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    1. Tax Guide: This guide breaks down the regulatory measures that have taken place in the digital currency world. It will help me accurately report my digital currency gains and loses.
    2. Exchange Guide: This guide breaks down the top six digital currency exchanges and provides supplemental videos to help me set up my accounts. The guide also covers the various pros and cons of these exchanges, so I can make an educated choice on what is best for my investing goals.
    3. Security Guide: This guide was created to help me protect my online accounts. It features a list of respected offline wallets and some security measures I can take to protect my digital assets.
    4. Altcoin Guide: This guide will help me navigate the highly technical world of altcoins. It includes information about the initial coin offerings and how one operates. It will also show me how to buy other digital currencies using Bitcoin.
  • My FREE 44-Page Digital Currency E-Book: This e-book provides robust but easy-to-follow analysis on the hottest digital currencies on the market. It will help me sink my teeth into the world of digital currency through simple and direct information.
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    *To properly use our digital currency research, make sure Coinbase is operational in your state and country of residence. Coinbase is the main software wallet referenced in our services. In the U.S., Coinbase does not operate in Wyoming, Hawaii, or Minnesota. Outside the U.S., Coinbase does not operate in New Zealand, South Africa, China, Indonesia, or Russia. We also offer tutorials on exchanges that provide an alternative to Coinbase, including Gemini. In the U.S., Gemini is not available to citizens of Arizona. Internationally, Gemini operates in Canada, the U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

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