America’s No. 1 Crisis Investor Makes Biggest Buy Alert of 2021: 

“This Tiny Tech Stock Just WON the World War Against COVID-19”

The last time a technology like this was innovated, during World War II, it helped us beat the Axis Powers... and launched a small group of companies for historic gains as high as 21,608%.

Now history is about to repeat itself... and one tiny company has ALL the patents, setting up a similar historic gains opportunity.


On March 26, 1945, American troops raised the flag at Iwo Jima...

Declaring victory after a month-long bloody battle.

This photo is an iconic landmark of American history.

A reminder of how we persevered in the face of our darkest moment.

But not seen in this photo... and unknown to everyone but a few war historians.

America had a “secret weapon” that clinched our victory in the Pacific Theater.

And crazy as it sounds, it wasn’t bombs, bullets, or anything lethal.

Yet in one fell swoop it exposed Japan’s “stealth” army.

Undercut its one big advantage...

And shifted the tides of war in our favor.

Now, 85 years later, the NEXT generation of this technology has arrived...

Just in the nick of time.

Because this technology scopes out a very different “Invisible Enemy”...


And not only stops it dead...

But ensures it NEVER returns.

Just as the original device helped us win World War II in the Pacific...

So too will the next generation of this technology help us win the world war against COVID-19 — the biggest crisis since then.

And if that news wasn’t good enough...

One unknown company has secured all the patents on this technology, and it trades for less than a dollar.

In a moment, I’ll reveal all the details of this COVID-19-killing technology... the tiny stock behind it...

And how, using history as a guide, it could surge for gains as high as 21,608%.

But first, let me share the story of how it saved America in our last major crisis, the crisis of World War II...

And why it’s about to save us again.

This Technology Helped America Win a World War Before

In 1944, we had all the technological advantages over Japan. We had the numbers. We had the momentum on our side.

But we faced one problem: Japan’s stealth army.

If you think of ronin, ninja assassins, samurai, what’s the one thing they all have in common?

They almost always fight from the shadows. They attack under the cover of dark.

It’s the one thing almost everybody knows about Japan’s warrior culture...

For its military, it’s no different.

For example, Japan crafted 12,000 aircraft that could bypass radar detection.

This makeshift fleet waged endless kamikaze attacks...

Attacks that destroyed 100 of our aircraft carriers and destroyers.

And they always launched at night.

We had no way to detect them. And no way to stop them.

The losses our military endured were catastrophic as a result...

At Okinawa alone, we suffered 49,000 casualties.

That’s equal to more than a dozen Pearl Harbors.

This is why the war dragged on with no end in sight. And why we had fought the Japanese island by island for years. But had yet to win.

Then, this detection device entered the field...

And suddenly, everything turned around.

It exposed Japan’s midnight raiders. It put the enemy in plain sight.

Their night attacks ended. The Japanese lost their most effective tactic.

And soon they lost at Iwo Jima, Okinawa... and so on.

The rest is history.

From there on out the Japanese were in defensive mode.

And American victory was all but inevitable...

That’s why this technology is called “the unsung hero” of World War II.

It saved millions of our troops from years of endless war...

And helped secure America’s place at the top of the world.

This technology was also responsible for historic fortunes...

Because it came not from Uncle Sam, but the private sector instead...

Historic 21,608% Gains Are on the Table Again

And the companies behind it — Honeywell and Texas Instruments — were THEN only microcap stocks.

But once it proved itself in action... the Army, Navy, and Air Force all lined up to deploy this technology.

And everything changed.

These companies grew to become household names.

And their shares skyrocketed for historic gains as high as 21,608%.

That’s a real-life documented return from Honeywell.

Just $5,000 invested in that company alone could have returned you seven figures. Not over the course of decades. But in a few short years.

And now history is about to repeat itself.

Because the next generation of this technology is now here...

To kill the COVID-19 enemy once and for all. I call it “Invisible Detection.”

And it’s being adopted at a breathtaking rate...

The Trump administration greenlighted this technology...

Deploying it to airports, the border, even at the White House.

The Pentagon is deploying it to coronavirus “hot zones.”

The Washington Post reports, “In the weeks to come, this could be not only at airports and arenas but workplaces, schools, housing complexes and anywhere else Americans gather en masse.”

Think about that for a second.

This device will go from a few places like airports...

To every single public space in America.

All in the coming weeks.

That’s why Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have thrown their weight behind it...

And $3 billion in investments as well.

But they’re not at the forefront: one virtually unknown Pennsylvania company is.

Today you’ll learn its name...

And why, although its stock trades for less than a dollar, it could soon be worth TRILLIONS.

Not billions. TRILLIONS.

You’ll also discover everything you need to know about “Invisible Detection.”

It is not a vaccine. It’s not a test. It’s not even a medical device.

Rather, this proprietary software combines artificial intelligence, thermal imaging, and machine learning...

To expose the “invisible enemy” wherever it rears its ugly head...

Allowing us to stop infections from EVER breaking out in the first place.

It’s sort of like a K-9 unit, sniffing out the virus everywhere it hides.

The “Invisible Enemy” Exposed
Everywhere, Saving Lives and Jobs

That’s why I call it “Invisible Detection.”

Because it is totally hidden. It’s unobtrusive.

And it's capable of bringing every single coronavirus infection to light. Instantly.

This means NO second wave. NO second shutdown. NO more disastrous death toll.

This won’t just save lives. It won’t just put our $19 trillion economy back in the fast lane...

It’ll launch a slew of massive stock gains, the kind not seen since World War II.

This video here proves it...

It’s from an Amazon warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa.

Over 15 million items flow through it daily...

And it hasn’t missed a beat since the pandemic struck.

It’s never shut down.


Every worker that enters the door is automatically screened...

It’s not intrusive. Nobody sees it.

And it never misses the virus. It detects it every single time.

Because it screens for not one, but three ultimate indicators of COVID-19...

  • Oxygen saturation levels
  • Elevated temperature
  • And heartbeat

That’s how it pinpoints the infected with stunning accuracy.

When it does, the sick worker is quickly quarantined... and the outbreak contained.

The work day goes on as normal.

This doesn’t only contain the infection threat...

It keeps this warehouse, the economic engine of a small Midwestern town, running on all cylinders.

It ensures that essential orders... for face masks and ventilators... are fulfilled for hospitals.

And therefore it saves both lives and jobs.

That’s the power of “Invisible Detection.”

That’s why this technology is a paradigm shift in how we combat COVID-19.

It’s promising relief to all 330 million Americans...

Thanks to it...

We don’t have to wait 18 months for a vaccine.

We don’t have to stay locked in from stay-at-home orders ever again.

We can keep the American economy open without risking lives.

This means 40 million lost jobs will be quickly restored...

The Dow will begin its dramatic recovery to record highs...

Restoring 401ks that are ravaged in the process.

And some — those who buy into “Invisible Detection” — will see the biggest profits of all.

As the tiny stock behind it roars to $5... $15... $25 and beyond.

It’s not just serving Amazon...

Business Insider says “demand is skyrocketing as companies plan to reopen.”

One industry insider says “on a scale of 1 to 10, interest is at 110 — it’s totally off the charts.”

In the Coming Weeks, This Device Will Spread To Every Public Area in America

It’s being rapidly deployed to dozens of the biggest companies... rebooting $19 trillion in economic activity.

In Walmarts...

Whole Foods stores...

Home Depot

Tyson chicken plants...

Intel offices...

GM factories.

And everyday businesses like...

Farmers markets


And office spaces.

But it’s not just companies. It’s sweeping...


The New York subway


Military bases

Concert halls

Las Vegas casinos

Wynn Resorts hotels

Theme parks


Public squares

Even at the White House!

As part of Trump’s executive order, EO 13769, it was rolled out to airports nationwide.

Even to the border.

This is why Big Tech is opening the purse strings for this.

Apple is spending $390 million to use it in the iPhone 12.

Facebook is buying in to the tune of $60 million.

Google put down $45 million.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is betting big time, with a $74 million investment.

And Alibaba led a fundraising round worth $600 million!

The list goes on and on.

As you can see, America’s richest men are loading their fortunes into it...

And while they fully endorse “Invisible Detection” technology...

They’re not at the forefront. Nor is anyone in Corporate America.

One tiny company is...

How much could you make realistically?

I have two projections:

For the long haul, I expect massive World War II-like gains of 21,608%.

That’s over the next few years. But there’s no time to waste...

Because in the next few months, I project 1,500% gains.

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $150,000.

All before 2021 is over. 

This company’s market cap right now is in the millions. But that won’t last much longer...

Because companies worth over $7 trillion are lining up for its technology.

And they were already doing this BEFORE COVID-19.

The pandemic just accelerated a trend already taking place.

You see, “Invisible Detection” technology doesn’t just stop pandemics...

It’s at the cutting edge of a revolution in both security and business.

It stops school shootings and terror attacks...

Allowing us to safely attend concerts, games, churches, casinos, and so on.

It boosts marketing profits — without fancy ads.

So it’s a total no-brainer for any Fortune 100 company.

Which is why so many are lining up. And why they’ll keep this technology long after COVID-19 is done.

It’s saved lives and made companies money before.

Now it will do so again.

Best of all, it JUST began public trading...

Giving us the shot to ride the gains from the very beginning.

And nobody knows about it.

But once word gets out, the opportunity to buy in at less than a dollar will be over. You may not even get a chance to buy under $5, or even $25, ever again.

So why wait to buy in at $25, when you can buy in now at less than a dollar per share?

Time is of the essence.

Stay tuned, because in the next few moments, you’ll discover...

  • The details on this “Invisible Detection” device and the company behind it.
  • A real demonstration of how it works and why it’s so transformational.
  • Which companies are using this to stop COVID-19 outbreaks... AND change the way they make money.
  • How security teams everywhere are deploying it to prevent shootings and terror attacks.
  • And much more!

But before I do, allow me to introduce myself...

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, my name is Jason Simpkins.

I’ve built a career out of predicting the rise of key profit trends.

I’ve made 137%, 329%, and 661% on the rapid growth of medical marijuana.

And I predicted the skyrocketing climb of Bitcoin.

I wrote back in February of 2014: “Those laughing at bitcoin now won't be laughing in a few years.”

And then, as Bitcoin surged to dizzying heights, I predicted it was going to fall and correct.

And I was front and center during the lithium boom.

Lithium is an essential material for missiles, submarines, and hundreds of other defense applications.

It’s an essential material in electric car batteries.

I led readers to a host of gains...

Now, I’m not always right.

But my track record has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

I’ve predicted takeovers and buyouts.

Like Rio Alto Mining, which delivered a huge premium to my subscribers.

Outsider Club article, August 4, 2014

In 2013, when oil was trading over a $100 a barrel, I told readers to short it. Then, in 2014, it crashed to roughly $30 per barrel. So in 2015, I told readers to buy it. And it subsequently rebounded to more than $70 per barrel.

I also predicted bull markets in palladium and gold that brought investors even more gains.

And that’s not even my best work.

What I actually care most about are massive, market-defining geopolitical events.

I’m talking about wars, riots, revolutions, systemic breakdowns...

I’m talking about the Arab Spring and the total collapse of Venezuela.

No other investing “expert” wants to talk about these things.

But I do.

Take a look at what I wrote in February 2014:

Outsider Club article, February 21, 2014

That was just weeks before race riots erupted in Ferguson and my hometown of Baltimore.

I even predicted trouble in Ukraine before Russia invaded.

Again, no other investment analyst is talking about these things...

But I am.

Because I’m not just in the finance business. I’m in the chaos business...

I’m in the civil war, civil disruption, and civil strife business.

And that’s where I make the most money.

I regularly make double- and triple-digit gains from security and defense stocks. Big names you know that have delivered massive wins over time.

But it’s not just about timely calls on the big names...

I want to show you how to do so much more.

I want to show you how to buy in on the new “military industrial complex.”

The future Boeings, Lockheeds, and Raytheons.

These are companies fighting the new wars in 5G, space, and biotechnology.

They’re safeguarding America’s dominance in technology.

And they’re fighting dangerous pandemics.

Which is why I’m sharing this with you today.

Because COVID-19 is accelerating the biggest tech rush of our lifetimes.

A life-or-death race to stop viral outbreaks BEFORE they happen.

And this technology is on the front lines.

The New York Times reports, “Airports, office buildings, warehouses and restaurant chains are rushing to install this technology.”

Forbes says, “it will soon be a part of the way we live and work.”

Wired says, “Many businesses, religious groups, and public health officials see it as a key tool to prevent people with the disease from spreading coronavirus.”

It’s unprecedented. The only recent parallel is after 9/11...

Back then the government and private sector teamed up with one goal: to stop terror attacks in advance.

The Biggest Tech Revolution Since 9/11

They launched a whole new wave of “detection” technologies overnight.

And a few companies surged for gains as high as 1,500%.

Take scanners called Back Scatter X-Rays, which were immediately deployed to every airport.

If you’ve been on a flight recently, you’ve been in one. They scan your entire body to detect concealed objects.

One company had all the patents on this machine, OSI Systems.

Its share price surged from $3 before September 11...

To $30 before the year was over.

That’s a 1,000% gain in a few months.

There’s CT scanners at airports, which were 2D before, but after 9/11 replaced with 3D technology...

They could scan passenger bags and show better imaging of potential weapons inside.

L3 Communications, the security company behind 3D scanning, just rocketed higher and higher...

From $20 to $240.

That’s a 1,200% gain.

There was a new robotics technology. Back then, robots were still in the design phase.

The idea that they could actually be deployed to disaster sites was science fiction.

But then along came packbots.

These devices left the lab and were deployed to Ground Zero for the first time ever.

There, they helped dig through the rubble of the Twin Towers, saving lives.

They could detect where people were deep underground and go safely where human beings couldn’t.

They were the unsung heroes of 9/11.

Soon after, packbots were deployed everywhere: in natural disasters, war zones, you name it.

They’re now an essential terror-fighting weapon for the FBI and police departments everywhere...

Only they save lives, not take them.

The company behind this technology, iRobot, was small then. It traded for $8.

But it soon rocketed to $120.

That’s a 1,500% gain.

Now, some didn’t like these technologies. Many think they’re intrusive.

And they’re certainly inconvenient. But there’s no doubt about this:

They keep us safe. They allow us to go on with our lives.

There hasn’t been a single major terror attack since then.

If only we had those security measures in place BEFORE.

We might still have the Twin Towers.

The 3,000 dead on September 11 might still be alive.

Many were willing to make the sacrifice to save American lives. Was it worth it?

I think most Americans would agree.

Now, the same thing is happening again with COVID-19.

Just as terror-fighting technologies spread after 9/11 to:

Government buildings... Airports... Schools... And the Border...

This new generation of “Invisible Detection” devices is spreading to...

  • Apple Stores
  • Cruise Ships
  • Airports
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Museums
  • Small businesses

And it’s saving lives.

Only their job isn’t to screen for bombs or weapons.

They detect the Invisible Enemy. They stop it in its tracks.

They keep operations open. They allow life to resume as normal. Entirely safely.

That’s why businesses are shelling out BILLIONS for this...

And why short-term 1,500% gains are once again up for grabs.

But it isn’t just a single technology or device. It’s so much bigger.

It’s a new revolution in security.

It’ll be pervasive in public life. Just like security cameras.

And it’s simple.

Just as a scanner can screen bags for a gun or a bomb...

To stop a terror attack.

“Invisible Detection” screens our health...

To detect a hidden viral infection...

And stop an outbreak before it begins.

They save lives. They allow life to go on.

They keep our economy running safely.

How does it work?

The Billion-Dollar Thermal Screening Revolution

The first wave of “Invisible Detection” devices has already shown us.

I’m talking about cameras that scan employees, customers, anyone who enters a business, public space, or meeting...

For abnormal body temperature.

Without contact.

Any change in temperature above 100.4 degrees is considered a fever...

Medical workers are alerted.

And the patient is tested for COVID-19.

This is called thermal image screening.

But this isn’t just someone holding a thermometer...

Or even cameras at a doorway...

It can be installed in anything...

On Robots, handheld phones, drones.

So it can scale up even bigger...

Think stadiums, concert halls, and theme parks that deploy this device...

To automatically screen for temperature as you hand over your ticket or walk through a metal detector.

And you never even see it.

It’s entirely non-invasive.

The imaging instantly detects abnormal cases among a crowd...

And sets off an alarm. The infected worker or customer is quarantined for further medical testing.

The outbreak is contained.

This is the real potential of this technology. It will allow us to safely re-open on a mass public scale.

But the big question is, does thermal imaging actually work?

Could it allow us to go completely back to normal?

Thermal Screening Saved South Korea from COVID-19

For the answer, look no further than South Korea and Taiwan...

These countries came out unscathed from COVID-19.

And everyone wondered why...

Was it because they shut down early? Because they tested everyone?

Perhaps. But the experts credit something else...

Invisible detection.

This technology is already everywhere in East Asia.

You see, these countries face virus outbreaks all the time.

Back in 2003, during the SARS pandemic, they decided to do something about it...

And they turned to Invisible Detection technology.

They installed it everywhere they could.

Airports, public plazas, office buildings, you name it.

In fact, it’s now MANDATORY in all public spaces...

So when COVID-19 broke out, they were prepared.

This is why these countries contained the virus early on...

Why they lost fewer lives than almost anywhere in the world.

And why they could go back to business right away!

Just look at this New York Times article in March.

But outside of these few countries, it hardly existed.

Now in recent weeks, that’s all changed...

Worldwide Invisible Detection technology is spreading at a record clip to...

Berlin subways

Shopping malls in Bangkok

Small restaurants in Spain


Schools in China

Hospitals in India

Farms in Salinas, California

Airports in France

Bus stations in South Africa

Thermal Detection Stocks Are Surging...

With the global rush for fever screening...

Some companies are launching their own thermal devices.

None are close to the technology I’m sharing with you today, and I’ll show you why in a moment.

But it doesn’t matter.

They’re already making investors rich.

Some of these tech stocks have already surged for incredible gains...

One popped 155% in a month's time

Another doubled in a few weeks...

And one surged a whopping 600% in 30 days!

But we’re only at the beginning. The potential gains are so much bigger...

Imagine turning every $5,000 invested into a million-dollar nest egg.

History is on our side...

The First Generation of This Technology Helped Us Win the Cold War, Too

The first generation of this technology, night vision, arrived in World War II.

First it helped us beat the Japanese.

Then came the Cold War.

It became a key weapon against the Soviets, another “Invisible Enemy,” to stop a Communist takeover.

That may sound strange. But think back to that era.

The Cold War was the cold war because it was stealth. It was mostly fought in the shadows.

On October 4, 1957, the Soviets launched the first satellite, Sputnik, causing a public panic in America.

The Soviets tested all sorts of stealth aircraft, weapons, and technology.

Remember the iconic movie the “Hunt for Red October”? Hence the hunt. Their submarines eluded our radar.

My point is this:

The Soviets weren’t as powerful as they were slick.

Night vision was the only way to expose them...

The Army, Navy, and Air Force put in billions' worth of orders...

And the company behind it, Honeywell, became a household name.

In less than a few years its shares exploded for 21,608% gains.

It was one of the biggest returns of the post-war stock market. And during the longest and most lucrative bull market in history.

So how did Honeywell, a company that made thermostats, become a dominant military contractor?

And position itself for some of the biggest gains in history?

See, when World War II came along, all companies changed their production.

They devoted their operations to the war effort. Much as they’re now doing for COVID-19.

It wasn’t just patriotic...

It was good business.

And Honeywell found its niche...

The same infrared technology that detected fevers...

Could be used to scope out stealth aircraft and submarines...

And detect enemies at night, amidst dense jungles and other “invisible” terrain.

Because it was all about temperature.

Now history is about to repeat itself.

One unlikely technology just jumped to the forefront of the war against coronavirus.

Before the pandemic, it wasn’t involved at all in viruses.

It stopped mass shootings in schools...

It prevented terror attacks in public arenas...

And it made companies billions in sales.

This saves lives and company profits.

So why is it now on the front lines against COVID-19?

Because all of its customers — big Fortune 100 companies and governments — are realizing something:

The same technology that detects invisible security threats...

Can be used to detect COVID-19 cases.

It can scan big crowds, identify viral infections individually, and it can alert medical workers — all by itself.

And remain completely hidden!

Nobody sees this.

It’s so much bigger than thermal detection...

Rather, it’s a “Super Cluster” of technology.

This merges all of the biggest trillion-dollar megatrends of our time...

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Robots...

To deal a final death blow against COVID-19.

No other technology is throwing every one of mankind’s biggest innovations at the virus!

It’s holding nothing back to defeat the Invisible Enemy.

And that’s why it will win.

Best of all, one tiny company has all the patents... and it trades for only $0.20.

It just went IPO, and few know its ticker symbol...

But that won’t last much longer.

When its name becomes known, it won’t trade under $1 for long. Or even $10 or $25.

I want to get you in this immediately...

Why wait to buy it later, when it trades for over $25, when you can lock it in now for less than a dollar?

Would you rather buy when it's “safe” like Honeywell, which is now a megacap that costs $150 per share?

Of course not. That’s not how real fortunes are made.

Wealth goes to those who act on the ground floor.

But again, this company is small. It’s not known.

And so it trades at very low volume.

If I were to share its name and ticker symbol here, investors will pile in and drive the stock sky-high.

The share price would fly out of my “buy range”

And it’ll ruin the opportunity for everyone.

So I made other arrangements...

To get you started, I compiled all of the details on this historic opportunity in my brand-new dossier:

"Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Coronavirus Tech Boom".

It includes the company’s name, ticker symbol, and the full profit potential of “Invisible Detection.”

Only a few will have the opportunity to claim it.

If you act quickly today, I’ll send this to your inbox entirely free of charge.

As I said, 1,500% gains are only the beginning…

Could it return you historic gains of 21,608% like Honeywell?

I’m convinced it will... and sooner than you can imagine.

Imagine retiring on just a single stock — with only $5,000 invested.

You’ll look back at this moment and how it changed everything about your financial future.

And there’s no time to waste...

“Invisible Detection” Is Spreading to Every Corner of the Planet…

MSN calls it “technology that might soon be a much larger part of all our lives.”

It’s the biggest profit story of 2021. 

And this technology will not only emerge at the front of the race...

It will save us from COVID-19. And all future viral outbreaks.

But how can I be so sure?

Let me explain...

Why Nothing Else Detects COVID-19 on a Mass Scale Like This

Thermal cameras are the new rage. Demand is surging at an unprecedented rate.

But the industry is still in the early stages.

Most are unproven and untested.

And they’re not the cure we’re hoping for.

This one is though. There are three big reasons why...

For starters, most of these devices only detect temperature on the skin...

Not in your body’s core.

So there are all sorts of false positives.

This does though. And eliminates errors in diagnosis.


Using facial scanning technology...

It scans the inner core of the eye, which research shows is the only way to measure core body temperature from the surface.

And that’s only half of what it does...

After all, not all COVID-19 cases have fever symptoms.

In fact, half of all infections are entirely non-feverish!

Take your oxygen saturation level, which is a crucial marker.

COVID-19 attacks your lungs. It cuts off their ability to supply oxygen to the bloodstream.

And fills the air sacs with fluid instead.

It literally suffocates you.

There are three key markers of COVID-19...

  • Body temperature below the surface
  • Oxygen saturation levels
  • Heartbeat

And this one technology detects them all. Much as a doctor would.

No other thermal device does this.

It’s perfectly adapted for COVID-19.

The second problem is this: artificial intelligence.

Most thermal cameras don’t harness AI or machine learning.

They leave it up to human diagnosis and interpretation.

Normally, if this is a doctor with a single patient, that’s fine.

But this technology has to screen through thousands in a crowd. All at once.

It needs to be as smart and instant as possible.

It needs to know, with uncanny accuracy, what a COVID-19 case looks like.

And it needs to act.

Authorities have to be instantly alerted of the case. To contain the outbreak before it’s too late.

Time is of the essence.

Finally, they need to know WHO it is. That’s where facial recognition technology comes in.

This company’s technology does ALL of that by itself. And more.

The third problem: intrusions on privacy.

Some thermal screening devices are cameras. You can see them. They’re in your face.

Not this company’s technology.

It can be installed in a piece of glass. Virtually anywhere.

It’s totally invisible to the eye.

And it collects no data. Nothing about an individual is stored in its database.

It hones in ONLY on COVID-19 infections.

This is why it’s the answer for the COVID-19 crisis... to ensure it NEVER returns.

We’ll NEVER have to shut down again.

No more catastrophic loss of life or economy.

Only a technology this cutting-edge could promise this.

But again, it’s not just at the forefront of thermal detection…

This is just ONE of its many applications.

Technology like this is just too valuable not to use in every way possible.

It’s in the “saving lives and making money” business.

What else does it do?

This Was Already Saving Lives From Terrorists and Mass Shooters

Again, it detects faces and objects. But not just any face.

I’m talking about known terrorist threats...

It can identify these guys... and detect concealed weapons on their person — things like guns, knives, and bombs.

And it does this all in just moments.

So if a terrorist hides a weapon at a concert, sporting event, or political fundraiser, the new “Invisible Detection” technology instantly detects it...

Alerts the police or in-house security...

And stops the destructive loss of life before it happens!

That’s why, in just the last few months, this new “Invisible Detection” technology has been used at major venues like...

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with an inventory of yachts totaling in the billions of dollars.

There, with thousands of attendees present, FBI-trained security used this technology to set up a perimeter.

One that would alert their security command center if any unusual activity was detected.

And it was completely invisible!

That’s just the beginning. It’s also been used for security at...

NASCAR venues


And the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, the site of Super Bowl LIII.

And there’s good reason for that...

NFL Stadium Put This Company’s Proprietary Technology on Full Display...

The Super Bowl is the highest-risk sporting event in the U.S.

In the lead-up to the game, law enforcement spent two years preparing for security.

Two. Years.

The FBI, Homeland Security, state police, Atlanta PD, and others cooperated to secure the venue inside and out.

The numbers explain why.

100,000 fans.

30,000 workers.

1 million visitors in town.

The logistics were a nightmare for any security team.

But they all got a boost from this “Invisible Detection.”

This device monitored every single person who attended and worked that game, looking out for weapons, contraband, and attendees who had previously been banned.

It scoured the crowd for known terror suspects.

And it did it all without a single person even knowing.

It was completely invisible to the naked eye.

But most importantly of all...

This new technology is now being used in schools to protect our children.

This Saves Children’s Lives Too

The school shooting epidemic is one of our nation’s most tragic and enduring problems.

It’s flummoxed politicians and administrators who want to ensure our children’s safety, but be mindful of our Second Amendment rights.

And the proposed solutions have been lackluster, at best.

Some $2.7 billion a year is now being spent on school safety measures.

And what’s come of it?

New surveillance cameras and more security officers...

Bulletproof chalkboards and backpacks...

Armored doors and panic buttons.

And yet the problem hasn’t gone away.

Because all of these measures only kick in after a shooting starts.

Not a single one is preventative.

But this technology I’m telling you about today is.

This “Invisible Detection” stops shooters before they take action...

It can read faces and interpret mood, identify weapons hidden on a person’s body, and it can alert the authorities — all by itself.

Imagine that.

No more Columbines. No more Newtowns. No more Parklands.

No armed teachers and no restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

But this doesn’t just secure our public places. It doesn’t just save lives.

It makes companies money. Lots of it.

This is a revolution in both security and business.

There’s a long list of brand names lining up for this technology.

Companies worth $7 trillion.

This piece of glass shows why...

It’s Like Amazon in Reverse

What do you see here?

If you said a glass case of food and drinks, look closer...

This is the new front line of digital advertising.

It’s the one thing keeping brick and mortar afloat...

Not only that...

It’s actually taking market share BACK from the Internet.

That may sound incredible...

After all, the mantra is retail is dead. Amazon is taking over. All sales will happen digitally.

And coronavirus is accelerating this inevitability.

But that’s not entirely true.

Even with the pandemic, over 50% of sales still happen in stores.

It’s still a multitrillion-dollar industry.

And there are some brick-and-mortar outlets that are more profitable than ever.

Companies like Target, Costco, Walmart, Best Buy...

Why are they the winners? It’s not just brand recognition.

Even established names are dying.

It’s because they’ve done like Amazon once did...

Only in reverse.

You see, the Internet gained steam for one reason: digital advertising.

It made marketing accountable and measurable. Companies can track ad results in real time.

Why else do we have access to all of these websites for free?

It’s so companies can sell us their products.

Digital advertising isn’t just for online though...

It’s now moved directly to stores themselves.

Advertising in stores, streets, and signs is being digitized.

Thanks to digital signs, in-store marketing is becoming as measurable and accountable as the Internet.

And not just in stores...

On street signs, park benches, banners. This public ad space is going digital.

All thanks to this technology.

Just look at how this works:

Take Best Buy, for example.

In 2014, many left the company for dead.

But the technology retailer invested $200 million to makeover its stores.

Now the average store has 200 digital ads.

Best Buy now is literally selling ad space, which helped reverse its terminal decline.

In the past few years, Best Buy’s stock has soared a whopping 569%!

And this trend is still in its infancy.

Spending on offline digital ads is still under $1 billion. But that’s set to change in a big way.

In total, market experts project it will surge to $32 billion in a few short years.

Heavy-hitters have already adopted “Invisible Detection” in their stores...

  • Walmart
  • Rite Aid
  • Intel
  • ShopRite
  • Heineken
  • Colgate
  • Tyson
  • And Kraft Heinz

Here’s the other part of this:

This company’s Fortune 100 client list is set.

The cameras are there. The hardware is in place. The systems are ready.

They just need a simple “upgrade” to shift from marketing data...

To screening potential COVID-19 cases.

It’s an upgrade that these companies are happy to pay for.

Especially since this keeps business open...

Keeps workers and customers safe...

And puts big money in their pocket.

All in one. It’s a complete no-brainer.

Big Tech is on board too...

Intel Just Inked a Deal With the Tiny Stock Behind “Invisible Detection” Technology

Intel boasts a $250 billion market cap. It's one of the world’s largest tech companies.

And just recently it inked a deal with the company behind “Invisible Detection”. Why?

In short, Intel’s software is the perfect match for these devices. It allows them to detect faces and weapons on any computer. No need for an Internet connection. No need to process the data at some other site.

This means faster and more efficient detection of terrorist threats on a much larger scale. It significantly reduces costs and increases profit margins.

It also means “Invisible Detection” devices can now be deployed almost anywhere, expanding its customer base!

The company is already in talks with major U.S. cities to deploy on their citywide security camera networks and with major oil companies for pipeline monitoring.

Plus, Intel is in the process of bundling this technology with its products and using its in-house sales force to dramatically ramp up sales.

This is a big green light for a major tech buyout. One that could catapult the tiny company from $0.20 a share to $25 and beyond.

And this will come sooner than expected.

Because it’s not just America...

Coronavirus Detection Device is Rolling Out Worldwide

This “Invisible Detection” technology is rolling out globally.

Mexico City was the first to deploy it outside the U.S. They were already using it, in fact.

They saw this reduced crime, wherever it was installed, by 40%.

In fact, the communities that use it are now ranked the safest in Mexico!

Then the pandemic hit. And Mexico City went from just security...

To detecting COVID-19 cases in crowded plazas.

And it worked!

Neighboring countries were watching all of this closely. When they saw the results, they began buying it in droves.

Now authorities are using it in the three major cities of Colombia — Bogota, Medellin, and Barranquilla.

And I have it on good authority that other Latin American countries — Argentina and Brazil — are going to follow suit.

This device is on the front lines in a market with over 1 BILLION people.

And you can buy in today for only less than a dollar a share.

Again, I’ve compiled everything you need to see maximum profits from the biggest profit opportunity of 2021. 

The name of the company, ticker symbol, company profile, and all the details on this fast-moving opportunity.

It’s all inside my new dossier: "Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Coronavirus Tech Boom."

With your permission, I’ll send this cutting-edge research directly to your inbox.

All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free test drive of my research advisory service...

Become a Member of Wall Street's Proving Ground

Again, my name is Jason Simpkins.

I’m the child of a military family.

My grandfathers on both sides enlisted in the military after World War II.

One was a marine. The other a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.

Back then, they fought the Invisible Enemy of communism.

And won.

America has reigned as the world’s leader ever since.

If there’s one lesson they taught me, it’s this:

America can overcome anything.

Don’t bet against us.

This inspired me to become a “crisis” investor.

Whether it's cyberdefense against Russian and Chinese hackers...

The rush for 5G network dominance...

Or the race for military supremacy in space...

The world of 21st-century conflict is here.

The old battles with massive casualties, bombs, and bullets are being replaced by another kind.

A war for technology and innovation, one much like the Cold War.

The Next Generation of Military Technology

Instead of KGB spies... it’s Russian and Chinese hackers trying to shut down America’s power grid.

It’s not the USSR and America racing to launch satellites in space.

It looks more like Elon Musk’s SpaceX now working to colonize Mars.

It’s a war between Qualcomm and Huawei in the race for 5G technology.

This means one simple thing...

The Pentagon’s $1 TRILLION budget is being disrupted like never before.

The winners?

A select group of innovative companies based out of Palo Alto, not Arlington, Virginia.

This is the “new military industrial complex.”

But they’re not making bombs or guns...

These tech companies are developing the most cutting-edge technologies imaginable.

The kind that will give America the edge in the 21st century... and stop China’s ascension.

From 5G... to artificial intelligence... to automated robots.

The Pentagon is pouring billions into new 21st-century technologies...

And these Silicon Valley startups are lining up for their share.

They’re far from household names.

But they’re positioning now to become the future Boeings, Raytheons, and Lockheed Martins.

And the profit potential is enormous.

Using history as a guide...

Just a few thousand invested in one of these companies could land you a seven-figure windfall.

And the thing is...

Everyone is missing this enormous profit opportunity.

Just like they missed the Internet early on, which was originally the Pentagon network ARPANET.

Or the original computer chip, which was first used for the Minutemen Missile program…

And the original architecture of the smartphone? It wasn’t Steve Jobs.

It was created for the complex computing needs of the hydrogen bomb.

My point is this:

Whether it’s the Internet... the PC... or the smartphone...

The military has been at the cutting edge of our biggest tech stories in the last few decades.

Call it Silicon Valley’s “silent partner.”

Once these technologies reached a certain point, the private sector took them over, rendering them cheap and accessible for the everyday American.

They became a part of our everyday lives, and the companies that made this possible minted thousands of all-new millionaires.

AOL did this with the Internet.

Microsoft with the PC.

Apple with the smartphone.

Intel with the computer chip.

And so many others.

Now, it’s the same story for an all-new set of emerging technologies.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, new energy, 5G, self-driving cars — the military is spending billions on it all.

There will be no shortage of ways to profit as this megatrend in technology unfolds.

And I want to be by your side the whole time, guiding you to these endless profit opportunities — opportunities created by the new endless world conflict for technology dominance.

This is why I founded a whole new research advisory service.

I call it Wall Street's Proving Ground.

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The biggest since World War II, in fact.

I’m talking about the rollout of a whole new military branch — the fifth branch of the military.

And the money up for grabs is nothing short of astonishing.

The Biggest World War Wealth Event in 74 Years

The best indicator is the creation of the last branch of the military — the Air Force.

During the buildup for World War II... Washington unloaded tens of billions of dollars for developing new fighter jet technology... building new planes... and recruiting pilots.

And this mountain of money absolutely shocked the markets.

That’s because the lion’s share of this cash ended up on the balance sheets of defense contractors.

These were firms on the front lines of building the new Air Force.

As a result, their shares skyrocketed and farsighted investors walked away like bandits.

Take North American Aviation, a company that was essential to America’s wartime air combat.

The stock shot up for astonishing gains of 9,924% — enough to turn a small investment of $5,000 into $501,200.

Then there’s BF Goodrich Corporation, which pioneered the manufacturing of synthetic rubber — a breakthrough which helped America win World War II.

Goodrich, which was struggling before the war, shot up for life-altering gains of 20,381%.

That means Americans who invested in Goodrich, a top company, turned every $1,000 they invested into $203,810... in just a few short years.

Then there’s Douglas Aircraft, which developed the B-17 Flying Fortress, and ranked fifth among wartime defense contractors.

All told, shares soared for unbelievable gains of 23,586%.

If you had seen the events unfolding, and positioned your money before the war, you could have turned a portfolio of $10,000 into $2,358,600.

Now, you might say that sounds great...

But how did investors really do?

Well, according to Marine Gen. Stanley Butler, over 21,000 millionaires were minted during the first World War from defense contractor profits.

And World War II doubled that record!

I’m talking about over 42,000 new millionaires and billionaires minted from Uncle Sam’s war spending pot.

And that’s in just a few years.

42,000 New Millionaires Minted Virtually Overnight

At no point has so much wealth spread around to so many Americans so quickly.

As one commentator writes of World War II, “Never before in history has any venture proven so profitable.”

And the opportunity today is so much bigger.

The U.S. military is building a whole new branch — like the Air Force during World War II.

The money at stake is breathtaking...

Just think.

The U.S. Army’s budget is $182 billion.

The Air Force, $156 billion.

And the Navy, $205 billion.

But these budgets grew slowly over time, increasing each year.

This branch is about to get similar funding — a tidal wave of money that will hit at once!

That’s because it’s mobilizing to wage a new war in cyberspace, a war that’s dramatically shifted with the onset of 5G.

The New 5th Branch of the Military

You see, cyberdefense has already been a Pentagon priority for years...

In 2014, the military created a new branch, the U.S. Cyber Command, to secure our nation’s data.

It operates out of Site M, a mysterious location next door to the NSA, where 6,000 hackers are waging a nonstop battle with Russia and Chinese counterparts.

In recent years, the military has unloaded $50 billion to fund this new branch.

It’s all outlined in your second report, "The 5th Branch of the Military: Profit From the $232 Billion Cyber War."

Inside are details on the four select cyberwar companies.

Each is positioned for massive Pentagon contacts to safeguard our nation’s networks.

Now more than ever, they’re lined up to get billions of dollars in budget spending.

And here’s why...

You see, the cyberwar has so far only been waged on 4G networks.

We know this terrain...

We control the infrastructure.

But the Pentagon is not ready at all for what’s coming next: the 5G revolution... a completely wireless, connected world.

In other words, a world that’s a free-for-all for hackers...

And it’s rushing to play catch-up, putting down billions on its 5G defense plan.

You may have heard how 5G is promising to be nothing short of revolutionary...

Experts say it’s ushering in $12 TRILLION in wealth.

This trend — and its massive wealth potential — is on everybody’s lips.

But what few realize is that 5G networks are already becoming a global battleground...

One that leaves America highly vulnerable to China and other enemies.

And that’s why the lion’s share of 5G spending is going to one thing:


It’s the unspoken profit opportunity of the 5G revolution.

What Nobody Is Saying About the 5G Revolution

The potential loss of our privacy and freedom should China win the 5G race is alarming...

Far more catastrophic than the Soviets and the space race.

Imagine if Huawei technology became the norm in America’s 5G network.

China could shut down our electrical grid.

Cars on the road could come to a grinding halt.

Chinese hackers could gain direct access to classified information.

It’s like inviting the fox to guard the henhouse.

This is the real reason why the Trump Administration is targeting Huawei...

It’s the secret conflict waging behind the trade war.

But with Huawei out of the way, who do we rely on to bring the 5G revolution to America?

In its place, Trump is turning to a handful of U.S. contractors with top-secret security clearance...

Companies that are trusted to build and secure the 5G infrastructure — antennas, routers, and chips.

I’ve identified these top ground-floor American 5G leaders... and assembled their details in a THIRD report:

"The 5G Mega-War: Profit From the $12 Trillion Race for Wireless Dominance"

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