a potential new currency.

It happened almost 90 years ago when, just like today, the government wanted to squash a rival currency.

I’m talking about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gold ban.

In 1933, FDR feared that physical gold could replace the U.S. dollar. 

As the Fed explains, "Individuals and firms preferred holding metallic gold to bank deposits or paper currency."  

That’s why, with a single act, FDR forced Americans to turn in their gold savings. 

By issuing an executive order, he made gold ownership illegal for all Americans and punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Today, we’re witnessing something very similar. As you might know, some analysts call Bitcoin "gold 2.0."

Like gold, Bitcoin undermines the dollar’s dominance.

As the Financial Times puts it, "[Bitcoin] poses a significant threat to greenback’s supremacy."

And just like FDR prevented gold from becoming another form of money in 1933...  

I expect Biden to do the same with Bitcoin in 2021.

It’s easy to understand why... 

As Investopedia puts it, "Governments control [their] currencies... to exert economic influence."

Think about it...

The government dictates how money can be transferred... tracks its movement... determines who profits from that movement... and, most importantly, collects taxes on it.

It risks losing all this control if Americans switch to non-government money.

Biden plans to dole out $11 trillion on issues like health care, climate change, and stimulus programs. 

His spending programs depend on his control over the U.S. dollar...

Especially his ability to tax you.

That’s why the new administration, along with governments around the world, are afraid of Bitcoin. 

Plans to control it — if not crush it — are unfolding right now... 

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde calls for the "global regulation" of Bitcoin.

And India is even proposing an outright ban of private cryptocurrencies.

But this story is much bigger than just restraining Bitcoin.

Because stalling Bitcoin as a new form of money is the first step...

Biden wants to take monetary control to the next level.

In order to achieve this, I expect him to usher in the biggest monetary transformation we’ll see in our lifetimes.

I’m talking about the launch of a "digital dollar." 

The Fed could announce it as soon as November 3.

According to Fed Gov. Lael Brainard, a digital dollar will ensure government-issued money "[stays] at the center of [the U.S.] financial system."

And the transformation toward a digital dollar is the chance to turn every $1,000 into as much as $67,600 before the year ends.

That’s more than most Americans make in an entire year of working.

But you have to make your move now.

The world’s most lucrative investment opportunities can be found in times of enormous change...

This monetary transition is happening at this very moment — it’s unstoppable.

And you’re going to be shocked to hear how it could play out...  

Why Bitcoin’s Downturn Is a
94X Investment Opportunity

What I believe to be Biden’s plan to dismantle Bitcoin can be found in this 110-page document you saw earlier.

In his "Task Force Recommendations," Biden pledges to achieve "net-zero carbon emissions across our economy."

Now, you’re probably asking, "Chris, what in the heck does Biden’s crazy carbon plan have to do with Bitcoin and the digital dollar?" 

So let me explain... 

Companies that contribute to carbon emissions will be facing huge fines under Biden’s plans. 

As The National Law Review points out, Biden "focuses on holding polluters accountable... and will require polluters to bear the cost of their carbon pollution."

This kind of legislation is already enforced in the American car industry. Auto manufacturers are financially penalized for not meeting emission standards.

And it’s not just about penalizing the companies... Biden wants to hold CEOs personally accountable — including jail time.

Soon these new rules could be applied across our whole economy — including Bitcoin.

And that’s a huge problem, because Bitcoin has a massive carbon footprint. 

See the rows upon rows of servers? Bitcoins have to be "mined" by powerful computers. This network of computers handles Bitcoin transactions and mines new coins. Imagine the carbon footprint of something like this.

This process requires an enormous amount of energy. The Bitcoin network consumes more power than 159 of all 195 countries in the world.

So it’s easy to see why environmentalists hate Bitcoin.

As one director of the Sierra Club said, "[Bitcoin threatens] progress we are making toward moving toward a low-energy, low-carbon economy."

Do you think Biden will ignore Bitcoin’s dirty secret?

Oil and crypto analyst Ethan Lou explains, "Bitcoin’s environmental footprint will haunt it... Bitcoin is the natural next enemy [of environmentalists]."

Consider this: Getting rid of Bitcoin lets Biden kill two birds with one stone.

Not only is he going to appeal to green millennial voters and make progress on his big climate promises... 

But he’s also going to strangle a new form of non-government-issued money... 

Just like we saw FDR do it with gold... the attorney generals with Facebook... and the SEC with Ripple. 

That’s why I expect Biden to hit firms holding Bitcoin hard.  

They could be penalized with billion-dollar fines very soon. 

Their executives might even face prison time.

If this seems far-fetched, remember... 

Volkswagen executives were already put behind bars for cheating on carbon-emission rules.

Bitcoin’s price could plunge substantially as a result...

Just like XRP suddenly dropped 60% when the SEC charges against Ripple came out of nowhere... blindsiding people who owned the crypto.

Jeff Schumacher, founder of BCG Digital Ventures, even predicts, "Bitcoin will go to zero."

With climate change being one of Biden’s top priorities, all this could start to unfold any day now.

Keep in mind that FDR banned gold overnight... the attorneys general attacked Facebook without warning... and the SEC sued Ripple out of the blue.

Like I said... 

While Biden starts to dismantle Bitcoin, I expect a digital dollar to take center stage... 

For investors who understand that the war against Bitcoin goes hand in hand with this huge shift toward a digital dollar, it adds up to an opportunity to generate immeasurable wealth in a short period of time.

To give you an idea of how big this opportunity is, consider that about 6 billion paper notes are printed annually.

The cost to print these notes amounted to $843 million in 2020. 

That’s almost $1 billion the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has to spend each year just to produce our paper money.

Imagine tapping into this stream of money... because that’s the kind of opportunity that presents itself today.

You see, just like paper notes require a printing press, the digital dollar needs to run on specialized technology.

It’s the same kind of technology that’s behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Getting behind this technology could give you the chance to make 6,660% gains in the coming years...

Enough to turn every $10,000 into as much as an astonishing $676,000.

I’ll tell you exactly why I think such gains are possible and how to get in on this tech in a moment.

But it’s important you act today. Because...

We’re Weeks Away From a Total Reset


The Federal Reserve is working with a research team from MIT on digitizing the dollar as we speak.

This would radically change the way the dollar operates and how we will use it in our everyday lives.

And it could happen as early as November 3.

VentureBeat warns that a digital dollar is "an urgent necessity."

Sen. Tom Cotton explains, "Without digitization, I worry that the dollar may end up being like the very best flip phone in 2006."

And former Fed nominee Judy Shelton insists, "We need the digital currency... to help preserve the primacy of the dollar worldwide."

The U.S. is not the only country working on this transition.

China is currently testing a digital yuan. 

As a CNN headline reports, "China Wants to Weaponize Its Currency. A Digital Version Could Help."

The European Central Bank is working on a digital Euro.

And even the tiny island nation Barbados launched its digital currency in early 2020.

The U.S. can’t ignore this race toward a digital currency... 

As Patrick McLaughlin, the founder of Brane Capital, puts it, "The choice is a lot like the one the U.S. faced when Russia launched Sputnik: either participate... or leave others... [to] reap the reward."

In fact, a digital dollar was already mentioned in the draft bill of the Banking for All Act.

This bill hasn’t been passed yet... 

But it’s a clear indication the preparations for a digital dollar are well underway behind the scenes.

I expect to see major fireworks in the weeks ahead... 

Which is why it’s critical you take action now. 

If you sit back and do nothing at a time like this... you may regret it for the rest of your life.

Because, as we’ve seen in the past, there are huge profits to be made any time there is a disruption in the world of money.

Take the big credit card companies. When credit cards were introduced, they completely changed the way we spend our money. Early investors who held onto these companies have made a fortune.

Visa has seen a 1,114% gain.

Discover Financial shares jumped 1,811%.

And Mastercard went up 2,817%.

Similarly, companies supplying the tech for credit cards to work have seen their shares prices skyrocket, too...

Take IBM, the inventor of the magnetic strip on credit cards... 

The stock has soared by 1,051% since Visa and Mastercard adopted this technology.

Or consider NXP Semiconductors. 

The company makes the specialized chips that have replaced magnetic strips...

It could’ve made you 1,159% over the long term.

When credit cards evolved again with the introduction of contactless payments, you could’ve made a killing for a third time. 

Infineon provides contactless payment chips to Mastercard.

The stock soared by an incredible 6,993%.

That’s enough to turn every $500 into $35,465...

A $15,000 stake would’ve made you a millionaire. You could’ve pocketed $1,063,950 to be exact if you’d held the stock over the years.

Today, the same story is playing out again. 

A digital dollar is the next logical step in the history of money. 

And once again, the best opportunity comes from investing in the technology that’s behind both cryptocurrencies and the digital dollar...

The Economist calls this technology "the next big thing." 

Fortune says it will "change the world."

And Bob Greifeld, former CEO of Nasdaq, points out, "This is the biggest opportunity... we can think of over the next decade."

It’s easier to grab a stake than you might think...

Bigger Than Bitcoin, Tesla, and
Cannabis Combined

This technology is called the blockchain.

You might’ve heard about it already. And if you’re like most people, it might seem hard to understand at first.

However, it’s quite simple.

Blockchain technology is the foundation of all digital currencies. 

You can think of the blockchain as a digital record that can never be manipulated.

All the information processed through the blockchain is locked in — no one can change it... not even the entities that design or run these machines.

And the blockchain is already here, even if most people don’t know it yet.

If you’ve recently bought milk, chicken, or a pack of gum at Walmart, that was blockchain technology at work.

If you’ve received a FedEx package lately, chances are it was processed through the blockchain. 

The delivery giant started using the blockchain to record vital information concerning your shipment and live updates... 

Heck, if you’ve turned on your stove today, it’s likely you interacted with the blockchain. 

Vertrax is the leader in supply management services in the gas and oil sector. The company uses blockchain technology to secure uninterrupted delivery from the wellhead all the way down to the end user.

According to Marc Andreessen, developer of the world’s first web browser, the blockchain is "the most important invention since the internet itself."

Do you need to understand how this technology works in order to make tons of money from it?

Of course you don’t. 

Just like my readers didn’t need to understand a single line of Bitcoin code in order to make 36x their money.

It’s almost exactly the same situation today.

All you really need to understand is that blockchain technology is the critical component to the digital dollar and the massive transformation in our entire financial system that’s now underway. 

And in recent months, the floodgates have opened.

Barclays is using the blockchain to track financial transactions, combat fraud, and ensure compliance.

And Mastercard and Visa use blockchain in their global payment networks.

Of course, it doesn’t end with finances. Real estate, cybersecurity, insurance, energy, health care... all these industries are starting to use the blockchain.

This sector is expected to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets. That’s an increase of 1,223%.

And the World Economic Forum estimates the blockchain could store as much as 10% of global GDP by 2025. That’s nearly $9 trillion.

Investors who understand what’s happening and take action today could make a fortune.

Is this opportunity risk-free? Of course not. Nothing in the stock market is. 

But keep in mind: This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve helped everyday Americans make a killing from cutting-edge trends.

See, another blockchain play I recommended was Ethereum.

I delivered my readers a super-sweet 1,040% profit.

These kinds of gains are only possible if you stay ahead of the crowd.

It’s how, for 18 of the last 19 years, my portfolio has beaten every major market index. That’s 95% of the time.

And I expect the blockchain technology supporting the digital dollar to be my biggest recommendation.

The blockchain is one of the greatest profit opportunities of the 21st century.

My research says it will be bigger than Bitcoin... bigger than Tesla... and bigger than the cannabis boom — combined.

Governments around the world are currently adopting the technology as well... 

This 6,660% Transformation
Is Already Happening

The U.S. Navy is using the blockchain to track critical weaponry parts for its F/A-18 Hornet jets.

South Korea started to use it for electronic elections.

And in the Republic of Georgia, the National Agency of Public Registry has stored 1 million land titles on the blockchain.

Obviously, there are many more countries out there that are using this technology, but that’s just to give you an idea of the potential applications... and the tremendous amounts of money being poured into it.

And the next huge milestone for this industry is the digital dollar going live.

Like I said, our monetary system is about to change profoundly... and with it, the technology that supports it.

I’ve identified the ultimate "backdoor" way to play this massive shift toward the digital dollar. You’ll discover everything you need to know in a minute... 

This could be your last chance to get in and set yourself up for a windfall — before it’s too late.

Once the Fed announces the launch of the digital dollar, blockchain stocks will shoot into orbit.

By now you’re probably wondering...

How Much Money Could You Make With
This Blockchain "Back Door"?


The amount of cash at stake when it comes to a digital dollar is staggering.

You see, the value of noncash dollar payments in the U.S. totals more than $94 TRILLION annually.

This kind of volume is 134 times bigger than what PayPal processes each year.

Now imagine getting in on a little-known tech supplier to PayPal before this kind of explosion.

That’s the size of the opportunity you’re facing.

And it doesn’t end here... 

As you’ve seen, the blockchain has the potential to disrupt every major industry...

Banking is a $134 trillion industry... 

The real estate sector is worth $268 trillion... 

The energy industry is valued at $1.8 trillion... 

And the healthcare market is a $8.7 trillion opportunity.

That’s more than $400 trillion ripe for disruption. 

Investors who make the right moves today have a singular shot at building extraordinary wealth very soon.

That’s why I’ve written up a comprehensive report with the essential information you need to potentially profit from this situation. It’s called "The $400 Trillion Blockchain ‘Back Door.’"

Inside, I’ve documented every detail necessary to help you strike it rich off one little-known company that’s at the heart of the impending blockchain gold rush.

Its technology is the vital component for almost all blockchain hardware.

Nasdaq says this company is at "The Top of the [Digital Currency] Food Chain."

Since the first blockchain went operational with Bitcoin’s launch on January 3, 2009, this company’s shares soared by 1,585%.

You could’ve turned every $10,000 into as much as $168,500...

But the biggest gains are yet to come. That was just the beginning.

As soon as the Fed announces a digital dollar, I expect this company to completely take off.

Remember, blockchain technology will change huge segments of the market forever. More than $400 trillion are at stake.

This company owns the technology making both the digital dollar and the blockchain possible. 

What do you think will happen to this little-known stock when this tsunami of cash comes in?

Let’s take a look at the last stock that was behind a major change in the world of money...

I’m talking about Infineon... 

Investors could’ve turned every $15,500 into over a million when the shares soared 6,993%.

Today, we’re in a very similar situation.

Because this company has to capture a mere 0.5% of the $400 trillion at stake to grow by an additional 6,660%.

Enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $676,000.

Now, of course, I don’t have a crystal ball, and past performance isn’t indicative of future success.

That’s why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But I can promise you...

This will not wait for you... or for anyone else. You either get in or you’ll miss out on the biggest tech story of the next five years.

Again, my name is Chris DeHaemer.

Since 1996, I’ve shown readers like you the fastest, safest ways to make money and grow their retirement savings.

You see, I’ve never played by the normal rules when it comes to spotting obscure, out-of-the-way opportunities before fat-cat Wall Streeters.

I’ve developed a proprietary charting strategy that identifies superstar stocks early in their development — sometimes energy stocks, other times real estate, but these days, spotting major tech breakouts is my sweet spot.

When I uncover an extraordinary opportunity, I consider it my personal mission to get the message out to nontechnical folks who might like to participate.

Like you.

My record says it all...

I’ve already told you about my 3,593% gain on Bitcoin and 1,040% profit on Ethereum. 

As you’ll see in a moment, those weren’t the only times I delivered huge windfalls. 

Because of my insider credentials, I’m able to give my readers extras they can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s one example...

I set up a deal for anyone who invested $100 in Ethereum to get an extra $10 worth for free.

Very often I’m the only analyst chasing these big news stories... both here in the U.S. and around the globe.

For example, I served up a 759% gain on Petro Matad, a Mongolian company most people had never heard of.

And we enjoyed a 411% stock explosion on Africa Oil at a time when most stock pickers were staying away from it.

We jumped right back in after taking a breather... and bagged another 381% gain.

What do my followers think of stellar gains like these? Cameron P. from Kansas wrote in:

Up $21,000 in less than a week! Keep the very, very good recommendations coming!

People like Cameron are NOT professional investors. They don’t have access to any special technology, and they wouldn’t dream of staring at a computer screen for hours each day.

These are regular men and women from all across the country... teachers, firefighters, and small-business owners.

You’d think they have nothing in common...

But they all understand you can make a killing from investing in "the next big thing."

And "The $400 Trillion Blockchain ‘Back Door’" could be my most exciting recommendation yet.

While the talking heads at Fox News and CNBC are falling over themselves wondering how high Bitcoin could go or what the next hot cryptocurrency might be...

They’re missing the BIG picture.

Big Government simply won’t allow Bitcoin to threaten the dollar... or the government’s control over money. That’s why the creation of a digital dollar is inevitable.

And it might be the biggest opportunity we’ll see in our lifetime. 

Because once the Fed announces a digital dollar, the blockchain industry will skyrocket. 

You’ve taken an important first step toward upgrading your retirement dreams by reading this report today.

Stopping there would be a costly mistake.

If you miss out on claiming YOUR share of the blockchain revolution sweeping the world, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Investors Had a 10,280% Opportunity
on January 3, 2009...

This Could Be Your Second Chance

The last time we were in a situation like this was on January 3, 2009.

On that day, the first blockchain went online. It’s the date Bitcoin was launched.

Of course, no one except hardcore computer nerds knew how to acquire Bitcoins back then. Crypto exchanges didn’t exist.

But you could’ve easily bought shares of Nvidia and AMD.

Both companies made the blockchain hardware the Bitcoin network used to run on until a few years ago. 

Did you cash in on their combined 10,280% run?

If you missed out on these gains, don't worry... Here’s your second chance.

Based on my research, today we’re almost exactly where we were in 2009.

Only we’re talking about a far BIGGER $400 trillion opportunity...

And things are happening far FASTER this time.

I expect share prices to go ballistic around November 3...

When the Fed announces the digital dollar.

This is precisely why you need to build up your investment position in this company dominating the blockchain sector today.

I’ve written about this under-the-radar play in my latest report, "The $400 Trillion Blockchain ‘Back Door.’" 

Inside, I’ve documented every detail necessary to help you strike it rich off this hidden blockchain giant...

Including the name and ticker symbol.

And since I would never want you to buy too high — or sell too low...  

I’m including strict buy-up-to and target-price ratings, all of which I’ve laid out in an easy-to-follow guide.

But I don’t want to leave it at that. 

You see, it frustrates me how insiders always try to keep the best deals for themselves.

The average person is shut out. They have almost no chance. 

That’s simply not fair.

So a couple years ago, I decided to change all that.

Now, as investment director of Bull and Bust Report, I’m perfectly placed to deliver everything you need to experience breakthrough profits for yourself.

As world-beating tech opportunities move their inventions from corporate boardrooms and "beta-test" labs to a highly lucrative marketplace...

Only a true "insider" like me can keep you plugged in to the most explosive developments at the exact right time.

I’ve been ahead of some of the biggest investment trends and stories... 

And I’ve made some of the biggest gains imaginable.

Just take a look at a handful of my triple- and quadruple-digit winners:

  • 2,528% on Bitcoin (first big crypto win)
  • 351% on Entrée Gold Inc.
  • 162% on Markland Technologies Inc.
  • 110% on Axon Enterprise Inc. (formerly Taser International)
  • 256% on Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
  • 235% on FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation 
  • 131% on Richmont Mines
  • 247% on Africa Oil Corp.
  • 515% on Palm Resources Pte. Ltd.
  • 268% on China Yuchai International Limited 
  • 150% on New Zealand Energy Corp.
  • 1,065% on Bitcoin (second big crypto win) 
  • 105% on Physical Rhodium ETC
  • 108% on Silver Standard Resources
  • 502% on Plug Power Inc.
  • 155% on Hi-Crush Partners
  • 243% on Cemex
  • 251% on Unilife Corporation
  • 759% on Petro Matad Limited
  • 1,040% on Ethereum (third big crypto win)

Here’s another reason I joined one of the world’s leading financial research firms, Angel Publishing.

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A digital dollar is right around the corner. When it goes live, blockchain companies are set to mint new millionaires.

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A whole new generation of consumers is emerging who don’t carry a physical wallet or purse.

And that’s even before the Fed has announced the digital dollar.

Today, cash is only used for 3 in every 10 transactions, down from 6 in 10 a decade ago. Moreover, it is forecast to fall as low as 1 in 10 transactions within the next 15 years.

Think back to the last time you paid for something in a shop or a cafeĢ.

Did you pull out a $20 bill and wait for the clerk to open the register and give you change?

If you did, you’re in the minority.

It’s far more likely you simply waved your card or smartphone, and presto...

The payment went through without a single note or coin changing hands.

Soon, the phrase "cash is king" will be one of those old-timey sayings your kids can’t understand, like "payphone" or "floppy disk."

Today, the majority of transactions are moving to Tap & Go — either by card or smartphone

I don’t know if you’ve gotten yours yet, but card issuers are delivering a flood of contactless cards to consumers that you don’t have to swipe or insert to use.

Visa, for example, issued more than 100 million contactless cards in the U.S. by the end of 2020.

In further proof we’ve reached a major tipping point...

Economists believe the U.S. will go cashless within the lifetime of millennials.

Forbes calls it "a once-in-a-generation shift in the financial services industry."

I’ve identified three companies whose proprietary "plug-in" technology enables these sales to occur seamlessly and instantaneously.

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