The Lithium Boom Story
You're NOT Being Told

The one and ONLY move to turn $10,000 into $1 million
on the lithium energy boom.

While most investors “in the know” will miss out on
this virtually unknown 100-bagger play...

I’ve already shown a small group of my readers 1,667% gains on
lithium in four months — and we’re just getting started...

Dear Reader,

Goldman Sachs calls it “the new gasoline.”

The Economist says it's “the world’s hottest commodity.”

And Bloomberg goes so far as to say “get ready for life without oil.”

An unusual form of fuel is promising to completely upend the world’s energy mix.

Already, it’s powering so much in our daily lives.

Everything from smartphones, laptops, and tablets...

To cars, power tools, and even grid energy.

And just like oil, it’s an essential ingredient in products like pharmaceuticals.

But now, thanks to a series of moves by billionaires Elon Musk and Warren Buffett...

This new fuel is promising to power the car of the future, meeting no less than 70% of our future energy needs.

And just as Henry Ford’s Model T made oil the dominant form of energy on the planet...

So too will new electric cars, buses, trucks, and planes catapult this to the top of the global power mix.

What is this fuel?

Industry insiders know it as “white oil.”

You might know it better as lithium.

And it’s no secret the lithium market is booming right now.

But what you probably haven’t heard is that most lithium investments are simply duds. Sure, they may make you a few percentage points.

But they won’t make you the REAL 100-bagger returns.

I’ll explain why in a moment.

Why there’s one — and ONLY one — play to get rich on the lithium boom in 2016.

And why this $2 firm could deliver 100-fold gains THIS year, even as its competitors flop.

In fact, my readers and I have already taken home 1,667% gains on this lithium play in the last few months.

Good enough to turn every $10,000 we invested into $166,700 in the first quarter of 2016.

Now, as you’re about to see, I think we could see the same exact results again — or even better. All before the year closes out!

We have a lot of pretty big energy market legends to get us there.

For instance, its founder has made himself and investors rich on a lithium buyout before.

Not to mention at least three other massive 10,000% wins he’s delivered for his shareholders in the energy markets.

Another one of its founders is a billionaire with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

A political insider who gives this company a direct line to the White House.

He’s also an energy market “superstar” responsible for generating mind-blowing returns like 200,000%.

That’s good enough to turn just $1,000 into a $2 million retirement windfall... on a single opportunity!

Gains like these are how he made his billions — and made other investors rich with him.

Will he do it again? And for you?

You’ll see why it’s likely in just a moment.

I’ll also share with you my exclusive “boots on the ground” footage of the company’s operations...

Including its sites and my interviews with the execs.

But first, in case you haven’t heard about the lithium boom, let me give you the quick scoop:

Elon Musk’s Shocking Lithium Announcement

Lithium was overlooked and even unknown up until last year.

But that’s all changed.

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory and the new Tesla 3 rollout have put this sector on every big-money investor’s radar.

Keep in mind, lithium already powers everything from smartphones to laptops. And supplies are already tight.

Now take a look at this chart from the Department of Energy...


So even with existing demand, prices MUST go up. There’s no way they can’t.

Now get this:

Elon Musk plans to build 500,000 Tesla 3s every year. That amount is already on pre-order.

And to meet that goal, he says he will need the world’s entire lithium supply. And he’ll need it year after year.

That’s astounding.

Keep in mind:

There were 1.4 billion smartphones sold last year.

194 million laptops.

And 320 million tablets.

And lithium powers them all.

But just one year of the new Tesla 3’s production will require ALL of that lithium — and more.

That’s why Musk is now scrambling to dominate the lithium market.

Without it, his $5 billion Gigafactory will go sideways. The new Tesla 3 will flop. And his investments go up in smoke.

In short, he’ll pay virtually anything to get his hands on this fuel.

So will Warren Buffett.

Musk vs. Buffett:
Billionaires Go to War for World Energy Future

The Oracle from Omaha has a multibillion-dollar investment in Tesla’s biggest rival...

BYD — a major electric car company that could potentially leapfrog Tesla.

Now, I recommended BYD several years ago — when Buffett first bought into the company — and my readers saw pretty astounding gains of 391%.

But here’s the thing...

The real money from electric cars will NOT come from Tesla, BYD, or any other manufacturer.

It will come from lithium instead — and one tiny stock in particular.

You see, just like Tesla... BYD will also need the world’s entire lithium supply, every single year...

That’s just to meet initial demand for its new battery-powered cars.

So just like Musk, the “world’s greatest investor” needs to dominate the supply of this fuel. Or risk losing a chunk of his net worth.

But he won’t let that happen. And he’ll gladly pay whatever price to make sure of that.

Now the two billionaires are at war for the world’s tiny lithium supply.

They’re signing deals and buying mines. And in the process they’ve sparked a frenzy for this fuel.

“A Frenzy That Includes Everyone from Tech Titans
to Billionaire Investors”






new-black-check-markVirgin Airlines mogul Richard Branson

new-black-check-markAnd Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting.

Toyota, GM, Nissan, and just about every big automaker have joined the race.

Big Oil giant Total entered the market with a $1.1 billion buyout of a lithium company.

The Department of Defense also depends on this fuel. And it has the “first dibs” on supply.

All of which has sent lithium prices through the roof.


Just at the end of last year lithium was trading between $5,000 to $6,000 per tonne...

Now, some lithium contracts are selling in China for as high as $24,000 per tonne.

A 400% surge in recent months.

And it’s just getting started...

In fact...

“Goldman Sachs expects lithium demand to surge
1,000% in the next few years”

Now everybody is scrambling to get in on the ground floor.

Just miles away from Tesla’s Gigafactory...

New miners are staking land in Nevada’s booming lithium play, hoping to strike it rich on the “white gold” rush...

And investors are flocking to lithium for “home run” gains.

The lithium gold rush has reached such a fever pitch that Deutsche Bank just declared...

“Welcome to the Lithium-Ion Age”
— Deutsche Bank

Yet few know the real ways to make a killing in this energy market.

I’m talking about the kind of 100-bagger gains you only see from big energy supercycles like this.

And for a good reason...

There aren’t many.

Right now, a few big players monopolize the lithium supply. They’re not pure plays with a lot of upside. And the others are just small timers with no real proven reserves.

Sure, they may hand you a few points as the lithium tide lifts all ships. But I don’t expect much else out of them, certainly no actual lithium production.  And neither should you.

That’s why I stayed on the sidelines of this industry throughout most of 2015. But with the new developments from Musk and Buffett, I knew there were riches to be made. I just needed to find the most profitable way everyday investors could get a share.

So I spent months combing the industry top to bottom.


I put my boots on the ground, met with my energy industry contacts and government insiders.

And out of the batch of stocks and rocks, I’ve identified one — and ONLY one — real gem in this market.

“A tiny $2 company that could allow you to ride the lithium
surge for NO LESS than 1,700% gains in 2016.”

Believe me, this play could mean the difference between walking away with some pocket change...

Or building real wealth this year — the kind you can retire on instantly.

Why am I so certain?

Well, back when I identified this tiny play, went out to its mines, and met its company execs...


It was only trading at 15 cents.

What’s more, you couldn’t buy it on a single stock exchange.

But after I saw its plan and savvy management, I sent a buy alert to my readers.

I even gave them the “in” to buy it. The kind you can only get from having a contact — like me — with the company.

Since then we’ve watched it surge for storybook gains.

From 15 cents... to half-a-buck... to $1.50 and now — as of writing this — it’s reached $2.53.


That’s no less than 1,667% gains in just four months.

Good enough to turn a $10,000 stake into $176,700.

That’s incredible.

It’s more than the average American earns in four years...

And if you were a reader of mine, and bought when I recommended it...

You could have made it in just four months — without an ounce of work.

The mainstream financial media will tell you these gains are impossible.

But when you spot resource booms like lithium... play them the right way... and get in with the right companies...

They’re all but guaranteed.

The incredible thing is...

I don’t think we’re even close to finished.

In fact, it may sound unbelievable, but I expect this tiny $2 company to reach no less than $34 in 2016.

That’s another 1,700% return — and within roughly the same time span.

In short, I think we’re about to repeat what we’ve already seen so far.

Which is why many of my readers are still loading up on as many shares as possible.

So am I.

Now, that bears repeating...

We’ve Seen 1,667% Gains in Four Months...

And We’re Expecting to Do It Again

We’ve seen 1,667% gains so far.

That’s over 17 times our money in just months.

More than 99.99% of investors will never see those kinds of gains.

And my readers and I are NOT selling.

In fact, we’re buying as many shares as we can.

We want to build a legacy of wealth we can leave to our grandchildren.

I truly believe this opportunity can deliver that.

You’ll get full details on this lithium opportunity in just a moment... including its name, company profile, and ticker symbol.

But before I do, you should know this...

We’ll be the ONLY ones making a real fortune in lithium...

Some will buy the big players and make some nice pocket change.

While most others will lose their shirts... and that’s already starting to happen.

Let me explain...

The Shocking Lithium Story I Heard in Nevada


When I was out in Clayton Valley, Nevada — America’s lithium play — I talked to an old man...

A guy who's handled these lithium properties and has done so since the 1970s.

He basically stakes a claim on them and deals with the Bureau of Land Management.

Then he leases his land packages to mining companies.

Now, he knows this company’s land package is rock solid and assured me its reputation...

In fact, he said it’s been historically known as “lithium land” in the area going back for decades.

That didn’t surprise me.

After all, this Clay County land is only footsteps away from America’s only operating lithium mine.


In fact, it couldn’t have a better position if we bought the mine itself!

In just a moment, you’ll see how this tiny $2 firm is sitting on prime lithium land like no other...

Not just in Nevada but in the world’s “Saudi Arabia” of lithium.

Areas all proven, primed, and ready to go for production.

But first, you need to know ONE critical thing...

Don’t buy a single lithium stock until you read this!

The company I’ve discussed is a lone wolf in a crowded market full of fakers.

Turns out a whole lot of companies are going out to Nevada, staking land or ordering land packages...

Land they know damn well doesn’t have any lithium!

For instance, I just read a press release from one new company that just optioned Fish Lake.

But the lithium land man I talked to in Nevada  — the one who's been doing this for decades — says that there is no lithium there.

Another of the “me-too” companies in Nevada isn’t even in Clayton Valley.

Its land is pasture — no lithium there.

Another firm that recently got its name in the press and attracted investors may be flat-out lying about its resource. I've heard it from several different sources now that it's including lithium deposits found in clay in its resource estimates.

But here’s the thing...

ALL lithium has only been produced from salt brine or hard rock.

No lithium has been produced from clay... EVER.

Yet companies like this are soaring on all the deserved interest over lithium.

That’s the potential problem with resource mania.

That's the lithium boom story you're not being told.

You can’t just pick blindly and buy any little stock that has "lithium" in its name.

That’s what most investors do.

Then... guess what...?

When it’s revealed these companies are sitting on nothing but dirt — that they are nothing but con games...

Everyday investors lose their shirts.

And the founders cash out before anyone figures it out — with no one getting rich but themselves.

Unfortunately I’ve seen it happen over and over again in my decade in the resource market.

The rare earth metals and graphite booms were similar stories.

Take Molycorp for example.

Investors got caught up in the hype and the rare earth boom story... sending its share price surging.


Then, when the rare earth bubble burst and the company could no longer compete, they saw nearly all their money instantly vanish as shares fell from over $70.00 to a few pennies.

I don’t want that to be you.

That’s why you MUST be selective in these kinds of booms — and carefully pick what you buy.

You can’t just rely on some analyst sitting behind a desk.

They have no idea that a company like Molycorp isn't going to be able to make it.

Or that in this current lithium boom that many of the players are sitting on land that’s KNOWN to have zero lithium, or on quantities that aren't economic enough to be produced.

You need boots on the ground to get that kind of information. Which is exactly what I deliver. And why I do it.

That’s the difference between getting rich on massive resource booms... or watching your money disappear.

Of course, our play’s PROVEN lithium land is not the only advantage it has in the market.

And it’s NOT the only reason why I’m so certain its shares will surge 100-fold.

It has a whole lot more behind it, in fact.

You see, the founder of this company is a legend in the energy markets.

I call him “The King of 10- and 100-Baggers.”

That’s because in past booms like uranium, potash, (and yes, lithium), he’s started tiny companies with a few million dollars...

And then sold them to big names for billion-dollar price tags, making early investors filthy rich.

Which brings me to my #1 catalyst for 2016:

2016 Catalyst #1:

The BIG Lithium Buyout of 2016

This man has done it time and time again.

For instance...

He founded a uranium play called Energy Metals Corp. with $10 million. Two years later, he turned around and flipped it for $1.8 billion.

That’s an 18,000% return.

Good enough to turn $10,000 into a staggering $1.8 million retirement nest egg.

Shortly after, he once again made shareholders millions — doing the exact same thing with a company called Potash One.

Again, in just 2 ½ years he was able to build and sell the asset — this time for $4.50 a share, and all cash, in November 2010.

You get the picture.

This guy is a genius at taking small sums of money and generating mega-fortunes for himself and investors.

Why he is so good?

Because he buys the kinds of assets that larger competitors want, lays all the groundwork...

And pretty much sets up these tiny companies as “perfect buys” for premium acquisitions.

All while energy prices are shooting the roof.

This is how he generates 10- and 100-baggers, again and again.

He’s even done it once before in lithium, taking a junior called Lithium One from 10 cents and merging it with an Australian company called Galaxy Resources for $1.55 — a 15-bagger, or 1,500%, in 2 ½ years.

That’s right.

He’s Already Helped Investors

Turn $10,000 into $155,000... on Lithium!

And everything that’s happening now shows me ONE thing:

He’s about to do it again with the stock I'm telling you about today.

And because of the new developments with Elon Musk’s Tesla 3... Warren Buffett... and the explosive race for the world’s lithium supply — with demand skyrocketing by 1,000%...

This time around his “home run win” will be much bigger — and more lucrative.

But as incredible as all of that is...

It’s not the only reason I believe this company is such a “sure thing” multi-bagger.

This time it has an invaluable asset...

A billionaire mining legend with strong ties to the Clintons going back two decades.

Even though I doubt more than 1 in 1,000 Americans have ever heard of him...

He’s invested over $100 million in the Clinton Foundation and sits on its Board of Trustees.

Bill and Hillary have borrowed his private jet no less than 25 times.

And the powerful couple considers him a close “family friend.”

Which brings me to my second major catalyst that will ignite this tiny stock...

2016 Catalyst #2:
Clinton Insider Gives This Tiny Company

A Direct Line to the White House

Now, before I go any further, let me make something clear...

I’m NOT talking about anything unethical or illegal.

You may or may not like the Clintons...

And even though she’s still the heavy favorite, you don’t have to be certain that Hillary is going to win the election.

But here’s the thing...

This man is the company’s insider at the top of political establishment.

A priceless connection that could seriously aid their tiny firm.

He owns the largest block of shares.

And you can be certain of ONE thing...

He wants to see the maximum return on his investment — and he’ll make sure it happens.

This man is also a superstar in the resource market known for his “Midas Touch.”

That’s how he generated his billion-dollar fortune — and made other investors rich in the process.

For instance, he arranged the first funds for a tiny resource company, Diamond Fields International.

The company was trading at just 10 cents a share when he got involved.

Several years later, it traded at $200 — before being bought out by the resource giant Inco in the biggest mining transaction of all time.

A 2,000-fold return.

Yes, a 200,000% gain.

One of the largest returns EVER seen in the market.

You could have bought in for just $100 and seen a six-figure return.

A $500 stake would have handed you a million-dollar windfall.

And just $5,000 would have landed you a $10 million nest egg.

No wonder why he made every single one of the early investors fantastically rich.

He did it again with the uranium firm UrAsia, which he took from 10 cents to a $7.05 acquisition.

A 7,000% gain.

He also timed the gold market perfectly at the bottom in 2001 and started a tiny gold miner.

One that would eventually be bought for $2 billion by Goldcorp.

He’s been the architect of countless resource successes, including well-known resource giants like Silver Wheaton and Uranium One.

And he even once took a movie firm from teetering on bankruptcy to a $4 billion media giant.

My point is, everything this guy does...

Every opportunity he touches... gets involved in... or helps fund...

It NEVER fails to make investors rich.

And everything you’ve seen here today points to one unavoidable conclusion...

This under-the-radar lithium opportunity is NO different.

In just a moment, you’ll get full details on this explosive $2 firm... including its name, ticker symbol, and company profile.

You’ll see why it’s positioned with optimal lithium resource plays... and why a buyout is inevitable.

All the details you need to get rich on the lithium boom in 2016 — and beyond.

But before I do, you need to know something critical...

Why this tiny company could “make or break” Elon Musk’s Tesla 3 rollout.

Let me explain...

2016 Catalyst #3:
Why Elon Musk Has
Eyes on This Tiny $2 Company

You see, just four giant companies right now control the world’s lithium supply.

Until now if Musk wanted to buy it, he needed to deal with them — and pay a ridiculously high price.

But that’s no longer the case...

Dozens of tiny mining plays are staking claims on potential and proven reserves of lithium.

And Musk is no idiot.

You don’t become a billionaire without knowing how to cut corners and make savvy deals.

Right now he’s scouring the world of lithium players for the best potential producers.

The kind that could get him a better priced deal outside the control of the “lithium cartel.”

And when you consider that our tiny lithium firm owns...

  1. Indisputably the largest lithium land package in North America, located just miles from Elon Musk’s Gigafactory in Nevada

  2. Two properties in Clayton Valley that border the only working lithium mine in North America

  3. A 2.8 million ton lithium asset in the heart of Argentina’s “lithium triangle” — the Saudi Arabia of lithium

  4. And that its South American asset is already prepared and ready for production... with the proven potential for 40,000 tons of lithium production annually

You can begin to see why Musk would be eyeing this tiny firm for his upcoming Tesla 3 rollout...

But here’s the thing...

Whenever a junior emerges to threaten the “Big 4” lithium cartel, it doesn’t stay around for long.

The short story?

It gets bought.

And if it secures a contract with Tesla — and the evidence indicates it will...

The lithium cartel will pay a pretty penny not just to secure this company’s assets...

But to ensure that Tesla has to come to it — and pay the full market price of lithium.

And considering the firm’s two founders have an unparalleled track record of starting and selling companies just like this...

Just as the price of energy markets are surging, and they can command huge buyout prices...

All making their early investors rich.

Well, this is one of the most surefire — and profitable — situations I’ve seen in all my years in the resource markets.

Remember, this tiny firm has already surged from 15 cents, when I got my readers in... to as high as $2.53.

A 1667% gain, in a matter of several months.

Now, a pullback has presented another perfect buy-in opportunity.


It’s just warming up...

When these lithium giants begin a bidding war for this little company...

Shares could surge from $2... to $10... $25... and beyond.

Using history as a guide, the company’s energy rainmakers could sell it for no less than $34.

Which means we’re looking at another 1,700% gain moving forward, and likely in 2016.

That’s by no means the highest gain we could see.

In fact, the firm’s billionaire Clinton insider has started a miner for 10 cents and sold it for $200, in just a few short years.

Could he sell this one for $200, too?

It’s possible.

Especially if the lithium market keeps raging like it’s doing — and all evidence certainly points to that.

Remember, Musk needs to absorb the ENTIRE world’s lithium supply to fulfill his plans.

Otherwise, he’ll lose billions of dollars on his investment.

The same for Warren Buffett.

Bottom line:

Even with a 400% gain in the past few months, the lithium price has just begun to surge.

And there’s no time to lose...

Musk has already begun production on the Tesla 3 and is desperate to get his hands on lithium...

He’s signing deals and contracts to secure the supply, and it’s likely he’ll do so with this company.

The Big 4 won’t just sit around when that happens.

They’ll scramble over each other to stop Musk from sidestepping their monopoly...

And there’s only one way they can do that...

Pay a handsome price on a buyout deal.

We already know our energy market rainmakers always get investors — and themselves — the most lucrative deal...

Often 100 times or more the current share price.

And everyone who bought in on the ground floor will become fantastically rich, almost overnight.

I want that to be YOU.

Which is why I’ve compiled all the details on this tiny company in my brand-new lithium market research report:

"Lithium Rush Profits: 

100-Times Your Money on the Only 
for the Lithium Boom"


And let me be clear:

While there are all-new fortunes about to be minted in the lithium boom...

If you know where to look, and when to buy, it could mean the difference between losing your shirt...

Or retiring wealthier than you ever dreamed in 2016.

And I ONLY know where to look because of my extensive “boots-on-the-ground” investigations...

I go out to the mines... the deposits... the operations...

I meet with the management, which is a crucial (yet overlooked) asset for any resource company...

I see “behind the scenes”... pulling up the curtain on the quarterly earnings report.

While traveling the world, I’ve combed the entire lithium sector from top to bottom.

And this single pick is the cream of the crop. Hands down.

Again, I’ve included full details on this 100-bagger in my FREE report: “Lithium Rush Profits: 100-Times Your Money on the Only Play for the Lithium Boom.”

Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll get:


new-black-check-markThe company’s name and ticker symbol.

new-black-check-markThorough company profiles... based on firsthand analysis, including information you won’t find on CNBC, in Forbes, or even in industry journals.

new-black-check-mark"Off-the-cuff” footage of its mines and operations, including my interviews with its executives.

new-black-check-markThe analyst “consensus” you won’t hear in press releases... but I hear from hobnobbing with industry insiders.

new-black-check-markAnd details of its assets, holdings, and upcoming dates for company reports.

You get all of this absolutely FREE today... so you can position yourself now.

All I ask is that you give my advisory research service, Early Advantage, an absolutely free test drive.

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You can even say I’ve hobnobbed with the financial elite...


If you didn’t already know, the "other guy" in that snapshot is John Paulson, American hedge fund guru and billionaire.

We were both invited to a closed-door investment summit in Puerto Rico recently, and we had a nice little chat.

It’s pretty obvious these things don’t happen for analysts who refuse to leave the office — or get out of bed.

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