Top 3 "Hidden" Energy Plays Fueling The Marijuana Boom

Few people realize that marijuana is the most energy intensive crop in the U.S.

And this cash crop's energy appetite could hand you as much as 900% in the coming months...


Dear reader,

Marijuana mania has overtaken the market, but it's not just the excitement in the air that's electric.

“Cannabis production is among the most energy-intensive industries in the U.S.,” says Al Jazeera.

And the Washington Post is stunned by “the surprisingly huge energy footprint of the booming marijuana industry.”

Make no mistake, the so-called “green rush” is an absolute energy glutton, and it’s cooking up new profits in the energy market.

You see, the cannabis sector is actually growing faster than the internet did, and soon, marijuana's appetite for energy will surpass even that of data centers.

The fact is that data centers are some of the most notorious energy-guzzling enterprises ever measured.

But again, they’re being overtaken by legal marijuana growing operations.

“Growing marijuana requires so much power that electric utilities across the nation are taking notice,” says leading energy news source Utility Dive.

And you should be taking notice, too, as this cash crop’s enormous energy appetite could hand you as much as 900% in the coming months.

You see, the skyrocketing energy demands from the multibillion-dollar green rush is breathing new life into the beaten down energy sector:

  • “Pot is power hungry... the marijuana industry's energy footprint is growing.” — the Guardian

  • “Over half of the U.S. appears to be on the cusp of legalizing a highly energy intensive crop: marijuana.” — Utility Dive

  • “Energy Consumption Balloons as Legal Marijuana Industry Blooms.” — Fortune

Cannabis’s need for energy is very real — and it’s growing.

"For truly top-shelf quality crop, producers face the challenge of artificially creating the perfect environment for optimum plant growth."

You see, over 90% of all legal marijuana is grown indoors.

Why inside?

The short answer is complete quality control, as outdoor operations leave plants vulnerable.

Or as MIT Technology Review says: “Grow houses protect crops from the elements, not to mention thieves.”

And as one marijuana mogul added in an interview with the Guardian: “As well, the vast majority of us growers have learned indoor as a result of prohibition.”

The fact remains that the multibillion-dollar marijuana industry is one of the nation’s most energy intensive, “often demanding 24-hour indoor lighting rigs, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems at multiplying grow sites.”

The lights necessary for the plants to flourish are so powerful that, as one expert puts it, a lot of growers look like they’ve “been on a cruise line for about 6 months, literally tanning from the light.”

Basically, the legal marijuana trade requires “just a staggering amount of electricity,” says Bruce Bugbee, a professor of crop physiology at Utah State University.

What’s more, representatives from a utility company in Washington state said they might need to build the equivalent of another Grand Coulee Dam just to supply energy to marijuana farmers!


The immense Grand Coulee Dam, the largest hydroelectric plant in the U.S. (and second biggest in the entire world), still isn’t big enough to keep the legal marijuana industry’s energy appetite satisfied.

I don't have to tell you that at the heart of economics — and profits — is supply and demand.

And the demand here is insane...

In 2014, just two years after residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize cannabis for recreational use, grow sites in Colorado consumed as much power as 35,000 households.

Meanwhile, in California, indoor cannabis production used as much electricity as 1 million homes.

And speaking of a million, some of the larger grow operations suck as much as $1 million per month on electricity.

Energy companies and savvy investors who were able to correctly see energy as the shadow sector supporting the legal weed boom are having a field day.

And to be clear: It’s NOT too late to join in.

A sweeping study by scientist Evan Mills, alongside the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, revealed that a $6 billion utility bill for the budding industry as far back as 2012.

That's already 1% of the ENTIRE energy usage in the U.S.

And this amount has obviously grown since then.


“We’re looking at a $35 billion dollar a year industry, and a third of that is related to energy consumption.”

The fact is that the emerging marijuana market could warrant the electricity demands of a small city within a few short years, according to the scientific report.


When you get down to the nitty-gritty:

  • Producing enough cannabis for a single joint takes an amount of energy equal to burning a light bulb for 25 hours straight.
  • An indoor grow system for only four plants requires the energy equivalent of 29 refrigerators!

  • Producing roughly 2 lb. of cannabis requires an amount of energy equivalent to driving across the country, coast to coast, seven times.

Point blank: Pot is a power-hungry plant, and its staggering energy needs spell a bright future for utilities and for a handful of very specific energy stocks.

I’ll go into more detail about these in a minute. But first, know this...

"What we've seen is a lot of people becoming instant millionaires"


Mark Stutz, a spokesman for one of Colorado’s main energy providers, says his company has been absolutely “thrilled to get that much load growth from one new industry.”

“That just doesn’t happen to utilities,” he says.

Or at least, it didn’t. Until now...

Like I said, energy companies — and in-the-know investors — are having a field day.

Or as the Guardian puts it, a feast“As long as lighting continues to account for 80% of any indoor grower’s electricity use, companies can feast on the marketplace.”

And this energy frenzy is far from over...

Demand is so high that there's actually a wait list for electricity: “Cultivation operations from California beach cities to Denver’s warehouse district to District of Columbia closets are waiting months for new infrastructure to bring them power.”

And there’s no sign of a slow down. If anything, marijuana as big business is only getting bigger.

Remember that sweeping scientific report that found marijuana’s energy usage was already approaching that of a small city?

Well, here’s the thing...

For the first time ever, a cannabis grower has bought AN ENTIRE TOWN.

The whole town — buildings and all — is now a dedicated pot-friendly tourist destination, and the project manager behind it firmly believes that the pot hot spot will “spawn imitators.”

And he’s not the only one...

Pamela Johnston, senior vice president of a cannabis industry advising and consulting firm, predicts that we'll see more and more of these "pot towns" springing up.

She told Bloomberg: “Before we blink, it will soon outpace other niche affinity travel.” Like heading to Napa Valley for wine tastings.

Now, since marijuana’s energy usage is already approaching that of a small city, just imagine what it means for energy providers — and certain marijuana-related energy stocks — when we begin to have whole towns dedicated to growing and promoting marijuana.

The scale of power needed is absolutely extraordinary — and growing.

And millionaires are being made as this all unfolds.

“It's very difficult for people who live outside [legal marijuana states] to truly understand the scale of what's happening,” says CNBC. "What we've seen is a lot of people becoming instant millionaires."

And it's not just do-it-yourself investors looking to become marijuana energy millionaires who are paying attention to this trend...

World's Greatest Billionaire Investors Scooping up Energy Stocks on the Back of the Green Rush

Here’s the thing, for every marijuana unicorn stock story, there are scores and scores of duds.

In fact, Alan Brochstein, one of the foremost marijuana investors in the world and founder of 420 Investor, goes so far as to say: “All these companies are overvalued. If you want to be Warren Buffett, you won’t buy any of these stocks.”

But what the Oracle of Omaha is buying is energy.

You see, since legalization began back in 2012, states, producers, utility companies, and billionaires have had energy consumption on their minds.

“First Buffett and Icahn, now billionaires Mandel and Klarman,” Forbes says. “When the greatest billionaire investors in the world are scooping up beaten down stakes in energy companies, we pay close attention.”

And according to Forbes, there are two critical reasons why YOU should be paying close attention, too:

  1. The best billionaire investors in history made their billions by buying when others were selling. Or as Buffett famously phrased it, by being “greedy when others are fearful.”
  1. These investing legends have incredible talents for not only picking winning stocks and sectors but also for marking the bottom when they enter.

And that’s where we are right now. Billionaire super investors are buying energy companies:

  • “Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper, who runs $20 billion Appaloosa Management, is bullish on energy stocks,” says Business Insider.

  • “Stocks the smartest investors are buying right now” include energy, says Motley Fool.

  • What’s more, Forbes points out: “Buffett and Icahn [are] doubling down.”

But the biggest clincher is that their entry points into the energy market happened on the heels of good news for marijuana legalization.

These super investors are obviously aware of marijuana’s special relationship with energy...

The Best Way to Play This With Minimal Risk

And many of the best marijuana plays have actually been pick-and-shovel plays, or companies supplying an ancillary component of the marijuana trade (like energy).

The fact is that during the Gold Rush, most prospectors never struck pay dirt...

“The real winners during the gold rush were the people, like Samuel Brannan and Levi Strauss, selling the ancillary products to the gold miners (i.e. picks, shovels, clothing, etc.),” says investing hub MoneyShow.

And the exact same thing is true of the so-called green rush.

Not to mention, ancillary plays keep you safe from ongoing legal issues.

Even marijuana angel investor Jack Scatizzi says when you “touch the plant” (that is, when you invest in actual growers or dispensaries), you’re liable to get burned. “If you’re investing in a cultivator... you’re also at risk because you’ve invested directly in someone that is technically trafficking a Schedule I narcotic.”

So, what’s a better — or in this case, significantly safer — option?

Here are a few hints from the media...

“Forget about electric vehicles; pot is driving new energy peaks,” says Greentech Media.

Or how about this observation from PC Magazine, which hits it on the head: “The new reality on the ground has highlighted one facet that few are talking about: marijuana production is a huge power suck.”

Their emphasis, not mine.

And here we get it straight from the horses' mouths — from Scatizzi and the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Investors can also put their money in companies that don’t "touch the plant" and deal with the cannabis industry in an ancillary way — such as digital media, power and energy companies (growing marijuana is energy-intensive) and biotech firms.

So, if you’ve been dazzled by green rush gains, rest assured that the sector’s ancillary plays are every bit as lucrative and are considerably safer.

"Hidden" Marijuana Plays That Are Making Killings


Get a load of this stock run:


The company behind this stock surge is in the agricultural science business, and it maximizes output in a limited indoor space.

In fact, it's a national leader in vertical farming, producing high-quality, high-yield indoor crops (aka, controlled environment agriculture).

So, what happens when you're among the best at maximizing indoor crop output and marijuana grow operations suddenly come online?

A rocket stock, shooting up 1,833% in a matter of weeks!

This ancillary pot play was enough to turn every $1,000 into nearly $20,000.

Let's suppose you had the foresight (as some clued in folks did) to put up a $10,000 investment stake — you'd have made a whopping $193,333.

Well, that’s the power of pick-and-shovel plays.

This next ancillary example is a real estate developer — but one that specifically acquires land suitable for cannabis operations.

And here’s how it’s worked out for the company and its shareholders:


This ancillary pot stock rode the coattails of legalization and handed investors a fast 857%.

Or enough to turn every $500 into nearly $5,000...

Meanwhile, another batch of in-the-know investors pocketed rapid-fire profits of 580% in an even shorter time frame:


This time, it was on the back of a biotech company that specializes in botanical drug development and had the wherewithal to expand its botanical repertoire to include marijuana.

As did another biotech company that performed even better...

Approximately 10 times better for 5,227% gains!

Get a load of this true-blue 50-bagger:


This savvy pick-and-shovel pot play was enough to turn every $1 invested into $53.52.

This means that with a starting stake of $20,000, you’d now be a bona fide millionaire.

The funny thing about this company is that in spite of its success (or perhaps because of it), it's actually starting to pivot toward another ancillary pot market — energy.

And on that note, I’ve saved the best for last...

A “hidden” energy play that's fueling the marijuana sector and has delivered investors 1,316% gains so far.

Like the rest of these wealth-building winners, the timing here isn't a happy accident — it’s actually more like a blueprint.

You see, these guys first came on the scene in 2014 when legalization was getting underway. And the stock has been soaring ever since — to the very day that I’m compiling this presentation for you.

And again, this energy frenzy is far from over. Remember: “We’re looking at a $35 billion dollar a year industry, and a third of that is related to energy consumption.”

It’s no secret that stocks in this space are already surging forward, but the thing is that the marijuana market, along with its ancillary plays, is barely out of the starting gates.

This lucrative sector has plenty of room to run, and you’ll want to place your stake before it takes off at a full-out sprint.

The fact is that there’s a 1 million-square-foot marijuana grow facility — the largest the world’s ever seen — coming online as we speak.

We’re witnessing entire towns springing up that are dedicated to cultivating this energy intensive crop.

And one state after another — along with countries across the globe — are falling like dominoes under the spell of legal marijuana.

They’re stepping up and are embracing both the medical and recreational marijuana markets.

Of course, underlining all this industry progress is massive amounts of energy...

And I’ve found the three energy companies that stand to benefit the most from the booming marijuana industry’s “surging electricity consumption.”

We could see profits of 900% on the backs of these perfectly primed "hidden" marijuana energy plays.

But before I fill you in on the details, please allow me to briefly introduce myself...

Hi, My Name Is Keith Kohl

I’ve dedicated the last decade and a half to uncovering little-known profit opportunities in the energy sector.

I’ve traveled to oil-rich Texas plains, toured drilling rigs, stood on the edges of vertical mine shafts, muddied my boots in Alberta while talking shop with millionaire energy executives — whatever it takes to find (and truly vet) the next potential energy windfall.

Then, I quickly report my findings to a group of loyal readers (whom you’ll hear from in a moment).

I was born in Humble, Texas — about an hour west of the Spindletop gusher.

But nowadays, I’m Baltimore based, and I run the strategic investment newsletter Energy Investor at Angel Publishing, an independent financial advisory bringing do-it-yourself investors up-to-the-minute research, market insights, and stock recommendations.

The likes of which you’d never see or hear about from Wall Street...

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But there’s a lot more to energy than oil and gas and their plays aren’t the only types of profit opportunities that I tip my readers off about.

The lithium revolution, rare earth elements, simple trading tips — we cover it all.

And this brings us back to a unique and potentially most lucrative energy opportunity that I’ve seen in a good long while...

With billions of dollars flooding into the emerging marijuana market — and many of those billions actually ending up in the hands of particular energy companies — investors stand to benefit significantly from the "hidden" energy plays that are supporting this marijuana boom.

And I’ve pinpointed three companies that are perfectly positioned to skyrocket as they supply the marijuana market’s staggering energy needs.

So, without further ado, I’d like to tell you exactly how to get into position for the coming windfalls...

Top 3 "Hidden" Energy Plays Fueling the Marijuana Boom


Here are the three best ways I’ve found for capitalizing on the Green Rush’s immense energy needs...

No. 1 Pot Power Play for Your Portfolio

This first under-the-radar energy pick is an electric utility that services much of the western U.S., including Colorado — the state that's leading the charge in the legal marijuana boom.

It should come as no surprise that it's seen incredible year-over-year growth since 2014 with no signs of a slowdown.

In fact, this incredible growth is ramping up...

“Surging electricity consumption by Colorado’s booming marijuana industry...” says the Denver Post.

And remember, marijuana grow operations account for as much electricity in Colorado as 35,000 homes and counting...

And more than any other western utility, our first pot power play company is the one that exclusively provides it.

Frankly, if there were one "hidden" energy stock single-handedly fueling the marijuana boom, this would be it...

But I also have two more pot power plays for you today that stand to make killings...

No. 2 Pot Power Play for Your Portfolio

When you walk into a large-scale grow facility for the first time, according to the experts, there are two things that people seem to notice immediately and above all else.

First and foremost — all the weed! Obvious, I know.

But the second thing is something that people don’t necessarily expect, and it serves as a jumping-off point for our second pot power play...

It's the incredibly bright, hot lights that hover over every single plant.

"As long as lighting continues to account for 80% of any indoor grower's electricity use, lighting companies can feast on the marketplace."
—The Guardian

And there is one tiny lighting company that growers are beginning to rely on more and more.

And this brings us to our second pot power play...

As the New York Times points out, most marijuana growers have resisted LED light bulbs and argued that “earlier versions of LEDs simply did not perform as well as the high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps... especially when the plants began producing flowers, the valued part of the yield.”

The operative words here being “earlier versions.”

You see, one tiny company has reinvented the light bulb.

Finally, “newer products are able to generate not only the light intensity but also the color spectrum the plants need to thrive, without wasting energy on unnecessary parts of the spectrum,” says the New York Times.

And the leader in this new product space is none other than our second pot power play.

In 2016, this company’s gross profits jumped by a full 15%.

Meanwhile, its cash balance has increased 159% year-over-year.

And the company capped off 2016 by winning the marijuana industry’s “Best Lighting Company Award.”

Now, it's set to break all its previous records and generate even more substantial revenue this year than it did the year prior.

There’s really only one other lighting company that holds a candle to these guys.

And it’s our third pot power play...

No. 3 Pot Power Play for Your Portfolio

This next company is already a world leader in smart lighting solutions because of its decades of research at independent labs and international universities.

Its client list is impressive to say the least, including one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), tech titan Google, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

In fact, a lead research engineer at DLR says that “we have looked all over the market and we feel that [this company’s] product is perfect for our research...”

As it turns out, the company's lighting solutions are also perfect for the emerging marijuana market, and it's recently taken some steps to embrace this new industry.

Not only that, but it’s already working out. It just received a huge contract from a new cultivation facility in Portugal and also one for a 40,000-square-foot grow facility in Nevada.

And if that weren't enough, the company also just announced a new Fortune 500 Global AgTech customer.

Again, things are picking up for this company, and it's already well-established.

All three of these pot power plays give you the opportunity to capitalize BIG TIME on this energy-intensive cash crop — without ever putting your money at risk from “touching the plant.”

The fact is that any one of these plays could suddenly skyrocket as the marijuana market continues to ramp up. But again, I’d like to give you all three...

"The Best Money I've Ever Invested"

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Keith Kohl. I'm the energy analyst and investment strategist of Energy Investor, an investment advisory service catering to DIY investors who are searching for the financial freedom that they wouldn't find on Wall Street.

I’ve built a very successful career at the forefront of new energy discoveries.

And thanks to the energy-intensive marijuana industry growing even faster than the internet did, I believe that the "hidden" energy stocks that are supporting the marijuana boom stand to eclipse anything we’ve seen before.

Even the gains from peak oil (which we wrote the book on in-house)...

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But we're nowhere near done...

The extreme energy intensive nature of the new marijuana boom is creating never-before-seen opportunities for certain companies in the energy sector.

Your personal feelings on the marijuana industry aside, it’s a job creator. And it's a wealth creator.

We’re entering a new age of American industrialism. There are millions to be made by investors who sit on the right side of the fence.

Yes, the recreational marijuana market was first given the green light in 2014. But if this were a baseball game, we’d still be in the first inning.

Today, you have a choice in front of you...

“This is an opportunity,” says utility expert and PSCDC Commissioner Willie Phillips. “That’s the way I view it... You have a clean slate. For one of the first times, you have a new product coming online, we know that it’s very energy intensive, and we can either sit back on our hands and be reactionary or we can look outside the box...”

And that’s exactly the way I see it, too. This is an unprecedented financial opportunity, and we must be proactive.


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And that’s not all...

Like I said, this is the best energy opportunity I’ve come across in quite some time, but it’s not the only one.

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  • “Lithium Suppliers Can’t Keep Up With Skyrocketing Demand,” says Reuters.
  • “From chainsaws to rechargeable push mowers, lithium-ion batteries are increasingly popular,” Barron’s says.

  • “Electric Car Demand Boosts Companies Engaged With Lithium,” Bloomberg writes.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are sending the lithium market into overdrive:


Inside this report, you find three lithium mega-plays that are bound to add a mountain of profits to your portfolio as industries the world over rapidly adopt this special resource for countless applications.

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After all, America has topped Saudi Arabia as the world’s No. 1 energy producer — a feat that was unthinkable only a few short years ago.

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“Water is being pumped so aggressively around the globe that land is sinking, civil wars are being waged, and agriculture is being transformed,” National Geographic writes.

And the United Nations predicts a global shortfall by 2030.

And this brings us back to our final feature company, a top dividend-paying stock that’s perfectly positioned to ease this water crisis and radically benefit from it.

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