REVEALED: The Lucrative Truth Behind America's Mysterious...

Ghost Town

Michigan, Florida, and Virginia are spending tens of millions
creating fake cities... in a battle to win the lure of a
fast-growing $2.5 trillion industry

Here's how to claim your piece of the trillion-dollar
prize BEFORE the mainstream catches wind...
for just $6 a share.


Dear Reader,

I want you to take a look at this photo...


At first glance, you may think it's the set of some Hollywood movie.

But it's far from it.

The state of Michigan, along with some private partners, has poured $10 million into creating the fake city you see in the photo.

It spans 32 acres.

It's complete with 40 brick-and-glass building facades, streetlights, sidewalks, intersections, traffic lights, parked cars, and construction barriers.

There are even eerily quiet street cafes.

It's built to resemble basically any small town in America.

But there's absolutely nothing small about the profit potential here.

"What's unusual is not [the city's] construction, but what it's being used for," says David Lampe, Communications Director for the University of Michigan.

You won't find any humans in this city. But you will find a robot named "Sebastian" roaming the streets and sidewalks.

So how on earth could a fake city possibly be so lucrative... and how could it make YOU downright rich?

Well, I'll explain everything to you shortly, but first, know this...

This fake city has nothing to do with some new "smart grid" technology or some solar power experiment.

And no, it's not meant to replace the towns we live in today.

Instead, it's part of a much bigger revolution in technology.

This brewing transformation will usher in an entirely new mode of day-to-day living...

It will send shockwaves through entire industries.

Many will be reorganized from top to bottom...

Others will be pushed to the verge of extinction...

While some will flourish tremendously.

Goldman Sachs says it's the dawn of "a disruptive new era."

Forbes writes that "the implications... will be staggering."

Morgan Stanley predicts that it could add $1.3 TRILLION to the U.S. economy — every SINGLE year.

So it's no wonder that with so much money up for grabs, several states are vying for a piece of the huge prize.

According to The New York Times, "[States are] financing research centers, building fake suburbs and, perhaps most important, going light on regulation, all in an effort to attract a rapidly growing industry."

For instance, a fake town is being built outside of Lakeland, Florida lined with sidewalks, intersections, and shops.

Virginia has blocked off an entire 70-mile combination of highway, arterial roads, and urban streets.

There's a fake city being built in the middle of the New Mexico desert capable of holding an imaginary population of 35,000 people.

And more states are jumping onboard quickly...

"Among the states, [it's] ignited a gold rush," says the New York Times.

That's why I'll share with you today exactly how to play this gold rush by detailing three little-known companies.

One of them is trading right now for just $6 a share... but that won't last for very long, as you're about to discover.  

Life-changing fortunes will be made by those who recognize the opportunity today.

While those stuck in the old mode will be the ones left holding the bag.

So let me give you the full story right now...

Billionaires Are Staking Their
Fortunes On This...

What's happening inside these fake towns is so revolutionary... so world-altering... that America (and other societies) will never be the same again.

Like the Internet, the television, the radio, and the telephone before it, this technology will change everything about the way we live, work, and travel.

This isn't some fantasy. This technology is real. It's here. And it's irreversible.

That’s one major reason Fox Business says investments are "set to soar over the next few years whether the public is ready for it or not."

The only question is how quickly this technology will be entwined in our daily lives.

That day is rapidly approaching...

That’s because right now, three of the world’s wealthiest individuals are staking their fortunes on it.

Their names are synonymous with innovation, creativity, and dreaming big.

They’ve earned themselves billion-dollar fortunes and made their shareholders fabulously wealthy...

With profits of 743%, 1,185%, and an astounding 19,719%.

They are Sergey Brin of Google... Elon Musk of Tesla... and Tim Cook of Apple.

And all three of them have set their sights on this technology.

The thing you must know right now is I'm not recommending a single one of their companies.

The opportunities I'll show you in a just a minute are far off most investors' radars...

In other words, their potential is immense.

For instance, I've unearthed a fast-growing $6 company that's poised to soar because of this earth-shattering mega-trend.

And this wouldn't be the first time I've handed my readers massive winners in a short period of time.

759% in 10 Months... On ONE Trade

Hi. I'm Christian DeHaemer.

I've been in the markets for over 15 years. In that time, I've traveled all over the world, personally doing boots-on-the-ground research into some of the largest discoveries in the world.

In the past 15 years, my passport has gotten quite a workout. It's beaten and weatherworn. But it's been the key to accessing the most secretive people with the best investing information on the planet...

Whether it's the foothills of South Dakota or the far reaches of Mongolia, my research has yielded one thing and one thing only: huge winners.

Like when I alerted my readers to a small company by the name of Petro Matad. It was sitting on a monster oil field in Mongolia...


Over just nine months, shares shot from $18.50 to $159.

Those who listened to me had the chance to bag 759% gains.

Or when I got my readers positioned for the rise of Internet gaming in China.

That explosion took GIGM from $2 to $25... good for a wallet-busting 1,150% gain to those who got in early:


And that's only a small sample of the little-known opportunities I've unearthed.

But this new development will eclipse them all.

You see, this revolution — this "mega shift" I'm going to reveal today — is in technology.

In my 15 years as an analyst, I've never seen anything like it.

Not only is this technology going to create a tectonic shift in society, but it will also give early-bird investors the chance to net huge gains.

That makes it all the more imperative for you to act now.

By taking advantage of a few opportunities spawned by this technology, you could reap upwards of 691% returns.

And that's just a conservative estimate.

That's why in this presentation you'll get everything you need to know about this technology... how it will change your life... and the steps you can take to profit from its inevitable rise.

There’s no question the shift is coming... it’s really only a question of when. And even that may be closer than any futurist ever expected.

These fake cities are living proof of it.

And that's why several companies are absolutely terrified...

Goodbye GEICO!

driverlesscars-image2Companies like GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm...

They see the writing on the wall. And for them, it is not pretty.

The Chicago Tribune says this technology will "eviscerate the car insurance industry."

Business Insider proclaims it's "the beginning of the end for the car-insurance business."

Even the CEO of Allstate says, "When you're as big as we are and insure 16 million households, it doesn't take much of a degradation to be a real revenue issue for you."

Why does this unique technology pose such a monster threat to these companies?

Well, according to a recent study by RAND Corp., a global policy think tank, it will cause a "significant reduction in auto insurance premiums."

So just how big of a reduction could you see?

Bloomberg says, "Premiums consumers pay could be reduced by as much as 60%."

Pretty amazing, right?

The reduction in premiums is part of the $1.3 TRILLION this technology is expected to save the American economy each year.

You will also benefit from greater fuel savings each year, too.

But don't worry. I'm not talking about some replacement for gasoline here. This has nothing to do with ethanol, biofuels, or commodities at all, for that matter.

And it gets better still...

Others are hailing the technology as the cure to a huge global health crisis.

The Atlantic says it "could be the great public-health achievement of the 21st century."

Google consultant and engineering professor Larry Burns even equates it to "a vaccine that can save a lot of lives."

So what is this disruptive technology that's got insurance companies shaking in their boots... that can save countless lives... and that can make you wealthy?

"Among the States, Self-Driving Cars
Have Ignited a Gold Rush"

  — The New York Times

Well, in short, the fake cities I've been telling you about are designed to serve as test sites for driverless cars.

They're a new generation of automobiles that can drive without a human in constant control of the steering wheel.

The cars you drive today are already "driverless" in a limited sense. I'm sure you've used the cruise control function before.

But they're becoming far more capable — and they will forever change the way people get around.  

Now, before you dismiss the idea of driverless cars as some sort of moonshot technology, I've got news for you...


Driverless cars are real. They're here.

And they're being tested on highways around the world.

Some fleets have already racked up over a million miles. (Google's has done 1.8 million.)

Mercedes-Benz has even created a self-driving semi-truck for long-distance hauling.

It can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Google is looking to dominate the market for self-driving cars.

As Wired magazine reports, "Google plans to eliminate human driving in 5 years."

Elon Musk of Tesla is building a self-driving version of his electric car... and he thinks it could hit the market in as little as three years.

Apple is building a self-driving car in a secretive location near its headquarters in Cupertino.

According to the UK's Guardian, "Apple's car project appears to be further along than many suspected."

Even Uber, the wildly popular ride-sharing company, is developing self-driving technology to replace human drivers in its fleet.

"You can't call yourself a tech company if you're resisting technological progress," says Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber.

But it's not just Silicon Valley that's pouring MILLIONS into robotic cars.

Many of the big automakers are in on this phenomenon, too...

"Ford is going all-in on self-driving cars"

— Business Insider

Ford Motor Company has created an entire team devoted to developing autonomous cars, with plans to have one on the road in five years.

It's even opened an office up in Silicon Valley.

Alan Hall, a spokesman for Ford, says, "We wanted to be in Silicon Valley and participate in the innovation community there for a variety of reasons, including but going beyond autonomous vehicles."

Nissan is teaming up with NASA to develop an emissions-free self-driving car and plans on releasing a commercial model no later than 2020.

Honda is deploying an advanced driver assistance system across its Acura models. It not only warns the driver of unseen pedestrians, but it also automatically slows down and slams the brakes if the driver doesn't react fast enough.

And the list goes on...

In fact, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota have all contributed millions to help build the fake city in Michigan for testing driverless cars.

So what exactly will your life be like in a world of driverless cars?

"Self-Driving Cars Could Save 300,000
Lives Per Decade in America"

— The Atlantic

Well, for starters, your life will be a lot safer.

A report from the world-renowned consulting group McKinsey & Company predicts a whopping 90% drop in automobile accidents.

Why? Well, as Business Insider puts it, "Driver error causes nearly all fatal crashes. Computers that never doze off or look down to text could save 30,000 lives a year."

In the United States alone, that's nearly 300,000 fatalities prevented over the course of a decade.

It's estimated to save a stunning $190 BILLION A YEAR in health-care costs associated with accidents.

Now imagine those costs turning into profits in your pocket... in your children's pockets... and in your grandkids' pockets.

The economic benefits of self-driving cars are simply MASSIVE.

As Morgan Stanley says, "An autonomous car can be 30% more efficient than an equivalent non-autonomous car. If we were to reduce the nation’s $535 billion gasoline bill by 30%, that would save us $158 billion."

Yet fuel costs savings are merely the tip of the iceberg...

Other sources of cost savings include:

  • $507 billion gained through increased productivity. People can work while driving instead of commuting.
  • $488 billion in savings from accident avoidance.
  • $138 billion in productivity savings from avoiding traffic congestion. Self-driving cars use roads more efficiently, reducing accidents and improving traffic flow.
  • $11 billion in fuel savings from avoiding congestion.
  • And much more!

These numbers are so staggering that they have the states drooling...

That's why many of them are loosening legislation around driverless cars. They see its inevitability, and they are getting on board.

As the New York Times says, "Lawmakers from California, Texas and Virginia are wooing the autonomous-car industry, along with the jobs and tax revenue that come with it."

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx promises that the federal government will smooth the rollout of driverless vehicles by removing unnecessary regulatory roadblocks and delays.

Even the U.S. Army is testing self-driving vehicles. These vehicles candriverlesscars-image4 keep troops out of harm's way by scoping for explosive devices or even engaging in basic combat operations in dangerous situations.

Make no mistake: By getting in on the ground floor of this mega-trend, YOU can position yourself for astronomical returns.

According to, "A recent study found that 75% of Americans said they'd consider buying a driverless car."

Of course, I understand if you're still skeptical about all this even though I've shown you the proof. But I want you to consider this...

Most people didn't believe the electric car would ever come to fruition. But now they're becoming something you see on the road every day.

As Carlos Ghosn, the CEO and Chairman of Nissan, states:

"Ten years ago people thought that electric cars would never make it, they thought electric cars were like a golf cart, something slow, bulky, not very attractive. Now they see the [Renault] 0Zoe, the [Nissan] Leaf, the Teslas and they think electric cars can be fun. They see Formula E and see the cars can be very powerful and go very fast. The idea that electric cars are normal cars, which is a big revolution from 10 years ago, has taken place."

Early investors in electric cars have been rewarded handsomely.

Just take Tesla Motors (TSLA), for instance...


In less than three years, Tesla's shareholders have seen shares rocket from $33 to a high of $261.

That's good for a healthy gain of 691%.

But I think that will be a drop in the bucket compared to the profits you could see from this sweeping mega-trend.

"Autonomous vehicles are coming.
Make no mistake."


Driverless vehicles are going to dominate our roadways much sooner than most people think.

Bloomberg reports that self-driving cars "may be on the road in large numbers by 2017."

In fact, a few years from now, they may account for a quarter of all auto sales worldwide.

Lux Research estimates that self-driving cars will be a whopping $87 billion market by 2030.

So it's no wonder tech giants like Google and Uber and just about every car manufacturer is working vigorously on this technology.  

But as I said before, I'm NOT recommending a single one of these household names. Not Google. Not Apple. Not Ford. And not Tesla.

They're all far too big. And the makers of autonomous cars will only rake in a small part of the income from this boom.

What I've found are THE very best ways for you to make a killing as this revolution shifts into high gear.

The companies I'm going to tell you about are the ones who supply critical components for making self-driving cars.

As the Financial Times says:

"The advanced sensors and electronics that form the building blocks of self-driving cars are often made by suppliers, not the car manufacturer. Carmakers that lag behind in autonomous vehicle technology face a future akin to today’s PC assemblers — with the big profits accruing to the companies behind the software and electronic content underneath."

So without further ado, let me share a bit with you about each of the three little-known companies I've uncovered...

Driverless Car Revolution Winner #1: This tiny company makes the chips that power the software for self-driving technologies. It owns roughly 1,000 patents. It currently trades for $6 a share. But don't expect it to remain this cheap for long — the market for automotive chips is expected to hit $31 BILLION this year, and there's no sign of a slowdown in sight.

Driverless Car Revolution Winner #2: This company develops radars, forward-looking cameras, and night vision cameras for driverless cars that can detect upcoming obstacles. It recently landed a contract with Volvo to build advanced safety systems for its line of driverless vehicles. In the next three years, the company expects to reach an eye-popping $15 billion in sales. At that explosive rate, I believe this fast-growing firm could easily double your money or more.

Driverless Car Revolution Winner #3: This is one of the largest electronic manufacturing firms in the world. It helped Google manufacture and bring to market the Chromecast, its popular digital media playing device. Now it's helping Ford develop its line of driverless cars. Its technology helps cars "speak" to one another on the road. It boasts a diverse customer base including household names like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Ford, Xerox, and more. All told, it has its hand in 12 different industries, generating over $1 BILLION in revenue from each of them. It's no wonder analysts have referred to this company as the "cash flow king." And right now, you can buy shares of this little-known firm for just $11.

I don't want to take up too much more of your time discussing these companies here.

I want to make sure you can get in on these stocks ASAP. That's why I've put together a report with full details about each one of them...

It's called: "Three Stocks Set to Soar on the Driverless Revolution."driverlesscars-report

In it, you'll discover the names and ticker symbols of these three fast-growing companies... how many shares to buy... what price to buy them at... and more...

But here's the best part: I want to send you this report at no charge immediately.

You'll be able to take action on this investment within the next five minutes.

Your Guide to Big Gains

You see, I gathered all the details on these stocks for a reason...

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  • 268% on China Yuchai
  • 150% on New Zealand Energy
  • 502% on Plug Power
  • 155% on Hi-Crush Partners
  • 243% on Cemex
  • 251% on Unilife

It's my pursuit of these plays that led me to discover the companies we've talked about today.

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Before I show you how to get started, I need to come clean: The truth is, Crisis and Opportunity really may not be the best advisory for you...

Going Worldwide for Profits

In my opinion, if you want to make uncommon profits, you've got to approach the market in an uncommon way.

That makes sense, right?

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The key to making this type of big money is looking at the market differently...

My job is to find my readers — like you — the big winners.

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That's not how I operate.

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Christian DeHaemer Signature

Christian DeHaemer
Investment Director, Crisis and Opportunity

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