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Bull or bear market, there’s always a way to make a buck. And this is what The Weekly Score is all about. We are sector-agnostic, focusing only on quick trading opportunities. No bells, no whistles — just quick money.

Moreover, The Weekly Score guarantees 52 trades a year... that works out to one trade a week! And I also personally guarantee a minimum of 20 double-digit gains within a year of your membership.

Of course, 20 double-digit gains is just the minimum. Given my track record, you’ll easily land more than just 20.

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  • Quick Profit e-Alerts: Get flash updates on all of my buy and sell alerts. They’ll be delivered straight to your inbox, and you’ll be able to act on these recommendations within seconds. You can also have these alerts sent directly to your phone at no additional charge.
  • Regular Portfolio Updates: You'll know exactly what's happening with each profit-making play in your portfolio with regular updates, any news that will send the stock soaring further, and when to sell for maximum profits.
  • Members-Only Weekly Score Website: You'll receive a unique username and password to my secure online platform for members only. This is where you'll find my no-nonsense commentary, picks, and current portfolio. And you'll get fast-track commentary on how to get the most from my service.
  • Access to VIP Service: A subscription to The Weekly Score qualifies you for VIP service. You can contact the VIP team with any questions at 844-310-4115.

My 100% Ironclad Guarantee

You won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else.

As I mentioned, if I don’t deliver at least 20 double-digit winners within one year, you can get a full refund.

I’m absolutely serious.

I’ll deliver 20 double-digit gains or I’ll give you every penny back.

I realize most analysts would never make such a guarantee. But since I continue to deliver far more than 20 double-digit gains per year, this is really a no-brainer.

So take me up on my offer...

Become a member of The Weekly Score today, and start getting my weekly trade alerts right away.

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