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This underground gold market holds the secret key to timing big moves in the price of gold.

And right now, it's signaling that a major upward move in gold prices is imminent...

In the past, you could have banked winners of 468%, 935%, 1,657%, and more thanks to this unique gold market "signal."

But those gains will be peanuts compared to the move ahead.

Today's gold market shares a very similar pattern with the 1970s gold market, when the price of gold jumped a whopping 514%.

You'll want to be in BEFORE this happens so you can reap the largest rewards possible.

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Special Report #1: "The Physical Gold Buyer's Guide" — This report lays out exactly how to buy gold bars and coins. It shows you what you should buy today, and it has a list of online brokers I'm recommending. (Please note: I do not have any direct affiliation with any of these dealers.)

Special Report #2: "The Golden Portfolio: Your Ultimate 'Buy List' for the Coming Run-Up to $6,500 an Ounce" — A broad portfolio of gold stocks perfectly designed to leverage rising gold prices for maximum profits.

Special Report #3: "The 21st Gold Bull Market Supercycle: Seeing the Big Picture" — The real story of how gold prices got to where they are today... and why they're now coiled to skyrocket to $6,500 an ounce.

And of course...

Special Report #4: "The Ultimate Silver Portfolio" — The absolute best ways to buy silver and silver stocks.

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The opportunity to invest in these stocks before gold really takes off may not last long. So I urge you to act now if this is something you're interested in.

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