Read Now: Profit Alert from Jeff Siegel

After this announcement is made on January 17, 2020... a new world will exist.

Insiders are calling this moment in time:

Day Zero


Dear Reader,

The history of humanity has been defined by a few epic, course-changing events...

That alter life as we know it forever.

Sometimes for bad...

But often for good.

And on January 17, 2020, it will happen again.

This event will be very, very good...

And could make you very, very rich.

If you know what’s coming and take decisive action.

On that day, at an invitation-only meeting of the world’s most connected and influential people...

A company executive will step to the podium and make an announcement so stunning...

That it will rank at the top of the most life-changing events ever recorded in history.  

Folks still remember where they were when we landed on the moon...

And when the Berlin Wall fell...

Or when Bin Laden was killed.

This announcement will be bigger than all of those.

January 17, 2020 — after the announcement...

Will be the new world.

All time that has ever existed up until then...

Will be the old world.

Think of the Big Bang creating our universe...

Or how the time before Jesus was born is called B.C.

And after his birth is known as A.D.

It’s that big.

And if you play your cards right...

It will make you richer than you ever dreamed possible.

This is a big claim, I know.

But I have proof.

And as soon as you realize what this is about...

When you see the evidence I’m about to present...

I’m certain you will come to the same conclusion.

The End of Aging

Humans have pursued immortality for thousands of years.

In 30 B.C., Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk in the hopes of remaining young.

In 1513, Ponce de Leon set out on an epic journey to discover the mythical Fountain of Youth.

And since the 1950s, there have been countless creams, potions, and lotions...

Promising to remove wrinkles, give users a youthful glow, and reverse the ravages of time.

Some of them, like Botox, work with varying degrees of success.

But until now, none of them treated the actual cause of aging...

They merely masked the symptoms.

But on January 17, 2020, that changes.

In that invitation-only room...

Packed with the wealthiest insiders on the planet...

The chief medical officer of this company will reveal scientific proof detailing a new treatment...

That makes immune system ailments...

Heart failure...

And brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's...

A thing of the past.


The old world will end.

And a new one will begin.

Day Zero.

I’ve seen the science.

My research team and I have painstakingly analyzed the results.

And we can barely contain our excitement.

I’ll show you exactly how this new discovery works in just a moment.

You’ll understand why the announcement made on January 17 will be so special and unique.

I’ll even show you how massively profitable this could be.

But first, you should know who I am...

And I’ll show you why you should listen to what I’m about to reveal.

Three Decades of Triple-Digit Gains


My name is Jeff Siegel.

And I've been a professional investor for 30 years.

I'm also a best-selling author, television commentator, and editor of the highly successful investment publication Green Chip Stocks.

The readers of my newsletter have made life-changing fortunes by following my picks.

Like when I recommended SunPower Corporation (SPWR) — before it shot up FIVE TIMES its value...

That turned every $500 into $2,480!

And when I told my readers to buy First Solar, they made out like bandits when it exploded with an 850% gain...

That turned every $500 into $4,250!

But we were just getting warmed up.

Another official recommendation for my newsletter readers was Ormat Technologies.

And anyone who took my advice and plunked down $500...

Saw it turn into $2,055!

Take a look...

And then there was Vestas Wind Systems.

I told folks to get in at $75 a share — and after that, it went parabolic...

All the way up to $660 a share!

$500 in that stock would have turned into $4,400!

I can’t take all the credit.

I have a dedicated staff of expert researchers who help me find these big winners.

Together, we have a killer record of triple-digit gains.

And we do it over and over again.

But the company I am going to tell you about today dwarfs those previous picks.

That’s why this presentation is so important.

Because our research shows that once this announcement is made...

Every $500 Turns Into $55,280

Biotech companies on the cusp of new discoveries can go parabolic.

Look what happened to Medivation (MDVN) when it announced a new treatment for prostate cancer.

Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) developed a drug that relieves the symptoms of MS and its stock went through the roof.  

And when Illumina (ILMN) made strides with gene editing, it made early investors rich.

A one-time, $500 investment in MDVN turned into over $55,000.

And the company I’ve discovered could absolutely dwarf those gains...

When it makes this incredible announcement on January 17, 2020.

“THEY” Are Already Invested...
Big Time


The folks who always seem to be ahead of the curve are pouring huge amounts of their personal wealth into this field.

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has already put $370 million into research.

The New Yorker broke the news that Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, has invested as well...

And has publicly stated he plans to live until 120.

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, has quietly been funding a startup...

With the stated goal of “Vaporizing a third of human diseases.”

Plus, the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page...

Launched a secretive venture in the hopes of curing diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's...

And extending human lifespan.

They’ve already put in $500 million...

And pledged another $500 million.

That’s a BILLION-dollar investment.

All these folks are investing their personal fortunes in this.

And they always seem to be ahead of the curve.

Imagine if you had the foresight to invest in any one of their companies.

Oracle, PayPal, Amazon, Google.

You’d be almost unimaginably wealthy.

Well, these same folks are at it again.

And now you have a chance to get in on the same thing they see as the next “big one.”

But it’s not just them plowing massive amounts of money into this.

Some of the largest financial institutions on Earth are, too.

  • Fidelity
  • BlackRock
  • Vanguard
  • J.P. Morgan

Have all shoveled huge amounts of cash into this one specific company.

What do all these visionary founders know that most folks don’t?

What information do these massive financial institutions have about this company that makes it such a sure bet?

They know the announcement that will be made on January 17, 2020...

Will alter the course of humanity...

Will change the lives of tens of millions of people around the world...

And make people who had the smarts to invest wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

The New, Better World and Your New Millionaire Life

When you wake up the day after this announcement...

Imagine how you’ll spend your day.

Instead of forcing yourself out of your bed...

And hustling off to work...

You slowly rise whenever you feel like it.

You still put on the same clothes and shoes...

Because you haven’t had time to spend any of your new money yet.

Maybe you head to some of your normal spots...

The local coffee shop, barbershop, or bar.

You try to play it cool.

But anyone who looks close enough will see the little smile you’re trying to hide.

When you pick up the paper, you’ll see headlines about this announcement.

You’ll hear folks at the barbershop talking about it.

Everyone will be thrilled about the newly unveiled science.

The actual, legitimate end of aging.

And so many folks will talk about how much money they COULD have made.

Guys at the bar will say — for the hundredth time in their lives...

“It should have been me!”

It’s up to you if you want to tell them or not.

You can brag about your new wealth if you want.

Or you can just sit back and listen to them talk about how another one got away.

Listen to them complain how the rich keep getting richer.

And just be content knowing you had the foresight to see what was coming...

And the guts to take action.

Just do me a favor.

Don’t be a jerk with your new millionaire status.

I’ve seen so many people go off the rails when they get rich overnight.

Donate some to charity... or church if that’s your thing.

Just imagine the look on your wife’s face when you tell her.

Or how the kids will feel knowing you just paid off their college debt.

That’s the kind of fast money that genuine medical breakthroughs can generate.

You already know that because of companies like Medivation.

But those gains are nothing compared to the potential of this new opportunity.

The science is that exciting.

It’s why some of the most visionary founders of our lifetime are pouring their personal fortunes into this.

They aren’t risking their wealth on some risky gamble.

This is as close to a sure shot as it gets.

That’s because these leaders understand the science.

And when you understand what this means, you’ll see why I’m so excited...

And why billions of dollars in private money is already flowing into this.

The Shocking — But Simple Science

In the easiest way to understand, it works like this...

Chronic diseases happen as a result of cells getting older.

As cells age, they become less effective at detecting and fighting infections.

The older your cells are, the more likely you are to get an infection or disease.

And you are more likely to die from it.

If you’re able to keep cells young...

You can fight off infections and disease.

And you’ll look younger doing it!

There are two signals that send information to the cell called TORC1 and TORC2.

And they determine if a cell grows old or stays young.

Think of it like cholesterol.

There’s good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

TORC1 is like bad cholesterol.

When you block TORC1, it’s been shown to prolong lifespan...

Enhance immune function....

Diminish heart failure...

Increase memory...

Enhance mobility...

Decrease fat....

And block the onset of age-related diseases.

TORC2 is like good cholesterol.

When scientists blocked TORC2 in tests...

It actually decreased lifespan.

So you want TORC2 (good cholesterol) and don’t want TORC1 (bad cholesterol).

You want to block TORC1 without blocking TORC2.

And that’s exactly what this company has been secretly developing for years.

It’s easy to understand why this company will be so profitable once you know what it's up to.

But opportunities like this are usually kept quiet until it’s too late for the regular guy to profit.

Another One of Silicon Valley’s Secrets

They do this all the time!

They develop — or fund the development of something that ends up being life-changing...

They share the inside scoop with their friends...

Their friends pour in money...

And when the news finally hits the mainstream...

The mainstream investors get involved...

And the insiders cash out.

Think about it.

Did Jeff Bezos ask you or your friends for money to help start Amazon?

Did Peter Thiel ask you for any cash to help get PayPal off the ground?

Did you know Google was looking for money when it was still in a garage?

Probably not.

They only told the other Silicon Valley insiders about their businesses.

And each one of those companies went on to become revolutionary, multibillion-dollar corporations.

Now... right now...

Every single one of those people is quietly piling money into the next game-changer.

They know that the announcement on January 17, 2020, will affect tens of millions of people...

And set them up for even more wealth.

As a matter of fact, January 17, 2020, could be known as...

The Most Profitable Day in History


You could break a calculator trying to add up the profits this new discovery will generate.

Remember, the new treatment this company has developed...

Has been shown to enhance immune function....

Diminish heart failure...

Increase memory...

Enhance mobility...

Decrease fat....

And block the onset of age-related diseases.

The anti-aging industry alone is projected to be over $330 billion.

At the current pace, Alzheimer’s treatments will cost nearly $15 billion.

Diabetes drugs are estimated to be a $58 billion market.

Obesity drug companies currently bring in $418 billion.

And the heart failure market is soon to rake in more than $16 billion.

That's well over $800 billion!

And that doesn’t include all the other “age-related diseases” this new breakthrough could stop.

We’re staring down the profit barrel of a potential TRILLION-dollar game changer.

A small investment in this company has the chance to turn you into a multimillionaire.


Expect Five-Figure Gains

You already know how fast and how far a biotech company stock can explode when it makes a big announcement.

Investors can grab five-figure gains in no time.

A $10,000 investment in ILMN shot up to $390,000.

The same amount in QCOR gave investors back more than $500,000.

And anyone who put $10,000 into MDVN walked away with a cool $1,120,000.

Keep in mind that each of these companies shot up after it made “ordinary” announcements.

New treatments and new drugs are announced all the time!

This company will make an announcement so earth-shattering...

That you won’t be able to avoid the news once it happens.

And after wading through thousands of pages of documents...

After unleashing my research team...

And calling all the connections I’ve made in my decades of stock analysis...

I came to this conclusion:

January 17, 2020, will be the most profitable day in the history of mankind.

And anyone who gets in now has the chance to wake up the next day a multimillionaire.

That conclusion isn’t one I reach lightly.

All the science had to check out.

All the numbers had to line up.

And the people in charge have to know what they’re doing.

And that’s another reason I’m so certain about this company and the wealth it could generate for you...

If you take action.

The Woman Who Will Change The World

You’ve never heard of her.

But the chief medical officer of this company is about to be a science rock star.

Not only am I convinced that her company is the best bet for overnight riches we’ve ever seen in our lives...

But I’d be willing to lay odds that she’s named “Person of the Year” after this announcement.

Her resume is beyond impressive.

An A.B. from Harvard...

An M.D. from Harvard Medical School...

A fellowship with the Harvard Combined Infectious Disease Program...

She led a team researching breakthroughs in biotech for a global, Switzerland-based corporation...

And joined the faculty of both Harvard and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

She’s been on the bleeding edge of disease and anti-aging breakthroughs for over a decade.

And on January 17, 2020...

She will become one of the most famous people on the planet.

And you — if you take action today — will be rich.

January 17, 2020, Is Day Zero...
And the Day After Is YOUR Day ONE

But only if you take action today.

Because the DAY AFTER January 17, 2020... it will be too late.

Once this announcement is made...

And once it’s being covered in the mainstream...

All the biggest gains will have been made.

That’s the day you’ll walk into the cafe or the barbershop or the bar...

And hear folks talking about another opportunity that got away.

Imagine how terrible it would feel trying to explain to them that you knew this would happen...

But didn’t do anything about it.

Imagine telling that to your kids.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have information most people don’t have.

You know what’s coming... and you even know the exact date.

You’ve seen the astronomical gains that can happen to biotech stocks...

When just “ordinary” announcements happen.

You’ve seen how Silicon Valley is quietly dumping tons of money into this.

And you know those tech tycoons are going to cash out with massive piles of money as soon as this announcement is made.

The only thing left is for you to decide what your day will look like the day after the announcement.

The new beginning of everything.

Day 1.

Will you walk into the bar with your head down...

Kicking yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime chance missed?

Or will you stroll in trying to hide that sly smile as you buy a round for the boys?

When your wife asks you why you’re acting funny...

Will you even tell her you let a chance at true retirement slip by?

Or will you tell her to pack her bags because you’re taking her to Europe?

It’s up to you.

Right now you know something very few people do.

But it’s not enough to just know something.

You’ve got to take action.

You have that chance right now.

The January 17 announcement is almost here.

And the folks who act the fastest have the chance to make the most profit.

REVEALED: THIS Is The Company That Will Change The World And Make Fast Movers A Fortune


If you’re still reading, chances are you’re a person who takes action.

And I’m going to offer you a way to take action right now.

So you can get ahead of the news...

Get ahead of the mainstream media...

And get ahead of all the slow movers.

I’ve compiled all the details of this company...

Its name and stock ticker...

Its corporate board and its founders...

The amazing breakthrough it's achieved...

And the details of the January 17, 2020, announcement...


In a special report titled “DAY ZERO: The Company That Will End Aging and Make You Rich.”

There’s no technical jargon.

It’s very easy to read and understand.

So you’ll be able to get ahead of the crowd.

I’ll send it to your email right away, so you can read it immediately.

Here’s how to get your copy right now...

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But that’s not all.

Not by a long shot.

Even More Chances to Get Even More Rich

I want to be clear.

While this announcement will change the world...

And make fast movers fabulously wealthy...

This is not a one-time deal.

My team and I are constantly scouring every corner of the market...

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So, as soon as you join Green Chip Stocks, you’ll immediately receive "DAY ZERO: The Company That Will End Aging and Make You Rich”...

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  • Constant direct support. As long as you're a member of our community, you'll be able to contact me with any questions you may have. My staff and I will be happy to work with you.

But there’s one more thing you need to think about...

We Know What’s Coming Next For This Company — But What’s Coming Next For You?

We know the exact date of this unprecedented announcement.

We know what the announcement will be.

We even know some of the power players who will be in the audience.

We know how profitable that announcement could be...

And how rich it could make you.

Just knowing that this announcement is coming puts you ahead of the 99%.

But it’s not enough to just know it.

You have to take action.

This is the moment where you decide what the rest of your life looks like.

From now on, does it look the same as it always has?

Or do you take action right now...

And set you and your family up for life?

If you’re bold enough to take action right now...

I’ll match your boldness with this...

My Official Ironclad Guarantee To You

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You can even keep "DAY ZERO: The Company That Will End Aging and Make You Rich”...

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I can’t believe I’m doing this!

The most profitable information I’ve ever come across...

50% off the normal price...

And a money-back promise.

That’s my guarantee to you.

Now It’s Your Turn

You are the only one who decides what happens next.

It’s totally up to you.

It’s your turn to get in front of a fast-moving announcement.

It’s your turn to live the life you deserve.

It’s your turn to take action.

As soon as you join Green Chip Stocks, I’ll email you your copy of "DAY ZERO: The Company That Will End Aging and Make You Rich.”

It’s yours to keep forever.

Just click the subscribe now button below...


And you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review all the details before anything is final.

As soon as you get your report, I suggest you tear into it and read it immediately.

I look forward to hearing your story about hitting it big because you got ahead of this announcement...

I hope to see you at our invitation-only retreats.

And I look forward to seeing you take action and living the life you know you deserve.


Jeff Siegel Signature

Jeff Siegel
Investing Director, Green Chip Stocks