Chinese Researcher Unveils New Battery Technology at Private Investment Conference

Henry Chiang presented the world with a revolutionary way to power everything from cell phones to entire cities...

His secret technology, and the tiny startup firm that owns it, could earn you the easiest profits you've ever made.


Dear Reader,

Before Henry Chiang made coal and oil obsolete, he was just a regular guy.

But on July 12, 2010, he delivered a 23-minute speech in which he unveiled a technology he'd been waiting for the perfect time to reveal.

So, as nearly every member at the Global Securities Conference sat on the edges of their seats, Henry Chiang described several key details of a project he'd been working on for years...

A viable way to use solar power at night.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you saw the line of investors waiting in line to speak with Henry Chiang, you'd probably reconsider.

You see, with just one hour's worth of sunlight, we could power the whole planet for an entire year...

Summer, winter, day, and night.

But, for a long time, no one had the slightest idea how to store that energy efficiently enough to even power one household for a full 24 hours.

That is, until Henry Chiang revealed his way of providing electricity indefinitely — night or day, rain or shine.

And I'm not just talking about a few houses...

I'm talking about entire cities — even countries — as Henry's technology becomes the way we power everything.

Some energy insiders have even claimed the need for fossil fuels to generate power in a modern economy are completely false.

Maybe that's why, according to an investment prospectus from PiperJaffray, it's estimated that there will be upwards of $600 billion spent on this technology over the next 10-12 years.

That's how big this thing is.

Of course, Henry hasn't divulged all the details yet, so I can only tell you what I know...

The first thing that pops into my mind is how much money in potential profits this situation could create for you.

It's certainly not every day a world-altering (and this isn't an exaggeration) energy discovery is made...

I mean, in 23 minutes of speaking, Henry Chiang made coal and oil obsolete.

This could make him a billionaire many times over. He'll only have to work again if he chooses to.

And you, too, might say the same — once I prove to you how much money you stand to funnel into your bank account over the next year or so.

As I'll prove to you in a moment, this isn't some "shot in the dark"...

For the first time in history, we're on the cusp of being able to harness the sun's rays efficiently enough to power entire countries...

The energy company no one can catch

The sun gives off approximately 1,000 watts of power per square meter, per day.

That's enough energy — if stored properly — to provide the entire world with infinite power.

Of course, while we're far from that goal, we're extremely close to powering buildings, cities, even countries as solar energy storage technology advances.

And that's where Henry Chiang comes in...

What he shared with the crowd at the Global Securities conference was his company's progress on a rechargeable energy unit known as the NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery.

Once thought of as a battery good only for powering calculators and watches, Henry has helped take this technology to an entirely new level.

In fact, as I write this, his company has produced batteries that can run cars, planes — even a series of homes.

And while there are hundreds of startups across the world looking to jump into the market...

They don't have anywhere near the experience to produce batteries that have the same recyclability, high power, high energy density, and long life that Henry's batteries have.

But the company I'm telling you about today isn't a one-trick pony...

Over the last decade, they've perfected several types of high-tech batteries — from the NiMH model I've told you about to lithium ion batteries.

In fact, they're already distributing them in Europe, North America, and Asia.

And with several subsidiaries working on new ways to use batteries (like producing full-scale nighttime solar), not to mention their accredited R&D department, the company is about to spring from its Chinese headquarters to be the biggest battery company on earth.

But that's not even the best part...

On July 8th (four days before what will no doubt be remembered as the famous speech Henry delivered at the Global Securities conference), it was proven that his technology is the closest we've ever come to infinite power.

"We are on the verge of the perpetual flight"
— The New York Times

As with any major discovery, testing must start out small.

You can't just put New York City on stored solar power without first figuring out how to implement it perfectly...

And that’s where the Solar Impulse project comes in.

The first stage started on July 7th, 2010. It ended 26 hours and 9 minutes later as pilot Andre Borschberg touched down in a solar-powered aircraft.

And as quickly as that, history was made.

You see, using the very same technology Henry Chiang has become a leading expert on, this solar-powered plane was able to fly throughout the night using only the energy it had harbored from the sun. 

Even more incredible: As the morning sun rose, the plane's charge began quickly increasing.

The craft could have flown for another 24 hours... and another... and another after that.

In fact, had it not been for the human pilot, there's no telling just how long the plane could have stayed in the air.

As co-founder of the project Bertrand Piccard stated in a New York Times article, "We are on the verge of the perpetual flight."

Something that was once thought impossible — using the sun’s power through the hours of the night — has just been proven to work...

And with extraordinary results.

The flight broke records for the highest and longest solar flight in history.

Perpetual energy is something that will never be achieved with a plane powered by fossil fuels — not to mention how much “greener” using solar power is.

Perhaps that’s why Parker Weil, co-head of the Americas Energy and Power Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, recently said: “We are bullish on energy efficiency… Energy Efficiency is where the money is…”

Who knows — perhaps Mr. Weil was one of those in line to speak with Henry Chiang after Henry delivered that blockbuster speech I told you about earlier?

Maybe that’s why Henry has been invited to speak at three more conferences through 2011...

Or maybe it’s just because Henry’s technology is the best in the universe…

No other solar technology compares

After months of wading knee-deep in research, I can’t find any other technology that compares to what Henry Chiang and his company are holding in their hands right now.

I’m talking specifically about the NiMH battery technology that Henry presented at the Global Securities Conference on July 12, 2010.

They do what every other company strives to do.

So, it’s no accident that they were recently awarded a very important document in the world of technology...


Those of you that can decipher Asian languages can see this is a Technology Innovation award.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but for a technology company, this certificate is the “Holy Grail.”

They’re only awarded to a handful of companies around the world each year for discoveries that are of an advanced innovation level and have incredible social and economic benefits.

In this case, the judges had a pretty clear-cut decision on their hands...

You see, Henry Chiang’s NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydrogen) battery is unlike anything they’d ever come across.

That’s not to say no other company out there isn’t trying to do the same thing Henry is doing (as I mentioned earlier)… But over the course of my research, I can safely say you'd be hard-pressed to find another person in the universe who is doing it as effectively.

And because of this, you have the chance to cash in for $131,500 by this time next year.

2,250% Gains for an Energy Innovator

It’s hard to imagine just how much money a discovery like this could make for Henry Chiang.

And it’s just as difficult to project how much shares of his company will jump as his technology becomes the way we power the world.

But, I can tell you this…

If it makes you even half as much as you could’ve made from similar discoveries in the past, you could be sitting on a cool $58,750 within the calendar year — and that’s a very conservative estimate.

For instance, a company by the name of Riverbed Technology won an Innovation Award in 2005, much like the one I showed you above. The discovery they made is very technical and hard to describe in layman’s terms... Essentially, they created a new way to transfer data.

It may seem like a small development; but when you consider how much data huge corporations transfer on a daily basis, you’d realize how game-changing this discovery really was.

And the investors that took note of this — and were smart enough to get in on this company early enough — watched as 552% gains rolled in.

Take a look for yourself:


And Riverbed wasn’t the only example of a company who was at the forefront of their sector and experienced huge gains...

Some (as you'll see in a few moments) have made three, four, even seven times this amount of money for investors.

There’s also ABB Ltd. These guys are leaders in the engineering world now, but it wasn’t always that way...

They were once a tiny company with a huge discovery on their hands, much like Henry Chiang has right now.

And it’s no coincidence ABB also won an Innovation Award in 2005.

The stock ended up skyrocketing by 2,250%...


If you were to put just $5,000 into this company, you would've walked away with $131,500.

Even if you made just half of that, you'd be pocketing a second salary.

By now, I’m pretty sure you see the pattern here.

Both these companies were sitting on technology that changed the way we operate on a daily basis. They were also both recipients of Innovation Awards.

As you can see, winning these awards is a pretty clear indicator that a company is on the right path to making some huge gains.

In fact, I went back just to 2001 and found several other companies that had won or been considered for an Innovation Award, and the results were astounding:

  • Xaar PLC shot up 96%
  • Siemens AG Medical Solutions jumped 239%
  • Akzo Nobel rose 273%
  • Startech Environmental Corp. skyrocketed 900%
  • Given Imaging went up 481%
  • Ecology Coatings shot up 1,900%

As you can probably guess, the companies with the biggest gains are the ones who actually won the Innovation Awards…

Just as Henry Chiang’s company did.

But if this isn't compelling enough, just consider that investors around the globe are already jumping on the energy storage bandwagon like crazy.

An ex-electric worker out of Wisconsin just made $34,802 in 10 days

At one time, Ryan Albrecht probably didn't envision himself as a savvy investor... But these days, I think it's safe to say he feels a bit differently.

I mean, you don't make $34,802 in just over a week without at least knowing something.

That something came in the form of advice from a co-worker.

He let Ryan in on something most people were overlooking, or simply didn't know enough about: the huge advancements being made in the energy storage sector.

While rank-and-file investors were dumping their money elsewhere, Ryan decided to act on his friend's advice and put some of his hard-earned cash into a battery storage company.

In just ten days, the stock of a company called ZBB Energy Corporation shot up — putting an extra $34,802 in Ryan's pocket.

And this isn't the only time something like this has happened...

Recently, in a sector most people aren't paying attention to, big-time money is being made.

Take a company called China Ritar Power Corp.

Until recently, their stock had remained stagnant. Investors who got in long ago probably thought they were sitting on a dud.

But once this sector started booming, the story changed dramatically...

The stock shot up several hundred percent.

That's pretty good. But it's nothing compared to what happened to shares of Beacon Power, whose outlook seemed even bleaker.

After some time of shares heading down, things suddenly turned around in a big way.

As energy storage became more and more of a focal point, their shares made some folks incredibly rich...

Prices went from a mere $0.02 to an astounding $0.83.


With just pennies, savvy investors had the shot at getting in on gains of 4,050%.

That turns $500 into $20,750... $1,500 into $62,250... and $5,000 into $207,500.

And here's the kicker: Not one of the three companies I just showed ever won an Innovation Award for their efforts, were invited to conferences around the world, or had Henry Chiang on their payroll.

In other words, the sky's the limit here in terms of profits.

I'm just trying to show you how incredible the profits have been so far, and what you can expect.

Who knows? Maybe your $1k investment turns into $45k... maybe $12k... maybe $131k.

Maybe you'll end up just like Ryan Albrecht and pocket $34k almost overnight.

Either way, it's more money than your likely to make if you follow rank-and-file investors into the bad investments they're continuing to make.

And to prove it, I decided to write up an exclusive report on the matter. It's called How Nighttime Solar Could Put $131k in Your Pocket.

This report has all the details you need: company name, ticker symbol, and exactly when you can expect the big gains to come rolling in.

So, let me tell you how to get it sent to your inbox right away, so you can get in on this thing before the masses start catching on...

How to claim your FREE report right now

Before I get too far ahead of things, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Nick Hodge. I'm an investment analyst here at Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.

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And those are just a few of the gains I've found for my readers.

Now, that may seem pretty impressive, but keep in mind that you could make more than all those gains combined on the energy opportunity I've been telling you about today.

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The next windfall energy opportunity is here...
But the window for it won't be open forever

I don't know how else to stress just how big of an opportunity we have here.

We have a picture of Henry's research lab, the innovation award, and the historic performance of several similar companies...


There's not much more you could want in the way of proof that this potential windfall could let you retire on the spot.

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Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge

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