World-Famous Gold Bug Greg McCoach Wants to Show You... 

How to Legally Steal a Gold Mine

Record highs are reported almost weekly. There's no end in sight. And everyone's diving into the market... While millions are forced to pay retail, here's a little glitch that lets you seize ounces for pennies on the dollar.

Dear Reader,

This one's for the books.

Five hundred miles north of Akron, Ohio, in a region home to one of North America's most abundant gold deposits...

The most shocking landgrab of the past 50 years is quietly yet rapidly unfolding.

In short, thanks to one uranium giant's neglected assets, a tiny exploration company recently secured several billion dollars worth of gold — for just $250k. And that's not the down payment on a loan...

They bought the entire property for $250,000 — cash.

Since we first caught wind of this insane deal, early investors have already made more than three times their money. And in the next few weeks, it could easily triple again!

I'm going to show you how to take advantage of it right now, and with amazing results.

Here's the full story...

You see, I recently returned from just outside Timmins, Ontario.

For those of you who don't know, Timmins sits right in the heart of one of the greatest gold belts in the entire world, the famous Abitibi Greenstone Belt.

In fact, it's been churning out the yellow metal for so long (since 1907), the entire region's been dubbed "Elephant Country."

It's produced 180 million ounces, or 5,625 tons, of gold. It's also raked in more than 450 million tons of copper-zinc ore.

To top it off, Ontario is one of the least hostile and most government-friendly places in the entire world to operate a mine.

In recently years, however, the location seemed to be drying up. And many of the companies operating there thought their days were numbered.

And that's exactly why I'm still in shock from the phone call I received several months ago...

The Most Profitable Phone Call You May Ever Hear About

I was locking the door to our Denver house.

My wife and I just returned from filling ourselves with a 24-ounce Porterhouse and a bottle of some unpronounceable yet delicious Bordeaux at Brooks Steak House & Cellar. (If you are ever in the Denver area, you absolutely must go. Brooks is the place for prime cuts, hands down.)

Anyway, I still had our jackets wrapped around my arm and keys in my hand when the phone rang.

Expecting a call from one of my sons, I quickly placed everything on the back of a dining room chair and raced over.

Before I could utter a single word, an ecstatic voice instantly broke out speed talking.

The auctioneer-paced conversation came from a close friend and fellow gold investor whom I've known for years.

Recently, he took a sizeable position in an — at the time, questionable — exploration company. It's based right next to the one I'm now writing to tell you about.

The man, quite literally, has a knack for finding massive gold jackpots, the likes of which typically multiply your money in a very short time.

He's used to big gains. He sees them pretty much all of the time. So when he calls at 9:30 on a Wednesday night, gasping for air as he rambles about THIS property, I knew I needed to pay close attention...

The conversation started something like this:

"Did you see it?! Did you see it?! They announced it! 12.17 grams per ton! The stock launched 56% today! It's there! It's [expletive] huge! They think it's the same gold system that runs under Timmins... it's just a little deeper under the ground! You have to see this report! This could be massive! I'll fax it over!"

A few minutes later, a 20-page fax came through. And after giving it a careful read (highlighted for you below), that was all it took.

I immediately researched other companies that were fresh in the area, booked a flight, and packed my bag...

Next thing I knew, I was heading up to Ontario.

I knew I would uncover something highly profitable to share with you; I just had no idea it would be this huge and, as you'll see, be able to deliver gains overnight.

The Secret that Mining and Exploration Companies
Don't Want You to Know

If you're not familiar with the mining terminology... what indicators to look for... what faults and other mineral deposits tip off that you're getting extremely close...

Then explaining absolutely everything that gives geologists goose bumps when they think about this new location would only confuse you.

In all honesty, the jargon is a skill set I've developed over a very long career in the gold industry. And even with the very best teaching you, there's a lot of trial and error before you actually "get it."

Considering there's a severe time constraint before this sucker pops — and I mean running from $0.45 to $4.33 over the next 12 months (and as high as $11-$23 in the next few years) — I'll just give you the crash course. And it starts like this...

There are no new gold discoveries!

It's true. The world's "easy" gold discoveries — the spots where gold literally sifted from streams — are long gone.

*** It's a secret that no mining or exploration company wants you to know.

In other words, what scientists and geologists do now to find massive deposits is start by going back to the biggest and best of the old ones — ones like the massive Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Ontario from which I recently returned.

From there, thanks to recent technological advancements, they run a series of seismic tests in different spots under the ground, searching for specific geologic formations and proof of certain minerals.

If all adds up, they drill a test well and ship it off for examination.

***Now, this is important to remember: At this point, the company's value, and typically the share price, barely budge on exploration companies.

If the results come back (just two or three weeks later) with positive results, before you're even told, you'll see something amazing happen...

The share price will instantly skyrocket — just as it did with my friend's exploration company!

And the run to several hundred percent gains begins. It looks something like this:


You can see how fast companies on these gold properties can hand investors cash. Timing is absolutely critical.

Now normally, it's a very labor-intensive process from start to finish. But that's exactly what made my friend's investment — and the one I'm here to share with you — so absolutely astounding...

And what could hand you double, even triple, your money over the next year!

You see, this area's already been tested before.

How the Largest Uranium Company in the World Ditched the
Most Exciting Gold Discovery in the Last 50 Years

You could call this the ultimate gift of fate or the biggest goof in a company's history.

I'm sure that by now, you're familiar with Cameco. It's currently the ExxonMobil of uranium companies.

What you may not know is that several years ago, in the 1990s to mid-2000s, Cameco was deeply rooted in gold exploration. And one of their prized locations spanned the area that the company I'm here to tell you about now owns.

Fortunately for us, Cameco basically gave the property away — with all of the work pretty much done!

In fact, by 2002, according to a 627-page report they filed with the Ontario Ministry for Mines, Cameco drilled 15 holes and collected 1,067 gold samples in the property.

Each one showed extreme potential for high gold mineralization.

Here's an excerpt directly from that 627 page report:

"These results, although not economic so far, are indicative of a large gold system. It is part of a major deformation corridor, traced by drilling for more than two kilometers along strike, up to 1.5 kilometers wide and more than 600 meters deep."

Keep in mind that at the time gold barely traded above $300 an ounce.

To top it off, their gold results — although some showed an astonishing 159.9 grams of gold per ton — appeared discontinuous and inconsistent.

What we would learn — and was even recommended further in Cameco's report — is that to get to the massive deposits, they would need more funding. And they would have to dig deeper.

At the time, the max depth in the holes made by Cameco reached only 600 meters... most of them remaining in the 300-meter depth.

Their reasons for drilling that shallow made sense. After all, that's how deep the famous gold deposit to the east needed to drill.

Today, we now know that the gold they were getting (those massive readings) came from just the upper crust of what geologists are starting to call the most impressive gold discovery in the last 50 years!

Unfortunately for Cameco, by the time their recommendations to drill deeper came around, they were leaving both the gold business and Canada in order to concentrate on what would become their uranium empire...

The property was virtually given away to another gold company in exchange for two payments totaling $250k.

You read that right: This land — what could be the most exciting gold discovery in 50 years — sold for just $250k.

Taking Cameco's Gold Recommendation
Doubles Exploration Outfit's Share Price

Immediately to the west — on the very next property — my friend's gold company struck the jackpot.

They knew, being so close to Cameco's old property, that they shared the same exact geological formations. Their shallower test results even came back the same as Cameco's.

Naturally, they studied Cameco's reports and efforts to the "T." So it's no surprise that when they read their recommendation to drill deeper, they knew that's where the mother lode could be found...

And that's exactly what they did.

In fact, they drilled deeper than ANY company in the area before them had — much deeper. And that's when things started to get exciting...

While they waited the short period for their test results to come back, their share price — until close of trading — remained around $1.02.

But by the very next morning, after their test results from drilling were officially known, the company's share price surged 56%...

And they haven't looked back since!

Today, this company trades for $2.12, more than doubling every investor's money that got in when my friend did!

And as more results emerge from deeper drilling, geologists from around the world are starting to agree that this massive formation — as deep as it is — is the most exciting thing to happen to gold exploration in the past 50 years!

That's why, as soon as I heard the success of his company, I immediately hopped a plane to Ontario. I needed to get out there fast and find another company that's in the same position his company was — before the results came back.

The company I found for you — after carefully scrutinizing every outfit in the area — couldn't be a more perfect fit.

Acting Right Now Could Triple Your Money
in the Next Two to Three Weeks

Imagine for one moment...

How much money you could make if you knew of a company, in the exact same situation as the one my friend found, that's about to see even larger results... several times larger!

That's exactly what I found. And the timing couldn't be more perfect.

You see, this company is on the same property that Cameco already confirmed has enormous gold potential. And to make matters even more urgent and impressive, the company has some explosive news they expect to announce regarding their latest assay drill results as early as next week!

In other words, the stock is about to skyrocket!

And judging from the absolute swarm of trading on it lately, those results aren't just going to be coming back soon, but could turn out to launch this outfit's share price several times higher.

As I write this, mega-firms across Europe already have massive funding deals on the table... deals so large, the share price could easily triple — AGAIN — as soon as their results are announced.

So here's the deal:

To get you up to speed, I just put the finishing touches on my latest report, detailing absolutely everything under the sun about this discovery and the company behind it. It's called, "The Best Gold Story in the Last 50 Years."

And I want you to have it absolutely free.

I'll show you how you can get your hands on it — and every single stock I own in my personal portfolio — in just one moment. But first...

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Greg McCoach, founder and president of the Mining Speculator.

I'm Greg McCoach, managing editor of the Mining Speculator and Insider Alert, and President of AmeriGold, a gold bullion dealer.

My stellar track record is one of the reasons many of Hollywood’s elite come to me to buy physical gold.

And I don't mean to brag, but my portfolio returns are nothing short of astonishing...

Check this out:

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But here's the thing...

I'm not writing you today to talk about any "ordinary" precious metals stocks.

You see, we're in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime global economic crisis. And we're seeing historic changes to our financial system on what seems like a daily basis... with more staggering changes yet to come.

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This is the time when fortunes are built.

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Let me explain how it all works...

A Second Chance at Profit Opportunities You Won't Find Anywhere Else on the Planet

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As impressive as those gains are, the potential for profits with this stock is even greater.

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It's where investors burned by the financial crisis are now turning as a safe-haven alternative to the agenda-guided mainstream financial media.

Truth is, in the Mining Speculator portfolio, I disqualify 99.9% of the gold, mining, and precious metals plays out there.

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The Simple, Risk-FREE Step You Can Take Today
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report image

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Greg McCoach
Chairman, The Mining Speculator