Historic FDA Announcement
Ignite Tiny Stock
by June 30th

“It could change the way we
think of disease.” - CNBC

The vaccines for smallpox, influenza, and polio saved millions of lives...

Extended our life expectancy by decades...

And revolutionized modern medicine unlike anything else...

But today, a cutting-edge device is emerging that could render vaccines as obsolete as VHS and tape cassettes.

I call it "Project Zero."

That’s because it promises to eliminate disease at the single source... before it forms in our own body.

In the same lab that developed the vaccines for once-fatal illnesses like measles and pneumonia...

A team of Philadelphia researchers has been working on a device that could eclipse them all.

And now they’ve done it.

They’ve created a needle-free technology — one that promises to end some of the worst diseases now ravaging mankind... all without side effects.

Take a look...


It may not look like much.

But what you’re seeing is now perhaps the most sought-after medical invention of the 21st century.

One that has leading experts in the medical community in absolute awe.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute call it "a major breakthrough."

Lancet, the world’s most prestigious medical journal, calls it "a safe, non-surgical option" for cervical cancer.

CNBC writes that because of this development...

"Cancers could be cured or prevented with
a single, risk-free shot."


And all without side effects!

But that’s just for starters...

A series of groundbreaking clinical trials is now underway at John Hopkins... UPenn... and Duke.

And they’re all reaching the same conclusion:

"This device could not only put a stop to
epidemic outbreaks like Ebola, Zika,
and MERS.

It could promise — just like vaccines — to
entirely wipe out tons of deadly diseases
from leukemia to HIV."

So it’s no wonder why some pretty big names are now throwing their weight behind "Project Zero."

Like Bill Gates, who has poured millions into the development of this technology.

The National Institutes of Health — America’s #1 scientific research institution — has put $41 million into it.

The military is completely on board too, including...

  • The Army, which recently invested $500 million (yes, half a billion dollars) in it.
  • The Department of Homeland Security.
  • And the Pentagon’s research arm DARPA — the same group behind the smartphone and the PC — which has plunked down a total of $73 million in this device.

Major pharmaceutical companies are rushing to cut deals while they still can.

  • Like the pharma giant AstraZeneca, which is now paying $1 billion to access this device.
  • Merck has cut deals for this, too.
  • And then there’s Roche — the world’s third largest drug company — which inked a $422 million deal to use this technology.

Bill Gates...

Big Pharma...

The military...

And leading scientific institutions...

They’re all on board and dropping down big-money investments...

Not only because they want to get this life-saving device out to hundreds of epidemic zones...

But because of all the tremendous fortunes to be made.

The vaccine market is a $57 billion industry.

The flu vaccine alone is worth $4 billion.

And this one device could completely take it over, starting on June 30, 2016...

On this day, the FDA is scheduled to announce the final phase of clinical trials.

And if past trials are any indication, we should see equally astounding results — enough to quickly receive FDA approval, then move it to market.

The best part is, the tiny $10 company with a monopoly on this device will see the lion’s share of the profits.

If it grabs even a tiny fraction of the vaccine market, its share price could surge to $20... $30... $150 and beyond.

All told, early investors who get in the ground floor, while it still trades at $10, could see nothing short of 2,400% short-term gains in the coming months.

Don’t believe me?

Well, the chart below shows this same company once surged for 1,035% gains in five short months...


That’s pretty stunning.

But get this: the news then was not even a fraction as good as the catalysts we’re about to see.

In fact, we’re now near the finish line of FDA approval — and it’s looking more certain than ever.

In anticipation of final trials, the company just hired a physician with a proven track record of getting new therapies to market.

This man has earned a reputation for being a "rainmaker" in the biotech market.

All told, he’s helped six separate vaccines successfully complete trials and ultimately receive FDA approval.

Now everything you’ll see here today will point to one thing:

He’s about to do it again.

And everyday investors will once again get rich.

To be sure, I’ve got the inside scoop on this medical breakthrough and the company that pioneered it.

I’ve even contacted medical insiders at the center of this developing story.

They’ve informed me of the results to expect... how this technology works... and why it’s so powerful.

Using their expert analysis, I’ve formed this prospectus on "Project Zero"...

One that I’ve made available exclusively for members of the Outsider Club and Angel Publishing.

In it I’ll show you how this technology works so much more effectively than vaccines — without side effects.

Including details on its superior delivery system that makes our bodies impervious to all kinds of disease: everything from malaria and influenza... to HPV, hep C, and all kinds of cancer.

You’ll see the details on the tiny company with over 1,000 patents on this device.

The FDA announcement on June 30 that could send its share price surging to all-new heights.

And two other major catalysts around the same time that will spark an investor frenzy.

You’ll see why everyone from Big Pharma to the Pentagon is pumping this device with cash...

Why big banks and institutions are loading up on shares of the tiny company behind it.

And why 2016 is the "tipping point" for this transformational technology to begin taking over the $57 billion vaccine market.

But how much money can YOU really expect to make?

"Jaw-Dropping Growth Potential"

Motley Fool

While vaccines are known for saving more lives than just about any other invention in history...

Few know they’re also responsible for some of the biggest wealth stories in financial history, too.

Take GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s top vaccine makers with eleven historic innovations...

That includes the world’s first vaccines for rubella, varicella, hep A and B (just to name a few).

Today the company has an unparalleled portfolio of over 30 vaccines...

One that’s helped make it one of the world’s top pharma giants.

In fact, if you had bought into GSK on the ground floor, you could have seen stunning 43,000% gains (and that’s not a typo).

That’s good enough to turn every $1,000 into more than $430,000.

All while helping to invest in some of history’s most life-saving innovations.

Even better is the pharma giant Merck... the inventor of the vaccines for everything from influenza to measles and mumps.

Inventions that helped Merck — now the world’s #1 vaccine maker — grow from a tiny shop to a pharma giant.

Since then, it’s handed early investors unbelievable 1,640-fold gains.

That's good enough to turn a very tiny stake of $1,000 into $1,640,000.

I think you’ll agree: those returns are nothing short of astonishing...

But the biggest returns — perhaps the biggest in financial history — come from Pfizer, the inventor of the world’s first smallpox vaccine.

Not just smallpox either, but groundbreaking vaccines for a range of diseases from typhoid to pertussis (the whooping cough).

These life-saving inventions launched the company to the top of the pharmaceutical industry.

Since then Pfizer — the world’s third largest vaccine maker — has seen its revenues grow a mind-boggling 23,000-fold.

That’s good enough to turn...

  • Every $10 into $243,000
  • Every $50 into $1,215,000
  • Every $100 into $2,430,000

Yes, you read that right.

You could have turned every $100 invested into $2,430,000.

Every single one of Pfizer’s early investors — no matter how much they put down — are now rich.

In fact, buying a single share of Pfizer when it went public could have made you a millionaire.

Together these millionaire-making companies control over 50% of the vaccine market share.

Which makes what I’m about to share with you all the more staggering...

This device could render EVERY vaccine obsolete — and take over 100% of the existing vaccine market.

So just imagine the kind of returns you could expect to see on the $10 company behind it.

Could it surge for 43,000% gains like GlaxoSmithKline?

1,640-fold gains like Merck?

Or 23,000-fold gains like Pfizer?

It’s impossible to say, especially since this invention is unprecedented.

But just a fraction of those kinds of returns could change your life.

And here’s why this opportunity can certainly deliver that — and more.

Consider the fact that the U.S. market alone for vaccines is $30 billion.

And let’s say this company grabs just 10% of these sales (and it could do a whole lot better).

If you factor in the industry price-to-sales ratio, its share price would be valued at roughly $300.

That’s a 2,900% return on its current share price — and that’s just a tiny fraction of the U.S. market.

But it won’t just take a fraction of the U.S. market... or even just half.

Thanks to its proven ability to treat everything from Ebola, Zika, and MERS to all kinds of cancers...

Plus its safety... lack of side effects... and potential for mass production...

This device is poised to disrupt 100% of the global vaccine market.

So the wealth potential it could deliver early investors is truly staggering... on a scale like I’ve never seen before.

And the best part is, 2016 is when we can expect to see the first wave of profits unleashed...

You see, I’ve identified no less than three critical milestone events this year...

Events that could double this company’s share price over and over again.

That includes a game-changing FDA announcement coming by June 30.

One that will launch "Project Zero" into the final phase of clinical trials — and out to market.

Another is an August 5th catalyst that will make this device known worldwide.

Together they’ll create a "perfect storm" of profit — and mint all-new millionaires in the process.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you the details on this fast-developing situation so you can act now.

That includes the details on the $10 stock at the center of this story.

You’ll see why this device is so much more powerful — and far-reaching — than vaccines.

And you’ll see why everyone from Big Pharma to big banks is investing billions into it.

But before I get into that, you should know something critically urgent about this development...

The #1 reason why 2016 is THE year this game-changing technology spreads around the world.

Two words:

Zika virus.

What Bloomberg is now calling...

"A Pharmaceutical Gold Rush"


The World Health Organization has declared the Zika outbreak a global health emergency.

It’s now spreading throughout the United States. And in Puerto Rico it could affect 1 in 5 residents by the end of 2016.

Obama is requesting $1.9 billion from Congress to stop the outbreak. He's already diverted funds to Zika that were being used to combat Ebola.

And we’ve finally got our first glimmer of hope.

You see, over a dozen companies are right now racing to develop a vaccine for it.

The thing is, none of these treatments have even passed the development phase.

But there’s one critical expectation...

THIS device.

It’s not only fully developed and ready for mass production...

But has proven in pre-clinical trials to make the immune system "bullet-proof" against the virus.

Now this device his heading into clinical trials as we speak.

And I doubt it will take very long either...

The Zika pandemic is spreading incredibly fast... and is already entering several states like Texas, Florida, and California.

A full-on outbreak is a nightmarish scenario for lawmakers, the CDC, and the FDA.

They’re eager for any solutions to stop it.

So if the early results are anything like we’ve already seen...

The FDA could step in and grant this device a breakthrough designation loophole.

One that will allow the treatment to bypass the conventional review process — and head quickly to market.

From there it will see the lion’s share of Obama’s $1.9 billion plan to combat Zika...

And shares of the tiny company behind it will surge from $10... to $30... $90... as high as $150.

But we may not even have to wait until then...

Summer 2016 Catalyst #1:

Zika Virus Panic

If the Zika virus becomes the nightmare that experts at the WHO are projecting — a scenario that’s looking more likely...

The attention to companies working on a Zika treatment will be enough to launch dozens of companies through the roof.

Take Arbutus Biopharma Corp, which was trading for just $7.

On January 1, 2014, it announced the beginning of clinical trials for its Ebola vaccine.

This was during the height of the Ebola panic.

By March it hit $28.


A gain of 300% within two months!

My point is, even companies associated with the virus will see their share prices go vertical.

So imagine the kind of returns we will see from the company that’s leading the race...

The one with the most developed treatment in clinical trials, that has a real chance of being quickly approved.

But here’s what makes this opportunity even more certain (and urgent).

This summer a "perfect storm" of events will make the Zika panic reach a fever pitch....

Starting August 5th, Brazil — where Zika has spread the most — is hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The games are the world’s largest sporting event — without question — and attract 3.2 billion viewers.

That’s 29 times the viewing audience of the Super Bowl.

With millions of visitors pouring into Brazil for the games...

And BILLIONS watching from home, all as Zika is spreading rapidly around the country...

You can start to imagine the kind of panic we’re about to see.

It would be as if South Africa had hosted the World Cup amidst the Ebola crisis.

As you can imagine, the Olympics Zika fear will drive 24/7 media coverage...

And drive an investor feeding frenzy for shares of Zika-associated companies.

To make the timing better, at this point the device will have already entered the first stage of clinical trials... Even as everybody else is struggling to get out of the development phase.

This means its developer will be the #1 stock driving investor attention as the situation unfolds.

And right now you have the rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor while it’s still just $10.

Can you see why everyone from the Pentagon to Big Pharma is investing billions into this device?

And why investors who buy in now are poised to see massive fortunes in 2016?

But as incredible as it sounds, another piece of news will generate even more excitement about this device... (and more money for us)

Just as the Zika pandemic crisis — and attention to it — reaches its peak.

This device will enter phase 3 clinical trials for another deadly disease...

Summer 2016 Catalyst #2:

Critical FDA Announcement

A disease that ravages 493,000 new women each year — and kills 274,000.

Cervical cancer.

Late in 2015, the results of phase 2 trials were stunning...

This company treated cervical cancer with a stunning 80% success rate — all without side effects or invasive surgeries.

That’s pretty incredible.

Right now few treatments exist for cervical cancer — and dangerous surgeries are the only options.

So the gap in the market is HUGE — and one this device will soon fill.

The FDA will announce the initiation of these trials by the end of June.

That alone is enough to send the $10 stock behind this life-saving device through the roof.

But imagine...

Just as the Olympics are starting... and the Zika virus is getting unprecedented media coverage...

Just as investors are piling into Zika-associated companies — with ours leading the race for a cure...

The FDA then makes an announcement that launches it full throttle into the final phase of clinical trials.

Well, let’s just say, I’ve never seen a situation with such a perfect setup of news...

In fact, I see NO way this company’s shares can NOT go vertical in the summer of 2016.

But the profits get even bigger from here on out...

When you consider the unbelievable results from phase 2 trials — and the fact that no competitors exist for cervical cancer.

Phase 3 trials look like a slam-dunk.

Like I said, this company is leaving no room for error ahead of the FDA’s final decision.

With the goal of approval in arm’s reach, it just hired a biotech "rainmaker" — a guy who has worked with giants like Merck...

He’s helped over six different vaccine trials finish successfully, and ultimately receive FDA approval.

Now he's about to do it again.

The final result?

This tiny company will emerge as the next major biotech giant...

Just like Merck, Pfizer, or Novartis — only with a monopoly on the vaccine market.

But you need to buy now while it still trades for just $10...

Before these upcoming dates launch it to new heights...

And before it trades as high as $150.

That’s why I’ve compiled all the details on this explosive — and urgent — opportunity...

Including the name, ticker symbol, and company profile of the $10 stock behind it.

That way you can take quick and decisive action while there’s still time.

I’ll share all of that with you in just a moment.

But before I do, you should know what this device is exactly...

How it works — and why its technology is so powerful, it could make vaccines OBSOLETE...

And why what I’ve shown you so far is only a very small slice of its true potential.

I’ve even reached out to medical insiders, scientists, and doctors at the center of this opportunity...

Here’s the scoop I got...

Summer 2016 Catalyst #3:

Four Clinical Trials Announce Results

This single device has entered clinical trials for almost every deadly disease imaginable...

CNBC reports it can treat "nearly every disease that has not been eradicated by vaccines."


  • Lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Leukemia
  • Cancers caused by HPV
  • Influenza
  • MERS
  • Ebola
  • Malaria

Just to name a few.

These are massive billion-dollar markets.

The cancer industry alone totals $173 billion in sales every year.

And this device has proven to target a single genetic code that exists in 85% of cancers.

The hTERT gene.

To my knowledge, no other existing therapy — or treatment — has honed in on this single gene.

Sure, dozens of other immunotherapies are being developed in the field...

But none of them are quite living up to the hype. That’s because they don’t generate enough of the immune agents required to combat cancer.

This device — on the other hand — activates 18 times as many T cells as the leading immunotherapies.

This is like sending the entire army, navy, air force, and marines to fight cancer...

Compared to weaker therapies that simply send a squad or two.

The other reason is that most of these other therapies only focus on a single cancer-fighting antigen.

Antigens are molecules that give our immune system marching orders against disease cells.

The problem is, cancer expresses itself in over 50 different antigens. So these single-agent treatments don’t even begin to target the full extent of the cancer.

But that’s what makes this device such a powerful — and unparalleled — cancer therapy.

It’s capable of expressing multiple antigens, allowing our immune system to identify — and kill — the entire cancer, wherever it exists.

All without side effects!

There’s nothing else like it!

And cancer is just the tip of the iceberg...

Clinical trials are also gearing up to report stunning results on diseases like HIV, hep C, and Influenza.

In the summer of 2016, a total of four clinical trials on this device are reporting early results.

Results that will add to all the attention this device is already getting — from Zika and the Olympics.

And help launch the tiny $10 company even higher in all the frenzy.

Make no mistake about it:

This summer everyone will finally recognize this device as the most important medical breakthrough in decades.

Even bigger than the polio or smallpox vaccines.

And right now — for a brief window — you have the chance to buy in before the crowd picks up on its real potential.

But how does this technology work?

And why is it so much better than vaccines — or anything else?

Why This DNA Technology Can
Eradicate ALL Disease

Now, I consider vaccines the single greatest medical invention in history. More lives have been saved by vaccines than almost anything else.

But vaccine technology is hopelessly outdated.

You see, vaccines still rely on introducing a weaker version of the disease into our body...

Which then triggers antibodies to fight the disease.

And that’s why they’ve been limited in how many diseases they can actually eradicate.

But this DNA technology works radically differently with our immune system.

It’s really simple.

First, DNA fragments are synthesized and engineered.

The process involves pure DNA in pure water — no chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

The genetic sequence is then coded to produce ONLY the antigens required to target a specific disease or illness.

And finally the re-coded DNA is introduced in the body, where it trains the immune system to seek out the disease cells in the body.

Because the treatment is synthetic, they are more stable and easier to distribute than vaccines.

They also carry no risk of infection and don’t require refrigeration.

But there’s one problem...

For this DNA technology to work, it needs to penetrate directly into the cells.

That’s where this special delivery system comes in — the same device I’ve discussed this whole time.


This device is what makes this DNA therapy so much more powerful than any other.

In short, it triggers 10 times the number of T cells as similar DNA treatments without it.

It does this by delivering a tiny, pain-free electrical "shock" — no needles or scalpels required.

The electricity causes cell membranes to accept the DNA rather than try to fight it as a foreign substance.

In turn, those cells produce antigens that tell the immune system to fight the targeted disease.

Because this device gets the "smart DNA" right to the cells where it’s needed...

This treatment enjoys substantial success over any of its competitors, or any immunotherapy.

Certainly more than any vaccine.

All without any adverse side effects!

And remember, because this DNA sequence is coded to produce the specific immune response against ANY disease...

There’s no limit to its disease-fighting potential.

Or to the kind of fortunes investors could see.

But there’s one more thing you should know...

Something that makes this far more transformational — and lucrative — than other technologies.

The "Model T" Of DNA Disease-Fighters

This DNA technology doesn’t just harness a more powerful immune system mechanism... with more safety.

Since it’s synthetic, it can also be produced at far lower costs than conventional vaccines...

And much quicker.

In fact, it can be manufactured — and shipped out — in a matter of days... not weeks or months.

And since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it’s easier — and quicker — to transport.

That’s what makes this a real threat to disease worldwide.

It’s what I call the "Model T" of DNA disease-fighters.

See, Ford didn’t invent the car, but he did invent the manufacturing and assembly line model.

Which made it possible for mass production of cars and soon had the "Model T" in every driveway.

This company can do the same for treatments that target our disease at a cellular level.

Hundreds of thousands of these devices can be produced and shipped off within days.

From hospitals and clinics...

To epidemic zones.

Everywhere from Puerto Rico to combat Zika...

To West Africa against Ebola.

Large masses of people worldwide can now make their bodies impervious to disease...

All in a much quicker timespan, at a fraction of the cost.

That’s why this device is promising to disrupt the $57 billion vaccine industry... and beyond.

And why everyone from Bill Gates to Big Pharma is showering billions on it.

Soon it will become the recognized symbol of medicine’s fight against disease and illness...

Just as recognizable as the flu shot or prescription pills.

And with over 1,000 patents on this device and the DNA technology it delivers...

Plus, Big Pharma and government organizations piling billions into its coffers...

This tiny $10 company will be the recognized face of Big Pharma...

Just like Merck, Pfizer, or GlaxoSmithKline, which became household names from vaccines and made early investors rich.

But you need to take quick and decisive action if you want to join them.

You’ve got the Zika virus frenzy and this year’s Olympics in Brazil — a country at the epicenter of the crisis.

You’ve got phase 3 clinical trials beginning on an FDA announcement at the same time...

And you’ve got four separate clinical trials announcing early results...

Each of which will send this tiny $10 stock surging higher and higher.

All starting in the summer of 2016.

Bottom line:

Mid-2016 is the "tipping point" for this transformational medical technology...

One that will inevitably become a "first-line" treatment for every kind of disease imaginable.

So you can get started immediately, before these events drive the share price as high as $150...

And before they put this opportunity out of your reach...

I’ve assembled all the details on this explosive opportunity.

Like I said before, I reached out to medical insiders behind this device. And they gave me "the scoop" you can’t find anywhere else.

Not from financial media, clinical trial reports, or press releases.

I’ve used their inside analysis to form a brand-new research dossier — the same kind institutional investors use to inform themselves of potential opportunity.

I call it:

"50-Times Your Money On the Biggest Medical Breakthrough since the Polio Vaccine."


Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll get:

  • The company name and ticker symbols.
  • Exactly how high I think it could go and when.
  • Thorough company profiles from top medical researchers, including information you won’t find on CNBC, in Forbes, or even in industry journals.
  • The analyst "consensus" you won’t hear in press releases... but I hear from hobnobbing with industry insiders.
  • Details of the company’s medical pipeline and patents.
  • Upcoming dates for clinical trials and new developments.

You get all of this absolutely FREE today... so you can position yourself now.

All I ask is that you give my advisory research service, Early Advantage, an absolutely free test drive.

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