Forget buying Bitcoin... heres THE best way YOU can leverage its meteoric rise for 1,000% gains or more without all the risk...

Bitcoin's Secret
"Printing Press"

While Bitcoin trading volume has increased 173% in the
past two years
... the group operating the Bitcoin
"printing press" is making money no matter
which way Bitcoin prices move



Dear Reader,

Bitcoin, the world’s most established digital currency, has been on a recent tear...

It blew past gold, hitting a high of $2,800 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin trading volume has increased 173% in just the past two years... trading roughly $250 million per day.

That’s $180,000 per minute...

Here you can see the dramatic increase in trading volume over the past few years:


Bitcoin has gotten some ringing endorsements from some of the world’s smartest minds...

Microsoft founder Bill Gates says, "Bitcoin is better than currency."

"I think it’s fantastic," says 12-term congressman Ron Paul.

Billionaire Richard Branson says, "People have made fortunes with Bitcoin."

He’s talking about folks like:

  • Roger Ver, a computer hardware salesman from San Jose, California. In 2011, Roger bought $25,000 worth of Bitcoin. Just two years later, his $25,000 stake skyrocketed to over $30 million!
  • A businessman from Texas parlayed a $1,200 Bitcoin investment into a $39,000 Porsche.
  • Barbara Cobb from Florida says, "I invested back when Bitcoin was at $15. Already seen my investment appreciate 700%."

It’s been the best-performing currency in the world in three of the past four years.

And Bitcoin’s run is just starting...

Some currency analysts have predicted that Bitcoin will trade as high as $5,000... $10,000... even $100,000 per Bitcoin!

But here’s the thing that 99% of investors don’t know about this digital currency...

Every Bitcoin that’s traded in the entire world comes from a digital “printing press.”

And while folks have made fortunes trading Bitcoin...

So too have these Bitcoin “printing press” operators... and they’ve been doing it for years.

Just take a look back at 2014, for instance. The Bitcoin “printing press” operators outperformed Bitcoin itself by 500%...


After all, they’re the ones who are enabling the creation of all this Bitcoin...

They’re NOT bankers. And they’re NOT brokers.

You see, the beauty of Bitcoin is that it’s not controlled by any bank or any government, unlike the U.S. dollar.

The Federal Reserve controls the U.S. dollar’s printing press. It prints as many dollars as it wants, whenever it wants.

Governments or banks do NOT create Bitcoin. So it can't be manipulated by any of them.

Instead, this unique group I’m telling you about secretly controls the means by which Bitcoin is created.

And now you can get a big piece of the action by “partnering” with it. I’m talking about gains of 13,000% or more, and I'll show you how in this brief presentation...

Now YOU Can Partner With The

"Printing Press"

In short, you can capture Bitcoin’s upside potential without having to own a single Bitcoin...

And without having to worry about the daily fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price.

After all, you know just how volatile the price of Bitcoin can be...

In fact, it’s five times more volatile than the S&P 500.

And the fees you pay to trade Bitcoin are also extremely high... In fact, they’ve gone up more than 1,200% in just the past two years.

Instead, there’s a smarter, better way to profit from the growing demand for Bitcoin and other digital currencies...

WITHOUT having to buy or sell Bitcoin...

And you can do it by simply partnering with the people who operate the Bitcoin “printing presses.”

It’s the actual means by which Bitcoin and other digital currencies are created.

All you need to do is make this single investment, and you’re set to profit for as long as you choose.

You can go play golf... spend time with your children or grandchildren... take a cruise around the Mediterranean...

There’s no day trading involved. No special accounts involved, either.

You can do this right through your regular brokerage account.

It’s not unthinkable that you could see gains of 13,000% or even higher from this unique Bitcoin play.

I’ll show you the proof in just a moment...

This is hands down the single best and safest way to profit from the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Because it doesn’t matter which way Bitcoin prices move... or if prices even move at all.

You can now get a “cut” of Bitcoin’s upside, too... without all the unnecessary risk.

So what is it that these “printing press” operators do?

And how can you profit from their secret?

Well, let me explain how it works...

The Most Important Invention

Since the Internet?

Specialized devices have been built to create Bitcoin. These devices use highly complex algorithms to “mine” the digital coins. 

I won’t get into how these algorithms work because you’d have to be a mathematician to understand them...

But this is what these devices look like:


They can cost as much as $20,000 per device.

These devices total in the hundreds of thousands. And they’re located all around the world.


You can think of them as digital “printing presses.”

Collectively, they are creating ALL of the Bitcoin and other digital currencies that will ever exist.

The beauty is that the value of these digital currencies doesn't matter to the manufacturers of the hardware used to create them.

They don't care whether they go up or down in price. As long as there's demand for these digital currencies (which continues to grow), the hardware is required.

And THAT puts companies who manufacture these devices in an enviable (and very profitable) position.

Now, here’s the thing...

There is currently no publicly traded company that focuses specifically on manufacturing these devices.

But there IS a little-known publicly traded company that makes over 75% of the computer chips required specifically for these Bitcoin “printing presses.”

The MIT Technology Review says these custom chips could be the shovels in a Bitcoin gold rush.

Here’s a picture of these tiny chips:


This firm has already pulled in over $200 million in sales from these chips used by these Bitcoin devices.

And since all Bitcoin is created using these devices, I’m calling this firm the Bitcoin “printing press” operators.

Like the 1980s All Over Again

This small tech company produces the internal components for the Bitcoin “printing presses”... much in the same way Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) caught its big break supplying processors for personal computers back in the 1980s.

Back then, not many investors knew about Intel, and those who did were often too hesitant to pull the trigger.

Those who didn't are probably still kicking themselves today.

Today, Intel is one of the largest and most recognized technology companies in the world, sitting at a massive valuation of over $160 billion.

But not too long ago, this tech giant was trading at a mere $0.11 a share, and when the PC market finally began to take off in the mid ’90s, the stock exploded to as high as $74.00.

That's a potential 67,272% gain — enough to turn a meager $1,000 investment into $673,000... or, better yet, a $10,000 investment into $6.7 million.


Then there's NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA), a company that manufactures graphics processing and system-on-a-chip units specifically for the mobile computing market.

In 2003, when smartphones were still in their development phase, the company was trading at just $2.71 a share.

Within just a few short years, NVIDIA's valuation had multiplied by 1,379%!


Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) is another great example...

By getting in early on both the PC and mobile revolutions, the company was able to return investors an astonishing 13,930%... enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $1.4 million.


Remember, these companies made chips for specialized products like computers and mobile phones that have been around for decades.

Bitcoin is still a new product. The first Bitcoin trade ever occurred in 2009. Its true potential has yet to be realized.

It is an incredibly disruptive technology... and it’s rocking the financial world to its core.

Even Bloomberg says, “Bitcoin is like the early ‘90s Internet.”

This company is poised to explode thanks to the Bitcoin boom.

And it will make smart “printing press” investors a fortune in the process.

Here’s why...

Read THIS Before You

Buy a Single Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s use as a currency is growing exponentially.

It’s now accepted by over 100,000 merchants across the world, including Microsoft, Dell, Expedia, and PayPal.

This is part of the reason the sheer number of Bitcoin transactions per day has jumped astronomically.


That’s expected to continue rising as more and more businesses around the world begin to use it. And so will its value...

According to Forbes, "Bitcoin left stocks, bonds, and gold in the dust in 2016."

In the past few years, it’s soared 19 times higher than gold and 31 times higher than the dollar.

The simple fact is more and more people are moving their money out of traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar and the euro and into Bitcoin.

They’re growing more and more fearful of their crazy governments and are looking for new ways to protect themselves.

For instance, in the months leading up to the Brexit, Bitcoin soared 76%... and right after the vote, it soared as much as 13% in a single day.

Bitcoin could even compete with gold as a store of wealth.

Historically, gold has been the go-to asset for wealth preservation. Like gold, Bitcoin can also serve as a store of value.

According to the World Gold Council, there are 186,000 tonnes of gold in the world. That’s about 6.5 billion ounces.

Gold trades at about $1,250 per ounce. That means all the gold in the world is worth about $8 trillion.

What if just 5% of gold holders switched to Bitcoin?

If that happened, more than $360 billion would flow into Bitcoin. That would send the price to over $17,000 per coin!

Bottom line is Bitcoin has plenty of room for growth.


And you can capture this upside potential with just one single move... no day trading or third parties involved.

I’ve put together the full details behind this company secretly operating the Bitcoin “printing presses” in my brand-new report.

It’s called “How the Bitcoin ‘Printing Press’ Can Pay You 1,000% or More.”

And I’d like to send it to you absolutely free.

Before I tell you how to claim your instant copy, please allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, My Name Is Luke Burgess

Perhaps you’ve read my articles before in Energy and Capital, Wealth Daily, Kitco, or

Or perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio. I’ve done countless interviews about gold and other resources.

Back in early 2004, I began heavily investing in gold and other precious metals after watching the value of the U.S. dollar decline rapidly for several months.

Shortly thereafter, signs of a serious slowdown in the broader markets emerged, and I began urging others to start investing in gold and other hard assets.

Over the next several years, gold soared. It was driven to record highs in 2011. My readers and I were sitting on dozens of triple-digit and several quadruple-digit gains in gold stocks.

But it was then that I began to notice the gold and precious metal markets had become bloated.

I bet you remember all those "cash for gold" commercials, where you'd mail in old jewelry and they'd mail you a check for a fraction of the gold's value.

Or how about all those TV ads pitching collectible coins — maybe a $50 gold buffalo replica, or one of those coins where the Twin Towers "stand out at you!"

These were among the signs I saw that the gold market was saturated, overhyped, and generally bloated.

So, with gold sitting just over $1,800 an ounce, I decided to secure all the profits from my six-year run of gains. And I sold EVERY position in the portfolio.

Everyone thought I was nuts. But it turned out to be near perfect timing.

The price of gold topped $1,900 an ounce before heading into a four-year bear market.

Just take a look at what some of my readers had to say about that run...

$59K Profit!!!

"Hi Luke — Wanted to thank you for your recommendations for the last 2 years. I currently have about $195,000 invested in your recommended stocks and after thinning my winning position in GNI and WTZ, I have made a profit of $59,222.41. I have kept track of all trades and decided to calculate the totals today. Thanks again and you can use this e-mail if you so desire."

— Jerry S.

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— Ray C.

Made $30,000+

"I have already made $30,000+ and have been a member of your newsletter for a little over a year. Keep up the good recommendations. Thank you."

— Ben H.

The bear market pushed gold prices all the way down to $1,000 an ounce by the second half of 2015.

But after watching gold and the mining markets continue to get beaten down, I quickly reentered the gold markets in October 2015 because I began to see the bigger picture...

Here’s exactly what I wrote to Energy and Capital readers on November 17, 2015:

“A shortage of new mine-ready projects, coupled with sustained demand, could translate into hefty profits for prepared investors — which is why the time to act is now! Physical gold is fine to own. But to really leverage rising gold prices, we want to be into equities right now.”

I started recommending gold stocks to them from that moment on.

Again, it was nearly perfect timing.

Gold prices bottomed out just one month later in December, when the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates.

And my gold and precious metal recommendations to Energy and Capital subscribers took off.

They ALL shot up double- and triple-digit percentage points... with an average overall return of 82%!

Company Ticker Market Cap Recommendation Price (Date) Last Price Change
Avino Silver & Gold Mines TSX-V:
$98M $0.80 (12/23/15) $2.52 +215%
Barrick Gold NYSE:
$22.0B $13.61 (03/28/16) $20.41 +50%
Endeavor Silver NYSE:
$441M $1.55 (03/02/16) $4.44 +344%
First Majestic Silver NYSE:
$2.5B $3.42 (12/23/15) $15.89 +365%
Goldcorp NYSE:
$14.2B $12.05 (11/16/15) $18.14 +51%
McEwen Mining NYSE:
$935M $2.21 (05/29/16) $3.96 +79%
New Gold NYSE:
$2.1B $3.73 (05/29/16) $4.41 +18%
Royal Gold NASDAQ:
$4.9B $36.58 (11/16/15) $78.88 +116%
Sandspring Resources TSX-V:
$81M CAD$0.44 (05/29/16) CAD$0.80 +82%
Sandstorm Gold NYSE:
$721M $3.49 (05/29/16) $5.15 +48%
Silver Wheaton NYSE:
$11.1B $18.20 (05/29/16) $26.13 +44%
Stillwater Mining NYSE:
$1.6B $9.77 (05/29/16) $13.22 +35%
Tahoe Resources NYSE:
$4.6B $9.50 (03/09/16) $15.28 +61%
Overall Return +82%

Now, I don't point those gains out to boast.

Rather, this is just the kind of performance you should expect from the person you go to for the most cutting-edge information.

So, why am I also interested in Bitcoin?

Because just like gold, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency.

That means it is NOT controlled by any government or any central bank like the U.S. dollar is.

No single institution is relied upon to create or distribute Bitcoin.

So instead of putting faith in a government to back a currency and maintain its value, Bitcoin’s value comes from the network of people using it... regular people like you and me.

Not from the politicians who have the big banks in their back pockets.

“A Great Hedge Against the System”

Bitcoin is being hailed as “the new gold,” according to Business Insider.

Bitcoin and gold have a lot in common.

They both can act as forms of money.

Supplies of both are limited.

And just like gold, Bitcoin is NOT created by any government or central bank.

Instead, it’s created by these specialized devices like the ones I’ve already shown you:


Think of it as a “printing press” for Bitcoin.

The computer chips that power all of these “printing presses” are primarily made by ONE company.

In other words, this company makes the “brains” behind Bitcoin.

And because all Bitcoin and other digital currencies are created by these devices, you can think of this company as the “printing press” operators.

They’re making money, and you’re making money, regardless of what happens to Bitcoin prices.

By “partnering” with them, you can capture all of Bitcoin’s upside in one fell swoop.

Forget worrying about the daily fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin...

Forget setting up a special account...

Forget high transaction fees...

Just make this single investment, and you’re set to make a fortune on the Bitcoin boom.

Buying this company’s stock today could be like buying Intel back in the 1980s, before it went on to soar over 67,000%... or Qualcomm, which delivered over 13,000% to early investors.

The rise of Bitcoin is unprecedented. It’s being hailed as the currency of the future, and, according to the Guardian, “Bitcoin represents the next best alternative to the gold standard.”

The sky is truly the limit here.

I’ve put all the details about the Bitcoin “printing press” operators inside my brand-new report called “How the Bitcoin ‘Printing Press’ Can Pay You 1,000% or More.”

And I'm going to give you this report for FREE.

All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free test drive of my brand-new research advisory, Secret Stock Files.

Is This Right For You?

As I mentioned, I’m Luke Burgess.

I recently relaunched my newsletter, Secret Stock Files, to help readers take advantage of the boom in gold.

What we're seeing today is a setup in gold prices similar to one that happened 40 years ago.

It happened back in the 1970s gold bull, when it created a slew of new millionaires. And it's happening again right now.

Recently, we’ve seen some mining stocks take off:

  • Rupert Resources shot up 3,500%
  • Gold Mountain Mining jumped 1,200%
  • West Red Lake Gold Mines has gone up 1,200%
  • Silver Bear Resources shot up 1,020%
  • Colorado Resources rocketed 1,060%

But this is only the beginning...

Gold's climb to the top has barely gotten underway. It has A LOT more room to run...

Secret Stock Files is the best way for you to take advantage of the coming spike in gold, currencies, and precious metal prices.

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Bitcoin also fits this mold.

And this unique opportunity I’ve been telling you about — the Bitcoin “printing press” operators — gives you a backdoor way to play Bitcoin’s rise.

Remember what I said earlier...

If just 5% of gold holders switched to Bitcoin, that would send the price to $17,150 per coin!

And by partnering with the “printing press” operators, you can profit no matter which way the price of Bitcoin heads in the near term.

I won’t make a move unless it has the ability to double, triple, or quadruple your money.

For that reason, I urge you to be honest with yourself...

If you’d rather sit in an S&P Index Fund and hope the next 10 years are better than the last... or find an investment that’ll just let you “scrape by” on returns of 10%... you might feel out of place here.

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In the next few weeks, you'll hear about investments that could literally change your life... the kind that allow average, everyday folks to wise up and retire early.

Like I said, the current gold bull market shares a very similar pattern with the ’70s gold market, when gold prices surged 514%.

That would put gold at over $6,500 per ounce by 2019.

Analyst Jim Rickards even says gold could skyrocket to $10,000 an ounce.

Gold is on the cusp of such an historic move that I believe +1,000% gains will be common from the right junior mining stocks.

The name of the game here is LEVERAGE. These companies give you the most exposure to gold with more risk. But when gold moves... they could absolutely explode.

And that, my friend, is what gives them the greatest potential upside in the entire market.

But you can't just rely on annual reports or earnings-per-share figures.

You need to understand the supply chain and have some boots on the ground, too...

I’ve seen hundreds of different kinds of mining operations firsthand. I've traveled to far-flung places around the globe to inspect companies.

Have you ever been to Albania? I went there to visit a copper property in the mountains.

While I was there, a dog ran up to me and nearly bit off my calf!

I spent the rest of that trip hobbling around.

Do you think this is something your broker would do for you?

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ssf-golden-portfolio_reportThat why I've put all the details of this incredible opportunity into another brand-new report, titled “The Golden Portfolio: Your Ultimate ‘Buy List’ for the Coming Run-Up to $6,500 an Ounce.”

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So Here
s the Final Tally

For an annual investment of $999, you get weekly access to some of the best investments Wall Street has yet to discover.

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If this attracts too much attention, we'll pull the plug. But I don’t want you to miss out...

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Securing your financial future can be as easy as a single click of a mouse button.

But please understand: Bitcoin is an extremely hot investment right now. It’s simply a matter of time before the general public starts finding out about this secret “printing press” operator.

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When this trade takes off, I have no doubt in my mind that it will accelerate FAST.

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Every day you wait is another day you could be making money.

Good Investing,

Luke Burgess Signature

Luke Burgess
Investment Director, Secret Stock Files


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