You could earn 826% in the weeks ahead
supplying the one thing all U.S. modern tech
desperately needs.

U.S. Production = 0%

  • It’s one of the rarest materials in the entire world…

  • Yet demand for it has already grown 400% from Apple,
    Tesla, and Toyota alone…

  • Finally, a brand-new source is about to open for business…

If you act now, one flip of the switch could make
you wealthy.

Dear Reader,

Today I’d like to show you how to make money from an empty map.


As you can see for yourself...

There’s almost nothing on this map — it’s wide open.

There’s a small dot on Brazil, a big dot in China, and a few small dots in between...

And if you look closely, a small dot up in Sweden.

This small dot in Sweden holds the key to America’s future...

At stake:

  • All U.S. military warships, submarines, and electronics...
  • The power grid of Los Angeles...
  • Every electric car made in America...
  • All products made by Tesla...
  • And the iPhone in your pocket — I’ll tell you why the future of Apple’s next iPhone hinges on what you’re about to learn.

Hi, my name is Gerardo Del Real.

My staff and I have rushed to put together the presentation you’re watching right now…

Because there isn’t much time left.

You’ve probably already heard on the news about global shortages of uranium, lithium, and precious metals.

And it’s true... those resources are in high demand… investors who buy stock in the right resource companies can make millions.

There are thousands of success stories of investors who have earned returns like 75%… 125%... even 291% and higher.

Those aren’t bad returns — I’ve helped the investors who follow my research earn similar results.

A gold company I recommended is up 277% in eight months...


And a minerals exploration and copper company I recommended is up 512%…


And I also pointed investors to a firm that supplies sulfate potash — it’s up a whopping 627%...


These results are from actual recommendations I’ve made in the past year.

I’m proud to say that 14 of the 16 stocks I’ve recommended over the past few months are up to at least double digits.

But what I’d like to show you today is much bigger... more important... and far more lucrative than all of that.

It’ll unfold quickly in the days ahead…

And it has the potential to unleash a flood of profits larger than any we’ve seen in decades.

I want to show you how to make money by supplying the one rare element that the U.S. military, Apple, and Tesla MUST HAVE for almost every technological device they build.

I’m not talking about silicone or copper — this resource is even more rare and essential.

You see, this resource is the primary ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries that power your cell phone and laptop…

These lithium-ion batteries power electric cars, fork lifts, trains, submarines, battleships… even entire power grids.

As the Washington Post reports, "the demand keeps on increasing..."

Now, don’t be fooled by the name…

The #1 Ingredient in Lithium-Ion Batteries Isn’t Lithium

As Elon Musk said recently: [there’s] a little bit of lithium in there, but it’s like the salt on the salad.”

Only 2% of a lithium-ion battery is actually lithium… and by contrast, more than 80% of the battery is made from this one rare resource — a material I call “Pure Carbon.”


The battery manufacturing process eats up a good portion of this Pure Carbon, which is one of the reasons why you need more Pure Carbon than anything else.

Elon Musk knows this all too well, since the battery factory that Tesla is building in the Nevada desert will soon become one of the largest consumers of Pure Carbon on the planet.

When it comes fully online, Tesla’s Gigafactory will produce more batteries in a year than were produced in the entire world just five years earlier.

These batteries already power the 1,235,000 electric cars on the road today…

And they’ll power the millions more vehicles expected to be on the road by 2020.

Currently there are only 85,000 tonnes of Pure Carbon produced in a year — and the Gigafactory is expected to consume 115,000 tons a year all by itself.

But it’s not just Apple and Tesla who need Pure Carbon.

Here are a few of the other companies scrambling to secure their piece of the $41 billion lithium-ion battery market…


And $41 billion is just the beginning.

In the last 18 months an additional $20 billion of funding has flooded into the market.

According to Benchmark Minerals, one of the foremost authorities in this sector of the raw materials industry, demand “is set to increase by over 200%” at the outset.

Additional estimates show it tripling, hitting at least 400% by 2020.


These numbers explain why even Warren Buffett is buying in.

He recently bought a 10% stake in a company with some of the world’s largest supply contracts for this resource.

But here’s the kicker…

The U.S. Doesn’t Produce a Single Ounce…

Unfortunately, as vast as America’s natural resources are, there’s only the lightest sprinkling of this vital resource throughout our hills and mountains.

And exactly none of it is easy or cheap to retrieve.

That’s why America is stuck importing 100% of what we use.

In fact, except for a handful of viable deposits in Canada and Mexico, there isn’t any in all of North America…

This is a giant problem.

Because every single new technology America develops — electric cars, laptops and cell phones, solar panels and submarines — has to source this essential ingredient from China.

The UK, Europe, Japan, and South Korea are all in the same boat.

The entire world is forced to buy from China.

That is, until now.

One Flip of the Switch Is About to Change It All...

Up in the forests of rural Sweden, a brand-new mining operation is about to open for business.

Mining bulldozers are already moving the earth away to reveal one of the highest-quality lodes of Pure Carbon on the planet.

And it’s about time…

Up until two years ago, there hadn’t been a new non-Chinese mine since the 1980s!

This mine produces carbon graphite with a purity level so high that it comes right out of the ground in flakes that are at 95% purity or higher.

You can see it right here…


Normal carbon deposits are already rare, but this kind of quality is nearly off the charts.

If you gathered up all of the known flake carbon in the world and piled it into one place, it would only fill a single city block — down to a depth of about a hundred feet.

These high-quality flakes fetch prices that are 300% more than lower grades of regular carbon.

Up until a few years ago, these flakes were the highest level of quality available.

But new technologies are demanding a new, premium level of quality.

The lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars, submarines, laptops, and cell phones work best when they have “battery-grade” carbon graphite — a level of quality that was once thought impossible.

Here’s how new technology makes this process into a reality…

Medium, large, and jumbo graphite flakes are put through a brand-new refining process that raises the purity bar even higher.

The final result of the refining process are these tiny little spheres with 99.9% purity.


That’s why this highly-refined spherical carbon graphite is sometimes called “Pure Carbon.”

Pure Carbon is the #1 ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries that power all of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technologies.

Activist investor Carl Icahn — famous for his ability to spot important megatrends — has spent the last two years pushing companies toward Pure Carbon technology.

With $3.6 billion of his own money on the line in Apple stock, Icahn wrote the following in an open letter to Apple:

“The lithium-ion battery already represents a critical component across many of Apple’s existing products (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, Beats) and any further innovation could be a ‘game changer’ in terms of both battery life and form factor across Apple’s entire ecosystem.”

Pure Carbon is the “innovation” he’s talking about.

It’s literally the stuff that advanced technologies are made of.

It’s so pure that it’s even being used in the latest nuclear power plants.

It’s being used in U.S. military warships, in U.S. spy planes, and in the battery backups for the NSA’s most sensitive servers.

And, as of this moment, 100% of this highly-refined Pure Carbon is produced in China.

That’s right, every single ounce of it.

As I’m sure you can guess right away, this is a catastrophic vulnerability for U.S. national security.

Thankfully, the U.S. military finally has a sourcing alternative to China’s stranglehold…

This Pure Carbon mine in the forests of rural Sweden.

This mine is owned by a small raw materials company I sometimes call “Rare Inc.,” because it specializes in supplying the world’s rarest and most valuable raw materials that are absolutely essential to today’s technologies.

These raw materials are literally what make all modern technology possible.

Rare Inc. opened this mine in 2014 and it's spent the last few years streamlining its production.

It's sampled all the sites of the mine and mapped out its extraction strategy.

Independent experts have tested all of its carbon flakes and verified that they’re 95% pure — the “gold standard” for the industry.

And now Rare Inc. is taking its operation one giant step further…

It's built a state-of-the-art refining facility that will process these carbon flakes until they’re little spheres of Pure Carbon with 99.9% purity.

Rare Inc. is about to flip the switch and start production…

This Mine In Sweden Is The ONLY Way To Obtain Pure Carbon Without Going Through China

It’ll be the only facility in the world with these advantages:

new-black-check-mark  The highest industry grade of Pure Carbon
new-black-check-mark  The most environmentally-friendly facility
new-black-check-mark  The most experienced management team
new-black-check-mark  A European supply chain
new-black-check-mark  And the ONLY facility in the world outside of China

This opportunity is a unique way to invest in one of the most compelling resource grabs in history.

I should also note that getting the necessary permits and industry certifications for this kind of refining facility requires an absurdly expensive four-stage approval process… one that consumes thousands of tons of raw carbon.

So even if another mine wanted to compete, it would take it months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to dig up enough raw carbon to even begin the approval process.

Rare Inc. is the only publicly-traded company in the world that is permit-ready… all it has to do is turn it on.

It’s not often that individual investors like you and me get an “inside” chance like this.

I urge you to pay attention, because I’m about to give you a guided VIP tour on how to earn at least 826% in the weeks ahead.

I know, because I’ve done this before…

Just a few years ago I recommended a lithium company to the wealthy clients who were following my research.

Less than a year later we were sitting on 832% gains.


As I’m sure you can guess, these investors were overjoyed.

They told me how these returns changed their lives…

One investor was finally able to build a new house…

Another patched up his retirement account…

And another investor sent all of her grandkids to the colleges of their choice.

But as thrilling as that opportunity was, it doesn’t compare to the potential of this mine in Sweden.

826% is just the beginning…

Today I’d like to show you how to become the exclusive supplier of the modern world’s most essential ingredient…

And how it’ll have the potential to deliver 10x… 15x… even 20x your money.

I’ll give you the inside scoop on how to buy shares of stock in this opportunity…

new-black-check-mark  It’s simple, and you can make this trade on any online trading platform or through your broker
new-black-check-mark  No options or ETFs or commodities or anything complicated
new-black-check-mark  A rare chance to get inside an opportunity normally reserved for billionaires

Over the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to be first in line to collect the profits from the unstoppable demand for Pure Carbon.

Let Me Explain Why You’re Hearing This Story from Me First…


Again, my name is Gerardo Del Real.

You may have seen me or one of my colleagues on CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal, or at one of the many speaking appearances we’ve made around the country.

But standing in front of cameras and crowds isn’t how I found this incredible opportunity.

I use a “secret weapon” that gives me unique insight into the raw materials industry…

It’s something that nobody else has…

Something you won’t expect.

Now, I’ll start by saying that I do all of the things any good analyst does…

I spend the beginning of every workday reading financial reports and poring over industry numbers, carefully monitoring the rise and fall of demand.

I’ve spent more than a decade as a private advisor to institutional investors and wealthy clients…

This includes one notable billionaire who’s used my advice to make millions.

But even more importantly — he’s also used my advice to avoid disaster.

During one of our meetings I cautioned him about some of his positions, recommending that he sell immediately.

I saved him more than $8 million in potential losses when those stock positions plummeted on the conditions I predicted.

He used to joke that my favorite word is “no.”

It’s true… as much as I love to find a great opportunity, I’m inherently cautious.

That’s why I dig a little deeper.

I only recommend an opportunity once I’ve had a chance to talk to the CEO.

Other times I’ll interview members of the board, and I always take any concerns about debt or cash flow straight to the CFO.

These firsthand sources give me insider access to a potential opportunity.

For example, thanks to my wide vantage point, I was recently able to find an opportunity that delivered a 127% return in just five months.

But I still haven’t revealed my secret weapon…

You see, there’s one thing I have that no other analyst in the entire world has: my boots.


I use my boots to visit at least one job site a month… trudging through the mud, physically inspecting the operation, and logging miles of walking.

I always remember to bring a plastic bag so I don’t get my suitcase muddy.

I’ve visited a long list of countries  — and after all these years I’ve learned that there’s no replacement for walking around and inspecting things firsthand.

Because a balance sheet doesn’t show you the rust, grime, or failing conditions…

And it also doesn’t show you the potential advantages, efficiencies, or untapped deposits.

It’s one thing to read about production problems in a report… and quite another thing to watch the process step-by-step with your own eyes.

Sometimes I learn that deeper mine deposits aren’t as rich as the ones above them — the ones that got Wall Street so excited.

Other times I’ll find early signs of a recovery, such as a mine refurbishment that’s ahead of schedule.

It’s only once I have the full picture that I finally, at last, make my stock recommendation.

It’s a lot of work, but it pays off…

The investors who follow my research often write to tell me how valuable my recommendations have been.

Here’s what investor Charles K. wrote to tell me:

“Thanks for the great mining stock buying opportunities. Great work!”

He’s happy because he’s already seen a number of gains in just a few months.

He told me about the 66% he’s earned on a gold company, the 35% he made on a minerals firm, and his 27% return on a gold company in Nevada.

A $10,000 investment split between those three companies earned $4,266… in just five months!

But while I’m pleased that Charles and other investors are making great money from the regular winners I recommend, I don’t want us to lose focus on the prize…

The kind of opportunity that can take $10,000 and turn it into $92,600.

Which brings us back to Rare Inc.’s Pure Carbon mine in Sweden.

Remember: this mine is the world’s ONLY Pure Carbon mine outside China.

I’ve spent months waiting for this exact moment — I can show you the inside scoop on making money from this opportunity.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies Are Pouring $20 Billion into A Product That Needs One Essential Ingredient…
Pure Carbon

Goldman Sachs predicts that 37% of new vehicle sales will be electric by 2025.

That’s tens of millions of vehicles worldwide.

“Now the rise of the electric-car industry promises a huge surge in the [Pure Carbon] business. Making batteries big enough to power cars will cause a daunting leap in demand.” The Washington Post

Considering the battery of an electric car contains an average of 110 pounds of Pure Carbon… that adds up to hundreds of thousands of tons of material.

Which is why Simon Moores, one of the most notable experts in the industry, says that demand is rising “everywhere.”

All of this demand has attracted even the most conservative investors…

Including Warren Buffett.

His current investment includes heavy ownership in lithium-ion batteries, electric buses, and industrial equipment.

Buffett has reviewed the same numbers that I have, and that’s why he’s comfortable making big bets in strategic companies.

But here’s the unfortunate part: you don’t have access to the same opportunities that Buffett does.

Even if you wanted in on his electric battery business, you’re completely shut out as an individual investor.

That’s what makes this mine in Sweden such a rare opportunity.

It sneaks you past the door of private investments and into the club — giving you VIP access to these Pure Carbon profits.

Even though you can’t invest in what Buffett does, you can position yourself to directly supply to his companies.

His success is your success. And his competitor’s success is also your success.

Buffett is currently sourcing all of his Pure Carbon from China — there isn’t a choice, since 100% of Pure Carbon is currently made in China.

One flip of the switch at Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden will change all of this.

As I’ll explain in a little bit, there’s a big reason why most experts expect China’s stranglehold on the market to diminish.

But first I need to cover the incredible, world-changing Pure Carbon demand of Tesla…

Tesla Alone Needs Six New Mines RIGHT NOW —
But There’s Only One

According to Bloomberg, Tesla’s Gigafactory has enough capacity to completely consume the output of six graphite mines.

So if you imagine every single Toyota Prius, every single forklift, every single electric bus, produced every year in every part of the globe… Tesla will outdo all that production by itself in a single year.

It’ll be a whole new era of “Made in America.”

Let me give you a glimpse at just how big this is…

Take a look at this chart.


As you can see for yourself, the Pure Carbon consumption of the lithium-ion battery is growing by incredible leaps and bounds.

There are seven new battery factories being built in China, and several others in Europe — for $20 billion in all.

All of these factories, including Tesla’s Gigafactory, will open in the next two years.

I challenge you to find any opportunity, in any industry, that has this kind of sustained global-scale growth.

Best of All — This Mine in Sweden Will Put You at The Front of the Line for Profits…

I got the CEO of this mine in Sweden on the phone to discuss the breathtaking potential of this mining property.

He confirmed that demand has been growing by leaps and bounds, and that its Pure Carbon refinement facility has never been more needed than right now.

“We're in a unique position with our facility in Sweden, which is fully permitted and operational ready… we're able to supply this growing demand.” —CEO of Rare Inc.

He went on to describe his point-by-point plan for boosting the quality and profitability of Pure Carbon in the months ahead.

I was impressed — but I don’t do softball interviews.

I also asked him hard questions about his plan to maintain profitability, regardless of what the future brings.

He outlined a watertight strategy that included details I didn’t expect — proving once more he’s ahead of the curve in the raw materials industry.

In fact, I’d like you to hear the CEO’s answers for yourself…

I recorded the entire interview, and in just a few minutes I’ll tell you how to get a copy of the complete transcript.

But let me first give you a glimpse into where your profits will come from, and why real dollars — not speculation — are driving this opportunity…

The math itself is straightforward…

Once the switch is flipped and Pure Carbon refinement comes online, the output of the mine will instantly be worth at least four times more.

Here’s a comparison of market prices.


The numbers speak for themselves: the moment Rare Inc.’s mine is able to refine its flakes into Pure Carbon, it’ll receive an instant 413% revenue boost.

When you combine this with a market that’s expected to double just 18 months from now — that’s 826% growth.

Again, these numbers refer to actual revenue dollars, not blind speculation.

It only goes up from there.

So even if this opportunity were to encounter some unexpected obstacle, your profits won’t diminish by much.

Because once you factor in the rapid rise in prices… and the coming obscene growth in demand…

Then we’re talking about an opportunity with the potential to deliver 10x… 15x… even 20x your money.

I know, because I’ve done this before.

Back in 2007 I recommended Quest Rare Minerals to the institutional investors I worked for.


By the time 2011 rolled around these investors were sitting on a whopping 7042% gains!

I’m confident we’re looking at this same kind of potential for Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden.

In fact, Pure Carbon is already fetching higher market prices than the conservative estimates I’ve used here.

You can count on that initial 826% ballooning to truly incredible opportunity.

Here’s why this is just the beginning…

It starts with the U.S. military…

Super Top-Secret: A Matter of National Security

There are 1,281,900 American soldiers and support personnel who use laptops and cell phones to carry out missions for the U.S. military — and every single one of these devices contains carbon graphite from China.

This means that right off the bat China gets a say over our technology since we’re dependent on it as our only supplier.

And then, when you start to consider the military’s more sensitive technologies, you realize there are other vulnerabilities as well.

A large order for the highest-quality Pure Carbon might tip off China we’re ordering for a nuclear reactor, or for submarine batteries, or for battery backups for our data centers.

There are serious concerns over quality and sabotage.

And there’s also the giant distance in shipping… which extends our vulnerability even further.

Because China’s on the other side of the world, all existing supply lines flow through waters monitored by Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.

It’s important to remember that modern warfare isn’t about claiming and holding territory…

It’s about remaining independent and free from the control of your potential enemies.

And new technologies continue to create new vulnerabilities.

One prominent example is Chevy’s recent new Army contract to build electric fuel cell trucks.


These new trucks look downright badass… not to mention that military experts are touting the strategic advantages of its fuel cell technology.

Generals tout the improved operational capabilities and how it will greatly simplify fueling in remote locations.

The only hitch in the plan is the fact that fuel cell trucks can only be built using large amounts of Pure Carbon.

Every single new Chevy that’s put into service will require 200 lbs of Pure Carbon that’s only available from China.

And with 100% of the market locked tight, Chinese firms get to dictate the terms of the supply.

Needless to say, the military is fully aware of this problem…

Which is why Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden is such a welcome relief.

Sweden has a sterling reputation as a neutral country — and it has a longstanding reputation as a supplier for the U.S. military.

Sweden is also one of the only countries in the world that America trusts to build our jets and helicopters.

Without Sweden’s Pure Carbon Mine, The U.S. Will Be a Slave to China… But It Gets Even Worse…

Here’s another scary fact…

One that’s even more nerve-wracking.

I told you earlier that there haven’t been any new graphite mines outside of China since the 1980s.

That’s not entirely true…

There’s one other location in the world that’s been opening new mines: North Korea.

Most of its graphite deposits aren’t very high quality — but a few are.

North Korea is currently producing about 30,000 tons a year of carbon graphite of varying flake quality.

Right now 99% of that supply doesn’t leave the immediate region.

But that could change…

If there were to be an extreme shortage — which is not at all impossible given the sudden uptick in global demand — North Korea would be able to sell its graphite at a ridiculous premium.

And then we’d be stuck negotiating with one of the most backward and dictatorial countries in the world.

So now I hope you can appreciate how vital it is that the U.S. has a mine that can supply what we need without asking us to compromise our vital security.

Given all the demand, you’d think that China would be racing to increase mining capacity as much as possible to shut out any competition.

But the opposite is true…

China Is Forced to Shut Down Its Own Mines

China’s production of Pure Carbon has plateaued.

Due to extreme environmental and supply chain problems, China’s output has actually decreased over the past three years...

And it’s not going to increase anytime soon.

Now, when you see the word “factory” or “mine,” you might be tempted to think they’re the same worldwide.

But that’s not true when it comes to China.

The overwhelming majority of mines in China are almost from the dark ages…

A mere 30 years ago many mines had ill-trained laborers who chipped away the carbon with actual picks, shovels, and even handmade tools!

And while things are more advanced today, most mines still have outdated and worn equipment, stored in ramshackle facilities that are covered with rust and half-collapsed roofs.

In short, these mines don’t have the ability to increase capacity even if they wanted to.

Mining carbon graphite is also extremely competitive in China.

It’s an unfortunate irony that communism has created a culture where mine owners get all of the say, at the expense of everyone else.

Mine owners squabble over contracts for razor-thin margins — and it’s usually the environment and an overworked labor force that bear the brunt of making ends meet.

In fact, graphite mining in China has gotten so reckless that the People’s Government is often forced to intervene.

In December of 2013, China ordered an emergency shutdown of 55 mines in Shandong Province.

That’s more than 10% of the world’s suppliers, suddenly turned off at once!

But the government didn’t have any choice…

The mines were using toxic amounts of hydrochloric acid to treat the carbon — creating horrible clouds of acid rain that poisoned hundreds of square miles of Chinese countryside.

Many poor farmers and their families got sick from these illegal practices.

And instead of improving, many new environmental reports suggest the situation in China is getting even worse.

The Washington Post recently reported: “[Graphite mining] stunts the crops it blankets, begrimes laundry hung outside to dry and leaves grit on food. The village’s well water has become undrinkable, too.”

The owners of Chinese mines cut interviews short and intimidated the Washington Post reporters by having their taxis followed.

China isn’t happy about it… its people aren’t happy about it… and Apple, Tesla, and the U.S. Government have had enough.

Bloomberg has been saying for years that the instability of China’s environmental situation is also doom for market prices.

Prices have jumped every time China has had to put the brakes on its reckless industry.

China can’t be counted on to reliably supply the graphite and Pure Carbon the world needs.

Best of all, it puts Rare Inc. in the perfect spot to charge a premium for Pure Carbon that’s free of environmental and humanitarian concerns.

More Than Just “Green” — Rare Inc.’s Mine in Sweden Can Charge a Premium for Every Ounce of Carbon…

If you ever met an iPhone owner, then you know that many of them are sensitive about the perception of the products they buy.

We all saw what happened with the outrage over the Foxconn manufacturing facilities in China — the place where all iPhones are made.

Reports of suicides and poor working conditions earned Apple bad press throughout the U.S. and Europe, and many users refused to buy the new iPhone until improvements were made.

Apple responded with millions of dollars of modifications to their contract.

The Pure Carbon supply from China has the potential to become even more controversial…

In fact, Apple has already spoken publicly about it.

According to the Washington Post, Apple has already made several sourcing changes to try and get a better supply of Pure Carbon.

Tesla, Toyota, and Samsung have all made similar statements.

But up to this point, these companies haven’t had much choice about it.

That’s why Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden is so significant — it’s the first true alternative.

Synthetic Pure Carbon exists, but it’s currently up to seven times more expensive than natural carbon.

It also requires a coking process that’s so dirty it makes Al Gore’s hair stand on end.

Even a potentially affordable synthetic graphite is decades away from becoming a suitable alternative.

So once again, Sweden is an ideal location…

This time for easing the consciences of the world’s finicky premium buyers.

You can make money by providing clean Pure Carbon to Apple and Tesla, and the environmentally-conscious consumers who are willing to pay top dollar.

But you need to act right now…

There’s one very big reason why you don’t have much time…

Energy Is Also Desperate for Pure Carbon —
Creating Runaway Demand…

America’s large-scale infrastructure needs more Pure Carbon with each passing day.

Coal is dying.

The market cap of the four largest coal companies fell by 90% in 2015.

But energy demand continues to grow…

The IAEA predicts that energy demand is going to grow worldwide by 30% over the next 10 years.

At least 40% of that energy will come from renewable sources that use Pure Carbon.

Let me quickly walk you through three very big reasons why demand is spiking so quickly…


Every nuclear reactor on the planet requires a “moderator” to buffer the reactive elements.

The U.S., Russia, and Japan have typically used water as the primary moderator.

Water is cheap and abundant — but can unfortunately lead to disastrous consequences.

When something goes wrong, all the water either evaporates into steam (like in the Chernobyl disaster) or drains away if the containment system is damaged or the water pumps fail (like in the Fukushima disaster).

That’s why nuclear reactors moderated by Pure Carbon are now in such demand.

Pure Carbon is solid, stable, and safe, and the way it’s used in modern plans corrects flawed designs of the past.

The U.S. and Japan have big plans — using a new technology called a “Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor,” or PMBR. These smaller reactors can generate 100 gigawatts of power and don’t require the larger facilities of current nuclear technologies.

The University of West Virginia estimates that 500 new PMBR reactors will be built in the U.S. by 2020.

Best of all? They’ve shown a preference for non-Chinese Pure Carbon in their plants.

This means that not only are they going to order almost 400,000 tonnes of Pure Carbon to fulfill these orders, they’re willing to pay a premium to source it from a non-Chinese mine.

Rare Inc.’s Pure Carbon mine in Sweden is the only mine in the world that fulfills the requirements laid out in many of these plans.

And it’s not just large, industrial-scale reactors.

Japan has announced that it's going to put carbon-moderated reactors into submarines and warships.

The U.S. military has made no official announcements (U.S. submarine technology is top secret on almost every level of production), but it’s a good guess that future submarine reactors will be moderated by Pure Carbon — if they aren’t already.


More than $1 trillion was invested in solar and wind worldwide from 2009-2014.

And that investment continues to increase.

Pure Carbon is used to construct solar arrays and wind turbines — it’s an essential part of every single unit.

But more importantly, all of the energy created by these sources has to be stored… using batteries made from Pure Carbon.

As solar grows, in just a few short years it could consume the entire current global supply of Pure Carbon, all by itself.

This is one of the best ways to indirectly profit from all of the money flowing from solar and wind.


There’s a lot of new technology out there right now, and you’ve probably read about some of the hydrogen fuel cell cars made by Chevy, Honda, and several others.

I’ve already told you about the military vehicles Chevy is making for the U.S. Army.

It’s too early and too risky to bet on the success of any of these technologies right now, but one thing’s for certain…

Every single non-gasoline technology — whether it’s fully electric, fuel cell, or some other new technology — all of them need Pure Carbon.

It’s the one certainty in our rapidly unfolding future.

This is your chance to become the supplier for the element that will build the future…

Thanks to the incredible demand, this mine in Sweden can already sell every ounce it produces.

But there is a catch…

Warning: The Profits from This Opportunity
Will Only Last for 40 Years

At its current production level, Rare Inc.’s mine only has enough Pure Carbon to last four decades.

Now, it’s true other surveys show that future extraction techniques might allow for an additional 50+ years of supply, but the potential success of those can’t be known for certain.

So at this point I can only promise that this opportunity will be good for 40 years…

That’s it.

I’m speaking tongue-in-cheek because I want to drive home the point that this is a lot more than some flash-in-the-pan opportunity.

BUT — while the mine is certain to be profitable for years to come, you only have a short window of time to get inside before everyone else.

Flipping the switch to start the flow of Pure Carbon is a one-time event.

History proves that giant profits for investors don’t take long once a mine begins production.

As I mentioned at the beginning, even though there aren’t any viable sources in the U.S., there are a few deposits in Canada and Mexico.

They’re the only deposits in all of North America.

The success of these small projects gives you a taste of how profitable this opportunity is likely to be…

When Mason Graphite Inc opened a small graphite facility in Canada in 2012 — one that produces just a fraction of the production and quality of the mine in Sweden — its stock immediately took off by 176%.

And after three years was up to 291%.

And Standard Graphite Corporation opened a mine on another Canadian property in 2011, its stock soared 592% over the following year.


And Saint Jean Carbon opened a handful of small properties in Canada starting in 2004, making 700% by 2007.


But remember: even though Canada has dozens of small, successful projects… none of them have a refining facility to produce Pure Carbon.

And this isn’t going to change anytime soon… they don’t have enough quality material and won’t be able to get the legal permits.

So they’re stuck selling flake graphite at the common market price.

They’re never going to be able to produce the “battery-grade” Pure Carbon that Tesla, Apple, and Toyota are so anxious to get.

That’s why Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden is so unique.

One flip of the switch and its refinement facility will produce Pure Carbon that no mine in Canada or anywhere else can match.

Just imagine how much more profitable this mine in Sweden is going to be!

I’ve used examples from Canada for a reason…

Rare Inc. is a Canadian company with a management team that’s familiar with all of the examples I just showed you.

Rare Inc.’s CEO and Board of Directors are some of the most experienced mine owners Canada has to offer.

With their steady guidance this mine in Sweden will reach these levels… and beyond.

Remember, we’re already looking at a potential 826% return for the real-dollar revenue growth alone for Pure Carbon.

Add in the industry growth across the board, and you’re looking at 10x from there.

But it gets even better.

There’s an entire extra layer of profits I haven’t even told you about yet…

Rare Inc. knows it has the first-mover advantage…

Here’s its secret for never losing it…

A SECOND LAYER of Profits —
Genius Positioning as the “One-Stop Shop” for the Future’s Most Essential Ingredients

Rare Inc. knows the world is desperate for Pure Carbon — but that’s just the first step of its ingenious business strategy.

Once the world is hooked on its supply, the plan is to become the “go-to” vendor for other rare commodities as well…

This means you could earn an entire SECOND layer of profits… without having to do anything extra.

Rare Inc. knows that once Apple, Tesla, and the U.S. military have locked in contracts, it will be easy to sell them hard-to-find commodities with even fatter margins.

That’s why Rare Inc. has secured mines and sources for lithium and tungsten.

But best of all is its unique plan to sell rare earth elements (REE)…

It has another mine in Sweden, just a few hours away from its Pure Carbon mine.

It’s the most significant rare earths source in all of Europe, and it contains some of the most valuable of all the rare earths.

Get ready for some really weird names…

I’m talking about yttrium, hafnium, dysprosium, europium, terbium, and neodymium.

That’s why even experts call them “rare earths” for short.

If you’re wondering what these strange elements are good for, let me answer your question by showing you this photo…


This is the lunar module — the one that put man on the moon.

Rare earths are what made the lunar module possible…

  • Their incredible heat resistance protected the thrusters
  • Their efficient electrical conductivity powered the guidance system
  • And their powerful magnetism enabled navigation and dozens of other systems

Today rare earths are used in cell phones, hard drives, medical devices, wind turbines, airplanes, jets, defense equipment, and hundreds of other specialty applications.

The essential, must-have status of these rare earths is why the contents of Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden are valued at a whopping $10.8 billion.

It’ll take decades to extract it all, but the value is there all the way down.

That’s why billionaire investors like George Soros have been involved with this, and other rare earths projects at several different points.

Highly magnetized earths like dysprosium and neodymium are used to build electromagnets, and are in high demand from these companies…



And some of the most enthusiastic customers for rare earths magnets are in the aeronautic industry — Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell-Douglass are all major purchasers.

This mine in Sweden will already be selling these companies Pure Carbon, putting them in a strategic position to be first on the list when it comes time to sell an order of dysprosium or yttrium.

Here’s how your SECOND ROUND of profits will work.

Get ready for some déjà vu…

Here’s another empty map — you’ll notice right away that it looks almost exactly like the one I showed you for Pure Carbon… but this time it’s showing you the few spots where rare earths are mined.


And once again, there’s a huge red dot on China.

That’s because 97% of all rare earths on the market today are mined in the People’s Republic.

China’s rare earths mines are no better than the ones for Pure Carbon.

China’s own people are tired of the environmental fallout, of the human rights abuses, and the bullying of the mining industry.

Now turn your eyes to the middle of the map, to the tiny dot on Sweden.

Once again, this rare earths mine in Sweden is one of the few supply options not under the control of the Red Giant.

Rare earths are a matter of urgent national security.

As CNN reports:

“China's dominant position in the production of rare earth minerals has long-reaching implications for the U.S. Department of Defense… there is widespread use of rare earth materials in defense systems, including precision-guided munitions, lasers, communication systems, radar systems, avionics, night vision equipment, satellites and more.”CNN

The U.S. Department of Energy is taking this issue very seriously, investing $100 million into a program that will enable the U.S. to “plan strategically for its national security needs.”

And here’s a quote from a Pentagon report that was presented to America’s top generals:

“It is essential that a stable non-Chinese source of rare earths be established so that the U.S. rare earths supply chain is no longer solely dependent on China’s rare earths exports.” —Pentagon Report

Yttrium is at the top of the list.

Its high resistance to heat makes it the perfect ingredient for jet propulsion.

It’s an essential, non-negotiable, non-replaceable material for America’s newest jet, the F-35 joint strike fighter.


China has a terrible, negative history of playing hardball with yttrium, manipulating and hoarding the supply.

China has violated its own trade agreements several times — putting the U.S. in a tricky position.

For example, in 2012 the U.S. Government, the E.U., and Japan all joined forces to sue China in a trade court over the control of yttrium.

The U.S. is ready to take back its sovereignty…

If you invest in Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden, you’re positioning yourself to help solve this problem with a supply that’s safe, dependable, and secure.

There’s more yttrium in this mine than any other mine in Europe.

It also has an unusually large supply of Europium, which is the primary material used in modern MRI machines.

In fact, there’s 1500 lbs of Europium in every machine — it’s the “wonder material” that made it possible for scientists to create the new open MRI machines that aren’t as claustrophobic, put out less radiation, and provide more accurate imaging.


So if you or a loved one need an MRI scan at some point in the future, it’ll be thanks to this mine in Sweden.

Rare Inc. also offers other competitive advantages.

One of the most important is legally-verified sourcing…

Buying from a questionable supplier can also be against the law — the U.S. legislation Dodd-Frank prohibits American companies from buying materials like rare earths and tungsten from conflict zones, and Europe has even stricter laws.

It can be tricky to buy rare earths from a legal supplier — not to mention expensive.

Rare Inc.’s mine in Sweden is the only mine in the entire world that can offer 100% compliance with these stringent legal requirements.

It’s one more reason why you can make a fortune by investing in Rare Inc.

I know firsthand, because just a few years ago investors made 3,900% from the rare earths company Rare Element Resources after I recommended it.


Imagine how your life would change with returns like this!

It’s certainly worked out for me — thanks to windfalls like this, I’ve purchased homes in Alaska and Texas, and I also own land in Mexico.

I’m a restless guy, which is why I like wide open spaces where I can stretch my legs.

But if you prefer a beach condo in Hawaii, or a penthouse in a city like New York or San Francisco, that’s all up to you.

This is your shot at defining your life the way you want to.

This is your VIP “insider” opportunity to make an investment that’s normally only available to guys like Warren Buffett or George Soros or major institutional investors.

This is your chance to become a supplier of Pure Carbon and rare earths to a long list of major companies that are desperate for them.

There isn’t much time left.

So there’s one last thing I want to tell you about…

A THIRD LAYER of Profits —
Demand Will Continue to Grow as Future Technologies Emerge

Yes, you read that correctly.

There’s an entire THIRD layer of profits just around the corner — we can already glimpse how far-reaching this opportunity will be.

I don’t want to get lost in wild speculation, but there are some other promising stories on the near horizon that’ll have a giant impact on this opportunity.

I’d like to quickly tell you about three that I find particularly exciting.

Demand is happening either way — but any one of these could add an extra boost of profits.

#1—Apple Enters the Electric Car Market

Apple has kept quiet on this one, though it’s been poaching all of the world’s best electric vehicle engineers.

The how-and-what of Apple’s entry into this space isn’t clear — it might be building whole cars, or it's going to create specialized Apple-branded vehicle components.

It's up to something, without a doubt.

Let me put it this way: it isn'’t paying dozens of engineers top dollar to sit around and sip salted caramel lattes.

Carl Icahn wrote in an open letter to apple: “At $1.6 trillion, the enormous addressable market for new cars is approximately four times the size of the smartphone market… We believe the rumors that Apple will introduce an Apple-branded car by 2020…”

Icahn isn’t usually wrong.

If Apple enters the electric vehicle market — even if it’s only with components to support existing vehicles — the impact will be massive.

But you don’t have to worry about how to catch these rumors…

An investment in Rare Inc. automatically puts you at the front of the line for profits, since Apple can’t build anything without buying the Pure Carbon and rare earths that’ll make it all possible.

#2—Tesla Builds Grid-Scale Batteries

This one is going to happen with 100% certainty.

Elon Musk has already signed several contracts for Tesla to build giant grid-scale batteries that can power entire cities...

How successful it is from there is where the guessing begins.

But even if Tesla fails, Los Angeles and other cities may invest anyway, hoping for positive results later down the line — that’s how compelling this idea is.

I can’t even begin to calculate the amount of battery-grade Pure Carbon that’ll be needed once this technology takes off… but from the numbers I’m looking at, even a small battery grid would consume up to 5% of the world’s Pure Carbon in a single purchase.

And there are more players than just Tesla.

Industry estimates show that grid-scale energy storage will increase 1000% by 2025 in the U.S. alone.

You don’t need to guess — if you follow my careful instructions, your position in Rare Inc. will ensure that any success in grid-scale energy storage will put dollars in your pocket.

#3—NASA Begins Epic Shopping Spree for Mars Missions

NASA was just authorized to begin a new series of programs to put man on Mars.

And there’s only one way to build the vehicles and equipment to make it possible: Pure Carbon and rare earths.

The rare earth Hafnium will be in especially high demand.

Because of its incredible resistance to extreme heat, it’s a non-negotiable, must-have ingredient for jet and rocket propulsion.

Rare Inc.’s rare earths mine in Sweden is the #1 source of Hafnium in all of Europe.

The E.U., as well as individual European nations, have also announced plans for a new generation of satellites and other space vehicles.

Hafnium prices are likely to spike 10x the moment the purchase orders roll in.

And Now, It’s Time to Decide…

I’ve said quite a bit at this point.

And the truth is that I could go on…

These raw materials are truly the essential ingredients for all future technologies.

But time is running out to buy stock shares…

This mine in Sweden is about to deliver the only Pure Carbon in the world that’s free from the political grip and dirty environment of China.

I urge you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do you want to set the U.S. military free from Chinese mines, and position yourself as the EXCLUSIVE SUPPLIER to companies like Tesla and Apple?

  2. Do you want to earn an entire SECOND ROUND OF PROFITS by supplying rare earths like yttrium and hafnium to Boeing and Siemens?

  3. Do you want to make a THIRD ROUND OF PROFITS as the future’s most exciting technological projects start to take shape?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” then right now is the only time you have to act. 


I’ve taken all of the details and put them into a report titled:

“The Future’s Most Crucial Supply: Earn At Least 8x Your Money Supplying 'Pure Carbon'.”

This report will give you exclusive access to this opportunity.

Because most of the time individual investors like you and me are shut out.

We aren’t institutions with millions in buying power, or billionaires with private jets and lawyers who can draw up complicated mineral offers.

That’s what makes this opportunity so unique… and so exciting.

This mine in Sweden can give you a VIP pass to the profit-making potential of this macro-scale opportunity.

I’ve put together everything you’ll need to know to buy shares and get inside while you still can.

The initial surge of profits is so close that you need to act now or miss it completely.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll receive in this report:

new-black-check-mark  The name and ticker symbol of “Rare Inc.”
new-black-check-mark  A precise BUY recommendation with target price
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new-black-check-mark  Complete market overview

Best of all, I’ve included a special bonus you can’t find anywhere else, for any price:

new-black-check-mark  A full transcript of my exclusive interview with the CEO

But I didn’t stop there.

I want you to fully understand the entire potential of this opportunity.


So I wrote an additional report that covers the SECOND and THIRD layers of profits you can earn — beginning with a comprehensive overview of rare earths.

This report is titled…

“The Rarest of Them All: Unique Profits from Rare Earths and Other Resources.”

I’ve also included a late-breaking update on Rare Inc.’s entry into the lithium market.

I’ve sketched out why these stakes in lithium will add a bump to your profits in the months ahead.

And finally, as I’ve discussed at length, China’s monopoly over these vital resources presents massive challenges to our nation’s future.


That’s why I’ve written a paper that’s timely and important…

“Freedom is the Most Precious Resource: 'Pure Carbon' Graphite, Rare Earths, and the Hard Choices Facing America’s Future.”

This brief document brings you up-to-speed on the world situation — and what you need to do as an investor and an American citizen.

You can’t afford to be ill-informed.

This is your chance to come to the front of the line and get VIP access to this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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But Today We’re Doing Something Completely Different…

Rare Inc.’s mines in Sweden present one of the best investing opportunities I’ve ever found.

This small company is growing so fast that I can barely keep up…

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Gerardo Del Real
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