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Dear Reader,

I'm Brian Hicks.

I'm the Founder and President of Angel Publishing, one of the premier investment research firms in America.

I don't get to write to readers too often these days. I am usually busy with firsthand investigations of investment ideas across the globe.

But when I do get the chance to contact you, it's a case of critical importance that signals a major change in our business, or some investment of significant proportion.

What I'm about to say here today... I felt you had to hear it straight from the "horse's mouth" — just in case you had any doubts.

And it all boils down to a directive I gave to my colleagues at Angel Publishing... one that could change the way you invest or subscribe to any investment research service ever again.

In short, I have instructed them to "give" you over $13,000 worth of research and top investment recommendations from all nine of our premium research services at Angel Publishing... for just $5 a month.

I'm referring to the BEST investment ideas we publish...

From our $99/year Mining Speculator run by gold insider Greg McCoach to my exclusive $5,500/year Wealth Trust research service...

Sent to you each month.


$20,816 Worth of Research for Just $5

And because of my reputation in financial circles, several other top investment research firms — Wyatt Investments and Bottarelli Research to name a few  are eager to send you their top investment recommendations each month as part of the same deal, for as long as you want.

Combined, that's a mind-blowing $20,816 worth of research.

But we'll only charge your credit card $5 a month when you say "yes."

No hidden fees... no maintenance charges... no upgrades required... no catch whatsoever...

In fact, this offer is so unheard of in the financial industry, I have it on solid grounds that a financial research journalist from Baltimore is already exposing this new development to investors across America via the Internet.

Before we shut the doors — and before too many other people hear of this opportunity — I want to show you how we're able to make such an outrageous offer like this without hurting our pockets...

And how you can take advantage of it in the next four minutes.

Today I am going to tell you about some of the highly-valuable research you'll get for just a few dollars.

For example, take Angel Publishing's Wealth Trust.

Not sure if you've heard of it, but it's my exclusive advisory... currently priced at $5,500 a year for readers to receive its premium research. That's right — $5,500 yearly.


$45,000 Profit in 5 Months

Well, I came across this note recently, from one of my members:

"I've been a member of Wealth Trust for about 3-4 months. My wife thought I was crazy sending you $4,500. The profits keep coming back week after week. I live in Florida and just bought a 30 feet Pro Line fishing boat. Wealth Trust has opened many luxuries that I would not be able to afford. In fact at the end of this month my wife and I are going on a 15-day cruise to South America. Thanks to Wealth Trust." — Josh Benning

Another note form Kris Harding says: "I have to say it again. You guys are on it. I'm up $45,000 in 5 months!"

Over the last two decades, I've helped thousands of ordinary Americans get rich from my research — banking gains like:

  • 106% on Spartan Motors  
  • 175% on Force Protection               
  • 58% on SiRF Technology                       
  • 98% on Ceramic Protection
  • 239% on Connacher Oil & Gas                 
  • 105% on Petro Gas
  • 72% on UTS                                         
  • 68% on Novavax

In fact, as soon as you take advantage of this unique offer I'm making right now, you'll get your first "$5,000 investment idea" for just $5 bucks.

Please note: You're one of the first to get this idea. I'll get you details in a bit.

In a nutshell, our analysts will choose the best investment idea from Wealth Trust and our other research services and send it to you each week... for just $5 a month.

That includes top picks from Greg McCoach, gold and precious metal titan, who runs Insider Alert.

Greg has a cult-like following, yet runs a tight research service with just a limited number of subscribers to his work.


1,803% in 24 Months

In fact, McCoach only allows 1,000 subscribers access to his personal portfolio and to invest in his personal picks.

He consistently secures solid gains like:

  • 182% on U.S. Silver (USA.TD) in 5 months
  • 212% on AUEX Ventures (XAU.V) in 23 months
  • 426% on Eurasian Minerals (EMX.V) in less than 3 years
  • 410% on Mines Management (MGT.TD) in 14 months

These are life-changing gains.

But that's not the half of it...

Greg's other investment service, Mining Speculator, boasts an "impressive track record over the last few years," according to The Korelin Economics Report and Money Show.com.

In fact, Money Show.com wrote: "Out of the 64 stocks recommended during the seven-year period, 12 of Mr. McCoach's recommendations have increased more than 1000%, and many others have performed better than double."

Here's a quick snapshot of those incredible numbers:

  • 1,183% on South Western Gold in 21 months
  • 1,803% on Nova Gold in 24 months
  • 1,400% on American Bonanza in 23 months
  • 1,316% on Guyana Goldfields in 36 months
  • 610% on Silver Corp in 17 months
  • 774% on Durban Deep in 17 months
  • 1,200% on Canadian Zinc in 36 months
  • 1,011% on Bema Gold in 41 months
  • 1,110% on Viceroy X in 36 months

These are obviously not the kind of gains you get following just any analyst these days...

I picked up this note from one of his subscribers, Chester Sappelton from Canada: "I would like to renew my subscription to a lifetime subscription as the publication has already generated about $25,000 profit for me... Thanks."

Greg's overall portfolio over the years banked some incredible numbers, beating even the most successful hedge funds. In 2010, his portfolio was up 163%. In 2011, he was up 405%.

To get all of his profitable research, you'd pay $3,099 annually.

And based on what you've seen here, it's worth more than that.

But that's still expensive, no matter how you slice it...

But as of today, the tides have rolled in your favor — because I'm ready to send you our best research for just $5 a month.

So, just how am I able to pull this off?


How am I Able to Make You this Offer?

You see, I've worked in various financial circles for the last two decades, making appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News, and headlining countless seminars across the country.

In that time, I've forged market-moving contacts with high-ranking D.C. officials, corporate CEOs, and various hedge fund managers.

Along with the best minds in the business, I've watched Angel Publishing Investment Research grow into one of the most successful investment research firms in the country — with over 550,000 readers across the globe.

Currently, we publish nine investment advisories covering mining stocks... options... blue chips... high value stocks... energy stocks... dividends... and income... all costing thousands of dollars in annual subscriptions.

But in order to get our valuable research in your hands, I'm willing to make you this unprecedented offer.


If You Have $5, Here's What You'll Get

Here's a quick look at all our advisories from which you'll get top recommendations each month:

Greg McCoach's Insider Alert                               ...$3,000

Brian Hick's Wealth Trust                                     ...$5,500

Nick Hodge's Early Advantage                             ...$1,999

Brian Hicks' Wealth Advisory                               ...$79

Christian DeHaemer's Crisis & Opportunity          ...$999

Ian Copper's Options Trading Pit                         ...$999

Greg McCoach's Mining Speculator                       ...$99

Jeff Siegel's Power Portfolio                                  ...$99

Keith Kohl's Energy Investor                                 ...$99

All our premium research combined would cost a total of $13,073.

But starting today, you get "cherry-picked" investment recommendations from all our services without forking over thousands of dollars.

And this unusual deal gets even better...

Remember I told you earlier on how I was able to get other top research advisories in the business to come on board?

Well, here's a sample of those also available to you:

Bryan Bottarelli's Bottarelli's Leaps                       ...$2,300

Ian Wyatt's Top Stock Insight                               ...$399

Ian Wyatt's Global Commodity Investing              ...$495

Bryan Bottarelli's Bottarelli's Research Options     ...$2,800

Bryan Bottarelli's Bottarelli Blasters                       ...$1,750

These premium advisories together cost $7,744 annually.

When you add up all the research you'll get from Angel Publishing — plus these other top-rated advisories — it amounts to a staggering $20,816.

That's a huge fee if you were to each service individually, no doubt.

But if you take advantage of my offer right now — before it's too late — you'll get the top research from each of these services each month, all in one place, for just $5.

I know, it sounds unbelievable. But this opportunity is real. And the profit potential is huge.

Let me show you what I mean...

Up 300% in Four Months

You may have heard of Nick Hodge or seen him on Fox News or CNBC.

Nick is the trading strategist for Nick Hodge's Early Advantage.

He focuses on under-the-radar energy stocks that offer the biggest bang for your buck, and he's notorious for delivering double-digit gains very quickly.

Over the last five years, Nick's banked over 170 double-digit winners and 10 triple-digit winners for his readers...

Like 159% on Xethanol Inc (3 months)... 391% on BYD Company (3 months)... 119% on Cree (4 months)... and 115% Alternative Holdings (2 months).

In October last year, Nick wrote about a mining company based in Alberta, Canada, after he'd met the CEO and toured the property.

Why? Because it was a highly profitable ground-floor opportunity.

The company owns a massive mineral resource discovery containing billions of pounds of nickel, copper, and cobalt.

Nick wrote: "... It's because of the same geologic formation that gave us tar sands that we're about to make a killing on this recommendation."

And he was dead right. In just four months, the stock surged 300%. 

Normally, you'd have to fork over $1,999 for a yearly subscription to Nick's highly-profitable research...

But starting today, you can get his top recommendations for just a few dollars a month.

Another example is Angel Publishing's Jeff Siegel, who runs Power Portfolio.

Jeff focuses on helping investors make small fortunes by tapping into solar, wind, geothermal, natural gas, and electric cars and smart grid technologies. 

Readers like Alton McChristi sent in this note to Jeff: "My gain thus far is almost 300% on my total investment."

Another one from Lance Raine said: "My score is 332%. Very Good"

And when we need any direction on options trading, Angel Publishing expert Ian Copper is the go-to guy.

Ian has led his readers to astonishing gains of 333%... 166%... 244%... 138%... 165%... and 140% over the years with his Options Trading Pit research advisory.


Why are We Basically "Giving Away" Our Research to You?

So the question is, how on earth are we "giving" you such high-level research for $5 each month?

It all started after Angel Publishing readers told us that with so many top money-making ideas delivered at any one time, it's difficult to choose the best ones...

(With nine advisories under our belt, that's a lot of top-tier money-making research.)

So we created an online portal that presents the most superior picks from all our premium services each week to our readers — without long-winded notes and data.

In other words, you get "cherry-picked" recommendations — three picks a week, 12 a month — all in one place online, where you can access them any time you want.

And best of all, you get them without paying thousands of dollars in yearly fees.

For example, Christian DeHaemer's Crisis & Opportunity focuses on undiscovered opportunities, especially in times of financial crisis.

His current portfolio include gains of 67%... 98%... 21%... and 500% on open positions, and averages a staggering 71.7% per recommendation.

Not a surprise, then, that Christian's research is priced at $999/year.


Giving You Access to Other Top Research from Across the Web

But the truth is you don't need to pay almost a thousands of dollars or anything close to that to get his best research.

I don't know about you, but I'd take this $5 a month option any day...

Why pay $1,000 when you can get the same premium research for just $5?

That's the kind of deal that's unheard of in the financial industry. And it's only the start...

Because in addition to our nine premium services, you'll also get top recommendations from:

  • Bottarelli Research, who publishes three expensive research advisories costing $1,750... $2,3000... and $2,800.
  • Wyatt Investment publishes nine advisories, and would cost you over $3,000 to get their research.

This kind of research "giveaway" is uncommon in the financial newsletter business, to say the least...

But I felt this current offer is the easiest way to send you our best ideas each month and familiarize you with our research.

Plus you get a diversified portfolio: Each pick and recommendation is from a different analyst, with his own brand of expertise in his field of research...

Much better than being stuck with a yearly subscription from just one analyst.


From Fast-Moving Energy Picks...

Let me show you what I mean.

Suppose you want to profit from the world's growing demand for energy...

Then you'll want the top recommendations from Keith Kohl's Energy Investor.

Since 2007, Keith has led his readers to massive gains from the Bakken region and the Canadian tar sands operations — recording 574% (in 17 months) on Brigham Exploration... 170% (in 9 months) on American Oil & Gas... 103% (less than 3 months) on Northern Oil & Gas.

Energy Investor is one of the most consistent profit-earning energy advisories in America, with its track record up 26.6% in 2008... up 20% in 2009... up 69% in 2010... and 27% in 2011.


Delivering Top Premium Research to You

So, exactly how do you get top investment research delivered to you at that price?

You see, almost 18 months ago, Angel Publishing started a free daily newsletter called Wealth Wire.

With over 170,000 readers worldwide, its mission is to channel contrarian investment news to investors like you, absolutely free.  

Each issue of Wealth Wire delivers the day's most important financial news in one place. Our editors filter out the noise to bring you the most talked-about news of the day.

Wealth Wire's team of financial journalists covers topics like metals... inflation... finance... energy... options... equities... economy... and liberty.

We show you how to protect your wealth from inflation... how soaring food prices will affect the retirement of millions of Americans... and what the government plans on doing about energy efficiency.

We get the best views of editors and analysts from across the Web, compile it in Wealth Wire each morning, and send it to your inbox between noon and 1 p.m. EST.

I don't have to tell you how valuable this free daily newsletter is to individual investors...

This note says it all:

"I just want to say thank you to the people who at Wealth Wire for the continuous good and helpful enlightenment that you send my way. I have subscribed to many sites and there are very few that have the input you provide. You guys are the best. Thanks!" — G. Cheney

(As you can tell, I'm really proud of Wealth Wire because of the insightful details it brings you free of charge.)

It's our way of saying thanks to our many dedicated readers who want to know what's happening in the investment trenches in America and the rest of the world.

But we never included specific investment picks in Wealth Wire...

Specific recommendations are always reserve for premium subscribers.


Introducing Wealth Wire PRO:
12 Top Money-Making Ideas
Each Month for $5

So what did we do?

We added premium investment recommendations and created a new publication called Wealth Wire PRO.

Each week, our analysts and I will sleuth through all our research services and select the best idea. The other firms will send in their best research to you as well.

We'll put them all in Wealth Wire PRO with brief notes and to-the-point details about the pick...

And deliver it to your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. (EST).

Keep in mind we still publish the regular Wealth Wire with the traditional valuable insights and news bulletins...

And it will still be free.

But Wealth Wire PRO will carry premium content: 12 hand-picked recommendations from all our research advisories for only $5 a month.

Again, there are no hidden fees or additional charges or upgrades.

In fact, here's the first top money-making investment idea you'll get once you sign up for Wealth Wire PRO...


Your First Top Pick: A "$5,000 Idea" for Just 5 Bucks

This is the type of stock I'd normally reserve for readers of my $5,500-a-year Wealth Trust advisory...

But I'm sending it to you right now.

This company is an oil and gas outfit that is currently blazing a trail in all the major natural gas regions in the U.S.

You can get it now for about $7 a share.

This company is a renegade in the business. They banked $125 million in profits last year — nearly 400% up from the $32.7 million they made the year before.

Our research revealed it's currently drilling on 58,048 acres in the Marcellus region, 24,872 down in Eagle Ford, Texas, 273,000 in Southern Appalachia, and 81,740 acres in the Williston/Bakken Basin...

Now, I'm not sure if you know the kinds of gains we've pulled out of our Bakken oil and gas plays in the last two years...

They're outrageous, to say the least: 487%, 286%, and 574% on Brigham Exploration... 170%, 118% on American Oil & Gas... and 103% on Northern Oil & Gas, to name a few.

This new cherry-picked play has the same money-making potential.

I expect it to TRIPLE within a year.

It's your first in a series of "$5,000 Picks" sent to you via Wealth Wire PRO, for just $5 each month.

But there are also extra perks that comes with Wealth Wire PRO that you need to know about:

  • You'll have access to the Wealth Wire PRO research library, a report section available only to members. Written by the Wealth Wire team, these reports will feature insights on obscure investment ideas that we simply don't want to give away in the free daily edition of Wealth Wire.
  • You'll be able to comment on articles and "join" the conversation — and meet like-minded investors.
  • Plus you'll be able to send in letters to the editor with questions or comments, and 2-3 research analysts/editors will reply with their expert insight.
  • Finally, you'll get a special Wealth Wire PRO discount on any premium service you want in the future (your choice) if you feel one of the premium services resonates with you after you get its top pick...

Mind you, there is no obligation to subscribe to any premium services with Wealth Wire PRO. It's just one of the perks available to you in case you want it.

When you sign up for Wealth Wire PRO right now, I'll also send you two special income reports written by our in-house experts at Angel Publishing...


WWP Income Report #1: The secret of compound gold 

Report #1 is about a unique gold investing strategy called "compound gold" that allows you to make more money on gold (more than buying gold), take less risk, and use less capital.

And it works amazingly well in gold bull markets.

I can't say much about "compound gold" here except that it's a strategy used by some of the brightest and most successful investors in the resource industry to make absolute fortunes. One geologist, Bob Quaterman, used it to turn every $1,000 invested into $400,000!

You'll get complete details in a free report called: "Compound Gold: Ride the Gold Bull Market To Exponential Gains."

And here's a second income report I'm sending your way, exposing a government-created strategy...


WWP Income Report #2: The Retirement Secret Better than Social Security

This fool-proof strategy allows you to run your retirement portfolio on autopilot and completely ignore the ups and downs of the broader market.

Created by the government, this strategy uses what's known in elite investing circles as "Rule 72," and all I can tell you here is if more investors knew about it... it could sure run the daylight out of Social Security.

I've never seen it advertised in the press, and there's even speculation that the government is playing hard-ball with it.

Can you use it now to grow your income? Sure.

Every single bit of detail to help you get started today is covered in this special Wealth Wire PRO income report, "The Fool-Proof Program That Could End Social Security Forever."

When you tell us to send you Wealth Wire PRO today, you'll have access to everything I've mentioned above at no extra charges.

But the meat of Wealth Wire PRO will be $20,816 worth of research from the most expensive and profitable research advisories across the Web for just $5 a month.


Get Wealth Wire Pro For As Long As You Want.
But Consider This...

At $5 a month, Wealth Wire PRO is, without a doubt, the very best deal in the investment research business.

But there are a couple things you'll need to know:

  • The $5 a month offer won't last for long. I expect investors like to you to flock to this low-price offer. Like any good businessman, when I can charge more, I will... and I reserve the right to end this $5/month offer at any time. So take this opportunity to lock in your $5/month rate as soon as possible.
  • The monthly $5 fee is non-refundable. Of course, you can cancel anytime... but cancellations will not take place until the end of the current month. (To be fair, it just doesn't make any economical sense to process and refund five bucks.)

If you're ready to get Wealth Wire PRO three days a week for the ridiculously low price of $5 each month...

If you're eager to get $20,816 worth of research — without an expensive yearly subscription...

Then I urge you to click here to get started today.

I look forward to hearing about your success.

Good Investing,

Brian Hicks Signature

Brian Hicks
President, Angel Publishing
May 2012

For the first time in the history of our business, we're "giving away" $20,816 worth of research for just $5 a month. That includes 12 top picks, hand–selected from our nine expensive research advisories — as well as from Wyatt Investments and Bottarelli Research — sent to you each month.

Considering our research have pulled an array of TRIPLE- and DOUBLE-digit numbers, there's no telling how much money you can make over the next few months...

Here are a few examples of the gains we've close previously:

1,183% (SWG.TO)          1,803% (TGC.V)      410% (MGT.V)

426% (AEHI)                  101% (JASO)          426% (EMX.V)

1,400% (BZA.TO)            77% (PWSV)          212% (XAU.V)

1,316% (GUY.TO)            426% (EMX.V)        391%  (BYD)

P.S.S. Your First $5,000 Idea: Once you sign up to get $20,816 worth of research for just $5/month, I'll send you your fist top recommendation — a $5k idea I would normally reserve for readers of my $5,500/year research service. Plus you'll get two free income reports at no extra cost if you sign up for Wealth Wire PRO today. Just click the link below to get started immediately.

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