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You can get access to the very same deals that Warren Buffett, Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and others are now using to buy into the $50 trillion solar gold rush.

The boom is already creating new millionaires. And my readers are among the winners...

I called Tesla right after its IPO. Back then it was only $13 a share!

And I’ve shown multiple triple-digit winners on this energy shift in just the past year or so. Big winners like...

  • 172% on Hannon Armstrong
  • 215% on U.S. Geothermal
  • 159% on Greenbriar Capital
  • 311% on Ormat Technologies
  • 396% on SunPower
  • 788% on Vestas Wind Systems
  • 850% on First Solar

But that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

History shows the lion’s share of this $50 trillion boom will go to an entirely different opportunity...

One not connected to the stock market.

I’m talking about royalties.

It’s how millionaires are always minted in energy...

Just $10,000 invested directly with Standard Oil on the ground floor would have made you $12.5 million in income by 1906.

We all know the shale oil boom made historic fortunes, turning farmers and school teachers into “mailbox millionaires” earning six-figure royalties every month.

And it’s how all the big names in energy — Rockefeller, the Koch Brothers, J. Paul Getty — have become some of the richest men in the world, minting thousands of new millionaires in the process.

Now we’re shifting from fossil fuels to new energy — energy based on technology.

But here’s the thing...

The opportunity in royalties is even bigger!

Because the $50 trillion solar boom is absolutely going to dwarf coal, gas, or oil.

Which is why all the billionaires are piling their fortunes into private solar deals — deals that generate a lifetime of royalties.

Warren Buffett is investing $1 billion...

Google is pouring in $5 billion...

Apple is putting in $3 billion...

Amazon is investing $2 billion...

And so on.

Now, thanks to a new SEC ruling, private solar deals are open to everyday Americans — even if you only have $100.

You now have the chance to earn as much as six figures in energy royalties right alongside the world’s richest people.

I’ve uncovered six private solar deals — each open to you for a brief window.

Right now, you have a shot to buy into all of these deals — starting with only $100.

Getting everyday Americans directly into deals like this is what I love doing.

I want you to have the same edge the rich do in this world...

Which is why I’ve done all the due diligence you need — and compiled it all into a comprehensive report with full details on private solar deals.

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