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Dear Reader,

The link you just clicked on would've normally gone to a promotional article for Green Chip International (GCI)...

However, GCI — our global cleantech stock advisory service — is no longer for sale as an individual product.

This is great news for you...

Because the winning stock picks and advice in Green Chip International are still available. It's just been merged with its more comprehensive (and more expensive) sister product, Alternative Energy Speculator.

But you don't have to worry about the more expensive part — because you've found a hidden discount link.

You've managed to stumble on a discount opportunity that we are not making available to all readers... so you're one of a select few who can...

Pay the Old Price for a New Service

You see, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to profit from the new energy stocks racing up the charts. I'm talking about wind, solar, smart grid, desalination, and more.

And we simply had too many services to get the best stocks picks out to everyone.

Here are the prices and products we used to offer:

  • Green Chip Stocks, free

  • Green Chip Stocks Premium, $249

  • Green Chip International, $299

  • Alternative Energy Speculator, $699

  • Alternative Energy Trader, $2,499

Each one was engineered to deliver more winning plays faster than the next, as well as cater to different levels of experience and risk appetite.

Only one thing has changed: Green Chip International ($299) is now part of Alternative Energy Speculator ($699).

But you can get it for the old GCI price of $299.

Two Services in One

Listen, thousands of people have paid $699 to get access to the Alternative Energy Speculator. And its loyal readers keep coming back, year after year, because of how easy this service makes it to profit from the cleantech industry.

The portfolio always contains 20 stocks, broken down by sector — wind, water, solar, smart grid, etc.

Whenever a stock is sold for profit... it's replaced with the next winning pick. And each one has a 'buy under price' and a 'target price' to help you make independent purchase decisions.

Last year, readers closed more than 50 winning trades. And 43 of them were closed for double-digit gains or better.

This services costs $699 per year. With this hidden discount link... you can get it for $299.

You'll also get Green Chip International, a service that thousands of people have also paid good money to receive.

GCI is a slower paced, buy-and-hold service with a stellar track record. Focusing on the international green scene, GCI readers have closed huge winners by following expert advice and being patient...

Winners like 506% on a tiny Chinese electric car play... or the dozens of 50%, 60%, and 70% winners from Scandinavian wind companies and up-and-coming Asian solar firms.

That international approach is still available — only now it exists under the umbrella of the Alternative Energy Speculator.

But you don't have to pay anything extra to get all this.

Because you came across and old promotional link for Green Chip International... you're still able to get it for just $299.

Everyone else — besides those who find this link — will be paying $699.

So if you want to enjoy all the benefits (and profits) of getting picks from two different services with two different styles for a price lower than anyone else will pay... click here.

If you want to read a real promotion for the Alternative Energy Speculator, to either learn more about it or see the real price, click here... but you'll be back to get the discounted rate...

To your wealth,

Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel
Managing Editor,
Green Chip

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