Every Single Electronic Device in the World Needs THIS Tiny “Chip”


And Right Now, There's a GLOBAL Shortage of Them...

ONE Simple Move Could Make You 1,343% or More in the Next Few Months...


Dear Reader,

See this tiny “chip”? This one right here...

It’s less than a quarter of a millimeter in length.

No bigger than a grain of rice, it’s barely visible to the naked eye.

But don’t let its size fool you...

Because this “chip” is incredibly powerful!

So powerful, in fact, that it powers EVERYTHING from smartphones to electric cars.

It has nothing to do with “energy metals” like lithium or cobalt or vanadium...

This tiny but essential component is used in nearly EVERY electronic device in the world.

According to top industry experts, it’s "THE workhorse of the technology industry".

And without it, virtually no electronic device could work.

You heard that right: not a SINGLE one.

I’m talking about your tablet computer, your smart TV, your computer mouse, your smartphone, your Bluetooth speaker, your gaming console, and even your car — all would forever cease working without these “chips.”

You may never see one of these “chips” in person.


  • There are hundreds of them hidden inside your smartphone.
  • The typical gas-powered car contains thousands of them.
  • And an electric car needs ten thousand of them or more.

In short, the more sophisticated the device is, the more of these “chips” it needs to run.

And right now, there’s a MASSIVE shortage of them...

“A global shortage,” in fact, as the Wall Street Journal points out.

And there is no other substitute for it. NONE.

Which is why prices for these “chips” have increased by 200 times in the past year!

As CNET says:

“Good luck finding the phone, TV or
console of your dreams”

This shortage is making all electronic devices harder to come by.

So much so, there are already shortages of popular technology products.

“Can’t find a Playstation 4? Blame it on a part barely bigger than a speck,” says the Wall Street Journal.

But gaming consoles are only scratching the surface of the problem.

It’s much bigger than that...

Because without these tiny “chips,” dozens of billion- , even trillion-dollar industries would come to a grinding halt.

Which is why, hands down, this supply shortage could be the biggest investment opportunity of 2019...

You see, the last time the industry saw a “chip” shortage like this was back in the late 90's.

Computers and mobile phones were just becoming popular items and they all needed the same critical component.

Demand was climbing so fast that supply just couldn't keep up. The result was a gold rush for whoever could ramp up production.

One “chip” maker headquartered in South Carolina soared 532% in less than 17 months.

A small firm from Philadelphia that produces these “chips” jumped 581% in just three months.

And another tiny firm that makes them went up 612% in just 14 months.

Had you gotten into all three of these stocks, you could’ve banked combined gains of 1,725%.

In short, whenever shortfalls happen in this industry, folks who are properly positioned to take advantage of them get filthy rich.

But this particular shortage is far more dire than any other that’s come before it.

This tiny “chip” literally powers everything.

And explosive growth in three key industries has caused demand for it to soar like never before.

In fact, if history repeats itself, investors could see their positions soar by up to 1,343%...

And all it will take them is one simple move that takes less than three minutes to execute.

I’ll show you how to best take advantage of thise special opportunity in just a moment.

But first, it's important you understand just how serious this global component shortage actually is...

Global Shortage Grips Tech Sector, Creates Widespread Panic

This tiny “chip” is the basic building block of nearly EVERY electronic device in the world.

Because of the sudden shortage, dozens of industries now find themselves scrambling for these “chips.”

That includes these three key industries that are absolutely exploding:

  • The budding $7 trillion “Internet of Things” industry
  • The $271 billion electric vehicle market
  • The $355 billion smartphone industry

It has now become the most sought-after component on the market.

Electronic makers that rely on getting these “chips” right away now have to wait six to twelve months or more!

As one Japanese component supplier says, “The overall industry is out of stock.”

This supply crisis doesn't have anything to do with Trump’s trade tariffs enacted on China.

The crisis comes down to ONE thing only.

It’s the single most basic law of economics...

And it could make you RICH.

In short, the demand for these “chips” far outweighs the available supply!

And it will for the foreseeable future.

This ongoing global shortage is getting worse, with no relief in sight...

In fact, experts say the shortage could
last 5 years or more!

“We continue to see customers scramble for parts,” reports Stifel Nicolaus, a boutique investment banking firm based in St. Louis.

Now, you’re probably wondering...

Why is this such a huge problem?

Can’t they just make a lot more of these “chips”?

Well, here’s the thing...

There are only a small handful of companies that produce this special “chip.”

Each company has its own proprietary recipe for doing so.

“It’s impossible to steal the complete formula,” says Katsuya Sase, head of a Tokyo-based electronic component maker.

And these companies have now reached their maximum production capacity!

Get this: There are three firms that control 75% of the whole industry.

A whopping 75%!

So these companies literally dominate the market for producing these “chips.”

In fact, one of the smaller “chip” makers in this space recently got bought out by a larger competitor...

Shares of the company that got bought out jumped 90% in a single day. 

A stunning 90%... in just ONE day!

And that was right in the teeth of all the crazy volatility in the stock market, when most investors were seeing nothing but red in their accounts.

So What Exactly Does This Tiny "Chip" Do?
And Why Are Major Tech Corporations Scrambling
to Get Their Hands on It?


Well, as TTI explains, these “chips” are the “workhorse of the electronic components industry.”

In fact, because of a key scientific principal governing electrical circuits, these components are absolutely mandatory.

I won’t bore you too much with the details, but know that these “chips” are like tiny, microscopic batteries.

They store electrical energy in everything from your phone to your car to your thermostat.

Each one is no larger than a single grain of rice.

But without them, virtually EVERY electronic device you use would come to a halt.

These “chips” are used on every printed electronic circuit board, which looks like this:


Just about every electronic appliance in your home contains a printed circuit board of some type, including:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Stereos
  • Digital clocks
  • Microwave ovens
  • Smartphones

And more...

Now, I’m not going to dress this up as some kind of fancy new invention, because it isn’t.

The truth is, these “chips” have been around for over 25 years in various forms.

Originally, these “chips” were never considered very profitable, which explains why there are so few suppliers.

But today we are witnessing the explosive growth of new technologies on a scale like never before.

These recent explosions in technology have ignited demand for a special class of this “chip.”

And it’s caused the demand to rapidly outpace the available supply.

Demand Catalyst #1:

Not only is the number of electronic devices using these “chips” skyrocketing...

But tech companies are putting more and more of these “chips” in every device.

Take the iPhone for example...

Apple was putting about 400 of these “chips” in each smartphone.

But all of that changed when Apple introduced its newest version, the iPhone X.

Each iPhone X needs 1,000 of these “chips”!

That’s a 150% increase in demand in just the last two years.

There are approximately 1.5 billion smartphones manufactured per year.

And each flagship model contains roughly 1,000 of these “chips.”

The thin and light design of the phones and the increased battery capacity drive the demand for these ultra-small components.

Then, of course, there’s the booming automotive industry.

Demand Catalyst #2:
The Rise of Electric Vehicles

You see, we’re at the very beginning of a major transformation in the automobile market.

Cars are evolving to become more sophisticated than they have ever been.

They now come with embedded software, sensors, artificial intelligence, and yes, electrification.

And remember, the more sophisticated the device is, the more of these “chips” it needs to operate.

Take the Tesla Model 3, for instance...

A standard gas-powered car uses 2,000 of these “chips.”

But a single Tesla Model 3 uses as many as 10,000 of these “chips”!

That’s a 500% increase in demand.

I’ve even seen industry reports that say the number of “chips” required in a single electric car is as high as 22,000!

And these numbers will only continue to grow as more functions become electrified.

“Vehicle-related demand is rising rapidly,” reports the Nikkei Asian Review.

Not to mention that adoption of electric vehicles is set to increase by 10 times by 2021.

It isn’t just the explosive growth in the smartphone and electric vehicle markets that is gobbling up these “chips” at a stunning rate...

Demand is growing across a whole host of industries that also include:

  • Defense and aerospace
  • Consumer electronic equipment
  • Military electronic equipment
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications

But this emerging industry may be the biggest one of them all...

Demand Catalyst #3:
The Internet of Things

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) seems like it’s been everywhere recently.

For those not familiar, IoT is a way to describe the concept of an interconnected network that includes machines, wearables, buildings, automobiles, and tons of other types of devices.

The thing is, despite millions of devices already being connected, we’re only at the dawn of the IoT era.

Cisco estimates that by 2020, within just the next two years, the number of connected devices will reach upward of 50 billion.

(That’s 13 connected devices per person in North America.)

And in four years, that figure is estimated to reach 1 trillion.  

The rapid expansion and deployment of these Internet of Things devices is driving demand for these special “chips.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, the “implementation and growth of IoT across markets such as smart homes and buildings and smart manufacturing facilities” will further bolster demand over the next several years.

This puts additional demand on an already strained market.

And that’s not all.

Because right around the corner lurks another monster catalyst that will skyrocket demand for these “chips”...

Demand Catalyst #4:
The Emergence of 5G Technologies

While 4G is what most of us use today...

5G is the next generation of wireless technology.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it... and thought it was just a new cell phone network.

Well, you’re only getting half the story...

A few years from now, almost everything you touch will rely on 5G in some way.

It will be built in to “smart” refrigerators... laptops... wearable headsets... and your toothbrush.

It will even let our cars drive themselves.

In short, 5G is designed to enable a faster, more robust network of connected devices.

And these 5G networks are only just starting to be built.

As the CEO of a large maker of these “chips” recently said, “We haven’t even seen 5G kick in yet. We could be in for a supply shortage for some time.”

The rollout of 5G communication will cause demand for these “chips” to explode!

Get a load of THIS...

There will be 5 million 5G phones in 2019, and it is estimated that it will rise to 1.5 BILLION by 2025!

The 5G era of mobile phones will continue to need more and more of these “chips.”

The average number of “chips” used in a single mobile phone will EXCEED 1,000!

And of course, that doesn’t even include the demand from the countless industries that 5G will revolutionize...

The bottom line is that with demand for these “chips” growing across a wide range of sectors, the suppliers that make these special “chips” simply CANNOT keep up. 

And here’s the thing...

The prices of the raw materials needed to
make these "chips" are skyrocketing!


For example...

Have you ever heard of ruthenium?

It’s a white precious metal that’s used to make jewelry such as wedding rings.

It’s also used in solar panels to turn light into electrical energy.

And it’s WIDELY used in the making of these special “chips.”

The price of this metal has surged a whopping 487% in just the past 18 months!

And it’s an essential ingredient in making them. There is NO substitute for it.

In fact, prices for ALL the key metals used to produce these “chips” went up in 2017... and they continue to rise in 2018.

This includes nickel...


And palladium...

As a result, firms that make these “chips” have been forced to raise their prices by a stunning 200 times or more!

And it hasn’t decreased demand for them a lick.

The market now calls for a TRIPLING of production, requiring suppliers to increase production and build new facilities.

With surging demand, massive shortages, and escalating prices of raw materials of these “chips,” you have a recipe for massive profits.

"Competition for the component will remain fierce"
— Ace Research Institute

When shortages like this have happened in the past, investors have been able to rack up stellar profits in very little time.

For example, take the Bitcoin mining craze that started in 2016...

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) is a company that manufactures graphics processing units for the mobile computing market.

But these units are also used to build powerful rigs for the mining of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In 2016, shares of NVIDIA were trading at $29.29.

Since then, shares have traded as high as $281.02.

That’s an incredible gain of 859%.

Which turns every $10,000 you invest into $95,900 profits! 

The same thing happened to a company called Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD).

AMD also makes these special graphics processing units that cryptocurrency miners began gobbling up in droves.

Back in 2016, shares of AMD traded for $2.14.

Since then, shares have traded up to $30.89...

For a massive gain of 1,343%.

That turns every $10,000 invested into $144,300 profits!

Just imagine how a windfall like that could impact your life.

And here’s the thing...

The supply crunch for these special “chips” I’ve been telling you about puts all of these other ones to shame.

They can’t even hold a candle to this one.

You see, what distinguishes this scarcity from others is the broad, wide range of industries that are desperate for these “chips”!

I’m talking about self-driving cars, electric vehicles, “smart” home products, 5G networks, health care, and much more...

There are simply just not enough of these “chips” to go around. And there will NOT be any for the foreseeable future.

Suppliers are working to ramp up their manufacturing capacity of these “chips.”

But as TTI explains, “It is just not enough to close the gap that has been created over the last 12 months and it could take a couple of years to level out.”

That’s why this shortage is projected to extend through 2020 by some... while others see it lasting until 2023.

This creates an absolutely unprecedented opportunity for well-positioned investors to rake in massive profits.

Remember, I told you earlier that there are only a handful of companies in the world that produce these special “chips.”

And I’ve identified the three companies I believe you should buy right now if you want to get in position to collect the biggest potential windfalls from this historic supply shortage...

"Chip" Shortage Stock No. 1:
Guaranteed Profits

This company is one of the much smaller players in this market.

And it is aggressively ramping up its production capacity for these special “chips.”

As the company’s CEO explains, “We’re gearing up for a strong demand picture. What we are experiencing is not a bubble, it’s a trend. We are increasing our capacity over the next two years.”

This isn’t some fly-by-night startup firm, either...

It’s one of the leading suppliers of electrical components in the world, valued at slightly over $1.2 billion.

And it’s been in business for over 100 years!

Back in the dot-com boom of ’99, which was the last time this industry went through a shortage...

Shares of this firm jumped 532% in less than 17 months.

But this time around, I think the gains you could pocket will be much bigger.

This company is still flying well under Wall Street’s radar.

In fact, it just recently started paying its investors a dividend.

Some folks already received their first payout this past November.

By simply getting in on this company, you’ll have guaranteed cash payouts.

And this is just the first of three companies that I believe are set to hand investors big profits from this global “chip” shortage...

"Chip" Shortage Stock No. 2:
Massive Order Backlogs

The second company I’d like to share with you is firing on ALL cylinders.

It’s benefiting from strong demand not only for these special “chips” but also for nearly all of its electrical components.

The demand continues to exceed supply in several areas.

And it is NOT tapering off anytime soon...

According to the company’s CEO:

“We have no reason to believe that the high demand will come down. There are shortages for so many products, for product lines which we produce, that I cannot see a point in time that backlogs will normalize, which are at record levels. But that doesn’t mean that we will see a reduction in sales, because, at the moment, the backlog is simply so high.”

This firm is seeing robust growth across the board, in industrial segments like robotics, lighting, and even medical equipment.

Back in the “chip” shortage of the dot-com boom, shares of this firm jumped 581% in just three months.

But I think that will be peanuts compared to the gains you could pull in this time around.

And that brings me to company number three...

"Chip" Shortage Stock No. 3:
Generates HALF of its Revenue From These "Chips"

This little-known firm from South Carolina is making an absolute KILLING off these “chips”...

Revenues for this firm clocked in at a whopping $456 million.

But here’s the part that matters the most to you and me...

Nearly HALF of its revenue — 49% to be exact — comes from sales of THESE unique “chips.”

But it isn’t stopping there...

The company is expanding production... and it’s also building a new manufacturing facility that will bolster its production of these “chips.”

As the company’s senior vice president says, “We have new capacity coming on every quarter, and next summer, we have a new facility that will be up and running that will give us a capacity boost.”

In short, the entire tech world is in a MAJOR scramble for supplies of a tiny “chip” that’s no bigger than a single grain of rice!

The good news is these guys are in a prime position to absolutely dominate the market as things move forward.

But best of all, I’m about to reveal the names of these three companies, so you can jump in before the biggest profits come rolling in.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself...

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Robot ies

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Jason Stutman
Investment Director, Technology and Opportunity