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FULL DISCLOSURE: We've saved thousands using this new device in our office.

The company that makes this revolutionary energy-saving device currently trades about 50 cents. That changes today.


Dear Reader,

The proof is in the numbers.

Here are four consecutive energy bills from our Baltimore headquarters.


As you can see, we recently cut our bill by 44% in three months. And you can, too.

For us, the savings began a few months ago, when an incredible energy-saving tip literally showed up at my office door.

It came from my electrician, Joe.

That's right. The same guy who we've always called on to fix our AC and heating system actually hand-delivered me what could easily be my most important purchase of the year. One that would not only end up saving me a fortune, but that would also clue me in on what's already proving to be...

One of the Most Profitable Plays of 2010

This past summer, when Joe showed up at our midtown Baltimore office to fix our broken air handler, my colleagues and I paid little attention. We just wanted the AC back on. Frankly, I was getting tired of wiping the sweat off my brow every few minutes.

Little did I know then that by the time he would leave, we'd have a new energy bill-busting device that would ultimately end up saving my office hundreds — every month.

And more importantly, we'd have a lead on the tiny publicly-traded company that makes it.

You see, after doing a bit of digging, I found that this simple "Negawatt Box" isn't something you can pick up just anywhere. In fact, this thing is completely controlled and distributed by a single company. And there's ZERO competition.

Now here's the best part...

Thanks to Congressional bill H.R 6, the U.S. Government is going to pay up to $2,000 to households and businesses just to try out this new "negawatt" technology.

But wait, it gets even better...

Every time the government ponies up $2,000 to try this technology, the company makes $6,600!

It's more than a three-to-one return.

And because of that, this company's stock is set to soar more than 144% in the next 6 months alone.

And I have my electrician to thank for bringing this opportunity to my attention.

You'll be thanking him, too.

Because I'm about to share with you the inside scoop on this company, its radical yet surprisingly simple new technology, and how you could piggyback its imminent success with gains of more than 144%.

The $3.4 Billion Gov't War Chest...
that has Nowhere Else to Go

Let's be clear — the tech behind this little company is a foolproof winner. It makes so much sense — for so many reasons — that I've got no doubt everyone will be using it within the next decade.

You've already seen the difference in the electric bills at our Baltimore office since we installed this company's box...

But we're certainly not alone.

Forrest S. of Ellicott City, Maryland, had this to say:

"Last month I saved almost 25% off my electric bill... this month I have saved just over 20%... My (negawatt box) should pay for itself in four months at the current rate of savings. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention."

John T., an electrician in San Diego was also impressed:

"I tested everything with a motor load in my house. I was astonished at the significant reduction in amperage."

You'll hear a similar tale from Robert M. of Bluffton, South Carolina:

"I am achieving well over the projected savings of 25% and I am confident this will continue into the future."

And there are scores of similar stories from those who have used this Negawatt Box to save up to 25% on their electric bills.

Now just imagine for a moment the improvement to our already over-extended grid if we could reduce 25% of our entire domestic electricity consumption... overnight.

These are the kinds of energy savings the government is salivating over. And they're extremely impatient for the day this technology is integrated on a massive scale.

The big spenders on the Hill want to see this thing implemented now — to spare overburdened power grids from brownouts and, of course, to help homeowners and businesses save billion in energy costs every single month.

This is why the government passed H.R. 6, paying consumers $2,000 just to try this technology out.

And it's why — with America's stimulus money searching out a few worthy projects — an extra $3.4 billion has now been earmarked for this technology!

The only "problem" for the government is that $3.4 billion isn't going to be spread around a lot.

That's because no other company can do what this little negawatt company can do.

Honeywell tried... but they couldn't get it done.

Cisco would've loved to grab these patents... but they were late to the game, as well.

Now, this one little company is about to grow as big as those energy tech giants — in less time.

And, even better... the government isn't done throwing money at this company. Have a look at this official White House press release:

wh letter

That describes the Negawatt Box to a tee. It's as if the U.S. government wants to guarantee this company is one of the biggest winners of the next decade.

As virtually the only provider of an essential money-saving tech that could soon be in every building in America... and with  $3.4 billion in the hands of policy makers desperate to cut out the red tape and get these boxes deployed before the next election... there's absolutely nothing that can stop this company from taking the energy world by storm.

And once those press releases start flying, so will this stock.

That's why — if you want to get a piece of that 144% gain — you have to get in now, before the rest of those Wall Street dolts and trend chasers figure this one out and push the share price to the moon. That's when we'll walk away with a fat profit.

Of course, as I write this, you can actually buy over 100 shares of this thing for the same price as one share of Cisco!

Imagine what shares will be worth when this company is sitting at the same table as Cisco and Honeywell.

Now I know what you're thinking... How can I be so sure that this small upstart will soon be sitting with — or at the head of — the big boy table?

The answer seems unbelievable. And honestly, I wouldn't buy it if I hadn't already seen it in action.

It's the Negawatt — and it's a way to create energy out of nothing. It's more radical than simply conserving energy. In fact, after coal, gas, uranium, and oil...

The Economist Calls it the "Fifth Fuel"

What is a Negawatt?

Forbes notes that Negawatt use was "slightly larger than annual European energy use, and 2.1 times the size of U.S. oil consumption."

And some of the most successful — and most conservative — businesses are making big investments in it. Giant banks like Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs... are all investing in Negawatts.


Because it's got extremely low initial capital costs — unlike building a new power plant.

And with the technology already proven and in use, there aren't the usual start-up risks that new technology can sometimes bring.

In fact, brokerages believe in it so much that they're keeping this secret to themselves. Rather than advise retail investors about Negawatts, these huge conglomerates are sinking their own money into it.

So when we say we expect to see a 144% gain from the business that makes the Negawatt Box — we're being very conservative.

But that brings us back to our original question: Just what is a Negawatt?

It's not a perpetual motion machine — we haven't repealed the laws of thermodynamics. But it's close.

Perpetual motion is science fiction — Negawatts are the ordinary, real-world version. Negawatts are science fact, the total benefit of incremental energy savings.

Indeed, Negawatts have been around since 1989 — first, only in theory and then in tentative experiments... Now, Negawatts are ready for prime time.

Here's why we're so excited about Negawatts:

  • After the cost of initial set-up, Negawatts don't cost a dime. In fact, they save you money on your energy bills — at least 25%.

  • Negawatts aren't just clean — they actually offset pollution created by other energy producers.

  • Negawatts are the backbone of the new Smart Grid — the next generation electrical system that's quickly replacing the antiquated and outdated current electrical grid.

  • Thanks to all the benefits of Negawatts, the government is paying out over $3.4 billion to consumers ready to upgrade to this new "fuel." And that's just the money already in place! Plenty more is on the way.

With this in mind, it's easy to see why any company with the inside track for creating Negawatts would be one of the great investment opportunities of our lifetime.

That's why I've been searching for the best Negawatt producers for years. Finding the company that takes Negawatts mainstream could, simply, set up my children's children for a life free of money worries.

And that's why I'll never forget that hot summer day when Joe walked into my Baltimore office with that Negawatt Box... sitting right outside in his truck, ready for installation.

Under the Radar... The Most Radical Change in America's Energy Use Since
The Invention of the Light Bulb

Most people have never heard of Negawatts or the money they can save American businesses — despite their growth since '89.

The reason? Forbes again: "Because these savings came not from giant plants but in zillions of tiny pieces imperceptible to the untrained eye, (Negawatts) get little respect."

But that's about to change.

You see, Negawatts, at their most basic level, simply save energy. It's a negative watt — a watt unused.

And, while America has increased its energy efficiency 46% since 1975, that's frankly a dull story.

Not to mention, there's no money in it. Not the way it's been done to date...

But this one company is changing all that.

No longer will Negawatts come from turning off lights... shutting down unused power strips... or upgrading old appliances to Energy Star versions. And no longer will the savings come together piecemeal, a millionth of a percent at a time.

Instead... with this new technology... Negawatts come without users having to change their behavior at all. No more guilt from leaving the back porch light on.

And the savings are so colossal, soon no one will be able to afford not having one.

Here's how it works:

  • Most modern appliances don't use energy in a fluid stream. Instead, they ‘pulse' their use.

  • By aligning this pulse use across every appliance, this company's box is able to greatly reduce the energy needed to run them.

  • Meanwhile, when energy flows in between pulses, this box stores it for later use — again, reducing the electricity you need to draw.

Simple, right? Actually, while the concept is simple, the behind-the-scenes technology is quite difficult. That's why this company doesn't have competitors — and likely won't for a long time.

It's easy to see why we expect short-term gains of 144%. In fact, you may think we're underplaying the potential of this company — and I'm inclined to agree with you.

But we don't believe in overpromising. We only give the most conservative, surest estimates on profits. Better to get excited blowing out the top. That's the way we work.

Some of you are familiar with our conservative methods — but for those just meeting us, it's time for some introductions.

The Most Talented Team in Green Investing Today

My name is Jeff Siegel, and I'm the co-founder of the Alternative Energy Speculator. Since 1994 when I started working at one of the largest investment publishers in the world — I've believed that the era of alternative energy is ushering in a new way of life... and one of the best ways to make money in the 21st century.

And I'm not ashamed to say, since I started my advisory service in 2004, I've helped thousands of investors profit from cleantech stocks.

I've traveled the globe... from Midwest wind farms to Chinese solar factories and countless points in between... searching for mega-trends... discovering start-ups about to hit it big... and often helping my readers to some of the best returns the green world has to offer.

Just take a look at some of The Speculator's recent winners:

Stock Status Gain
First Trust Global Wind Energy
Sold 41.69% up arrow
American Superconductor
Sold 59.4% up arrow
Solarfun Power Holdings Sold 110.64% up arrow
SunPower Corp.
Sold 47.54% up arrow

Of course, the green sector is only just now heating up. Everything to this date has been prelude... but we're now at the elbow.

What's the elbow? Simply put, when a trend truly takes off, it goes parabolic... expanding exponentially.

That's where we are right now. For instance, did you know that...

  • ... there's a company that, today, is producing solar power for less than the cost of coal power? The Google founders are some of their biggest investors.

  • ... renewable energy is growing 431% over the next ten years — compared to 26% in oil and 46% in natural gas?

  • ... Texas (yes, even oil-crazed Texas) is leading the way forward with wind power, of all things. The state already gets over 5% of its energy from the wind, and that percentage is growing by leaps and bounds.

Frankly, there's so much happening in green energy, that I can't possibly stay on top of it all.

That's why I'm lucky to have a skilled team working with me — and it all starts with this man...

The Face of the Alternative Energy Speculator

If there's a greentech discussion going on — whether it be on Canada's Business News Network or Yahoo's Tech Ticker — chances are, Nick Hodge is in the mix.

Nick, co-author of the best-selling book Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money On Green Chip Stocks is one of our most valuable analysts. Between television appearances, Nick hands our readers insight and advice on a number of green investing issues. He specializes in water infrastructure, smart grids, and the maturation in global carbon markets.

And since our electrician installed our own Negawatt box here in the office, Nick's been all over the company. He's interviewed the CEO... talked with investors... put their quarterly reports under the microscope... and, of course, spoken with actual users of the device.

That's the kind of due diligence that leads Nick — and his readers — to so many winners. In fact, his Speculator members closed 51 winners last year... and 43 of them were double-digit winners.

The company behind the Negawatt Box will prove to be just one of Nick's monster winners this year.

Our Math Man

After 9/11, Chris Nelder had an epiphany.

A longtime software engineer and technical writer, and founder of his own magazine, Better World, it came to Chris in a rush.

He quickly realized that peak oil was going to change the world — maybe in five years, maybe in ten... but soon.

And, after years of immersive study, Chris came to the same conclusion that I have: the solutions to our environmental and energy challenges won't come from rallies, protests, or pretty words.

They'll come from investment.

From that day forward, Chris began working in solar energy. We're lucky that, in doing some research, Chris came upon our humble newsletter and thought enough of us that he wanted to join up.

Since that time, he's been one of our greatest contributors, regularly bringing an insider's insights to bear. As a successful energy investor and consultant, few people have his perspective.

But the Alternative Energy Speculator has it.

An Unblemished Record

Working with these editors — and countless other researchers — Alternative Energy Speculator has an enviable record of finding small greentech companies just before they hit the big time.

The maker of the Negawatt Box is just one example. For instance, in addition to the companies mentioned above, our readers have bought and sold...

Stock Status Gain
Maxwell Technologies
Sold 61.74% up arrow
Nevada Geothermal
Sold 51.61% up arrow
BYD Company
Sold 309.65 up arrow
Trina Solar
Sold 80.67% up arrow

In addition to top-notch green analysis — like the uncovering of game-changing technologies like the Negawatt Box — Alternative Energy Speculator offers our members:

  • Weekly updates and alerts regarding specific "green" stocks — These typically coincide with the stocks that we recommend to our premium members.

  • Alternative Energy Speculator Portfolio — Includes the status of all of our stock recommendations; the stocks in this portfolio are rated buy or hold.

  • Company Profiles — In-depth profiles on all the companies included in the Alternative Energy Speculator portfolio.

  • The Speculator's Research Report Library — Includes in-depth analysis on everything from alternative transportation to energy storage technologies to green building opportunities.

Our readers seem to appreciate the depth and breadth of our service...

"Love your service... You have great picks! I have been option trading for over 6 years now and AES has literally transformed my lifestyle. I love it. Love the smart grid plays... I never traded those before... I really appreciate your diverse selection of companies. I bought 20,000 shares of MXWL... Awesome Return!!

Thanks for that one!" - Michael Ryan

"Hey Nick. I bought Renesola (SOL) in late March at $2.95, today it's trading at $6.35 (up 18% just today) so I've more than doubled my money. Thanks for the great pick!" - Loren Paley

"Nick, you are awesome! I am a new subscriber, and have been doing very well with your recommendations, so far. I have been placing buy limit orders and have been getting in some of the stocks at lower prices, ERII just recently. I like your kinds of stocks, and your buying and selling style. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Thanks." - Mark Kuklis

And how about this one?

"You can feel very good about your organization as you truly help people make money. I was an Oil Jobber/Texaco Distributor for 36 years and hated environmentalist/EPA and now I am a happy green energy investor." - Bryant Nix

I'm sure that we can make you as happy as our readers quoted above. And I'm about to prove it.

I'd like to give you our free report, Negawatt Savings: Monster Gains from Energy Efficiency, which is all about the maker of the Negawatt Box. In this report, we'll go into further details about the technology, the company... and, of course, exactly how you can profit 144% -- or more -- on this play.

If you're interested, we'll even tell you how to install this technology yourself — getting up to $2,000 from the government for trying it out, and saving up to 25% off your electricity bill.

(NOTE: We have no relation with this company and receive nothing if you try their product out. We're just sure there will be interest out there. And who wouldn't want to save 25% off their utilities, the way we're doing at our office?)

The report is yours, free. All we ask is that you try out our advisory, the Alternative Energy Speculator.

Normally, a one-year subscription to Alternative Energy Speculator costs $699 per year. However, we'd like to offer it to you — risk-free — for 30 days.

If you like it, great — you'll enjoy a full year for a 30% discount: only $499.

And, of course, if you don't see anything you like in it, just let us know within 30 days and you won't be charged a cent.

That's it. The report is yours to keep. I don't expect you'll want to leave once you've test-driven our service, though.

So if you'd like to get your free report, Negawatt Savings: Monster Gains from Energy Efficiency, and 30 days of risk-free access to Alternative Energy Speculator... then click here.

But don't delay. This company won't be secret for long — and frankly, we can't long afford to give away our newsletter for a 30% discount. For that reason, this offer will only be good for a short time.

So click here now, and reserve your copy of Negawatt Savings: Monster Gains from Energy Efficiency. You've got nothing to lose, and a fortune to gain.


Jeff Siegel
Co-Founder, the Alternative Energy Speculator

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One more thing... I forgot to mention — thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, government incentives are about to go through the roof. No longer do environmental changes need to go through Congress — the EPA now can regulate carbon emissions. And, thanks to state incentives, some residents already can get the Negawatt Box for free! With the EPA unhindered, the situation's only getting better. You can be sure orders will shoot up as consumers discover this. Click here now to assure you get in before the rush.