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The Trump administration greenlighted this technology…

Deploying it to airports, the border, even at the White House.

The Pentagon is deploying it to coronavirus “hot zones.”

And not just the government…

As we speak, these Invisible Detection devices are being quietly deployed in churches, schools, subways, hotels, casinos, concert theaters... you name it.

The Washington Post reports, “In the weeks to come, this could be not only at airports and arenas but workplaces, schools, housing complexes and anywhere else Americans gather en masse.”

Think about that for a second.

This device will go from a few places like airports...

To every single public space in America.

All in the next coming weeks.

That’s why Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have thrown their weight behind it…

And $3 billion dollars in investments as well.

But they’re not behind it.

One tiny Pennsylvania-based company is. Although it’s stock trades for only 20 cents, it could soon be worth TRILLIONS.

Not billions. TRILLIONS.

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Will a major buyout be next?

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